St John Vianney's Newsletter

04 March 2020
Issue Five

'St John Vianney's school Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards'

Dates to Remember 
 Principal Post
From the office...
Religious Education
School Clean Up Day
Around the School.....
Class of the week Prep L
Get to know our staff..... Interviews by our Publicity Captains (John and Georgia)
Student Representative Council - Meeting Report
 2020 OPEN DAYS 
Secondary College News
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Community News 
St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School
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23 Police Road
Mulgrave, Victoria, 3170

Dates to Remember 

Important Dates


Wednesday 4th - Preps not in (Literacy &Numeracy Testing)

Friday 6th - Bush fire Aid - Casual Dress Day - Gold Coin Donation

Monday 9th - Labour Day Public Holiday NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 10th - Preps Begin Full time 

Tuesday 10th - P-6 Dance Incursion 9.00am - 12.30pm

Wednesday 11th - Open Day Tours   9:15am & 10:15am

Wednesday 11th - Prep Families - Pizza with the Principal 5.45pm - 7.15pm Performing Arts Area

Thursday 12th - Year 5/6 Summer Sports 

Friday 13th - SJV Bullying NO WAY day

Friday 13th - SJV Harmony Day

Sunday 15th - Friday 20th - Catholic Education Week

Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Tuesday 17th - Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation  6.00pm - 7.00pm

Thursday 19th - Open Day Tours  9:15am & 10:15am

Friday 20th - Year 5/6 Summer Sports

Friday 20th - 3/4 Incursion - Council Talk 10.00am - 11.00am Performing Arts Area

Saturday 21st - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 6.00pm  Mass

Sunday 22nd - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 8.30am , 10am & 5.00pm Masses

Monday 22nd - Wednesday 25th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Friday 27th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Friday 27th - END OF TERM 1  -  3.15pm FINISH


Term Dates

TERM 1 – 30th January – 27th March(NORMAL FINISH 3.15PM) 

TERM 2 – 14th April – 26th June (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 3 – 13th July – 18th September (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 4 – 5th October – 16th December (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

Camp Dates 


YEAR 4 CAMP - 2nd - 4th September (SOVEREIGN HILL)

 Principal Post

From the Principal. . . 

Dear Families, 

I hope that you have all had a productive past week! It has been a good one for our school.  It was terrific to see so many of our Prep and Junior parents at our Phonological Awareness session held yesterday afternoon. Hopefully you have a few tips to support your child's learning! Thank you to Violetta Bassovitch for her expert facilitation.  


Bushfire Aid

To support Bushfire Aid we will be having a Casual Clothes Day this Friday and for that privledge we ask that every student bring a gold coin donation. We will be supporting Bushfire Aid through St Vincent de Paul Society.  (See Religious Education News)

Education Board - 2020

The Education Board met for the first time this year last evening. Amongst the Principal and Parish report we spoke about the 2020 School Review process and  our Child Safe Practices and 2020 Closure Days.  The Education Board comprises Fr Dominic, Marg Klupacs (Deputy Principal) Daniela Scaranto, Janine Kewming, Bec Cameron, Nic Carracia and Cat Vonguyen.

I thank these people for their generosity of time and talent.

School Closure Day

The School will be closed for students on TUESDAY APRIL 14th (First Day of Term 2). The staff will be working with the CEM staff as we prepare for our External Review . The Review will predominantly take place across 4 days in  August/September.  We will keep you updated. 

Open days - Prep 2021

Once again our Open Day tours held yesterday for 2021 was a great success! You would be so proud of your children who so speak so proudly  and demonstrate such good manners when prospective families visit their classroom. Our School and Publicity Captains are excellent as they assist these tours!!  


As parents, you are the greatest advocate for our school.  Don't underestimate the power of your words to prospective families!!  There will be a number of Open Days in terms 1 & 2. The next Open Day for this term will be on WEDNESDAY  March 11th. (All Dates are displayed on our Open Day Flyer further along in our newsletter.) 

There is also a flyer in the office with all the dates and times for Open Days.


Remember I would be most grateful  if you are able to assist by:

  • promoting our school to your friends and neighbours
  • giving a flyer to a neighbour, or a friend from Kinder or Child Care
  • placing a flyer in your shop or business 

 If you can assist please come to the office and see Miss Leyla tomorrow.

Swimming Year 3-6

Our 3-6 Swimming Program has begun very well Assessment and grouping have been carried out and students have completed their Water Safety session. Lessons resume on Monday 16 March. 

Year 3-6 parents  please refer to the  letter sent out with dates and times. 

Prep Families - Pizza with the Principal

We look forward to seeing all our Prep Families next Wednesday evening at 5:45pm - 7:15pm as we share some pizza together! There is no cost to families for this event, but we do need the RSVP  for catering purposes. Our prep teachers and Leadership team will come along and join in a fun evening.  Following the dinner the kids will all be engaged in a movie/ activities. Our staff will work with our mums & dads  in some fun activities aimed at developing the home/ school partnership!! 

An invitation was sent home on Monday.

Where: Performing Arts Area

Time: 5:45pm - 7:15pm  

For further clarifications see Prep class teachers.

Privacy Policy & Collection Notice

I inform you that the Privacy Policy and Standard Collection notice has been updated as per requirement from CEM. The updated Privacy Policy is available on our website. 

Child Safe: Supervision Hours 

I remind families that the classrooms are open and supervised from 8:30am each day. There is no supervison prior to that time. Families are encouraged to use the OHSC (Camp Austrlaia) service. School begins at 8:45am.

At 3:15pm at the conclusion of school there is supervision at the Back gate and in the Parish Car Park. This concludes at 3:30pm. We ask parents to pick up their child promptly or to use the OHSC Service.  

Enjoy the Long Weekend

Wishing everyone a wonderful Long Weekend with family and Friends. 

We look forward to  welcoming our Preps fulltime after Monday!! 

From the office...

Updated Details

If you have updated your contact details, email address, emergency contacts or address you MUST notify the school office as soon as possible!

If your child is absent

You must contact the school if your child is absent no later than 9.30am. Please ensure you contact the school on 8543 4444 and leave a message with your child's name, class and reason for absence. This is an education requirement

Religious Education



Many thanks to those families who attended our Family Faith Evening on Thursday evening. It was great to see so many families engaged in activities and discussions about making 'right choices' and the importance of repairing broken relationships.

A reminder that the celebration of the Sacrament will take place on Tuesday 17th March.




Social Justice News

Our last summer holidays saw some terrible weather elements take control of our country. We saw much of our beautiful flora and fauna destroyed by devastating bushfires. Our friends in rural Australia suffered huge losses as a result of the wildfires.  Many people lost farm stock, businesses, homes and livelihoods. Ultimately some families were changed forever with the passing of family members.

As part of our commitment to helping others in need, the Mini Vinnies group will be holding a 'free dress' day to help support those families affected by the bushfire. On Friday 6th March all of the students will have the chance to wear casual clothes to school in return for a gold coin donation. Some of our Mini Vinnie students have also arranged special activities for the day. I encourage all families to support this day so we can help those in need of our assistance. 



We are offered this special time to reflect on what has formed us since our Lenten journey last year. We are given tools to help us enter into this time—tools of being prayerful, of living more simply and giving more generously.

These Lenten practices create an environment in which we are able to think more deeply about God and about how we are responding to God’s call in our daily lives. 


May Lent be for us
A time of learning to see
Where Christ is crucified today,
A time of learning
To recognize the complex roots of injustice,
To recognize the Gethsemanes
In our global community.
May we witness the suffering
Of God’s children
As Mary witnessed
Her beloved son’s suffering.
May Lent be for us
A time of learning to become
An Easter people,
A time of learning
To recognize the deep roots of compassion,
To recognize we too are called
To witness the empty tomb and
To announce
To a world in despair
the Hope of the Resurrection.


Please come and see the Lenten Journey  Display that some of the 3/4 students have created in our front office


Project Compassion 2020

Over the next 4 weeks we are asking families to donate to Caritas by placing the money in the boxes provided. Every classroom has a Project Compassion to which you can contribute. This year’s Project Compassion showcases the many ways we work around the world with our local partners to offer hope to people most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice.

As Pope Francis said, “The future does have a name… and its name is hope.”

Through your generosity during Project Compassion this year, you are empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.  

Have a wonderful week.

Claire Russo

Religious Education Leader

School Clean Up Day

Step Up to Clean Up

Last Friday it was School Clean-Up Day. Many schools around Australia joined in this wonderful initiative. 


At SJV we all had our own designated cleanup area. We worked as a team and gathered up all pieces of paper, plastic and other stuff. Even though our school is very clean, we still found quite a bit.  we had safety gloves, buckets, tongs and designated recycle and landfill bags to help us.



Well done SJV,


Mia and Laura 

Sustainability Captains

Around the School.....

Congratulations Cyrella

On Tuesday 3rd Cyrella from 5/6N competed at the Division Level of the Schools' Swimming Championships. To make it to the Division Level is itself i a wonderful achievement. Cyrella won both the 50M freestyle and 50M Butterfly events for her age group!! Cyrella now moves to compete at the Regional Level of the competition. An outstanding achievement and we all wish you well for next Friday 13th March! Go Cyrella!


Collingwood Football Clinic

On Monday the Year 3/4 students had the opportunity to take part in a football clinic conducted by Collingwood Football Club. The students were very excited about the visit and participated enthusiastically in all of the activities. The year 3/4 students also had the opportunity to ask the players some questions about what life is like as a professional footballer.

I loved the handball relay - Carly

I had a great time goal kicking - Hayden

I enjoyed practising my hand balling skills - Adam

I got to see my favourite football team - Angus

I loved being active and learning new skills - Tenuli

A great time was had by all.


Class of the week Prep L

Into the swing of school

We have started off well for our first year of school. We have been developing many friendships, learning the school routines and how to do different activities. 

Things we like so far

"I like our writing focus word 'ant'" Dinara

"I like doing sport with Mrs Sullivan" Declan

"I like practising my number formation" Jack

"I like tracing words" Elise

"I like learning to spell new words"  Angelina

"I like reading books as a class" Elaria

"I like doing Indonesian with Pak Kris" Isaac


Each morning before we start our learning we share a prayer together and reflect on things we are thankful for. We are learning to sit quietly during this time and how to do the sign of the cross.


Special Events

Last Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent. We cooked pancakes and enjoyed eating them.


Focus word ‘cat’

Our first focus word for the year was ‘cat’. Our whole class and group activities have been linked with our focus word ‘cat’ and sentence ‘The cat sat on the mat.’ Some of the fun things we have been practising are our letter formation, writing our focus word and sentence and using our phoneme fists to sound out words. We made these oragami cats with our Buddy Class.



In Maths we have been learning how to play different activities to help us to better understand numbers.

The following are the activities we have enjoyed so far.


Writing the number before and after

Counting objects

Putting numbers in order

Number formation



Our Inquiry unit this term is ‘We Fit Together’. So far we have learnt about our school, our similarities and differences and how we can feel / make people feel safe at school. We continue to refer back to our school behaviour code.

We created an 'All About Me' Jigsaw with our  5/6 buddies.

We have discussed how our homes are special and gave a reason why different places in our homes are special and what we do in those places.

As shown below

Our self portraits.


Get to know our staff.....
Interviews by our Publicity Captains (John and Georgia)

Mrs. Walton -  Literacy Intervention

Hi Mrs. Walton, welcome to SJV!!! 

We have a few questions which we hope will help the community get to know you a little more.....


Q. What do you enjoy doing?

A. Reading, looking after my grandkids and traveling. 


Q. When did you start working in schools?

A. 47 years ago


Q. Was teaching your first job?

A. Yes


Q. Do you like SJV and why?

A. Yes, all the children are friendly and they all have good behavior. 


Q. What is your favourite book and what authors?

A. My favourite authors are Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte and I love reading classics and detective books.

Mr. Mullaly, Principal

 Hi Mr. Mullaly, welcome to another year at SJV!!! We are very excited to have you as our Principal. 


Q. When did you start working in schools?

A. I became a Teacher in the mid-1980's and have taught every level, except for  preps. I have been a principal for 21 years


Q. Was working in a school the first job you ever wanted to do?

A. Yes, I always wanted to be a teacher and always wanted to work with students to try and make a positive difference. 


Q. What is your goal when you help students?

A. I want all students to feel that it is important to do their best, to know that they have support within the school and  know that they are always on a journey of learning!


Q. What are your hobbies?

A. Socialising with family and friends, keeping fit, bike riding and following footy-the mighty  Bombers and De La Salle footy clubs. 


Q. Do you like listening to music?

A. Country music and pop


Q. Do you like SJV?

A. You bet!! It's fantastic!  


Stay tuned as we share more about our  New Staff next Week!! 

(Georgia and John - Public Relations Captains)


Student Representative Council - Meeting Report

Semester 1 -2020 Meeting #1 Report

Hello parents and students,


Today is our first opportunity to report back to you, the St. John Vianney's Community about the SRC meetings. Last Friday was the first SRC meeting for Semester One and we were ready to go. We read through and discussed the expectations and guidelines of the SRC. We spoke about the actions we could take and how we need to be positive examples in our school.  


The SRC members had the opportunity to read through our Child-Friendly Edition of our Child Safety Policy. We gave feedback about what we thought could be done better or changed in this policy and we highlighted words that were difficult for us to understand.


The SRC really gives us an opportunity to have our voices heard in a lot of parts of the school.  


Georgia and Ryan (in absence of John)

Public Relation and School Captain

 2020 OPEN DAYS 

Open Days 

It is so important that we continue to spread the word about the wonderful SJV Community. 

To that end please tell your friends at Kinder or those in your street or friendship group.

Here is the Open Day Flyer with dates.

Should a prospective Parent not be able to attend the Open Day they can ring the office to make another time for a Tour. 

If you have a shop business  where you are able to display in a window  an OPEN DAY FLYER please come to the Office to pick one up. We would be most appreciative. Another good way of building our partnership! 




We acknowledge the following birthdays from 
Wednesday 4th March- Tuesday 10th March

Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoy your special day!

- Ethan 3/4IM

- Cahrlotte 1/2M

- Giorgiana rep C

- Angelynn 1/2M

- Chanelle 5/6R

- Lincy 3/4A

- Allegra 5/6R




Secondary College News

Killester College


Open Day Tours


                              Tuck shop 

The tuckshop at SJV is open from Wednesday to Friday only.

You can order a lunch order via CDFpay  or Via a brown paper bag with money in it.

Please note: The cut off time for CDFpay is strictly 9.30am




Program Details

For more information about our programs and fees, you may visit our website If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our exceptional Customer Care Team that is available to support our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except for National Public Holidays. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators about the Camp Australia program at your child’s school.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia

                              Coordinator: Brigitte                                                     Phone: 0423 793 662

Take the fun of OHSC back home!


Community News 

Support your school & save!!


Mazenod Football Club


Footy Season is BACK!


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