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29 March 2018
Issue Five
Principals Message  
Diary Dates 2018
Year 1 & 2
Year 3 & 4
Year 5 & 6
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Principals Message

Happy Easter!

Congratulations to everyone on what has been a very full first term! It seems hard to believe that the new Preps only started school nine weeks ago, as they really have settled so quickly into school life.


As Term 1 comes to an end we would like to thank everyone: parents, teachers and students, for a great start to 2018. We wish you all a very happy and safe holiday break and trust you will have a lovely Easter with your families. We look forward to seeing and hearing what you have been up to over the holidays when school resumes on Monday 16th April.


We will begin Term 2 with open classrooms from 8.45am to 9.30am, our first assembly will be held on Monday 23rd April.


Thank you to PA for today’s Hot Cross Bun Morning Tea, the Easter egg for each child and the amazing raffle with over 65 prizes. The draw of the raffle will occur at assembly today starting at 1.45.  


A Few Reminders 

  • Supervision - Teachers are not on duty in the school yard until 8.45 am. Students who arrive earlier are not supervised unless they are in Before School Care, which operates from 7 am in the Bower Building. Classrooms will generally open just prior to 9.00 am as staff have meetings or do final preparations for the day. Please ensure that your children arrive at school at an appropriate time in the morning.
  • Lost Property was sorted today and all named items were returned to classrooms, however there are still many unnamed articles in the lost property bin, which is located in the gym. If you are missing clothing, lunch boxes, hats, umbrellas etc. please check the bin. Left over clothing will be washed and put into our second-hand store. Over the holidays please check and ensure that all of your child’s uniform items are clearly labelled with their name.
  • In accordance with our Sun Smart Policy, hats must continue to be worn until 30 April.
  • For parents who have signed up to be a Reading Coach Training will start in Week 2 of Term 2. Participants will receive a notice with details at the start of term.
  • A good deal of works have been scheduled for the forthcoming holiday, including: painting the entry foyer of the Admin building, installation of Sound field Systems in the classrooms of 1B and 2D, replacement of the cricket wicket in the net closest to the driveway, annual maintenance service of the oval, tree removal and trimming and some other minor repairs.
  • We encourage and welcome appropriate use of the school grounds and external facilities by our local community during weekends and school holidays. If you are in or near the school and notice any inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or graffiti please call the Police on 000.

Annual Reporting Meeting of School Council

On Monday night this week annual reports were presented to School Council covering a range of aspects from student achievement through to buildings and grounds. The meeting was well attended by school councillors both current and incoming.

 At the conclusion of the meeting the retiring Councillors were fare welled and the 2018/19 Councillors stepped into their new roles. 


Kate Perkins

Diary Dates 2018

Term Dates 2018

Term 1:
Tuesday 30th January - Thursday 29th March 

School Holidays: Friday 30th March - Sunday 15th April


Term 2:
Monday 16th April - Friday 29th June

School Holidays: Saturday 30th June - Sunday 15th July


Term 3:
Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

School Holidays: Saturday 22nd September - Sunday 7th October


Term 4:
Monday 8th October - Friday 21st December 

2018/2019 Summer School Holidays: Saturday 22nd December 2018 - Tuesday 29th January 2019


Curriculum Days/Student Free Days:

To be advised


Thursday 29

Hot Cross Bun Morning Tea

Last day of Term 1

Finish 2:30pm


Monday 16

First day back Term 2


Thursday 19

House Athletics (Back up date)


Wednesday 25

Anzac Day (Public Holiday)


Tuesday 8

School Photos


Thursday 10

House Cross Country


Friday 11

Mothers Day Stall


Tuesday 15 -Thursday 17

Naplan Grade 3 & 5


Wednesday 23 - Tuesday 29

Book Fair


Thursday 24

House Cross Country (Back up date)


Friday 1

3rd Installment for Parent Payment charges due


Monday 11

Queen's Birthday (Public Holiday)


Friday 22



Monday 16 - Wednesday 18

Year 5 Phillip Island Camp


Friday 3

Hoop Time Year 1 & 2

4th Installment for Parent Payment Charges due


Monday 6 - Wednesday 8 

School Dentist


Friday 31

Father's Day Breakfast Year 1 & 2



Tuesday 4

A-K School Production


Thursday 6

L-Z School Production 



Wednesday 10 - Friday 12

Year 3/4 Sovereign Hill Camp


Saturday 17

YRPS Market Night 


Monday 26 - Friday 30

Whole School Swimming 


Around the Levels

A Snapshot of our First Term at School

The Preps have had a great first term at school and we have been involved in lots of exciting activities both in and out of the classroom. They enjoyed celebrating 10 Days of School, our Teddy Bears Picnic with their Grade 5 Buddy, Crazy Hair Day, Whole School Athletics Sports and Easter activities this week. They have enjoyed playing in our outdoor play area, working cooperatively and of course Friday Fun.

This term they have been learning about the alphabet and the sounds they make, learning about blends and groups of letters. Many children have been learning their special sight words, writing a recount or story, writing and recording their numbers to 10 and classifying and sorting objects.

We are so proud of the wonderful progress they have made and for their enthusiastic approach to learning. We look forward to further developing their skills across the curriculum next term.


Year 1 & 2

Around the Levels

What a very busy couple of weeks we have had! Events like Crazy Hair Day, World’s Greatest Shave, the Colour Explosion and Athletics Day have all been very exciting! We have worked hard in all areas and have completed some excellent recounts and pieces of writing about these events. Below are just some examples of what we have done! We are really excited for our school holidays and have also created some excellent pieces of Easter writing!!


See you next term!!




The Easter Egg

The Easter egg is squishy. My Easter egg has purple Zig Zags. The lovely Easter egg is shaped like me! The beautiful Easter egg is filled with ice cream and presents. It is tasting like mint and chocolate. The presents are tiny babies, beautiful wind up fairies and soft like me. I like licking it. The Easter egg is called yum!


By Elise T





Athletics Day


Year 3 & 4

Around the Levels

In Grade 3/4 we had a fantastic day at Athletics with many personal achievements made! For Crazy Hair Day students put an incredible amount of effort into their hairstyles. We had hair shaped like a palm tree, hair decorated on a cup as a donut with a milkshake, and many more! In class students have been practising their skills in persuasive writing, and more recently writing a pen pal letter to students in Vietnam. During the school holidays Miss Stevens and Mrs Perkins are visiting our sister school in Hanoi, Vietnam, ‘Dich Vong B Primary School’. They will take pen pal letters written by our students and we look forward to receiving a response next term!



Year 5 & 6

Around the Levels

What a busy term for Grade 5 & 6! City Camp, Shaved heads, colour running and lots to learn.


Last week we had athletics day and the New & Improved house teams system was in full effect, House Captains and all senior students led the charge wearing colours and some even representing mascots for their teams.


We all so had a visit from the Easter Bunny and friends thanks to Ryan and Ethan for being amazing volunteers.


We finished our learning this term having looked at place value and Mental maths, grammar and punctuation, as well as preparing for Naplan next term.


Debates were amazing, everyone committed to their arguments and backed up their ideas with evidence. Listening skills were also on display, we are really looking forward to the speeches next term based on this amazing effort.


Finally, we had another great summer season of inter school sport, well done to all teams for trying their best.


Amy & Kaitlyn Publicity Captains

So many amazing thing we did on athletics day. I'm certain everyone had so much fun, on all of the activities. We had 100 metre, 300 metre, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, obstacle course, discus, shot put and vortex. It was all so much fun, And congratulations to everybody who participated.

Also, some important dates for the start of next term are,

Monday 16 April - First day back

Wednesday 25 of April - Anzac Day (Public holiday)

Tuesday 8 of May - School photos

Thursday 10 of May - House Cross Country

Friday 11 of May - Mother’s Day stall 

Tuesday 15 of May - NAPLAN for Year  3 and 5

Wednesday 23-Tuesday 29 May - Book Fair


Hope you all have a wonderful holidays and hope you get tons of Easter eggs. Have a Happy Easter.



Celebrating Success


We would like to share a fabulous achievement that Ava experienced over the Australia Day long week end this year.


She participated in the Dandenong/Eltham Junior Basketball Tournament (which happens to be the biggest junior basketball competitions in the world), with her U12:3 team loosing their first game on Thursday night, to then play/win 3 games on Friday, play/win 2 games on Saturday,  which then lead to reaching finals on Sunday & winnng the Grand Final!

In such high heat & humidity was an amazing accomplishment from her team & coaches.


From everyone at Yarra Road we are very proud of you Ava!


ART - Year 3 & 4 Self Portraits 

Year 3 and 4 have just completed painting their water colour self-portraits. All the awesome work is currently being displayed at Reception. They studied proportions and used a mirror to help create their studies.

A wonderful effort Level 3!


If you have any old/unwanted Newspapers we would appreciate if you could drop them in to us. 


Kerry Halliday




Uniform Shop Hours 

Tuesdays 8:30am-9:15am

Thursdays 3:15pm-3:45pm


$12.00 a pair and the size range is - 





Lisa K


Our School Canteen is open on Friday's Only 

 Canteen Roster Term 2


Friday April 20th

9am-10am Jacque Grey

12-2pm Jenny Brown & Amanda Hardy


Friday 27th April

9am-10am Janet White

12-2pm Rachel Irvine & Britt Millward


Friday 4th May

9am-10am Bianca Smith

12-2pm Jo Hassett & Chelsea Weeks


Friday 11th May

9am-10am Leanne Phillips

12-2pm Jen Stone & Chelsea Weeks

Registering with Camp Australia 

Registering With Camp Australia

The new school year is well underway and we are having plenty of adventures in OSHC.  Have you registered with Camp Australia yet? Even if you do not plan on using the OSHC program at our school there are many benefits for your family.


What Are The Benefits Of Registering?

Some of the benefits to registering with Camp Australia are:

  • A stress-free back up plan for “just in case”
  • Flexible access to our programs
  • Will ensure we have all the information for your kids to ensure they have the best time possible


How Do I Register?

Registration is simple and hassle free! To register visit www.campaustralia.com.au.


How Do I Find Out More About The OSHC Service At My School?

To find out more about our program as well as view and fees, please visit www.campaustralia.com.au and search for your school on the homepage.

Otherwise, feel free to come visit the program and see what it is all about.


We look forward to seeing you and your family in soon.

The Camp Australia Team.


YRPS Sponsors 

These companies support us so please help by supporting them




PA/School Community News

Make sure you download the Compass App for updates

Just a reminder that we are going paper less and very little notices will be sent home. Notices for events will be attached to the event you will be able to find any further information on the event and in the resources tab. If you still do not have access to Compass please contact us in the Office. Please see below for a screenshot of how to open the browser from your Compass App.  The Compass App does not allow you to do absolutely everything just yet. Where as viewing in the browser gives you all access that you have permission to. 

When you have opened the App you will see the home page click on the 3 lines at the top right corner and it will take you to the menu you will see Open in Browser a few options down. If you are experiencing any troubles please don't hesitate to contact us 9723 4182. 


The True Fairies Company

OUR ETHOS RELEVANT TO OUR SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM: At True Fairies we are not just entertainers. We are a combined talent of professional educators, actresses, artists, drama, singing and dance teachers, and also, mums. We do this job because it suits our family lives, but above all because we love it and everything it stands for!! We aim to bring real magic alive, by nurturing each child’s imagination. We also use as many recycled and natural materials possible in our costumes, makeup, face painting and craft supplies. 

 Our school holiday programs are planned (obsessed over!!!) all year long. We take the best part of an established magical story and bring it to life!! This season it is Neverland. A creation based on the beautiful Peter Pan stories, using Pirates, Fairies and Mermaids. 

We have chosen the Japara centre in Kilsyth for its state of the art equipment and gorgeous early years centre, which is fully contained in a safe and secure area, where we can add our sets and props to become a True Neverland. 

For the full day attendees we have fun classes, drama games, dancing, stories magic with more activities and a lunch and play break. We also run 3, 1 hour sessions during the day for anyone to join!!

All performers are primary educators with relevant training, children’s checks and first aid ect. Group is capped at 20 with 2 teachers and Fairy Snow (me). Last time we had 12-20 students per session. Similar aged students will be grouped together for each session with their own teacher, using the two areas inside Japara and the outside area with activity stations all day long.

Website: www.truefairies.com

Yarra Road Primary School Wine Glasses 


Yarra road primary school laser etched wine glasses. 

$10 each or $18 a pair. 

Please contact Sue Phillips on 0423 020 029 or I’ll be out the front of the school office on Thursday morning if anyone would like to purchase one. 


Coles Sports for Schools


We have a collection box for Yarra Road at Chirnside Park, North Croydon Coles and at the School Office.  


CETA Worldwide Education 

Warm caring School families wanted to host Thai students please see the below attachment for more information. 


Colour Run 4 Fun

As a School community, together we raised over $9,000.00 for our school. What an amazing effort, you should all feel so proud.


Prize orders are being finalised and we should be able to hand them out in the first couple of weeks of Term 2.


Well done!


Trudi & Nicole




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