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25 November 2016
Issue Eighteen
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From the Principal





On Tuesday this week Oakleigh Grammar had the honour and privilege of welcoming His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, for the first time in 15 years. It was a very memorable occasion which was enjoyed by all. 

Welcome to new Board Members

On behalf of the Governing Body I am pleased to advise of the induction of two new Board Members. We welcome Ms Mary Moutafis and Ms Helen Malliaras who are passionate community members.






Building Program

We currently have some exciting projects underway that will benefit our students and their learning journey. Our extension of the Early Learning Centre is nearly complete and already we have filled all places in our Early Learning Centre for 2017.


Our Library will be undergoing a full refurbishment during Term 1 next year. The Library will be transformed into a contemporary ICT research based facility as well as boasting a range of fiction books to whet the appetite of our students. As a result of this renovation our current Library will be out of commission for Term 1 next year.


During the course of next year we will also be undertaking a project to renovate the toilet block at the end of the Junior School corridor.


We are also excited about the prospect of a new Junior School playground which will be housed adjacent to the Gymnasium.


Due to our continued growth the installation of modular designed classrooms will occur for the commencement of Term 2 next year.


Strategic Plan

I am pleased to advise that our staff have been working diligently behind the scenes to establish critical priorities for the 2017 school year and as these priorities are finalised we will communicate via the Grammar News.


Transition Programmes

Our transition programmes are underway with students sampling aspects of what their school life will be like in 2017. I thank our teachers for their preparation and implementation of these important transitions.


Twilight Cinema

I wish to thank the Parents Association on the successful twilight movie screening of ‘Zootopia’.

As this is the final edition of Grammar News for 2016 I wish to convey Christmas blessings to all members of our School community and wish you a safe and Happy New Year. I look forward to welcoming all families to the new school year on Wednesday 1 February 2017.

Deputy Principal



Deputy Principal


It has been an exciting year of growth in all areas of the School. We are fast becoming one of the leading Melbourne schools with a reputation of running innovative programs (The Leader in Me, MYP, 9ways, Global Citizenship, Digital Classroom, Cognizance, Arrowsmith) that assist our students to become capable, good people with the desire to improve the world in which they live.

This year there has been a focus on global citizenship. There is no doubt that the world is a shrinking place. Lightning fast communications and social media networks have enabled people to be more connected than ever before. It follows that developing young people who are internationally minded and engaged, have become key factors in educating students to participate and prosper in this new world of information and opportunity.

A highlight this year were the Chinese Study Tours where Chinese students visited the school for one or more weeks, learning with and being guided by our own students. They were great ambassadors for their country with their youthful enthusiasm, colour and vibrancy. Another example of our School embracing global citizenship.


Equally significant to the recognition of Oakleigh Grammar as a leader in best practice and innovation were the visits by two delegations of teachers and principals from Chinese Schools: the Huaihe Road and Dihu Primary Schools from the Shanghai area in Term 3; and the Huaihe Road and 73 Middle School (Zhengzhou) in Term 4. The teachers were particularly interested in the inquiry activities where there was a focus on hands-on experiences that enabled students to better engage and contextualise their learning.

As already stated, our School has continued to develop a strong international outlook and attract students from a wide variety of cultures, language backgrounds and learning abilities. This can present additional challenges to all aspects of education, both social, emotional and academic. These same challenges can also be the catalyst to students developing a stronger sense of caring, tolerance and resilience.

At Oakleigh Grammar our pastoral care programs across the School emphasize the importance of empowering our students to be able to display ‘moral and ethical behaviour’, develop ‘healthy & respectful relationships’ and show ‘tolerance and resilience’, all important elements of a caring school culture. We want our students to be compassionate, open-minded, caring learners who support the learning and wellbeing of one another.

It is clear that in 2017 the School will continue to grow and expand its horizons. Resilience and the value of learning will be key threads that will link curriculum, wellbeing and personal growth.


I thank all my colleagues for their effort and commitment that has helped carry the School forward to make 2016 a year to remember, and 2017 and exciting year to embrace.

Important Dates & Notices

2017 Term Dates

Important Dates:

26 January- Australia Day

13 March- Labour Day – School closed

25 March- Greek Independence Day

14 April- Good Friday – School closed

16 April- Easter Sunday

17 April- Easter Monday – School closed

25 April - ANZAC Day - School closed

12 June- Queen’s Birthday – School closed

1 July- Sts Anagiri of Rome

15 August- Dormition of Theotokos

28 October- Oxi Day

1 November- Sts Anargiri Name Day

6 November- Exeat Day (School Closed)

7 November- Melbourne Cup Day


Camp Dates:

Year 3: 11 – 12 September

Year 4: 06 – 08 September

Year 5: 24 – 26 July

Year 6: 27 February – 1 March

Year 5 & 6 China Cultural Tour: 16 – 27 September        

Year 7: 18– 20 September         

Year 8: 18 – 22 September

Year 9 Summit Camp: 01 – 03 March

Year 9 to BTC Queensland: 22 - 29 June

Year 9 City Experience: 31 August

Year 9 City Experience: 18 – 22 September

Year 10 Camp: 25 June – 01 July                       

Year 11 Camp: 22 – 24 February

Year 12 Camp: 22 – 24 February


Term 1: Wednesday 1 February – Friday 31 March

31 January- Unit 3 & 4 Students Commence

01 February- Years 1 to 11 Students Commence               

20 February- Prep full week commences

31 March- Term 1 Concludes


Term 2: Wednesday 19 April – Wednesday 28 June

19 April- Students Commence

28 June- Term 2 Concludes


Term 3: Tuesday 18 July – Friday 22 September

18 July- Students Commence

22 September- Term 3 Concludes


Term 4: Tuesday 10 October – Friday 8 December

10 October- Students Commence

08 December- End of Year for Students

Leaving us in 2016?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 9569 6128.

Lost Property

Boxes of Lost Property will be placed on the tables outside the Canteen at pickup time every day until the end of term.


Any items that are left uncollected will be donated.

Lost Emails

A number of families have been missing important emails due to either a change of email or the emails being automatically moved to the 'spam' folder in their email accounts.


If you need to update your email address, please contact

[email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Second Hand Shop

A reminder that the Oakleigh Grammar Second Hand Shop (formerly Uniform Exchange) is currently accepting consignment items and donations.


Donations: any used uniform items will be accepted by School Reception staff.


Consignment: bring items to the Uniform Exchange during its opening hours & days (listed below) where items will be accepted and recorded for resale on your behalf, for up to 30% of new prices.


Second hand, current, official Oakleigh Grammar Uniform items are available for purchase for no more than 60% of new prices. Please note: only current Oakleigh Grammar uniform items will be accepted for consignment. All old OGOC uniform items will be donated to Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) in Africa.


Please direct any queries to [email protected]

Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 9569 6128 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]

Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently. 


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. 


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Archbishop Stylianos

Archbishop Stylianos Visit to Oakleigh Grammar

On Tuesday 22 November Oakleigh Grammar had the honour and privilege of welcoming His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, for the first time in 15 years. He was accompanied by their Graces Bishop Ezekiel of Dervis and Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis. It was a significant and memorable occasion, etched in the hearts and minds of our school community. Our guests were greeted by our school drummers and flag bearers, honouring His Eminence. Upon entering the church, they were embraced by the hymnody of our Byzantine Choir.


The President of the board of Oakleigh Grammar and the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh, Mr Angelo Sardellis, welcomed His Eminence to our community expressing his great joy and heartfelt thanks for his prayers and support.


Principal Mark Robertson spoke on behalf of the school community, welcoming His Eminence and highlighting the importance of Orthodox values and Hellenic culture which makes up the fabric of our school.


His Eminence expressed his great joy and satisfaction at the progress our school has made, and encouraged our students to ‘be who they can be’ through God’s Grace. He closed his address with a Cretan poem which states ‘although there is a distance between us our hearts are always fond of each other.’


The assembly concluded with the singing of the National Anthem and the hymn of our patrons Saints Anargyri.


It was an honour for our students and staff to bear the wise words of Archbishop Stylianos.


Senior School

Head of Senior School



Head of Senior School


Next week the teaching year will end for students in the Senior School. It has been a hectic and full year and both staff and students are very much looking forward to the upcoming break over December and January. It will be a time for everyone to re-charge and enjoy the company of their families and friends as they celebrate Christmas and the arrival of the New Year.


However, as the students entering Year 12 in 2017 have discovered this week, there is still work to be done over this period. Homework will be given to students and it is expected that it will be completed and submitted when they return for the new school year. The final VCE year can be a stressful time for all involved and it is here and gone very quickly. The aim of transition classes and subsequent homework is to encourage students to maintain a routine rather than stopping completely. However, it is essential that students ensure they find a balance between completing the work and having time away from their studies to prevent lethargy at a later time. When they return they will start immediately, facing their first assessments within a few weeks of the start of the new school year. They must find time to re-charge their reserves in preparation for the very demanding work load they will undertake in 2017.


For me, personally, I have found this year to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. After the frenetic pace of this year, it will certainly be quiet once all the transition classes have been completed and the students have left to start their holidays! The traffic in and out of my office will cease and the final preparations for next year can be completed without interruption.


I look forward to seeing parents and families at the Awards Evening on Thursday 1 December when we come together to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students during the year. Don’t forget to organise your attendance for this evening by responding online to the email sent earlier this month.


It has been a pleasure to work with the students and families of the Senior School and I look forward to continuing in this role next year. I wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas.



In the past few months we have checked uniform and issued infringement notifications. Students who have received three such notifications have then received an afternoon detention. The uniform code for student dress can be found in the student diary and students are expected to comply with these requirements. Before your child returns to school next year, please ensure that their uniform is in line with our expectations. Students found not to be in compliance with these requirements at the start of the 2017 school year will be sent home until the problem has been addressed.


Girl’s dress/skirt length should be at the knee, boys should be clean shaven and their shirts should be buttoned to the top button (at the collar for the winter shirt) and every student should have a school blazer.

Middle School

Head of Middle School



Head of Middle School


Middle School Elections


Over the last two weeks our current Year 8 students, and soon to be Year 9 students and leaders of the Middle School, have been involved in the election process to choose the Middle School Captains, Arts and House Captains for 2017.


On Tuesday of this week, Year 6, 7 & 8 students had the pleasure of hearing from the 7 Candidates for the 2017 Middle School Captain positions, who spoke on the topic “What leadership means to me”. The candidates who spoke were nominated by staff members as being suitable for the role and have chosen to run for the position.

The quality of the speeches was fantastic giving students and staff confidence that no matter the outcome, the position will be filled by two very capable students.


Congratulations go to all the Middle School Candidates for their nomination, the quality of their speech and presentation and for their courage in taking up the challenge to run for the position.


The candidates for the 2017 Middle School captains are;

  • Imaan Jamaldeen
  • Rhys Kostopoulos
  • Irene Pilakis
  • Ana Anastopoulos
  • Artemis Moschoudi
  • Giorgia Kalogeropoulos, and
  • Alexandra Konstantinidis

Students have also been asked to nominate themselves for Arts or House Captains positions. Nominees will undergo an interview process with Mr Joyce and Mrs Zijai, to discuss what they feel they can bring to the role.


The results of student and staff voting, as well as feedback from the interview process will be collated by the Middle School leadership committee and positions will be announced at a special assembly to be held on Wednesday 30 November.


Year 9 Examinations

This week our Year 9 students have undergone a series of examinations to finish the academic year. As well as serving as a final assessment task in the subject, this round of examinations aims to assist students in developing important examination practice and skills that they will increasingly need as they progress into the Senior School. The students have acquitted themselves well in this process, demonstrating that they are well on track to be able to perform well for extended periods of time in an examination environment.


Personal Project (2017) Working Day

Following the examinations our Year 9 students began working on their Personal Project’s in earnest Thursday morning. The Personal Project working day gave students the chance to focus intently upon setting themselves an exciting, challenging and achievable goal for their 2017 project. 


This process is a vitally important as the goal needs to give the student the chance to meet all criteria, and setting this now allows students ideas to develop and evolve over the Christmas break.


The buzz of energy and enthusiasm in the 9ways Centre during the morning was contagious and I look forward to some amazing projects to develop over the course of next year.


Special Programmes Week

Next week our Year 6, 7 and 8 students will all be involved in extra-curricular learning activities designed to excite, entertain and engage them in the special programmes week.


Year 6 students will be visiting the Botanical gardens to learn about garden design and then using these skills to design a garden bed for the school.


Year 7 students will be visiting the IMAX cinema to view 3D Under the Sea and the returning to school to create their own environmental protection based advertisement.

Year 8 students will be visiting the Melbourne CBD court district to view actual court proceedings, as well as enjoying an excursion to the Zoological gardens.


Students will also have a session in the Arrowsmith room to learn more about the challenging programs and activities that are utilised in this program.


Transition Day

Wednesday 30 November is transition day for our 2017 Year 6, 7, 8 & 9 students.


Students will be spending periods 1 to 4 in their 2017 Year level undergoing a series of Pastoral sessions to discuss classroom expectations, Middle School processes, Learner profile attributes, organisation and goal setting for 2017. Transition day offers students the opportunity to meet students new to the school who will also be joining us for the morning, and to begin to think about the challenges ahead and what they can do to prepare to meet them.


Dates and Times for the end of the Year

  • 28th November – Year 9 Student Free Day
  • 28th November – Year 6 Botanical gardens excursion, Year 7 IMAX excursion, Year 8 Court District excursion
  • 29th November – Year 7 Immunisations, Year 6 – Divine Liturgy – full uniform required
  • 29 – 30th November Year 10 (2017) Transition
  • 30th November – Transition day, Middle School leadership assembly
  • 1st December – Final day of school Years 6 – 9. Middle and senior School Awards evening.

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Middle School staff, students and parents for their contribution to a wonderful year in the Middle School. I wish staff, students and families a festive, restful and safe Christmas break and look forward to an exciting 2017.

Junior School

Head of Junior School



Head of Junior School


Prep Transition

The first three Prep Transition days have taken place with new students and our K4 students making their way over to visit the Prep classrooms and teachers. The first session was very successful with only a couple of tears, although the activities taking place in the classrooms soon dissolved these! The second session was exciting where students took a tour of the school ground and ended the session with a play on the Junior School Playground and a discussion about the morning.  A reminder that the whole school transition Day is scheduled for Wednesday 30 November and correspondence for this has come out to families.  It is a casual clothes day for all students.


Christmas Concert and Awards Evening

By now you have possibly heard the students singing their songs for the Christmas Concert while completing other tasks.  There are some very catchy songs this year as we prepare for a “white Christmas””.  The students are having great fun learning their songs and actions during Performing Arts lessons.  Mrs. Maramis has been sending information regarding costuming for this occasion and all award winners will be notified by myself prior to the Awards night on December 6.  Arrival time for students has also been sent out from Mrs. Maramis.


Thank you to our Parent Helpers

Assisting in the classroom is always under the direction of the classroom teacher by either working with small groups of children, providing a role model for learning and helping with literacy or numeracy.  You are a huge valued member of the school community.  Your support in the classroom ensures that children remain on task while the teacher is working with other groups and your willingness to assist in classroom activities shows other parents what can be achieved when partnerships are formed.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance this year and we hope to see you around the school again next year.


Year 5 Graduation

Another year has passed, and again the Year 5 class will graduate from Junior School to Middle School this afternoon. All the hard work of the students will be celebrated at this event and all the students will be presented with a graduation gift from the Parents' Association and a middle school badge. Parents and students will be entertained with sensational musical performances and Father George will give a prayer to our graduating classes for the next phase in their educational journey. 


The afternoon is sure to be a success, enjoyed by all as it was organised so well by the students and Year 5 teachers. We wish the graduating class of 2016 all the best for their move to the Middle School in 2017.


Life Education Van Visit

We have been lucky to have Harold and his Van at School for the last two weeks delivering the primary school curriculum based modules that focus on issues around food and nutrition, personal safety, physical activity, cyber safety, safety with medicine and legal drugs; tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. By taking a comprehensive approach to drug and health education the modules help children to develop relationship skills, positive communication (both face to face and online), problem solving and decision making skills. The educators and puppets provide students the opportunity to develop strategies, and practice the skills required to avoid the harms associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Each module presents an issue or issues with memorable and engaging activities. The trained educators ensure that all messages are age-appropriate, relevant and enhance and support the messages taught in Australian schools. Thank you to Michael Wengier for organising the van again this year.


Final Words for 2016

Congratulations to all the students, teachers, parents and fellow administrators for successfully completing the 2016 academic year.


Under the theme of "Learning That Matters", students participated in engaging curriculum, co-curricular activities, excursions and in-school visits, academic rigour and global projects.


This year, the school invested more in literacy learning resources and invested in book sets and readers at each level including online resources. This has helped boost the reading further in the school.


To the children and families departing us, we wish you all the very best for the future.  We will have some new faces in 2017 across the Junior School and I look forward to introducing them to you. 


We have some end of year upcoming events to be aware of including carols at the park, Divine Liturgy, ELC graduation and K3 concerts and the final day for Junior School is December 7.

Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Coordinator


Sarah Boardman

ELC Coordinator


This week has been a busy one for children at the ELC with all classes involved in excursions and in-school visits to finish off some of the projects we have been exploring throughout the year.  We also got to visit Father George at church, which is an important part of our ELC year.

ELC Church Excursions

This week children from our K3 and K4 classes visited St Anargiri Church for our annual excursion.  Children were able to take communion and Father George talked to us about the church too.  We find going to church really interesting and it was wonderful to see how respectful and responsible our classes were on these visits.


Myuna Farm In-School Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Myuna Farm on Monday. They brought lots of farm animals with them including goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits.  We got to feed and brush the animals and it gave all children the opportunity to practice how to be respectful and gentle with animals, along with how to safely approach and interact with the different animals so they didn’t get scared or frightened of us.


Having this hands on opportunity for the children to see the animals up close was wonderful, as it allowed them to use their senses to make observations and talk about their world in relation to this experience.  It was great to hear everyone excitedly telling their family about the animals they had seen at the end of the day.


Werribee Zoo Excursion

Children in K3C visited Werribee Zoo on Monday also.  They went on the tour bus to see the African animals along with completing a hunt for different animals that you may see at the zoo.  Although it was a very warm day they were able to experience all the parts of the zoo and had particular fun in the water park near the hippos. This was another great opportunity for children to be able to apply their knowledge of the different animals to share information they know about them with others, as well as extending their understanding through first hand observations and discussions with others.


Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Our busy week was rounded off with a visit to see the native Australian animals at Healesville Sanctuary by K4B and K3B.  During the year there have been many discussions and great interest in different animals that can only be found living in the wild in Australia and this excursion offered the ideal opportunity to return to these previous conversations and apply what they had learnt in this new context. We saw wombats, kangaroos and possums and got to look closely at koalas and a platypus too.  Learning about what we can do to help to conserve places for them to live safely was really interesting too.


End of Year Celebrations

The end of this year has almost arrived and we are gearing up for our variety of celebrations that occur at this time of the year.  All families should have received an invitation for their child’s class to the celebrations that are held for their group.  Please note that all people who are attending the K4 graduation will be starting promptly at 1:30pm so please make sure you are seated by that time to ensure you don’t miss out on any of our performance.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our families for all their support and encouragement throughout the year.  Without you, our ELC community would not be such a vibrant and happy place to be. 


Jiu Jitsu Champion

Jack Menelaou from Year 9 took the time tell us about his recent Jiu Jitsu success and his journey to becoming Pan Pacific Champion. 

Where do you train, and what do you like about Jiu Jitsu?

I train at Extreme Mixed Martial Arts Chadstone Campus. I like Extreme because it has 3 clubs ie: Byron Bay, Ringwood and Chadstone. There are about 600 members at Chadstone so there’s lots of a different people to train with and it always exciting. My 2 main coaches are really interesting people and also make it really fun to train there.  

What do you love about Jiu Jitsu as a sport?

I really like watching wrestling and that’s what made me try Jiu Jitsu. I like Jiu Jitsu because I really enjoy grappling and love submission style martial arts. It’s a very technical sport and my coach spends a lot of time going over and over various moves. I like the sport as it takes a really long time to achieve a Black Belt, so there is always something new to learn and I’m always learning.        


You train a lot, how do you keep motivated?

I really love the sport and have some very close friends at the club. We always organise to attend the same classes which makes it fun. My main coach is a wrestler from Afghanistan, he also coaches the Australian Wrestling team. He keeps me motivated and often rings to make sure I make it to class, he also organises different training partners and runs a conditioning class to keep me in shape for competition. He is the main drive behind my success.      


What do you do to prepare for big events?

When I have a big event or a competition, I always push as hard as I can at my training and try to go to as many classes as I can do before the competition. As my coaches always tell me “train hard fight easy”.


How does it feel when you win?

When I win my fights at a competition I feel on top of the world. I am so happy, but a good fighter always has to have good sportsmanship so after every fight win or lose I go up to my competitor shake his hand and say well done.


What are your goals for the sport in the future?

In the future I want to keep on doing all the state competition and hopefully win. I want  to go to the world championships for experience. I don’t care if I win, I just want to give it a go.


If you were to play any other sport what would it be and why?

If I were to play another sport it would definitely be rugby. I enjoy watching rugby on TV. I would like to be defence so I can tackle all the other opponents. Tackling is also a big part in Jiu Jitsu and is called wrestling. Jiu Jitsu takes up a big part of my life, I train 12 to 14 hours a week over 6 days. It would be hard for me to take up another sport.


Faculty News

Inquiry Learning



Inquiry Learning Coordinator


The students in Years 3 & 4 have been inquiring into how our health and wellbeing is impacted on a daily basis. They have investigated how their emotional responses vary, and developed an understanding of how to interact with others positively. To further promote an awareness of mental health, the students participated in a Wellness Day where they were able to put themselves first and understand the importance of rest and relaxation.

Wellness Day - Student Reflections


By Steven 3A

Yesterday we had wellness day, first we did prayer, then we went in the 9 ways centre to do relaxation exercises with Mrs Tsiagalos.


We had soothing music, we did stretches and when we left we got watermelon.


We then did an activity with Mr Dunsford called “Sneaky Sugar Cubes”. We watched a short movie clip about how the character and his friends sneak into foods and makes them unhealthy. Then Mr Dunsford put down foods and we had to guess how many sugars were in them. I was surprised when M&Ms had 8 teaspoons of sugar!!


We then did origami with Mrs Aivaliotis, we made hearts, but they were kind of hard at first but then I got it. We folded the hearts, then folded it again then we finally made a heart.


This was the funnest day at school ever!


By Indie Chrystie 3A

Yesterday it was “Wellness Day”. We did fun activities about health. To start off with the day, 3A did prayer. Several minutes after that 3A did a relaxation exercises with Mrs Tsiagalos, and even got watermelon at the end. Next 3A learnt about eating healthy and checking how much teaspoons of sugar are in unhealthy foods. I thought it was really fun, and now I check how many teaspoons are in unhealthy foods. After that we did Asian origami, it was a little bit difficult but I managed to get it right. Straight after that we did a pattern colouring sheet, I found it very fun & easy. These activities made me not eat junk food that often




Career Advisor


2016 VCAA Results


Year 12’s, and Year 11 students who may have sat Unit 3/4 exams, are reminded that the study scores are released on Monday 12 December 2016.  To access these results students can:

  • Log on to Results and ATAR any time from 7.00am, Monday 12 December to 5.00pm on Friday 18 December (AEDST.  This service is free and operates 24 hours a day.
  • Type in your VCAA student number and where a PIN is required, type in the first four digits of your birth date, e.g. 22 August = 2208
  • Register to receive results via SMS. Go to www.vtac.edu.au/sms for instructions

Please note that no school is in a position to release results or ATARs to parents or other parties as the results are the property of the student. Students and parents are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss possible changes to preferences and other issues arising out of results, however.


Appointments are available at Oakleigh Grammar with Mrs Mascaro and Mrs Frame on 13th – 14th December, 2016

The ATAR statement from VTAC and the results from VCAA will be in the mail from Tuesday 13 December 2016. 



  • ATARs released: 12 December 2016 (7am)
  • Change of Preference (COP) appointments @ Oakleigh Grammar Available 13-14 December (9am-4pm)
  • Change of Preference (COP) for Early International Offers closes 15 December 2016 (4pm)
  • Change of Preference (COP) officially closes 20 December 2016 (12noon)
  • Early International Offers: 19 December 2016 (2pm)
  • Main International Offers: 9 January 2017 (2pm)
  • Main Domestic Offers: 18 January 2017 (2pm)

For a full list of cancelled, amended, and new courses, visit VTAC Course Updates please check regularly.


UMAT 2017

Students commencing Year 12 in 2017 and planning to apply for any of the following University courses in this link  https://umat.acer.edu.au/universities - are required to sit the UMAT – Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test. Applications open early in December 2016. Test sitting date is 26th July, 2017 For more information, and/or to apply visit UMAT2017 or call (03) 8508 7643.


CE 2017 Summer Schools


Access Education Summer School @ Monash University

The Access Education Summer School program is a unique opportunity for students studying Units 3 & 4 to experience university life while preparing for the demands of the VCE year ahead.  The format of the program is that extensive and detailed 3 ¼ hour VCE preparation lectures will be given, and subject specific study notes prepared by the lecturer will also be made available.  Subjects on offer include Biology, Chemistry, English, Further Maths, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Maths Methods, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, and THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO VCE SUCCESS – an extremely useful lecture for Year 11 or 12 students.   

Dates: Monday 16 – Thursday 19 January 2017

Venue: Monash University (Clayton Campus)


Visit Access Education Summer School to find out more about the 2017 program, or to download a brochure for this program.

The School for Excellence Summer School @ The University of Melbourne

The School for Excellence (TSFX) offers a comprehensive summer school program preparation, each lecture will thoroughly address Unit 1 or 3 materials in advance of school, and expose students to critical analytical/problem solving strategies and skills so as to maximise Unit 1 or 3 scores.

Students receive detailed notes, fully worked examples and exercises to complete at home. The lectures are prepared and delivered by qualified, currently practising VCE teachers and markers from top ranking schools who possess the knowledge and experience to demonstrate the means by which students can achieve higher scores.     Subjects on offer include Accounting, Biology, Business Management, CAS Technology Applications, Chemistry, EAL, Economics, English, English Language, Further Mathematics, Geography, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, and Specialist Mathematics. 


Dates: January 2017

Venue: University of Melbourne (Parkville Campus) and TSFX (Collins Street)


Visit TSFX Summer School to find out more about the 2017 program.


One final Note . . .


As the year closes I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students and families a joyous Christmas, relaxing break, and Happy New Year in 2017. It is a pleasure being a part of such a great Senior School team led by Mrs Sharron Frame. As Careers Advisor it is always a joy providing course and careers counselling advice to our students. In particular, seeing students’ progress into the next stage of their course and career journey is truly rewarding. To all students, I remind you that the careers office is always open to you including all past students of Oakleigh Grammar.

Student Representative Council (SRC)



SRC Coordinator


This year the Pan Cretan Association commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Holocaust of the ARKADI monastery. This is the biggest event on any Cretan Calendar world-wide after the Battle of Crete. As part of this years events a number of Hellenic dignitaries visited Melbourne.


On Monday 21 November Oakleigh Grammar welcomed the delegation from the Cretan folkloric Group “Kourites” comprising of dancers, musicians and choreographers as well as a media team from ERT.


Years 4, 5 and 6 participated and immersed in a cultural program involving music and dancing directly from Crete. Students had the opportunity to learn a Cretan dance, listen to live music and learn about the traditional costumes from the island.


Students were very impressed seeing the dancers performing with their traditional costumes. All the students got involved by dancing and singing.


Congratulations to all students and staff involved in this seminar.



Dean Damatopoulos

Years 6 & 7 Coordinator and eLearning Coordinator​



Being a Good Digital Citizen

As the year draws to a close it is important to emphasize the importance of being good digital citizens whilst we are on holiday and staying safe online.


What does a good digital citizen look like?

A good digital citizen is one who thinks before they post.

Uses technology in measure.

Ensures their privacy is protected.

Is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Practices digital etiquette.

Reports things to an adult when something isn’t right.


What can you do as parents?

Respect, Educate and Protect


1)  Use anti-virus, Firewall, and anti-malware software. These software packages provide a baseline of protection. However, also make sure you and your kids don't visit file sharing web sites or open email attachments from people you don't know or open attachments that look suspicious.


2)  Put all computers in a public space.  A central place in the house where you can see what is on the screen is preferred.  Don't put computers in kids' rooms.  Refrain from using laptops in bedrooms or private areas.  If computers absolutely must be put in a private room, have a policy that doors must be open when they are in use. Internet connected devices in concealed areas just offers kids too much unnecessary temptation.


3)  Review where your kids go online.  Let your kids know that you will be periodically be reviewing the sites that all of you, as a family, visit.  Don't do this in an authoritarian way, but rather as a way to engage your kids in dialogue.


4)  Teach Internet Safety.  It may seem self-evident, but before you let your kids loose online, teach them ethical behaviour and Internet basics, which include:  making sure they use strong passwords; not give out personal or identifiable information about themselves or their family;  not talking to strangers online.  Also remind kids that nothing on the Internet is private and that people online are not always truthful and may not be who they say are.


5)  Review Internet Safety with your kids.  Once you've taught your kids some basics, review those basics and even do some role play.  Just because you have told your children something doesn't mean that they will be able to actually do it.  Role playing can help.


6)  Discuss what your kids see online. Interact with your children regularly about their online behaviour.  Computers are not baby sitters or a substitute for interactive parenting.


7)  Consider an online contract as a family.  Several web sites offer "family Internet use contracts" that clearly define the boundaries for Internet usage, what they should ask for, and permissible behaviour.  Both parents and kids sign the contract. CommonSense Media has sample contracts for different ages and grades.


Above all it is important to foster an open and caring relationship so should they fall they can come to you and discuss what has happened. Technology is a tool that like any other tool, requires education for us to use it properly.

Parents' Association

Twilight Cinema

The Twilight Cinema was a great success, with many families settling down to watch Zootopia in the Oakleigh Grammar Outer Yard. Thank you to all that attended and made the night such a great success.

Thank you for your support of the Parents' Association in 2016, and to all those that attended fundraising and community events.


We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you again in 2017!



Community Board




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