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23 May 2019
Issue Two
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Principal's Report

Open Night

Thank you so much to all the Kalinda families who were able to make it to our Open Night this week. It was a fantastic opportunity to complete educational activities with your children, see your child's learning area and have some fun.


Research indicates that parent engagement with your children's school has a significant impact on their learning and wellbeing outcomes. Kalinda has had a strong history of teachers and parents working together to achieve great things for our students. We are committed to ensuring this continues and is further strengthened in the years to come.


It was a fantastic atmosphere at the school and a lot of preparation went in to ensuring the school looked great and into the performances on the night.  I would  like to thank all of the staff, P&F and all members of our community who contributed to the success of the night.


Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Survey

The Department of Education & Training and Maroondah City Council want to improve the wellbeing of young people and children in the Maroondah community. They are therefore working with The University of Melbourne to measure the wellbeing of students, parents/carers and school staff through the upcoming Maroondah Wellbeing Surveys. The results of these surveys will be used to help build the wellbeing of young people, children and families in Maroondah.


All schools in the Maroondah Network have been offered this opportunity and our school has excitedly agreed to participate. These surveys are being offered to students from Grade 4 through to Year 12, as well as parents/carers and school staff, and will be delivered during May-June this year.

The surveys are voluntary, so anyone can choose not to participate if they wish. Parents/carers also have the right to opt their child out of the survey, via an ‘Opt Out’ form that will be sent to them along with further information about the survey. 


Additional information about the surveys will be provided directly to all students, parents/carers and staff. In the meantime, for further information please do not hesitate to contact myself or the research team at The University of Melbourne (either Isabelle Stevenson, the Project Coordinator, at i.stevenson@unimelb.edu.au or on 03 9035 7542 or Dr Tan-Chyuan Chin, Director of the Wellbeing Profiler, at tanchyuan.chin@unimelb.edu.au or on 03 9035 8976).

Child Safety

At Kalinda we are committed to the safety of every child within our school community. Ongoing monitoring of our Child Safe policy and procedures is crucial in ensuring we are equipped to respond to safety needs and have best practices in place to ensure your child will be safe.


As part of our commitment to Child Safety, we will be running a parent information session on Thursday 6th June, following our Sex Education Parent Information Night. During this short session we will go through our Child Safe policy and practices at the school and will be available to answer any questions.


Throughout this term, we will also have Child Safety training for all staff members (this occurs annually) and for School Council members.


I have attached our Child Safe policy below.


We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.

From the Assistant Principal 

From Mrs Hopkins' office....

This week some of our 5/6 students sat the very first Maths Olympiad for the year. The Australasian Maths Olympiads is a competition for students in years 5 and 6 of primary schools and years 7 and 8 of secondary schools from around Australia and New Zealand. It is aimed at challenging participants' maths problem solving abilities. 18 Kalinda students were invited to participate this year and they have all eagerly accepted the challenge.


There are 5 Olympiads during the year, consisting of 5 challenging and varied questions. Students are selected for their Mathematical aptitude but also their problem solving abilities, independence, willingness to complete study tasks at home, and their resilience in the face of real challenge.


I think what makes me proudest is the way that these students have embodied so many of the Play is the Way key concepts in the way in which they have entered this challenge:


Treat others as you would like to be treated: Each student has so far participated in Olympiad training sessions (Maths tutor groups) with great respect towards other competitors and an understanding that we all bring different strengths and virtues to a challenge.


Be brave, participate to progress: Agreeing to join the Olympiad can be confronting because for our capable mathematicians, this is a challenge that really pushes them beyond their current experiences. It is sometimes daunting to agree to challenge yourself beyond a point where you are 100% certain you can succeed.


It takes great strength to be sensible: Joining the Olympiad team requires independent ‘drive’ and it is amazing to see our students willing to be self-motivated in their preparation and study – as well as contributing to weekly sessions with maturity and focus.


Pursue your personal best, no matter who you work with: Accepting a place on the Olympiad team does not guarantee students they will be working with their close friends. Our Olympiad students demonstrate a willingness to challenge and improve their own learning.


We are incredibly proud of these students for accepting the challenge that is presented to them with an invitation to join the Olympiad team. Thank you to Helen Thompson who has worked tirelessly with our students to prepare them for their first Olympiad and we wish them luck for the remaining challenges.



Save the date

Upcoming events to mark in your calendar: 



Day Date Event


Saturday 25th May Working Bee
Monday  27th May

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 28th May

District Cross Country for participating students

Aboriginal Art Incursion for Years 1 and 2

NEVR concert for participating students

Wednesday 29th May

Performance Assembly, 9.10am

Aboriginal Art Incursion for Years 1 and 2

Thursday 30th May MSO Incursion for Years 1 and 2
Sunday 2nd June

Celtic Fever Concert for participating students

at Forest Hills College

Thursday 6 June Parent information session for Sex Ed, whole school community
Monday 10th June Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Thursday 13th June Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6
Friday 14th June Excursion to MSO for Years 1 and 2
Saturday 15th June SCHOOL DISCO
Thursday 20th June

Jump Rope for Heart Day, all grades

Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6

Tuesday 25th June Performance Assembly, 9.10am
Wednesday 26th June Hot Dog Special Food Day
Thursday 27th June Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6
Friday 28th June

Final day of Term 2.

Early dismissal, 2.30pm

Working Bees

Saturday May 25

Sunday June 23

Saturday August 17

Sunday September 15

Sunday November 24

Looking Ahead, Key Dates

Term 3    
Tuesday 30th July House Athletics for Years 3 to 6
Monday 12th August National Science Week commences
Monday 19th August 

Book Week commences

Sunday  14th September State School Spectacular
Wednesday 18th September Footy Pie Day and Footy Maths Day
Friday 20th September Final Day of Term 3
Term 4    
Tuesday 5th November Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Monday 18th November House Athletics for Foundation to Year 2
Friday 6th December Swimming Program commences
Friday 20th December Final Day of the 2019 school year.

Special Dates for Future Foundation Students


2019 Term dates


2020 and beyond


Spotlight on student learning

Maths in 3/4

This week we are pleased to share some of the fantastic work from Isla, Jordana, Rebecca and Jason from 3/4 in Maths. Well done!



Kalinda Kids Corner

The Kalinda Kids Corner is a place for Student Voice. A place to showcase student ideas and reports. 

This week is a message from Olive, one of our School Captains. 



My name is Olive and as part of my leadership role this year I have come up with an idea for our new Kalinda garden beds where we will grow fruit and vegetables to sell at our school assemblies to our Kalinda families with all money raised from the sales going to charities chosen by our students.


To make this happen I have had some support from local businesses which I am very grateful for  but I am also looking for some support from our generous Kalinda community as we are still in need of the following 


- Garden tools

- Watering cans

- Spades

- Seeds to plant/Plants ( Fruit and Vegetable)

- Vouchers or cash donations to purchase garden products or plants


All donations will be very appreciated and support us in creating this great new garden for our school and any donations can be dropped off at the office.




Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The children of Kalinda have many wonderful talents, achievements and hobbies. If your child has recently celebrated an achievement of some sort we would love to hear about it! Maybe they have broken a record at Little Athletics, earned a new belt in Karate, been selected for a choir or dance group, or been awarded a special badge in Cubs, Scouts or Guides. Whatever the accomplishment, please send details (and photos if possible) to kalinda.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au or chat to Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal) because we would really like to share their achievements here! 

Dancing to Disneyland!

Submitted by Carlee S


At the end of term 2 Tabitha and Harry will be heading to the USA for a once in a lifetime dance tour.


They are 2 of the 30 lucky students selected (out of 200!!!) by their dance studio, Street Dance Studios, to perform at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Knottsberry Farm as well as receiving lessons by Disney Dance Company and Millennium Studio in LA.

They will be performing a non-stop 30 minute, high energy hip hop performance as part of the SDS Mega Crew.


Tabitha and Harry have been learning hip hop before they started school and have been training for this performance for 5 months. Tabitha has also been selected as a Crew Leader for the tour.


They have spent the last few months busking, performing and fundraising to fund their trip. Before they leave they hope to be able to perform a snippet of their show at assembly.


Good luck Tabitha and Harry!

Around the school


Welcome to Kalinda OSHClub!  

Hello everyone, 


Our theme at OSHClub this week is Creative Construction. We have all been very engaged, making and creating with open-ended materials from Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood. There has also been plenty of construction happening with Lego, Zoobs and our new magnetic tiles, which have been used by almost everyone to make endless 3D structures, objects and worlds. A very popular resource!


This week we have set up our play office, having recently been donated an old printer, computer and keyboard. The kids are loving their new pretend play environment.


In other news, we are currently running a food drive for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Each week we will be donating food and personal care items from our OSHClub Coles order budget. If you would like to contribute, we have a collection basket next to the sign in desk. Thank you to those who have already donated. It is much appreciated!


Bookings are now open for Vacation Care during the upcoming school holidays. Please see the attached flyer for booking information and details about our theme days, incursions and excursions. Further information can be found at http://www.oshclub.com.au/vacationcare


Please note: online bookings for each session close 24 hours in advance. If online bookings have closed and you would like to make or cancel a booking, please SMS the program phone on 0439 992 434. Any other queries, please feel free to call, SMS or email us at kalinda@oshclub.com.au. 


Jane EvansCoordinator



Coordinator: Jane Evans 
Assistant Coordinator: Jamie Quinn  

Program Assistant: Sarah Taroza  

OSHClub Casuals: Wendy Reid, Lauren Hilston, Amanda Stokes and Loressa Mancuso.  




Earn and Learn is back on for 2019! This year we are very excited to be a part of the program and we are collecting stickers to put towards new maths equipment for our classrooms. Please encourage all your family and friends to bring their stickers into school. Sticker sheets and collection boxes are in the foyer, near the office.


You can download and print a sticker sheet from https://cdn0.woolworths.media/content/content/earn-and-learn-sticker-sheet.pdf


Branch Out


                               JAPANESE NEWS



We are very fortunate to have an Intern arriving in July to stay with our Kalinda families for 6 months.  Her name is Akina Sakurai.  She is a primary school teacher in Japan and, at present, is studying English in Melbourne.


Akina would like to teach our students about Japanese culture and language.


We ask host families to provide a room and food for our intern. It is an intern’s responsibility to organize holidays. Host families like to share their weekends with the intern though. The intern pays a small weekly fee to the host family to help cover the cost to stay. The children get exposed to Japanese culture and make a good lasting friendship. Previous interns still keep in touch with their host families.


We would appreciate your support again for our International Internship Program.



Please fill in this form and return it to the office as soon as possible


Your Name:  ________________________________________________________________


Contact Number: ___________________________


Your Child(ren)’s name(s): __________________________________________________________


Grade(s):  _________________________________


How long would you be prepared to have Akina stay? ____________________________


What time of year would suit you? ____________________________________________________


Can Akina stay with you over the holidays?_______________________________________


If you have any questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.


Cheryl Henry-Wild

Internship Co-ordinator

From staff and the Office


They’re Back…

Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures.  They have survived living solely on humans for 10,000 years.  They are common everywhere.


Some of the reasons they have survived for as long as they have are:

  • The six legs of a louse end in a claw, allowing them to grip the hair.
  • They detect vibration and can hide - (conditioner will help fix this problem)
  • Head lice can ‘hold’ their breath for 20 mins – looking like they are dead.
  • The eggs are attached to the hair with a ‘glue’ like substance.  Studies conducted on 45 different products to dissolve the ‘glue’ showed nothing would dissolve it.

The good news…

We know where they live and we know how to find them.

If you follow these steps, once a week, the control of head lice in your home will be greatly improved.

Step1         Comb inexpensive hair conditioner on to dry, brushed (detangled) hair.  This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around;

Step 2       Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue;

Step 3        Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs;

Step 4        If lice or eggs (nits) are found, the child should be treated;

Step 5      If the child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection.


If your child has had head lice – tell anyone who has had head-to-head contact with them and ask them to check their family for head lice.       If the child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection.


More information: 




 Special Food Day

Forms will be distributed for this end of term treat early next week.  keep an eye open for the form in your child's bag.



We have multiple days where we URGENTLY need help in order to continue to provide this excellent service.  If you can help, please go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF


Next Week

We need assistance on Monday 27th May

Wednesday 29th May, Tarsha T; 

Thursday, 30th May Sue P; 

Friday, 31st May 9.30 to 1.30pm Jeannette I

and       11.45am to 1.30pm we need further assistance.


Following Week

Monday 3rd June, Helper Needed please

Wednesday 5th June, Elisha McP

Thursday 6th June, Helper Needed please

Friday 7th June, 9.30am to 1.30pm, Helper Needed please

                                11.30am to 1.30pm, Lyn  K


Handy Links

Instructions for accessing student sites: 

1. Click on the link above

2. Ensure (by checking in the top right hand corner of your screen) that you are not logged into any other google account other than your child's Google account. If you are currently logged into a personal or work Google account, you will not be able to access the student site

3. Select the Year level of your child. 

4. Enter the username and password that was issued via your child's diary. 

5. Please contact your class teacher or the school office if you are having issues. 

Fundraising and Parents and Friends




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Our Olympiad 2019 team sitting their first Olympiad this week.