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04 May 2016
Issue SIX
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College Principal's Report

Mr Paul van Breugel
College Principal

The second term of the year is now well underway and the season has shifted to be truly autumnal. Our students are now well and truly immersed in their work for the year and it is evident which students are really applying themselves and who is cruising or falling behind for a range of reasons. Attendance remains a problem for a portion of our students I can only stress that you need to be at school and cannot expect to do well if you miss significant amounts of schooling.


Athletics Carnival

Today is the first time in many years that we have sought to include the Senior Campus in the athletics sports with all year 10 students expected to attend and year 11 and 12 students given the chance to opt in. Unfortunately there has been quite low attendance today from our year 10s and we will need to review whether this concept is continued into the future. 


I would like to apologise for some confusion around permission processes and cut off dates. Our Junior Campus leaders changed the processes and timelines and created some confusion which has made things difficult for some students and families. I will ensure this is reviewed and does not occur again. 


Morwell Tech School Project

Many of you may have seen information in the media and State Budget regarding the Tech School to be developed in Morwell on the Federation Training site. It is important that you understand this is a high tech hub for all students in the Latrobe Valley and that Traralgon College is a partner in this project. The "Tech School" will not enrol any students of its own but rather will be a centre of excellence that our students, and those from other schools, will visit to access the latest technology and to gain the benefits of interacting with our industry and training partners. The state budget also announced funding for the Latrobe Innovation Precinct Project which will be located on the same site as Tech School and will link Federation University with Industry, Training and secondary and tertiary students. These projects together are an exciting development for the Latrobe Valley and it is great to see much needed investment in innovation and education for our area and that will benefit the students of Traralgon College


Please see the other sections of this newsletter for some examples of the ways our students are involved in their community, the opportunities available to them and for some success stories as well as general information about happenings at the college.

Junior Campus News

Mr Michael Shone
 Campus Principal



Progress Reports

Progress Reports for all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be completed by all teachers for all subjects at the end of Week 4. These reports will be available to all parents and students to view in the afternoon of Friday 6th May. The focus of the Progress Report is to provide feedback to parents and students on learning behaviours – the key behaviours that we believe students need to consistently demonstrate to perform well at school and reach their potential. All parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to read carefully over the child’s report and discuss the results with their child, focussing on what their child can do to improve their Performance Average score.


VicSRC Student Leadership Day

On Thursday April 14th the Year 8 and 9 SRC representatives and Year 9 Campus Captains and Vice Captains travelled to Federation University to take part in the VicSRC regional Student Leaders Conference. The students participated in a range of activities and workshops designed to challenge and develop their initiative, teamwork and leadership skills. The also had the opportunity to work with leaders from other Gippsland Secondary Schools, developing ideas on ways they could best represent other students and discussing ways to improve their schools. On return students said it was an awesome day and they really enjoyed the chance to think about how to be more effective leaders.


Interschool Sport – Junior Boys Baseball

On Thursday 28th April the Junior Boys Baseball team travelled to Newborough to take on Marist Sion at the Burrage Reserve.  The four innings game began with Traralgon College batting and Josh Burgar as the opening pitcher for Traralgon College. The score at the end of the first was 2 – 1 Traralgon’s way. Traralgon College overtook Marist Sion in the second innings with 7 runs, including a 3 run hit to centre outfield by Jacob Dickinson.  Marist Sion came back in the third, but were ultimately defeated by our boys in the fourth innings by some very accurate pitching and great team work in the field. The final score was Traralgon 12 and Marist Sion 9.

Anzac Day Dawn Service & March


On Monday 25th April our four Year 9 Junior Campus student leaders - Tiarna Meers, Reece Watson, Jake Manger and Tatiana Taofinuu - attended the ANZAC Day march and laying of the wreath at the Traralgon Centopath. During the service, some veterans read out speeches about their experiences and time at war, as well as thanking the community for their ongoing support. The students said that these speeches in particular were a powerful part of the day. Students reported that it was a moving experience to see all of the contributions that community members and groups had made to recognise the sacrifice that the service men and women of Traralgon have given. Junior Campus Assistant Principal Richard Dungey attended the service with the students and said he was very proud with the way the four students represented Traralgon College on this special day.


Connected Learning in Community - Children

CLiC Children has continued to support young children in our community with 20 year 9 students on a six week placement at local childcare centres, preschools and schools, supporting young children with their learning. They have been working with classroom teachers and room leaders looking for ways to help the children be successful learners, and in particular supporting them in their early years of schooling.

NAPLAN Testing


NAPLAN is an annual  nationwide assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It tests the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life. The tests cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. It is important to remember that NAPLAN tests are not pass/fail tests and at the classroom level it is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure student progress. It is expected that all students in all schools undertake the tests.


NAPLAN tests will be held on 10-12 May 2016 for all student in years 7 and 9.

Information specifically for parents and carers can be found at the following website:


If you would like to discuss NAPLAN testing please contact your childs Form Teacher, Year Level Leader or Narelle Loechel

Year 7 Science

Through Term 1 Year 7 Science students learn about what it means to be a scientist. They learn how to ask questions, develop hypothesis and design experiments to test their hypothesis and answer the question. To do this, students must learn how to conduct themselves safely and respectfully in the science laboratory at all time. In the photos attached, 7A students are investigating the question of how long do different Bunsen Burner flames take to boil water. At the end of Term 1 students are required to complete an inquiry into an Australian who has made a significant contribution to Science. Students conduct this inquiry by designing a series of small questions to help them answer the big question. They then research the answers to these questions and give an oral presentation to the class on their inquiry topic/person. Importantly, students must justify why, in their opinion, their chosen person’s contribution is significant.


Senior Campus News

Mrs Sue Coffey Campus Principal

Anzac Day

Our Senior Campus Leaders represented the College at the Traralgon Cenotaph on Anzac Day and laid wreaths on behalf of the College community (see photo above). 


Programs for Students

Opportunities for students to participate in internal and external programs continually surface at school. The broad range of excursion, activities and competitions cater for students with interests in many different areas. Last week we had the Flying Robot workshop at the senior campus and in three weeks we will have the WOWOW Bus on campus. Please take the time to read information that is provided on these opportunities and encourage student participation. I am always amazed that very few students take up the opportunities provided.


Gabrielle Segond Year 11

At times students might need to take on something that is out of their comfort zone but these experiences help them to learn and often help with decision making that can affect their futures. An example of this is the UBS Young Women’s Leadership residential in Sydney. Only two students from our school applied for this amazing fully funded opportunity. As mentioned in a previous edition of the newsletter Gabrielle Segond was the successful applicant. Prior to Gabrielle going l was aware that she was quite worried and didn’t really think it was going to be so great! She was tempted to pull out as she didn’t know any one going and she didn’t really see the point. Gabrielle now speaks highly of this experience and wishes to encourage future year 11 students to nominate. She has returned to school with a clear focus, she is motivated and she has met students from all over Australia who have not only connected with her but who have inspired her to follow her dreams. Please take a moment to read Gabby’s reflection in this newsletter.


Chinese Delegation July 2016

We have a large delegation of Chinese students and teachers coming to Traralgon College on the 11th of July, the first week of term 3.  They will be staying for a week and participating in a number of excursions, classes and activities. To make this program successful we need to billet these students with families for the week. If you are able to host a Year 10 Chinese student could you please contact Emma Waghorne (Senior Campus Office) or myself to discuss. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about a student from another culture and to teach them about our culture.  See the China 2016 section of this newsletter for more information or to express an interest in hosting a Chinese student.


Student Achievements

Positive Behaviour Support Awards

On Friday 22 April as part of the PBS reward system a hot dog lunch was given to  students at Junior Campus  who received the most ‘tick’ stickers in their student planners when they display some of the Schools Expected Behaviours.


The students below either had the most number of ‘ticks’ in their class for this fortnight or were drawn out of a class raffle for getting some ‘ticks’:


Year 7

Jacob Dickinson

Kira Evans

Lachy Legg

Kc Parilla

Karla Albert

Analiese Missen

Darcy Murie

Kayla Phillips

Nousaiba El-Ayoubi

Kris Wilson

Connor O'Loughlin

Jacinta Birkett

Sos Scullin

Annwyn Williams

Luke Berry

Archie Hurley

Shay Flenley

Sean O'Ryan

Grace Berends

Ashley Brady

Lucy Dawson

Angus Hunter

Matt Anderson

Marty Harrison

Brandan Wass

Emily Grant

Alexandra Hood

Corey O'Ryan


Year 8

Claire Bartlett

Katiya De Fontaine

Chloe Drouyn

Luke Van Rossum

Molly Grist

Zach Beames

Brody Deering

Jack Hayward

Abby Siddle

Balie Berg

Sam Harrison

Ana Pereira-Varela

Olive Porgineaux

Robert Brouwer

Allinor Young

Chlose Henry

Pacey Unmack

Amaleee Franssen

Jesse Justice

Jeremy Rutherford


Year 9

Liana Grayden

Riley Jenkins

Tye Hourigan

Jacob Lambert

Jed Maguire

Aria Ranui

Brodie Tipping

Chris Crous

Kyla Jennings

Stephen Woodgate

Lindsey Tucker


Chloe Leslie

Thon Ruk

Liam McAllan

Jared McNamara

Zac Siacci

Jazz Cooper

Emma McCulloch

Liana Farmer

Jack Schembri

Jayden Green

China 2016

China Trip 2016


Who can attend?

Any student in Years 9, 10 and 11 who is interested in learning about Chinese culture and who is able to fund the trip. Students are encouraged to contribute to the cost of the trip by working part-time or fundraising.


What will it cost?

The tour cost will be approximately $2,800; this includes flights and an 8 day tour of China with Intrepid - Private Group Travel. (Booklet provides details) Additional costs - passport (if you don’t have one), immunisations, and spending money.


What will we do there?

We will arrive in Shanghai where we will be greeted by our sister school staff. We will then travel approximately 2 hours to Taizhou and meet students at our sister school. The students will be placed with their home stay families and they will spend 5 nights with these families, commuting to and from school with the students, participating in some school classes as well as travelling around Taizhou and the local area learning about the community and its history. We will then go back to Shanghai for the night and do some sight-seeing in one of the biggest cities in the world.


On Friday the 16th of September we will join the Intrepid Tour.


VISA requirements

We will all need to apply for a Visa to visit China, the school will organise this and we will submit our passports as a group. Therefore we need everyone to get their Passport as soon as possible.


When do l have to pay by? 

The school needs a deposit of $450 per student by Friday 6th of May so we can go ahead and secure the air fares and the tour. All airfares have to be paid for within 5 days of booking the flights or the airlines will not hold them. We suggest that the trip is then paid off in instalments with the balance due by mid-August. A final date will be provided once we have official numbers.


Contact the Senior Campus office now if your student would like to attend - 5176 2240.

Host a Chinese Student - Expression of Interest

Students in Years 9-11 are encouraged to host a Chinese student from our sister school in Taizhou from 11-16 July this year. This is a culturally rich experience for your family as well as the student. Your child will get to attend excursions with the visiting students if you are hosting as well.


If you are considering attending the China trip this year in September, these are the students you will be hosted by during your visit, this is a great way to pay-it-forward the hospitality you will receive there.


It is not too late to express an interest in attending the China trip in September, please see the office.


To host a student (or two!) please contact Emma in the Senior Campus Office - 5176 2240 or email [email protected]

Young Women's Leadership Academy

Gabrielle Segond Year 11

Foreword from Mrs Coffey Senior Campus Principal: We are very proud of Gabrielle for her efforts in applying, being accepted and attending the UBS Young Women's Leadership Academy. The following article was written by Gabrielle sharing an account of her experiences.



We stayed at the Women’s College inside the University of Sydney. It is a residential area for only female students who attend the University and each UBS girl was assigned a first year or second year student to “bunk” with for the week.  My billets name was Miranda and she was amazing and so welcoming, she made me feel at home. She was super easy to talk to and it felt like I had known her for my whole life. Parting with her was actually quite upsetting.


The College and campus are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to attend school there any day of the week. Every Monday night is formal dinner, so all the girls must dress nicely and wear their graduate robes. They get a source of entertainment (e.g. When I was there they had one of their students sing) and they have a special guest who gives a speech.


Guest Speakers

We met a lot of strong, encouraging women over the course of five days and they all taught me something different:

  • Cassandie Tozer  (Myers Briggs Type Indicator & goals setting and motivation)
  • Monique Dykstra (Voice & storytelling)
  • Nicola Parry (First impressions & personal brand)
  • Melanie Payne (Physical presence & interviews)
  • Mars Recruitment Panel (How to get your dream job, the do’s and don’ts in a job interview, and typical job interview questions)
  • Catherine Keenan (Co-founder of Sydney Story Factory, where leadership can take you)
  • Dr Suzy Green (Strengths and weaknesses, positive psychology, “flourishing women, flourishing leaders”, how to be happier)
  • Nicole Sheffield (This woman was super inspiring, she told us “you can have it all”, but that does take time and hard work, her whole mantra was based on people “the only trend that matters is people” we need to understand and respect them)
  • Brigid Canny (FYA, Brigid taught us the impact of storytelling and taught us how to create our own personal narrative. She was also inspiring because of her use of storytelling)

My Experience

The week was action packed and exhausting, but there were several activities that helped us wind down and just purely enjoy ourselves. We were originally supposed to do Zumba on the Tuesday morning, but it got changed to yoga which was still a lot of fun. All the girls were laughing and it was a good way to start the day. We did have a few movie nights which were the best way to actually interact with the other 49 girls and really get to know them.  I made a few close friendships and I hope to never lose contact. On the Wednesday it was one of the girl’s birthdays so we were surprised with cake and it was delicious. When we actually went outside of the University we got to see Sydney in all its glory. It is such a beautiful city, full of new and old buildings. We saw the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House on our way to the Art Gallery of NSW. We saw the exhibit “When Silence Falls” and that was intense, but interesting. Our canapé function was also that night and it was a lot of fun. We walked around talking to different employees of UBS and asking tonnes of questions. Later that night we arrived back at the College and we were allowed to make our own cupcakes, which was just such an awesome idea. Thursday morning was a short walk around the entire campus and that was cool to see all the different buildings and it had a huge Hogwarts vibe to it. Later on in the day we did a self-defence class with Volt Fitness, that was heaps of fun and I learnt a lot.



I would definitely do the whole thing again in a heartbeat. I personally think leadership skills and courses should be taught in schools or more academies like this should exist. They are so extremely helpful and I’m proud that I went through with it and accomplished it. I can honestly say I feel so much more confident after doing this course. I have never been a strong public speaker and I was a more sit back until no one else answers kind of person, but after this week I have changed and for the better. I believe more in myself than I ever have and I really hope I can encourage year 10 girls to apply next year.


Flying Robot School

Flying Robot School

Flying Robot School is an educational initiative aimed at encouraging students at public schools in rural areas to create cool technology that serves a useful purpose, and to consider further study in STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths). They use flying robots to do this. The students learn how aerial robots work, how to fly them, and how to use them to solve challenging real-world problems. They encourage students to continue improving the capabilities of the robot after the day by adding sensors, running experiments with it, and getting better at flying it. The idea is to have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

They encourage students to make technology that improves the world, and not only to consume technology made by others. They think this is important for their development, for our community, and for Australia.

By Marcus Fox

On the 20th of April, I and a few other students participated in the Flying Robot School program. On this day we learned about the physics of quadcopter and the technology that allows them to fly. We learned how to safely and legally fly a quadcopter and the techniques that can help you to control a quadcopter. At the end of the day we were faced with a real world challenge and were asked to solve it using a select few items. My group had some difficulties but the other group completed it without a flaw. The day left me with an idea of how I could create and use technology to improve my community and the world. Overall, the day was very fun but most of all, educational.


College News

Shannon Freeman Reaches New Heights in Netball

Traralgon College Year 10 Student Shannon Freeman represented Victoria at the Australian Under 17 Netball Championships in Perth last week.

This follows on from an exceptional year in netball for Shannon where she achieved heights no Gippsland netballer ever has.

2011 was the last time a Gippsland athlete (Taylah Bott, Drouin) was selected for the Under 15 Victorian State team but no one has gone on to gain selection for the Under 17 Victorian team in that same year. As a bottom age athlete, Shannon being selected for both Under 15 State team and the Under 17 Victorian Team is unprecedented in Gippsland.


In 2015 Shannon successfully made the Under 15 State Netball Team and competed in Sydney winning Gold at the National Championships. Shannon’s performance awarded her with being named in the 15 & Under All Australian team (emerg).

Last week, Shannon’s Victorian Under 17 team contested the Australian National Championships in Perth. Victoria remained undefeated throughout the championship rounds but they were unfortunately beaten in the final series, placing fourth overall. 

Shannon’s individual performances were described as “outstanding” with this young athlete demanding attention from Australia’s elite Talent Identification Professionals. Shannon was today announced as being selected into the Australian Netball Centre of Excellence 17 & Under National Squad for 2016. It is a huge achievement to be selected in this elite squad of Australia’s most talented 17 & under netballers.  Shannon will now attend the 17 & Under National Squad camp at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra in May. 


Shannon’s netball success will continue on this year as this extraordinary athlete represents Boorondarra Under 19s in the Victorian Netball League, train with the Netball Victoria Eastern Academy , Shannon will again trial for the Under 17 Victorian team in October and continue to train under Netball Australia’s elite coaches, including of course her latest opportunity as a National Under 17 Squad athlete in May at the AIS. Well done Shannon Freeman, Traralgon College community are extremly proud of your continued achievements in Netball.


Click here to view the Netball Victoria report

Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card

Students are reminded that when purchasing a concession Myki fare they must have a valid Victorian Public Transport Concession Card with them when travelling. Fines willbe issued by Authorised Officers even if students show their School Identification card. The correct Concession Card must be carried at all times.


Do students need concession cards? 

16 years and under

If you are a student aged 16 and under (and don't travel with a Student Pass) you can travel on concession fares. You do not need a concession card.


If you wish to use the student pass, then you must also have a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card.


17 years and over

If you are a student aged 17 and over, you must carry a valid Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Concession Card to travel on concession fares.


To download the application form please click here  The Conession Card costs $9 per year and expires at the end of February each year.


To read more about requirement sof Public Transport Victoria and Student Concession Cards please view their website here.

Traralgon Theatre Co Presents The Little Mermaid

Latrobe Theatre Company will be performing Disney's The Little Mermaid from 6th to 22nd May at the Latrobe Performing Arts Centre in Traralgon.  This is set to be a fabulous show that will showcase the amazing talent we have within the Latrobe Valley, including many students from many various schools within our region alongside the adult cast members. 


Click here to purchase tickets online


Traralgon Life Skills Program Fundraising Ball

Saturday 21 May, Traralgon Bowls Club, 6pm


The Traralgon Life Skills Program are holding a fundraising ball.


This Life Skills Program assists in helping develop important life skills in children as well as adults. These include the skills to believe in themselves, handle their feelings, make and keep friends, cooperate with others, foster respect, resolve conflict which in turn builds resilience


This will assist them to continue their good work and assist as many young people as possible in our community.


Click here to purchase tickets


College Calendar

May 2016

4 - Athletics Carnival Years 7-10

10 - Victorian Police Museum excursion - Year 9 Forensic Science 

10 - VCE Environmental Science excursion to Mount Rothwell

10 - 12 NAPLAN Testing - Year 7 &  9

17 - Peddling Excursion to Sale (VCE English)

18 - Interschool AFL (Senior Boys)

23-25 Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Challenge 3 day adventure trip

27 - Construction Induction Training - Yr 10

June 2016

7 - General Achievement Test - VCE Students

10 - Deadline for all VCE Unit 1 & 3 work       submissions

13 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - College closed

21 - Victorian Parliament excursion - Year 12 Legal Studies 

24 -  Last day Term 2

July 2016

11 - First day Term 3

25 - Wakakirri Preview Performance

August 2016

1 - Wakakirri Melbourne Performance

September 2016

12 - Wakakirri Grand Final

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

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