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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Welcome to this Week's Edition of The Principal's Voice


Preparing Young People for the Future

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

Louis Pasteur


One of our goals at John Paul College is to prepare young people for the future by developing their resilience, confidence and compassion.  As educators, one of the challenges we face is to encourage students not to give up immediately when the going gets tough, to value the rewards of persistence.


You may have read an article which featured in The Weekend Australian a couple of years ago.  Nikki Gemmel eloquently captures the essence of tenacity, so I share the article with you:


“Ah, grit. That magical four-letter word so beloved of parents and educators. Otherwise known as tenacity, persistence, drive. A holy grail in terms of success in school and life beyond it. But how on Earth to instill that magic fairy dust of driven determination in our kids? They seem either to have it, or they don’t, and a lot don’t – and as a parent I’ve no idea how to bottle the success formula. Can you instill a sense of grit at twelve? Seventeen?"


British education expert Mark Maclaine believes you can. For a start, he says telling kids they’re clever is never a good idea – because it gives them the impression they don’t have to work hard. Instead, students should be congratulated on their effort because, in the end, that’s what is going to win them through as opposed to raw brain power.


Maclaine believes that kids should be taught “the malleability of intelligence”. Research has shown that students who believe in a fixed view of intelligence are less likely to work as hard as those who see it as malleable,” he explains. Grit is about the ability to try again, and again, when things don’t go according to plan. “Great teachers use stories to inspire students: of how great entrepreneurs, explorers and thought leaders made many mistakes but kept going, only to succeed in the end. This is something that parents can do too,” Maclaine says. “Sharing their own experiences of struggle can be hugely empowering to children, as it helps them see the bigger picture.”


The movie Joy was a glorious lesson in pure grit. I dragged along a holiday-foggy teenager, needing a film buddy on a rainy afternoon. He loved it. His mind was blown open by a business story full of determination and resilience; by the protagonist’s ability to keep going after crushing failure. The Neapolitan novels of Elena Ferrante – the recent literary sensation – have grit as a central theme. Dogged determination versus unfocused brilliance. The power of discipline and tenacity as opposed to a slippery, beguiling luminosity that’s not properly harnessed. The novels are heartbreaking because they ring true. At times they’re almost painful to read; in their demonstration of high intelligence frittered away when it’s not corralled into magnificence by gruelling, tedious application.


Decades ago I did a Masters in Creative Writing. Amid the handful of high hopefuls were some much, much better writers than me. Oh, their perfectly formed paragraphs of brilliant prose! But you know, I had an inkling even back then that those snippets would never amount to the actual dream, for all of us, of a published book. Why? Because their creators didn’t have that flinty will to see it through, the necessary fire in their belly. I, the lesser writer, discerned it. I eventually published, thanks to dogged, determined grit. And have accumulated a drawer full of rejection letters in the process.


The poet Mary Oliver, on the discipline demanded by the writing process: “The part of the psyche that works in concert with consciousness and supplies a necessary part of the poem – the heat of a star as opposed to the shape of a star, let us say – exists in a mysterious, unmapped zone: not unconscious, not subconscious, but cautious. It learns quickly what sort of courtship it is going to be. Say you promise to be at your desk in the evenings, from seven to nine. It waits, it watches. If you are reliably there, it begins to show itself – soon it begins to arrive when you do. But if you are only there sometimes and are frequently late or inattentive, it will appear fleetingly, or it will not appear at all.”


So for all our students out there, power up that grit button if you possibly can. It’s that which will ultimately see you through – and may even have you climbing higher, eventually, than the more naturally talented bright sparks among you.”




Gemmel, N., (2016)  “The vital ingredient”.  The Weekend Australian Magazine


Academic resilience or grit is certainly a character trait that we are endeavouring to inculcate in our students through our PC classes, our Positive Education and Soaring Focus and in all we do at JPC.

Alumni Engagement

Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with some 30 JPC alumni. From one of our first graduates, Professor Kerrie Sadiq, who finished in 1985 to 2016 graduate Taj Pabari, Queensland’s nominee for Young Australian of the Year, alumni across all decades were represented.


Others attending included social entrepreneur Mikayla Ivanov (2010); Professor Ben Burton (1992), a researcher and lecturer in Computational Mathematics and Dana Bradberry (1990), a Qantas Dreamliner pilot. I also met a vet, numerous lawyers and partners in legal firms, accountants and an architect. It was lovely to meet Clare McMeniman (2002), former School and Australian Diamonds Netball Captain and Firebirds triple premiership winner and Mick Downer (1994), Assistant Coach of the Brisbane Bullets. A number were also current and past JPC parents.


They remain committed to JPC’s success and were very interested in news of the College.


I am look forward to meeting more alumni, both here in Brisbane and interstate, as I continue to learn more about John Paul College.

Congratulations to:

  • Congratulations to the TAS swimming team - coming first at the TAS swimming carnival to win the Overall TAS co-educational championship for the third year.
  • Our JTAS swimming team. Our boys came first with the College coming overall second place.
  • Jack Dugandzic, Caio Gallo, Lucas Humeniuk, Charly Kuhnemann, Chloe Mack, Mia Marks, Jade Niesler, and Kyle Niesler who have qualified for the Australian Age National Championships (swimming) in Sydney in April.



Mrs Karen Spiller OAM


JPConnect and Techsphere Update

#toptip JPConnect

Question: Can I check the email address that the College uses to contact me?

Response: Absolutely, as long as you have your current credentials for JPConnect, it is possible to view your details online.  And of course, request for changes can be made using the same online form.

How to:

  • Login to JPConnect using current credentials. http://www.jpconnect.net/
  • Access the “Family Management” tab from the spine of Engage.
  • Select “04 Update Details” and the guidelines for making the changes are displayed on the screen. Changes can be made for EACH member of the family group.
  • PLEASE NOTE: it may be necessary to manually scroll to the right hand side of the window to display all family names. This is a form that is supplied to the College by an external vendor and it DOES NOT readjust its size to dynamically fit all different display devices. This has been communicated to them as a request for an improvement.
  • Select the family member to check the relevant details (the family members are listed on the right hand side.)

In the example below, which was displayed on a small phone screen, the “hamburger” menu needed to be clicked to close the spine of and the screen was scrolled to the right to access the parent names and student names.

  • The details for each selected user are displayed. These details can be checked and edited. Changes are finalised and requested by selecting the “Submit” button. Changes will NOT appear on the form immediately as these changes are made by the College office team.

√  Name: the name of the selected user

√  Phone: the nominated primary phone contact for the selected user

√  Email: the nominated default email for the selected user

√  Address: the nominated postal address for the selected user


  • The submission of this online form is a REQUEST for the details for your records to be manually changed. These changes are managed by the Main Administration office Monday to Friday during business hours.
  • This is the same form that is used for updating student details – scroll to the right and select the name of the student.

Queries or Questions:

eMail: [email protected]

Phone: 3826 3496

Drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday in term time)


JPC Announcements


Dear Parent,

Code Camp are excited to return to John Paul College during the Easter Holidays to teach your child how to code, or continue them on their coding journey to build their very own iPhone or Android app! Have a look at what your child can create at Code Camp http://hello.codecamp.com.au/assembly/


Code Camp has already taught more than 27,000 students in Australia and kids have so much fun with friends during our camps while learning important new skills such as logic, creativity, problem solving, app development and game building in a fun and engaging way, ready to take on the digital world of the future.


Every child attending a holiday camp will build incredible games on Code Camp’s software platform ‘’Code Camp World’’ and walk away with their very own app, playable via the Code Camp App store that they can take home to share with family and friends!

Why do kids and parents love Code Camp? Check out this video to find out :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gvgxzvf-eQ&t=29s


Follow this booking link for all the dates and details about what’s on on offer for the Summer Holidays: www.codecamp.com.au/


Enrol today and help your child become a coding superstar!


For more information, visit codecamp.com.au/faq or contact us at [email protected]


Thank you,

The Code Camp Team

Tours and Exchanges in 2018-2019

In 2018 - 2019 students could travel to:

Argentina:  St Andrew's Scots School - Easter 2019,  two plus weeks.

Japan: Miyakonjo (girls) or Shizuoka (boys) - December/January 7 - 8 weeks.

Germany: Ursulinenschule Hersel, Bormheim - December/January 7 - 8 weeks.

Families are also able to host students from the abovementioned schools.

For more information about the Tours and Exchange programme please view the PDF below.


Before you hit Send -
Rebecca Sparrow Update

Rebecca Sparrow's message was kept very simple for young and old when using Social Media: be kind!

It was an evening of home truths on Wednesday when guest speaker Rebecca Sparrow challenged our thinking during the presentation “Before You Hit Send – a Social Media SOS.”


The evening began with an overview of the essential information that needs to be shared with teens and tweens and it was nothing to do with devices or social media. It was about being the best person you could be. It was about being “kind.” And it was simple, “if you are not kind online – you are not kind!”

Her advice was built around the notion of a #tribe – around finding a group of true and authentic friends who want the best for you and who share your values. Rebecca insisted that the quality of your online experience is dictated by your friendship group.


The call to find a positive “cheer squad” was closely aligned with the recent message to our Year 6 students delivered by Principal Mrs Spiller (access here 11:25 minutes in) at their Leadership Induction ceremony. Rebecca’s advice was to check that your friends are “propelling you forward” and a simple test was to look at the last 5 messages you received from your “friend” to ensure they were positive and supported you in being HAPPY.


In addressing the particulars of the “social media” question there was no doubt around Rebecca’s stand for primary school students. It was a definite “no way” because:

  1. Most sites have an age based restriction of 13 years
  2. Our young people do not have the life experience or emotional maturity to call on appropriate strategies to navigate the inappropriate behaviour of some users on line
  3. Turning over a phone and social media to young people involves additional parenting workload
  4. Research showing the addictive nature of social media and APPs because of the techniques the developers are using to maximise dependence and engagement.

Rebecca shared two clips to highlight why young people are at the mercy of technology.


Simon Sinek described the addiction of social media  in Millennials in the Workplace (at about the 3 minute to the 7 minute mark)


Triston Harris, a Google product techinsider, describes the tech behind Brain Hacking playbook of techniques that promote addiction to technology.


Obviously, the question becomes, “As parents, how do we manage this technology in the lives of our children?”


As the “adult” in the family relationship Rebecca wholeheartedly supported strong family routines that encouraged conversation, interaction and relationships and challenged us to be aware of the way in which mobile devices might be “white anting” these routines.


We certainly had the notion of our “parenting muscles” examined and were challenged to engage in a spot check of a child’s phone to see what they were saying and seeing online! And it is confronting when it may be necessary to admit that our child might be part of the “problem” and then having to figure out how this could be addressed in the home environment.  There was definitely some reflection when Rebecca challenged the audience members to think of the mobile phone behaviour each one of us was modelling for our child. OUCH.


Rebecca acknowledged that every family is different and that each family needs to find a combination of solutions that suites their needs.


Some tips around routines included:

  1. Create zones in the home –either physical or time bound – where technology is not available
  2. Ensure children keep their pin numbers and logins confidential
  3. Turn off location services on the phone for any camera APP
  4. Be familiar with privacy settings and ensure that children are using them
  5. Encourage engagement online that inspires and motivates including following great people and great stories

In finishing, Rebecca reminded the audience that this was “hard” and “new” and it was necessary to reach out as parents to learn more and to “take this stuff seriously.”


Resources from Rebecca’s website

Click HERE to see her constantly updated list for teenage girls.

Click HERE to see her constantly updated list for teenage boys.

Senior School

A Message from the Head of Senior School

Welcome to Week 8

As we forge our way towards the last weeks of term, we can look back on all the activities and learning accomplished. One of the features of the last few weeks has been the focus on learning and applying that knowledge.  We have made an excellent start to the year.

International Students’ Holiday and Travel Arrangements

All international students and their parents and guardians have been sent the Term 1 holiday information form to be filled in and returned to Gorman reception. This form should detail any travel arrangements for the upcoming school holidays and all parents, guardians and homestay parents should be aware of the arrangements.

Caesar Qiu – STEM Internship

QUT STEM Internship – Project Placement programme 

Caesar has been successful in his application and has been accepted into the Astrophysics Project (with only 10 students in this programme).


QUT High School Stem Internships

These are designed for the next generation of STEM leaders who are looking for hands-on real world experiences that align to their future aspirations and studies. Through a rigorous application process, each STEM intern’s skill set is matched to a QUT STEM Ambassador and project placement.


In this project placement, interns will explore concepts in rocket science, space travel and exoplanet habitability to design a mission to relocate humanity to a nearby solar system and save the human race.


Using a combination of advanced astrophysics simulation software and practical experiments, interns will determine the composition of planets and stars around us, applying physics, mathematics and basic coding to guide rocket simulators into orbit and beyond. Intern students will leave this placement understanding the critical role astrophysics research plays in investigating the stability and sustainability of Planet Earth in our complex ever-changing corner of the universe.


This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Caesar and I know he will benefit greatly from this opportunity.

Exam Block

The Years 11 and 12 Examination block commences on Monday 19 March and will continue through to Friday 23 March. The assessment timetable has been distributed to students. All permissions to study at home should have been completed, and students need to make sure they are aware of the exam protocols in regards to arrival and departure, uniform and moving around the campus. Full details of the exam protocols are on the letter sent out early in March.

Year 10 2018 Semester 2 Subject Selection

An evening for parents will be held on Wednesday 21 March in the Gorman Centre commencing at 6.30 pm. It is an opportunity for Year 10 students and their parents to gather information on the subjects and pathways available to them going into the initial learning programmes of the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR)  process. Year 10 students will be choosing subjects in Week 2 of Term 2 for the beginning of their programme in Semester 2.


Following the initial meeting in the GLT on Wednesday there will be a Curriculum Expo in the Gorman where each learning area will provide an information showcase of the senior subjects.


We look forward to seeing you and supporting you and your child in their subject choices for their senior years.


A SETPlan interview for each student has been arranged for early next term (Week 2). Dates and times will be available on the Subject Selection evening and it is hoped that parents who are able to can attend.

Dates to Note:

Monday 19 to Friday 23 March - Exam Block for Year 11 and 12

Monday 19 March - Return Holiday Form (International students)

Wednesday 21 March - Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 March - QCS Practice

Thursday 29 March - Last Day of Term 1

Tuesday 17 April - Term 2 commences


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

A Message from the Head of Middle School

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, held on the third Friday of March each year, is an opportunity for Australian schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence.


Across the College this week there have been numerous initiatives and discussions drawing attention to the insidious nature of bullying and the impacts it can have on individuals. The Middle School Student Council decided to support the key message of the National Day of Action by designing a banner. The Presidents of the Council; Jessica Gaskell and Sam Goodwin, addressed the College at today’s Assembly and displayed the banner, which consists of the College logo, and a pledge against bullying in order to gain a commitment from Middle School students to stand together against this unacceptable behaviour. The banner will be placed in the Wesley Learning Centre as a reminder of our commitment and call to action.


Members of the Student Council signing the banner:



The writing focus in Middle School continues daily with compulsory 10 minutes practice before morning tea. It has been pleasing to see the progress of students in their ability to apply the skills of narrative and persuasive writing with a common approach to planning. Daily handwriting also improves fine motor control and writing resilience. As such, we are observing students being able to write more words in the 10 minutes than a few weeks ago.


Our Middle Schoolers writing on demand:


TAS Sport

Another successful day of TAS sport last Saturday with competitive matches against Ormiston. Congratulations to all players and teams for their efforts. Below are our Middle Schoolers in action:


Don't Let Anyone dull Your Sparkle


Year 6 Discover Middle School Engagement Meetings

As a follow-up to the above information evening, Year 6 parents/guardians will have the opportunity to learn more about Middle School and the transition processes in place as Year 6 students prepare for Secondary School. On Monday 19th March (Week 9), 30 minute engagement meetings with members of the College leadership team are being offered to parents/guardians. Meetings will be made available between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm and are to be booked online.


Invitations and the booking link has been sent to Year 6 families. For further enquiries please contact Hannah Limond [email protected]

Homework Club – Year 7

A reminder that Homework Club is available to all Year 7 students on a Thursday afternoon from 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm in Wesley 4. For more information about Homework Club please email Ms Stacey Lang [email protected] .

Roll Call

A reminder that students must be on campus by 8.10 am and organised for the first two lessons before 8.20 am. Roll Call (8.20 am – 8.30 am) is an important 10 minute class and includes prayer, taking the roll and delivering relevant notices. All students must be punctual and in attendance. Your cooperation with this is vital to ensure a smooth start to the day for all.


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary School


We have had an exciting week with our Primary students achieving great success in the JTAS Swimming carnival. A massive jump from fourth place last year to second place this year, reflects a lot of training and hard work. Well done to the swimmers, coaches and parents for your commitment.


The 2018 Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 national literacy and numeracy testing will take place on Tuesday, 15 May, Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skill in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and provide point-in-time information regarding student progress across Australia. They are intended to complement teacher judgment and the wide range of formal and informal testing programmes that are already used in schools. The results of the tests provide information for students, parents, teachers and principals about student achievement which can be used to inform teaching and learning programmes. Student results are reported to parents / carers and schools. For more information about the tests, please visit the QCAA website at www.qcaa.qld.edu.au or the NAP website at www.nap.edu.au


All students in Australian schools in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are expected to participate in NAPLAN tests, unless they are exempt or withdrawn. Students may be withdrawn from the full testing programme or any specific test (e.g. writing task only) by their parents or carer.


We also understand that some parents may want to withdraw their child from NAPLAN for a number of reasons, including concern at unnecessary stress, not wanting their children's results used as national data or other philosophical beliefs. Please contact either the class teacher or myself if you would like further information regarding this. There is a process for parents to follow.


I have been reminding our young friends on parade about the rights and responsibilities that come with being, not only learners at John Paul College, but humans. I have been saying that everybody has the right to feel safe and everybody has the right to learn. I have also been saying that nobody has the right to stop somebody from feeling safe and that nobody has the right to stop somebody from learning. I trust you reinforce this message at home and understand that when we need to talk about your child’s unhelpful actions, it is based on the premise that safety and access to learning are non-negotiables.


We certainly appreciate that, like adults, younger learners will need prompts, scaffolding and support, and that will be put in place, though not indefinitely. We need, and you can expect, our environment to be safe and filled with learning. I would love the car park conversations to resonate with how safe our school is and how conducive to learning the learners’ actions are. We are a community and we do this together, with support and care.



 Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

Mother Tongue Club

Happy Holi Everyone!

What a great Mother Tongue Club (MTC) we had celebrating Holi (Festival of Colours) on Tuesday, with our Indian students and parents! The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and creativity when close to 40 Primary students enjoyed lunch together and then made colourful Holi cards for their family and friends.


Thank you to the following wonderful volunteers for helping to make the celebration such a success:

  • Our lovely parent helpers, Amrita Mehta (mother of Viyona in 2AM) and Jasmeen Cheema (mother of Anhad in 2AG) for facilitating this event. We sincerely thank them for their enthusiasm and support in helping our Indian students celebrate and take pride in their culture! This is the third MTC they have helped facilitate.
  • Vishal Mehta (father of Viyona in 2AM) for translating the Mother Tongue Club invitation into Hindi.

It was wonderful to be joined by Mr Gordon, Mrs Dowding and Mrs Bond who took time out from their busy schedules to drop by. Mr Gordon and Mrs Dowding jumped straight into the action amongst the students, making Holi cards (which explains their pink/red dyed fingertips)! Mrs Bond took some great action shots to share on our John Paul College multimedia pages.


We greatly appreciate the support of our Art teacher, Mrs Davison and Learning Assistant, Mrs Daniels for allowing us to use the Art space and materials during the lunch break and helping us get organised today.


Thank you to all of our Primary Teachers and Learning Assistants for ensuring the students in your class are ready for MTC and to Mr Bonomini for collecting students from classes to attend.


Mrs Pan-Moreau

Primary School Clean Up Australia Day

On 2nd March, Year 11 student Alex McEvoy and students from Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) held their fourth annual Primary School Clean Up Australia Day afternoon.  Alex's initiative and leadership skills had him share his knowledge and passion for the environment.   This is a  fun and engaging event for the children and teaches them about the repercussions of irresponsible rubbish dumping on the environment and the importance of recycling.

This year John Paul College was one of 2100 schools that contributed in Schools Clean Up Day making a real difference to the environment and community.

Clear Out Your Cupboards and Donate Your Spare Stationery to Charity! 

As JPC has begun supplying the stationery requirements to the Primary School, I thought there may be some parents, like myself, that have excess items lying around in cupboards that you will no longer need. If so, please bring in any of your unused books, pens, glue, folders, etc to the Primary Office and place in the collection box inside the front door. These items will be donated to kids that don't usually have access to these important school resources via Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG). 

The box will be emptied each Friday with a final collection on Friday, 23rd March. 


Thanks so much for your generosity.


Emma Glencross 

Chaplain and Community


Matthew 6:9-12

Jesus said,

“This, then, is how you should pray:


“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
 Give us today our daily bread.
 And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.”

Jesus taught his disciples to pray this after he had returned from a time of prayer himself. He set them an example by his actions and his words. More than 2000 years later Christians everywhere still follow his example. At JPC, we collectively say the Lord’s Prayer in assemblies, Chapels, parades, classrooms and services.


We pray because we believe there is a Father in Heaven who is interested in our lives and wants the best for us, even if his definition of ‘best for us’ may be different from our own. We pray because we need to be reminded there is One greater than us who sees the big picture. We pray because learning to follow God’s will leads us to better relationships with those around us. We pray because we have needs each day and know that God provides for those he loves. We pray because we need to be forgiven when we sin, when we stuff up. We pray because we are reminded that if God has forgiven us in Christ, we need to forgive those around us. And forgiveness brings healing.


We pray because he listens. We pray because he answers prayers.


The Parents’ Prayer Group faithfully meets to pray for JPC. They pray for the students, your children. They pray for the staff. They pray for the leadership. They pray for all the activities and camps. They pray because they care. They pray because they know God is interested in the lives of their children and they come together to ask for his help.


A parent should do all they can for their children. Praying for them is one of those things.

If you would like to join this small group of dedicated people in prayer, please see the contact information below.


In closing, today is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  At the Senior Assembly, Vice Captain, Cameron Bell read this prayer.


Father, thanks for those who stand by us when we are hurting

And love us even when we are in the wrong.

We praise you for men and women, boys and girls,

Who share the plight of those less fortunate than themselves;

For those who work for the good of their neighbour;

For those who do all they can to make others feel accepted and valued.

We thank you for those who make no pretense of greatness or superiority,

But stand alongside their neighbour – no matter the cost;

For those whose gracious words and caring deeds enable others to have self-respect and hope.

Thank you for every opportunity to love our neighbour

And be representatives of your almighty, humble, holy love.

In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.



Mr Steve Ward


Parents' Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30 am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30 pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Library Learning

Learning in the Library 

Prep students have been busily learning about the layout of the library and the different resources that are located within. Linking with the classroom 'How We Organise Ourselves' Unit of Inquiry, students are developing their spatial awareness, using visual and text representations of data to label a map and comparing special features of the library with the special features of their classroom.


Year 2 have extended their learning about algorithms to code a BeeBot to a point on a grid, avoiding an obstacle on the way. The students once again used their problem-solving skills, collaborating with their partner to write and debug their lines of code to get the BeeBot safely to his friend’s house, avoiding the villain along the way! Students were thoroughly engaged and excited by their learning.

Bullying - No Way!

National Day of Action Against Bullying March 16

The Learning Centres are social and collaborative spaces, as well as being quiet study areas, so being able to get along with each other and share resources are key skills students need to practise. We support the National Day of Action Against Bullying through a display to make all visitors to the Learning Centres aware of the importance to say no to bullying, to choose to be kind to others and to be an upstander – not a bystander.


Orange is the theme colour of the day and a bright reminder of the need for all to have the right to learn and be safe at JPC.



Book Bites in Middle School 

Middle School is the latest area to host the popular book bites that have graced the bathrooms of the Gorman Centre for several years. Known around the Gorman Learning Centre as Pee and Reads (because you read them on the walls of the bathroom), the Learning Centres are launching the posters on the noticeboards in the Middle School buildings. We hope that these exciting sample pages from a range of books from the Middle Library and Gorman Learning Centre will entice our students to want to read the rest of the book.

Book of the Week

The Silver Eyes by Scott Cawthon, Kira Breed-Wrisley  


If clowns give you the creeps, how do you feel about adult-sized animatronics animals? Oh yeah…and they might be out to kill you. There’s that too.


Welcome to the start of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the book series written by the creator of the hugely popular video game franchise. Fans of the game will know the basic plot but for those unfamiliar with the game here is a snapshot.


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was the site of a series of terrible murders. Now, ten years on, Charlie and her childhood friends are reuniting on the anniversary of the event at a memorial for their friend Michael. Charlie’s dad had owned the restaurant and she and her friends spent countless hours there throughout their younger years. Her dad had even built the four animatronics animals that made the place special: Freddy Fazbear the bear, Bonnie the Rabbit, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Fox.


Curiosity compels the group to visit the premises of the old restaurant, now hidden within another building. They find their way inside but apart from being derelict, there is a darker vibe at work. The characters that they loved as children are not the same as they were…


There are some skin crawling moments and I for one will be adding animatronic animals to the list of things that give me the heebie jeebies, but Middle School fans of the game will LOVE the books.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

Message from the Director of Performing Arts


On Friday 9 March, over 300 Performing Arts students entertained families and friends in the Coleman Centre for our first Performance Evening for 2018.  Guests enjoyed performances of new repertoire from a variety of our talented groups and ensembles, some performing for the first time.


A special thank you to the Friends of Performing Arts for their organisation and running of the canteen and all of their continued support and fundraising efforts.  We also thank our performing arts senior students who MC’d the evening and all the staff and students who made the night a success.


Parents and friends of the Year 12 Music Extension class were treated to an excellent recital evening on Monday 12th March in the Stephen Bean Theatre. The Music Extension subject requires students undertaking the performance course to present a performance to a live audience for their first assessment item. The students demonstrated their professionalism and outstanding performance skills, thoroughly entertaining their audience. Further recital evenings will be held in Term 2 and 3, and the Music Extension students warmly invite all interested parties to attend.


Thank you and congratulations to the following Music Extension students for their performances on Monday evening - Chae Eun Oh, Rory Fleming, Charli Garner, Zak Bowdler, Olivia George and William Wallace.


Auditions were held recently for our “We Will Rock You” musical band.  Congratulations to the following students on their successful auditions.

  • Drum Kit – William Wallace
  • Guitar 1 – Rory Fleming
  • Guitar 2 – Zoe Middleton
  • Guitar 2 Understudy – Daniel Goffage
  • Bass Guitar – Casper Gregson
  • Percussion – Beckham McTaggart

Please remember to return your musical camp forms by Friday 23 March 2018.


Year 10 student Aaryn Wong recently travelled to Sydney to attend her graduation ceremony where she was presented with her AMusA with the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) in Flute.  We congratulate Aaryn on her prestigious achievement and wish her well as she continues her hardwork and dedication in preparation for her LMusA exam.


At the Assembly held on Friday 16 March, Exit 24, directed by Mr Sharne Andrews performed “You Got The Love”, originally written in 1986 by Candi Staton. This piece, featuring vocals by Olivia George has since been covered by numerous bands including The Source, Joss Stone and the most recent rendition by Florence and The Machine.


We also enjoy showcasing the talents of our students in a less formal setting at the Piazza with lunchtime concerts.  Live at the Piazza draws an enthusiastic audience.


A reminder that the Friends of Performing Arts AGM Meeting will be held next week on Tuesday 20 March at 7:15 pm in the changed venue of Kodaly room located in the Dame Joan Sutherland Music Centre.

Upcoming Dates

Please Note: 

The date for withdrawal from instrumental/vocal lessons at the end of Term 2, 2018 is April 17, 2018.  Withdrawal forms are available online via jpconnect.net or from the Performing Arts Office.


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

Sporting Highlights - Senior and Primary School Sports and Activities



Congratulations to all of our Primary JTAS swimming team who took out second place overall and first place in the boys' teams event at the JTAS swimming championships held on the 13th March 2018.


A great result by everyone and a massive improvement on last year’s results.


Australian Basketball Team

Amazing news for Year 11 student Blake Jones who has been selected in the U18 Australian team to compete at the 2018 Albert Schweitzer international tournament in Germany at the start of April.


Australia's roster is loaded with players who have already starred for their state and country, and Blake's achievement is even more impressive considering all of his teammates are born in 2000 and Blake is born in 2002. Blake joins fellow John Paul College Alumnus Callum Dalton on the team.


Congratulations Blake and best wishes for the tournament!


Met East Basketball

Congratulations to Elijah Baron, Preston Chi, Scott Harrison, Edward Lewis, Oscar Olechnowicz and Chase Rogers for being selected to represent Logan District (10-12 years) at the Met East Basketball trial on the 21st of March. Great work boys!

National Age Swimming Championships

Congratulations to the following John Paul College swimmers who have qualified for the National Age Swimming Championships

Lucas Humeniuk, Charly Kuhnemann, Caio Gallo, Jade Niesler, Kyle Niesler, Jack Dugandzic, Chloe Mack and Mia Marks


We wish our students all the best for these upcoming championships.


Karen Graham 
Director of Sport & Activities

Custom Mouthguards for JPC Students

John Paul College family, Southside Friendly Dental Care Family Dentistry have teamed up with JPC to promote the avoidance of sports relates dental injuries.


To find out more about the wonderful JPC special price offered by SFDC, please view the attached leaflet.


John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

JPIC Assembly

Congratulations to all students who received merit certificates at the recent JPIC assembly. Well done on your achievement.

Omuta Junior High School Study Tour

Seventy-seven eager students from Omuta Junior High School in Fukuoka, Japan arrived at John Paul College on Saturday 10 March for a 13-day Study Tour. During their time at the College, the international visitors will experience Australian culture through Homestay, the classroom and interaction with their peers. On Tuesday 13 March, the JPC Year 9 cohort made their guests feel welcome at a morning tea gathering accompanied by a large amount of mud cake.


Collaboration between High School Preparation and Primary Preparation

The John Paul International Primary class have collaborated with Mrs Linda Steinhausen's Level 2 class twice in two weeks. The first time, the High School students taught the Primary Students a song.  They partnered with students from a different country so they had to speak in English together. 

The next week, the Level 2 HPE class performed a play called "Tea Break".  They then all had a turn in groups to read the play.  The Primary Prep students enjoyed the play very much and were able to act it out the next day by using the scripts provided by Mrs Steinhausen.

Level 3B reflections

Last week, students formed groups and discussed the meaning and purpose of ‘homework’ and why it has changed to ‘home learning’. They were encouraged to express our opinions and explain why they think it is beneficial for all students. The majority of the students gave arguments in favour of home learning tasks as they:

  • encourage them to think more independently outside the classroom
  • give them the opportunity to review what is taught in class
  • prepare them for important assessments
  • help them practise all skills - ‘Practice makes perfect’
  • help them become more responsible and develop time management skills

When students finished preparing and note-taking, each group presented their thesis orally. Students used AFORESTIS to persuade their audience. Although students always complain about it, they all agreed that home learning is useful and not a waste of time.

3B students’ Best Game contest

One of the things being discussed this week, is life in 2050 and the future of education. Everyone in the class agreed that computer games could be used in the classroom to teach students in a fun way.

Students worked collaboratively and created their own game in pairs or groups of three students. When the game was completed, students made an oral presentation, during which they took turns to describe the objectives of the game and explain the choices they had made with regards to plot (life in 2050), characters, background, colours, sound, challenges and goals. Students gave detailed instructions and finished by saying why they thought their game should be the winner. They all tried to be very persuasive in their speech.


After each group had presented their game, students voted for the best presentation. The winners of this contest were Kris Liu and James Lee. Students all enjoyed this activity and had a lot of fun creating and presenting our their game.


Russell Welch

Director of John Paul International

Our Boarding Life

Assistant Director's Blog

Recreational Activity: Queensland Reds v ACT Brumbies

Throughout the year, the John Paul College Boarding community gets the opportunity to participate in many recreational activities around the Logan and wider Brisbane area. On the evening of Friday, 2 March a small group of boarders had the opportunity to experience Suncorp Stadium and a Super Rugby game for the first time, with several other boarding school across Brisbane.


With the buzz of the stadium alight, the boarders thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a Super Rugby game at Suncorp. After full time siren the boarders took the opportunity to see Suncorp Stadium from the front row and hopefully to snare a photo with a player. Persistence paid off when current Wallaby and ACT Brumbies winger Henry Speight posed for the photo with the John Paul College boarders. Whilst the Brumbies may have lost the game, they definitely ended up with a few extra supporters from this act of kindness.


Thank you Mr Speight for making the Suncorp Experience that little bit extra special for the boarders!


Mr Tim Christie

Assistant Boarding Director

Community News

Foster Carer. Could You be One?

Everyday people from all walks of life can become foster carers.  


Caring for children and young people at a difficult time in their lives can be challenging but is also hugely rewarding.  Many young lives have been turned around and given new inspirations thanks to the support and dedication of foster carers. They are the backbone of the child protection system, providing consistency, stability and the bonds of trust that many children have sadly been denied.


If you would like to find out more please view the attached PDFs.



Dates to Remember


17 March - JTAS Term 1 Round 7

17 March - TAS Trimester 1 Round 8, JPC vs Canterbury, John Paul College

18 March - Brisbane Swimming Association Clinic, Aquatic Centre

18 March - Boarding Luna New Year Dinner

19 - 23 March - Years 11 and 12 Exams

19 March - Discover Middle School (Year 6 Parents), Drake Building

19 March - Harmony Day, Primary Precinct

19 March - Years 3 to 12 Strings Recital, Stephen Bean Theatre

20 March - TAS Hockey Sign On, Stephen Bowers Oval

20 March - Friends of Performing Arts AGM, Performing Arts Meeting Room

21 - 23 March - Year 4 Camp

21 March - Harmony Day

21 March - Year 10 Subject Selection Evening for Semester 2, Gorman Lecture Theatre and Gorman Level 2

21 March - Friends of Volleyball AGM, Gorman Room 35

23 March - Primary Parade, ARC

24 March - TAS Trimester 1 Finals

25 March - Cricket Presentation Day, Cec Munns Sports Centre

26 - 27 March - QCS Practice - Coleman Centre/GLT

26 March - Prep to Year 2 Easter Service, ARC

26 March - Boarding End of Term Outing, Cec Munns Sports Centre

26 March - 15 April - Argentina Cultural Tour

27 March - JPIC Carnival

27 March - Year 3 - Year 6 Easter Service, ARC

27 March - Boarding Staff vs Students Touch Football Game, Cec Munns Sports Centre

27 March - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

28 March - Senior School Inter House Cross Country Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

28 March - Primary School Inter House Cross Country Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

28 March - Middle School Leadership Retreat, Finch Farm and Wesley Building

29 March - Kindergarten to Year 2 Easter Bonnet Parade, ARC (Please note date change)

29 March - Years 7 to 12 Dance Intensive (Partnership with QLD Ballet)

29 March - Middle School Leadership Retreat

29 March - Easter Service (Years 7 to 12), Coleman Centre

29 March - JPIC Graduation


30 March - Good Friday - Easter Service, JPC Grounds

30 March - Boarder Travel Day


3 - 16 April Outside School Care Hours Vacation Care Programme

11 - 13 April - Code Camp, Burke Building

14 - 16 April - Years 7 to 12 Musical Camp, Maroochydore Conference Centre

16 April - Pupil Free Day

16 April - Boarder Travel Day


17 April - Year 3 Street Science Incursion, ARC

17 April - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

18 - 20 April - Year 8 Camp

19 April - Year 5 Science Incursion, ARC

19 April - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

20 April - Primary Parade

21 April - TAS Trimester 2 Round 1, JPC vs St Paul's, John Paul College

23 April - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

23 April - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

24 April - Year 10 Set Plan, Gorman Lecture Theatre/Careers Room

24 April - Primary ANZAC Parade, ARC

24 April - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

25 April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

25 April - ANZAC Day Parade (Marching Eagles and Colourguard), Springwood, Logan and Brisbane

27 April - Expresso Training Excursion/VET Cert 2&3 Hospitality Students, Brisbane City

27 April - Assembly (Years 7 to 12), Coleman Centre

28 April - JTAS Term 2, Round 1

28 April - TAS Trimester 2 Round 2, JPC vs Canterbury College, Canterbury College

29 April - Boarding Community BBQ, Fenton Village

30 April - 2 May - Year 10 Camp

30 April - Prep - Year 12 Piano and Vocal Recital, Stephen Bean Theatre


1 - 3 May - Year 11 Camp

1 May - Success at School Starts at Home 2 (Years 3 to 6 Parent Event), Gorman Lecture Theatre

2 - 4 May - Year 12 Retreat

2 May - JPIC Assembly

2 May - Year 7 Elevate Programme, Wesley 1-5

3 May - QLD Youth Music Awards - Choral (Years 7-12)

3 May - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

4 May - Primary Parade

4 May - Theatresports (Years 4 - 12)

5 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 2

5 May - Trimester 2 Round 3 - JPC vs St John's, John Paul College

7 May - Labour Day Public Holiday

8 - 11 May - Year 9 Camp

8 May - Year 1 Geckos Wildlife Visit, Year 1 Classrooms

8 and 10 May - Kindergarten Mother's Day Celebrations, Kindergaten

8 May - Friends of Cricket Meeting,  Gorman Meeting Room

8 May - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Centre Room 5

9 May - Friends of Primary Mothers Day Stall, Noelene Munns Learning Centre

10 May - Kindy Mothers Day Celebration

11 May - Free Dress Day

11 May - Mayfair

11 May - JPIC Expo, Markwell Lawns

11 - 12 May - Cross Country Camp

12 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 3

12 May - TAS Trimester 2 Round 4 - BYE

14 May - Discover Middle School (Year 6 Parents), Drake Building

14 May - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

15 - 17 May - NAPLAN

18 May - Primary Parade, ARC

18 May - Years 3 to 6 Together for Humanity Presentation, Gorman Lecture Theatre,

18 May - Assembly (Years 7 - 12)

19 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 4

19 May - TAS Trimester 2 Round 5 - JPC vs St Columbans, St Columban's School

21 May - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

22 - 28 May - Primary Book Fair

23 May - Open Day

23 May - Barefoot in the Park

23 May - Year 2 Street Science Incursion

24 May - TAS Cross Country

25 May - Year 11 & 12 AIME Session

25 May - JTAS Cross Country Carnival

25 May - Pentecost Service, Coleman Centre

25 May - Circuit Debating, Gorman Centre

26 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 5

26 May - TAS Trimester 2 Round 6 - JPC vs WMAC, West Moreton Anglican College

28 May - Brass/Woodwind/Percussion Recital (Years 4-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

29 May - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

30 May - Year 6 Middle School Engagement Meetings, Wesley 11 and 12

30 May - JPIC Assembly

31 May - Past Parent's Network - Tour and Morning Tea

1 June - Primary Assembly, Coleman Centre

1 June - Assembly (Years 7 - 12)

1 June - Live at the Piazza, Contemporary Ensemble

2 June - JTAS Term 2 Round 6

2 June - TAS Trimester 2 Round 7 - JPC vs CHAC, Cannon Hill Anglican College

3 June - Fair Go Touch Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

4 June - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

6 June - Year 5 Middle School Engagement Meetings, Wesley 11 and 12

7 June - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

9 June - JTAS Term 2 Round 7

9 June - TAS Trimester 2 Round 8 - JPC vs Ormiston, John Paul College

11 - 15 June - Years 11 and 12 Exam Block

11 - 14 June - Years 7 to 10 EL Block

11 June - Year 6 Science Expo

12 June - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

14 - 15June - Battle of the Banks, Coomera

15 June - Peer Support Session

16 June - TAS Trimester 2 Finals

17 June - Boarding Staff vs Students Netball Game, Coleman Centre

18 June - Year 11 Physics Excursion, Dreamworld

18 - 19 June - QCS Practice, Coleman Centre and GLT

18 June - VET Diploma of Business Year 12 University Excusion

18 June - P to Year 2 Term 2 Service

18 June - Boarding End of Term Outing

18 June - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

19 - 20 June - Years 3 to 6 Athletics Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

19 June - Boarding Staff vs Students Netball Game, Coleman Centre

20 June - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

20 June - JPIC Carnival

20 June - Year 11 Retreat

21 June - Years 7 to 12 Inter House Athletics Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

22 June - Year 7 Retreat

22 June - Assembly (Years 7 - 12), Coleman Centre

22 June - Live at the Piazza

22 June - JPIC Term 2 Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre


23 June - Boarder Travel Day

25 June - 13 July - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme

9 - 15 July - Intensive College Musical Rehearsals (Years 4 - 12), Coleman Centre

10 - 11July - Days of Academic Excellence

11 - 13 July - Code Camp

15 July - Boarder Travel Day


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