Photo: Annual production 'Guys and Dolls' in action

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01 August 2017
Issue Twelve
From the Principal: A message for our school community
For your diary
Course Selection for 2018 Years 9 & 10
Creating the conditions for success
Art adventures and opportunities
Guys and Dolls a hit!
Exploring Chinese culture through Diablo
{Code like a Girl}
Year 7s speak up
Learning in and with Community
Year 12 Families: VTAC Information Night
Careers News
Student Achievement: congratulations Tim
Term 3 Clubs
Terrific telescope: next opportunity 8 August
Debating success for International Students
Sport News
NHS Writers' Festival
eSmart Resources
Did you know? Uniform
Music events coming up
Save the date: Comedy Night
Community notices
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From the Principal: A message for our school community

Photo: Kate Morris at the NHS Literary TalkFest 2017

A time for leadership renewal

I write to advise the school community of my intention to resign as Principal of Northcote High School effective 28 January, 2018.  


Carefully planned leadership renewal is a mark of good organisations and I would like to give the school as much time as possible to recruit a new Principal. This is my eleventh year working for the school, the last nine as Principal. It has been incredibly satisfying to be a part of an organisation that has the support and trust of its community to innovate and enrich the learning experiences of students. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the dedicated and professional staff who are key to the school’s success. 


Young people are at the centre of our world and the decisions and actions we take as a school are focused on developing student capability and equipping them for life beyond Northcote High.  Over the past decade, Northcote High School has grown, programs have expanded, and our quality of courses across faculties and rich co-curricular offerings are the envy of many schools. Our students consistently report high levels of confidence in their learning, school connectedness and safety. Students achieve academically and their results consistently place Northcote High in the top 10 open entry public co-ed schools in the State. These results are a reflection of the fantastic work that happens within the school buildings, supported by parents and families.


Northcote High School remains a beacon in public education; a neighbourhood school committed to positive change and meeting the needs of its current and future students. I am proud to have led the school over the past decade and feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing success.


The school is in a strong position with exciting changes to curriculum, teaching and learning experiences and buildings well underway. It is now time to welcome a new Principal to lead the school through the next phase of contemporary learning. 


Continuity for students and staff is central to Principal transition. Hence, the leadership team have begun planning for 2018 with programs and data review. The Annual Implementation Plan (AIP 2018) will articulate goals, targets and actions to support progression in student learning, wellbeing and teacher development.  Workforce planning and recruitment of additional leadership and teacher roles is also underway.


The leadership team have already met to lead planning and transition over the next 6 months.  Staff and students will be part of the conversation. Continued intentionality in our work will focus effort on the students and teachers leading learning in our classrooms.  Curriculum innovation and design remains focused on the implementation of The Northcote Model at Years 9 and 10 and 2019 program planning for the junior years.


The Principal Recruitment Process will begin in the next few weeks led by the Department of Education representative, Graham Stevenson, who is the Darebin School Education Improvement Leader. Graham will brief School Council and staff in the next week. Staff and School Council are involved in the selection of school principals so that the views of staff and parents are represented. It is anticipated the process with take approximately 3 months, with the appointee commencing in 2018. Graham will keep the school community informed of progress. 


I look forward to continuing to work closely with staff, students and families throughout 2017 to ensure the success of Northcote High School in to the future.


Kate Morris


For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Wednesday 2 August     Year 9&10 2018 Subject Expo 
  • August 3-5                          School Production (Guys & Dolls) 
  • Monday August 7             Year 7 Public Speaking Evening (finalists)
  • Thursday 10 August        VTAC Parent Information Night 
  • Tuesday 15 August          Ski Camp (to 17 August)
  • Wednesday 23 August    Parent Teacher Student Conversations (date option 1)
  • Friday 25 August               NHS Writers' Festival - Poetry Slam
  • Saturday 26 August         NHS Writers' Festival - Workshops
  • Wednesday 30 August    Big Band Boogie
  • Thursday 31 August        Parent Teacher Student Conversations (date option 2)

Course Selection for 2018 Years 9 & 10

Northcote Model launches

Last week hundreds of Year 8 and 9 families attended the Information Nights for Course Selection within the Northcote Model in 2018.  There was excitement at the new courses offered to students, as well as thoughtful questions around the range of ways that students can explore their passions and interestes and still ensure that they fulfil the requirements of the model. Over the coming week, students and their Connect tutors will continue to work on supporting informed selections for 2018. This will also be supported by the upcoming 2018 Year 9&10 Course Expo:

Wednesday 2nd August

Multiple entry times

To help us to manage traffic flow through our spaces, please ensure that you book via and arrive at your allocated time.


If you were unable to attend the information evenings then the presentations and supporting handout, as well as the full Northcote Model handbook, can be found on myNorthcoteHigh via 'Student Services - Course Selection - 2018 Year Level' 


If you have questions about the process or the Course Expo, please contact your child's Tutor or Year Level Program Leader.

Creating the conditions for success

Photo: Our values celebrated in art

Our school values and creating a climate of success

This term our sub-schools are working with staff, students and parents around how we 'Create the Conditions for Success'.  This means looking at our 'ways of being', both individual and collective, to ensure that we are working together to enact our shared values of Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness.


For some students, this may mean being supported to reflect on their learning behaviours and feedback from teachers: focussing on being in the right place at the right time, ready to learn and maximise their achievement.  For others, it may be involvement in events such as the Year 9 Intercultural Day, Year Level Philanthropic Projects, Senior Solstice or the School Production, all of which highlight our cohesion as a community and our values of Humanity and Fairness.  


For staff, it means that we are working collectively to see that our expectations and processes in each classroom are consistent and that they encourage the participation and involvement of all students. At the moment we are particularly looking at how language communicates mutual respect in the classroom and the yard. The student Captains’ Conference in Week 4 will also explore some of these ideas.


This work is also supported by our long-term involvement in the Respectful Relationships initiative of which we are a lead school. This whole school approach is being promoted by the Victorian Government in response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence and focusses on using education to address the key drivers of domestic violence, including gender inequality and gender stereotyping.


Last Monday, staff were engaged in an introductory presentation by the Department's project lead, Sharon Simon. The project (at the Northcote High School level) was also presented to School Council at the end of last term. This work will continue throughout this year and 2018, with a trial of 'bystander' training scheduled for a small group of students and teachers this term. 

In Term 2 the Respectful Relationships implementation team completed a gender equality audit and as a result we will be:

  • Providing staff, student and parent workshops to increase awareness and build community confidence 
  • Reviewing existing curriculum and embedding the Respectful Relationships curriculum resources into the Connect and Health programs across the school
  • Reviewing NHS policies 
  • Engaging with students to get their feedback about their experiences 

A useful link for further reading is the Australian Government's site



Art adventures and opportunities

Photo: Year 10s appreciating the prints at the NGV

Master Printmakers: Year 10s at the NGV

As part of the Year 10 Art course students have been to visit the NGV to view the work of the Japanese woodblock artist Hokusai (1760 to 1849) and the American printmaker Jim Dine (born in 1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio). Hokusai was a huge influence on the Post Impressionists such as Gauguin and Van Gogh. Jim Dine is a master printmaker who was a big part of the pop Art movement in the 1960’s which featured iconic artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.


 As part of the Art curriculum students look at symbols in Art and the creation of imagery which has more context than what you see. This use of symbols is ever present in the works of both Hokusai and Dine. Hokusai has used images like the one of Mt Fuji to reflect upon identity, isolation and eternal life and Dine has used tools from his father’s childhood workshop and Jungian philosophy to look at links with our past and the personal symbols that can represent it.


Students were able to reflect upon specific images within the exhibitions and study them both visually and contextually in regards to both technique and content.

Hokusai is currently showing at the NGV International from July 21 to October 15.

Jim Dine is showing at the NGV International from July 8 to October 15.


We're looking forward to offering some innovative new Visual Arts courses for next year's Year 9 and 10 students as part of the Northcote Model.  Students will have the opportunity to undertake such exciting  courses as the Science of Art, Dream Theory, the Art of Storytelling and the Art of Revolution. See the article 'Course Selection 2018' in this newsletter for further links regarding the Northcote Model.

Jerome Rush

Teacher of Yr 10 Art

Learning the art of Still Life

Drawing is the foundation of many art and design processes however it is also an opportunity for a still moment outside of our noisy lives, of clarified focus. The Art Department is offering students and teachers the opportunity to work their drawing muscles every Thursday at lunchtime in the C-Block Open Studio with ongoing revolving Still Life themes.  

This week we have combined cow skulls, and dry gums contrasted with the vibrant colour of natives taken from Ms. Martins very own garden. The year 8 art classes have begun developing these skills through their own still life studies and looking at the work of Margaret Preston through to contemporary artist Adam Pyett.  There is also a little exhibit to compeiment the Still Life, which demonstrates the changing directions and interpretations of this genre through time in Australian Art. Workshops will also be occurring to offer guidance in drawing skills, materials and techniques. All welcome!

Art Faculty staff

Guys and Dolls a hit!

Photo: Some of the cast on stage

Production a success: all nights sold out

We have been enjoying the hard work and talents of the many students and staff who have been contributing both on stage and behind the scenes to an outstanding school production for 2018: Guys and Dolls.  Students from nearby Merri Creek Primary School also enjoyed their special matinee performance, and spotted many former schoolmates on stage! The show has three nights left to run (August 3-5), which are all sold out. We hope you got your tickets already!  We will bring you a full report in the following newsletter, but in the meantime enjoy these images from the show. Congratulations to all involved.


If you did miss out on Production tickets, don't fret. There are many more opportunties to see our students perform, including the 'Big Band Boogie' and 'Strings, Wine and Cheese' nights - coming up soon and advertised in this newsletter.


Exploring Chinese culture through Diablo

Photo: Developing Diablo skills

From Chinese to Diabolo – a chance to learn a new skill

From 28th  to 30th June, students of Chinese participated in the Diabolo workshop. As part of the Chinese folk art, the diabolo originated from China. Here are some of the students’ reflections about their experiences.


I enjoyed learning the new tricks with the diabolo, having this experience improves hand-eye coordination. Our teacher’s performance was inspiring and something to really admire. The session is definitely work doing again, learning a new art of the Chinese culture which we could continue. It opens up a new opportunity for us.



My highlight was learning now to do tricks and spin the diabolo. I had played the diabolo before but this was ten times better. Liao laoshi looked to be a great diabolo trick guy and had great teaching skills. I guessed that the diabolo originated from China and I have recently seen Chinese people use it. I learnt the V Catch and the Monkey Jump. 




I really enjoyed the diabolo incursion because I was able to try it for the first time and I was able to learn some cool tricks. I loved watching the diabolo performance…I learnt that the diabolo was originated from China. I also learnt that practice makes perfect with diabolos because it can take many attempts to do something.


I had never used one before so it was really cool to see Liao laoshi’s amazing demonstration. I learned a few tricks like the Monkey Jump and Around the World to name a few. I think that the most important skill to use the diabolo was balance.


{Code like a Girl}

Photo: Participants in the coding workshop

Year 9 Coding workshop

Twenty-nine Year 9 girls recently enjoyed a coding workshop, run by the organisation Code Like a Girl.  Code Like a Girl is an Australian organisation that aims to inspire more females to pursue careers in coding and get involved in the creation and development of technology. Their workshops aim at bringing together local talents and girls, from various education and career backgrounds, who are curious or passionate about coding and technology to learn, connect and celebrate each other's achievements.  This session was aimed at developing knowledge and interest in Coding in preparation for the area being offered as a course to Year 9s and 10s through the Northcote Model in 2018. In the workshop, participants learnt how to work through a design brief to begin making a website.  Thanks to David Macindoe (Science Faculty) for organising the event.


Year 7s speak up

Photo: Presenting at the Year 7 Public Speaking Competition

Year 7 Public Speaking Competition

As part of their English curriculum, Year 7 students last term wrote and delivered persuasive speeches on a topic of their choice. This learning activity produced a wide variety of interesting, passionate and convincing presentations on topics ranging from cats as pets to texting while driving, and everything in between. It was wonderful to hear our Year 7s so engaged, passionate and articulate around issues personal, local and global. The two most outstanding speakers from each class were chosen to represent their peers at the Year 7 Public Speaking Competition this week. Congratulations to all who presented: staff, students and our Debating Club judges all agreed that the speeches were of a very high standard. Eight of these will go on to be chosen to speak at the Competition finals on August 7: parents will be invited to the event via email and newsfeed.


Learning in and with Community

Year 9 Intercultural Discovery Day

Year 9s enjoyed their Intercultural Discovery Day on Wednesday 19th July, which is a key feature of their Connect program learning for 2017, as they experience what it means to 'learn in and with our community' and to explore ideas of local and globabl citizenship.  Students travelled independently to visit a venue in the City of Darebin and Melbourne area. These included Islamic Museum in Thornbury, Buddhist temple in Reservoir, Intercultural Centre in Preston, Darebin Ethnic Community Council in Northcote and the Koorie Heritage walk in Federation Square. 

Students were then given freedom to get a ‘multicultural’ meal, before returning to school to reflect on the day.

Some of the quotes from students about the day:

“At the Buddhist temple, it was interesting to learn about different ways of living”.

“Lunch was the highlight, we had souvlaki”.

“I had my first wonton”.

“The history display at the Islamic museum was interesting”.

“The freedom was good. I enjoyed being trusted to do the right thing”.

“Learning about what the Council did to help the different communities in Darebin was insightful”.  


Year 12 Families: VTAC Information Night

Invitation - learn about the VTAC registration process

All Year 12 parents are invited to an Information Evening about the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre  (VTAC) registration and application process. Our Year 12 students have received and are continuing to receive relevant information on the process through assemblies and their Connect session. All Year 12 students wishing to undertake tertiary studies in 2018 will need to register with VTAC; lodge their course preferences and pay the fee in a timely manner in order to gain access to the tertiary selection and offer process.


VTAC is also used to apply for scholarships, special consideration (SEAS applications) and access to their ATAR. It is vital that students understand this process, and to this end, numerous activities will be conducted at school to ensure all students are supported through the process.


Please join us on Thursday, August 10th, so we can demystify the process for you …


When? Thursday, August 10, 6.30 – 7.30pm

Where? NHS Library


We look forward to seeing you all there.


Shane Gemmola, 

Head of Senior Years - on behalf of the Senior Team    

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Special opportunity for Work Experience 2018

Attention Year 9 students! Applications for the 2018 Victoria Police Work Experience Program will open from midday on Monday 31 July 2017.

The Victoria Police Work Experience Program provides a fantastic opportunity for high school students considering a career within Victoria Police. Students are placed at participating police stations and department units where they will have the opportunity to observe and learn from our Police Officers, Protective Services Officers, Protective Custody Officers and VPS personnel.


Due to the limited number of work experience placements available, it is strongly advised that only students with a genuine interest in Victoria Police are nominated for the program.


Applications can only be submitted by the school’s careers practitioner.


Interested students should visit the Victoria Police website (from July 31) to familiarise themselves with the process and the guidelines of the program.


They should then see Ms Kylie Witt to obtain a NHS-specific application. All applications must reach Kylie before the end of the school day on Friday, August 11. If more than one student applies, the Year 9 sub school and principal team will decide on the school’s nominee.


Program Guidelines

  • Nominations are to be submitted through careers teachers only. Each school can nominate one student per year (unless stated otherwise).
  • Students must be a minimum of 15 years of age at the time of placement and completing Year 10 or above. Placements are only offered to those students studying Year 10, 11 or 12.
  • The program runs from March until November each year, placements outside these dates will not be arranged.
  • Placements take place for one week only (five (5) consecutive business days).


Applications will only be considered if all required forms are completed correctly and signed accordingly.

It’s Open Day Season at the Unis

It's Open Day season at Universities, so it's a great time for students in Years 9 and above to start exploring what our tertiary institutions offer. Please download the calendar below and the list of suggested questions to help with your planning. One very useful tip for attending Open Days is to identify the three most important things you need a uni to be able to provide for you, as this will be different for everyone. Frame these items as questions and ask the same three questions at each uni to get a realistic comparison.

Try to visit Open Days before you get to Year 12, as they can be very helpful in clarifying what you might like to do in the future , regardless of whether you end up attending that particular uni.

Year 11 Students: opportunity with Australian National University

The ANU Chancellor’s Scholars Program is open to Year 11 students enrolled at high schools in Melbourne. The program aims to attract students who have an interest in attending the ANU, and who have demonstrated leadership potential as high school students.  Each year 20 year 11 students will be chosen to be part of the program.


The students who are selected this year will be flown to Canberra on Friday 25th of August for a day of on campus activities, will attend ANU Open Day on Saturday 26th of August before returning to Melbourne that evening. Flights, the one night of accommodation and meals for the visit will be included. Students must make their own way to and from Melbourne airport.


Check the myNorthcoteHigh newsfeed for more detailed information.

Useful resources for subject selection

In addition to all the materials produced by NHS and stored on myNorthcoteHigh for your reference, each Year 10 student will be issued with a hard copy of these two publications in Connect classes, but families are encouraged to access the online versions in order to be fully informed. These publications offer useful advice on how to make good decisions, and they demystify much of the jargon and mythology that makes this process seem so difficult.

Year 12s: VTAC registrations open next week

Key dates coming up soon for year 12 students and their families:


Term 3:

Every weekend:                       Open Days

  • Monday, August 7                   VTAC registration opens
  • Tuesday, August 8                   VTAC assembly, Period 3 (students)
  • Thursday, August 10               VTAC Parent Info Night (students not required)
  • Thursday, September 28          Registration closes

Early Term 4

  • Tuesday, October 10               SEAS (Special Entry Access Schemes) applications close
  • Friday, October 13                  Scholarship applications close (VTAC).

Bond University AFL Scholarship

As a proud partner of AFL Queensland, Bond University is offering two Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarships for students commencing university in January 2018.


Offered in partnership with the Riewoldt Family, these unique full tuition scholarships provide an opportunity for one male and one female to enhance their footballing career whilst also gaining a first class educational experience at Bond University.


The scholarship offers 100% tuition remission for any single undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma, excluding the Bond Medical Program. The scholarship also includes free accommodation for the first year should the scholar wish to live in a University residence.

Applications for this scholarship are now open and will close 1 September.

Please refer to the attached brochure.


Interested in VET, VCE or VCAL at NCAT?


Careers in the Hotel and Tourism Industry

The Hotel School, in conjunction with the Grand Hyatt Hotel, is delighted to offer students the Global Career Hotel Experience. 

This unique program is a full day immersion into the workings of a 5-star luxury hotel. 
During the day, students will be given a unique insider’s view of internal departments and meet leaders from the hotel industry. 

The Global Career Hotel Experience is exclusively offered to current year 11 & 12 students who are passionate about the hotel industry, business management or tourism.


When & Where

9:00 am - 3:30 pm, Sunday 30th July

The Residence, Grand Hyatt Melbourne
123 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


Registration is $25 per participating student. Parents are encouraged to attend on the day where they can ask questions and hear from alumni and current Hotel School students. Contact [email protected]


Places are strictly limited, students are advised to book early to secure a spot.

Australian National University comes to Melbourne

ANU Melbourne Midyear Advisory Session

Tuesday 25 July 2017

State Library of Victoria

4.00pm – 7.00pm

At the Melbourne Midyear Advisory Session, you will have access to representatives from our academic Colleges, accommodation services, and our global programs office who will answer your questions, no matter how general or detailed, so we encourage you to come along to learn more about why ANU is the right choice for you!

The Australian National University offers programs and courses in a wide range of academic areas. This allows you to choose specific specialised degrees, or combine different degree programs to suit your study interests and career goals.

Email [email protected] with any specific queries.

Jobs for Youth campaign

Youth unemployment in Inner Northern Melbourne remains above the state average, which is a trend that local councils are keen to reverse. Families are encouraged to engage with the various activities being organised by Yarra, Moreland and Darebin Councils over the next three months, as they work together with the Inner Northern Local Learning Network and various local businesses to provide opportunities for young people to ensure they remain within the proportion of young people who ARE successful in the world of employment. Parents who own and run businesses can also help with the employer segments of the campaign.


To find out more and to get involved, follow this link:

Student Achievement: congratulations Tim

Photo: Tim Ingram in action

Swimmer Tim off to the Pacific School Games

Tim Ingram of Year 10 has been selected to represent Victoria in the Pacific Schools Games in December in Adelaide in swimming.


Selected as a result of his improved Personal Best times, including his 100m Back Stroke, at 1.02.14 he qualified for the nationals in April. The Nationals were an amazing experience, swimming amongst Australia's best and mixing with Olympian athletes.


Tim spent his formative swimming years at Northcote Swim Club and recently moved to MLC in order to further his swimming career.

Northcote High School wishes you the best for the Pacific School Games and we look forward to hearing all about your experience.


Term 3 Clubs

Photo: The Gamers Club in action

Community within Community

A strong feature of Northcote High School's 'community within community' model is our range of clubs, activities and co-curricular opportunities. Our clubs are driven by student interest and hence new clubs are often formed from term to term.  Getting involved in clubs and activities is a great way for your child to enhance their sense of connection and belonging at school, to meet new friends from their own and other peer groups, and to develop new skills and passions. Please see the list of Term 3 clubs attached.


Terrific telescope: next opportunity 8 August

Photo: Through the telescope

Night sky viewing

Our terrific telescope will be set up in the courtyard near D13 on

  • Tuesday 8th August 7.00pm to 8.00pm*

Students, teachers and families all welcome.

Bring your cameras, phones and ipads to take your own photos of the universe!

For more information please see Ms Hutchens.


*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.

Debating success for International Students

Photo: Our team at the Chinese Debating Championship

International Students represent NHS

The 2017 Victorian High School Chinese Debating Championship opening ceremony was held at Victoria University on the 22nd of July 2017, with 24 participating Government, Catholic and Independent schools. 


6 Northcote High School representatives, Jiayi (Christen) LIANG, Zuhong (Sherry) LI, Ziyan (Scarlett) LI, Yinuo (Christy) DONG, Xinyi (Shirley) ZUO, Xiaoyu (Rachel) SUN, have thoroughly enjoyed the open ceremony (draw ceremony) event. Our team will compete against students from Box Hill High School and Ivanhoe Grammar School in mid-August.

Sport News

Photo: Braving the mud at the Cross Country

Term 3 up and running

We were literally up and running in Week 1 of Term 3 with 22 of our students competing in the State Cross Country Championships on July 21.  Congratulations to all of our team members who competed in extremely cold and wet conditions: once the rain started it did not stop! 


All students are successful in making it to the State Finals with some individual and team PBs/medals. Douglas Buckeridge placed 2nd, Alex Gust placed 4th and Thomas Langdon placed 5th in their Individual events. Once again we placed and received medals in some of our team events. The 14 year girls team placed second (Mikayla Young, Grace Young, Marielle Bouman, Maisy Welsh and Miranda Cooney-Hunt).  Our 14 year boys placed third (Douglas Buckeridge, Thomas Proe-Carter, Ned Long, Ethan Hindson and Nick Gevaux) and our 12-13 Boys narrowly missed a place on the podium coming in 4th.

VCE Football

Congratulations to our VCE Football team who after defeating Mt Ridley in the Regional Final, now move through to the State Quarter final on 15th August in Ballarat. We wish the boys the best of luck.  Thank you to Josh McDonald for coaching the team.


Intermediate Netball

The Girls Intermediate Netball Team competed in the Regional tournament on Wednesday 26th July. They all played exceptionally well, showing great teamwork as a combined Year 9 and 10 team. Their first game was against Gladstone Park winning 24-23 and the second against Epping winning 26-17. They lost their final game to Epping by 7 points. Unfortunately they didn’t progress to the next round but they have shown lots of potential to be a very strong team next year. Well done to all girls and a special mention for best on court goes to Alice Grgic, Emma Stafford and Dom Niere.

Ms Wright

Intermediate Football

On a cold and windy Thursday, the intermediate girls competed in the Northern Metro Regional Football competition along with six other schools. The competition was fierce with the girls putting in a fantastic effort but unfortunately coming out second best against Gladstone Park (the eventual victors), and Montmorency. However, the day ended with a celebration as Northcote dominated Whittlesea in the final game despite the captain, Abigail Bennett, being forced to the sidelines with a calf injury. Particular standouts were Jael Ciocca and Lucja Boyd-Singer who consistently attacked the ball with incredible intensity. A big congratulations to all the girls in the team for putting in a valiant effort.

Ms. Smith and Ms. Lange

Victorian Volleyball Schools' Cup

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3 teams represented Northcote in the Victorian Volleyball Schools' Cup. All teams played really well, showing enthusiasm, positivity and fairness over the tournament. Special thanks to Pauline for driving the bus to Dandenong at 6.30am!

Year 9 Girls Div 1 Silver medal

After their gold medal success last year, the girls moved up to Division 1 and finished 1st in their pool, winning 3 games. They played Haileybury in the semi-final in a very exciting and intense match, winning  2 sets to 1. They then made it through to the gold medal playoff but lost in 2 sets to Maffra.

They won the silver medal and should be very proud of their achievements this year. Their hard work and commitment to training is really paying off!

Year 8s 

The Year 8 girls have only just started volleyball this year. They have been attending weekly trainings but they had not actually played a full game of volleyball before the tournament so they did very well to compete in Division 1. The girls were very positive in all their games and worked very well as a team. They are looking forward to training more before the National School’s Cup in December.

Year 10s 

The Year 10s finished 10th in their pool, winning 3 games. All girls played very well, considering half the team are brand new to volleyball. They are looking forward to improving their skills and teamwork with some more practice and training in term 3 and 4, ready for the National School’s Cup in December. Well done to all players!

Ms Wright

Coming up

July 31 – Yr 8 and Intermediate Girls Netball Championship Cup, Intermediate Boys Regional Soccer                   

August 1 – VCE Boys Regional Badminton, Yr 8 Regional Football

August 2 – Intermediate Boys Football,

August 3 – Yr 7 Regional Football, Intermediate Girls Regional Soccer

August 10 – VCE Regional Basketball

NHS Writers' Festival

Poetry, workshops, performance and more

We are looking forward to the third annual NHS Writers' Festival, coming up from 25-26 August. Students, families and the community are invited to attend both the Poetry Slam on the evening of Friday August 25, and the  workshops on Saturday August 26 - details below. 



Poetry Slam

Students and teachers engage in competitive poetry slamming. Event hosted in the Hall by MC Mantra.

25th August starting at 7pm. Family $35 (2 adults and up to 3 young people under 18), Single Ticket $20


Northcote High School Community Writers' Festival

Will Kostakis, Lili Wilkinson, Simmone Howell, Michael Pryor, Archie Fusillo talk about writing and answer questions. Meet and talk to your favourite writers.

Books available for purchase from Fairfield Bookshop on the day. Food and coffee available at the canteen.

26th August, 12 midday to 5pm in the School Library.


All day all session tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students of Northcote High and young people to 18 years.

eSmart Resources

Support for managing cybersafety at home

You may have noticed that over the last few months in this newsletter we have been bringing you a series of articles and links to support cybersafety for your child.  Did you know that these resources - and others - are also available on myNorthcoteHigh? Simply follow the 'Information for Parents' link on the left hand menu of the home page to the 'Education Technology' page 

Did you know? Uniform

Some useful things to remember...

Did you know the following about the NHS uniform?

  • NHS has a gender neutral uniform policy. This means that we don't describe the uniform options as 'for boys' or 'for girls': students simply have the option of wearing the uniform combination of grey pants/shorts with the purple shirt or skirt with the white shirt (dress in the summer terms), with the appropriate socks or tights;
  • The long-sleeved white shirt (worn with the winter skirt) was updated last year to use a more comfortable, elasticised fabric. If you still have the older fabric version, it's worth checking out the new one. There is also a long-sleeved version of the purple shirt for added layers during winter;
  • The cut and fabric of the sports shorts was also updated last year following student feedback: the new style are now available at the uniform shop;
  • The school pullover is 80% wool, designed for warmth and longevity. It is a good option in the winter months. No other pullovers, sweatshirts or hoodies are permitted to be worn;
  • The school jacket is fleece-lined and water resistant: a good outer layer in the cold weather. It can be washed by hand in warm water;
  • Uniform information can be found in the Student Organiser, on myNorthcoteHigh and on the NHS website. The campus uniform shop is open Tuesday 12.30-4pm and Friday 8.30-11.30am and uniform can also be purchased online via and at the Dobsons Hawthorn store.

Uniform Working Group

The Uniform Working Group, looking at tweaks and updates we might consider for the NHS uniform in future years, has convened and discussed initial feedback, including on our gender neutral options. The group is preparing for a range of consultation with students, families and staff: look out for more information and your chance to have your say in the next issue of this newsletter.

Music events coming up

Big Band Boogie - tickets now on sale

Groove along with the NHS bands at the Big Band Boogie, August 30 at 7pm.

Tickets via

Strings, Wine and Cheese

Enjoy the soothing sounds of our String Ensembles whilst relaxing with a cheese platter and a glass of wine. A very civilised evening coming up on September 5! Book via

Save the date: Comedy Night

Comedy is coming

Get ready for the annual Northcote High School Comedy Night. A fantastic line-up is scheduled, with more details to be released soon...

Save the date and book your friends and family now - Thursday 7 September. It's a night not to miss!

Community notices

Invitation: view Screenagers Documentary and support Westgarth Primary School

Westgarth Primary School Parents and Friends invites Northcote High School Parents to an exclusive screening of the documentary SCREENAGERS on Wednesday 2 August at 7pm at Westgarth Cinema.
Tickets are $21.00 per person.  Kids over 10 are welcome too.

Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston takes a deeply personal approach as she probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including her own, to explore struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. SCREENAGERS reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how adults can empower kids to best navigate the digital world and find balance.
Book on the Facebook page
PLEASE NOTE: Enough tickets must be sold to ensure this screening goes ahead! We must reach 57 seats sold by 21 July. Funds will be placed on hold until the screening is confirmed, if it doesn't happen those funds will be returned! 

Darebin Junior Giants are looking for players for the Summer 2017 season.

Competition is played on Saturdays in the Whittlesea Basketball Association competition.  Teams range from under 8s through to under 19s for both boys and girls.


Games commence 22 July 2017 through to finals which are played in December.  For further information please contact Helen on 0433 849 728.  Registration can be done online on Darebin Basketball website.  

Campaign to re-open St Georges Rd crossings

We are campaigning to ensure the St Georges Rd crossings are re-opened after the water works north of the school, as currently families are being isolated from one another across this divide. We are keen to ensure St Georges Rd continues as a shared pathway for cyclists, pedestrians, pub transport commuters and motorists, rather than driving this traffic into our back streets, creating greater congestion and risk for children in the area. Follow the link below for details and to sign the petition.


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