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17 February 2017
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Friday 10 February

School Photos


Thursday 16 February

Swimming Carnival - (Year 7 and Year 8-12 competitors only)


Tuesday 21 February

Student Early Finish - 1.39pm


Thursday 23 February

​Year 7 Immunisation 

Year 7 Family BBQ


Friday 24 February

Curriculum Day - Student Free Day


Tuesday 28 February

Year 10 Career ICT Info 5.30-6.30pm



Monday 6 to Friday 10 March

Year 7 Camp


Monday 13 March

Labour Day


Wednesday 15 March

Catalyst Parent Night


Thursday 16 March

Student Early Finish - 1.39pm


Tuesday 21 March

Harmony Day


Thursday 23 March

Year 6-7 Information Night


Friday 31 March

Term 1 Ends - 3.10pm Finish


Welcome to the 2017 School Year


2017 has got off to a flying start at Melton Secondary College with students and staff returning to school with energy and enthusiasm. Greeting students over the first week, many have told me that the holidays were nice, but it is really good to be back, surely a great sign of how much our students want to learn and how strongly they feel connected to their school.

It is great to see our students settling quickly into school routines and following the expectations we share for successful learning. Our Year 7 students have done especially well and look enthusiastic and well prepared for their first year as secondary school students. It was terrific to see so many Year 7 parents at the first day assembly. Young people and their studies benefit enormously from parents and carers taking a regular and caring interest in their progress.  There will be another chance for parents and carers to join in at the Year 7 Family BBQ. This will be an opportunity to meet Home Group teachers and other key staff and if you have a Year 7 child starting this year, I really encourage you to attend. The Year 7 Family BBQ will be held at the College from 4.45 – 6.30 pm on Thursday 23 February. 

College Five STARR Values


One of the main reasons why students have settled so well into their program this year has been our strong emphasis on the College Five STARR Values. At the end of last year the Student Voice and Leadership Team worked with the College Leadership Team to develop a complimentary set of Values in Action that  show clearly how each of our values supports student learning. Having developed the Values in Action together, students and staff are building greater consistency in following behaviors that will support learning.

School Review


Last year Melton Secondary College began its School Review by conducting an inquiry into how we can become a flourishing school community. The aim of the review is to help us to identify the ways that we can make our school community more able to achieve the vision of Academic Excellence for every student. At the end of Term One the review team will spend four days at the college talking to students, parents and staff. They will then write up a report which will form the basis for a new School Strategic Plan. Further details about the School Review days will be published once they are finalised.

Benjamin Akok


Every student at Melton Secondary College is a star in his or her own way and every student is capable of achieving outstanding things. Some young people have had challenges that seem insurmountable and manage to turn these into success. One of our wonderful Year 12 students, Ben Akok has had plenty of challenges and is a wonderful example of how young people can struggle with adversity and grow stronger. Last week Ben was the subject of a news story on ABC TV’s 7.30 Report. As parents and teachers, there are many times when we feel proud in what students can achieve. But Ben Akok’s story should make us all proud not just for his individual achievements but for the great story it tells about our school and our community. Students certainly appreciated this at our first whole school assembly this week when, after seeing the Ben's 7.30 Report story they responded with huge and hearty applause.


Since the story was broadcast, I have received lots of wonderfully positive comments and emails. Below are just some of them:


"I just wanted to email and congratulate you on the story on 7:30 about your student, Benjamin. It was a beautiful story about a clearly remarkable young man. He couldn't be the way he was without parents (or a parent) who instill in him a strong belief in the value of education, so his parent/s are to be really commended on their excellent job...There's a lot of depressing, upsetting and anger-inducing news in the media at the moment (as a Muslim, I feel it acutely!) and the story about Benjamin was a lovely antidote. You should all be so proud of the story, and how it reflects on Benjamin, his family, and your school. Keep up the great work, and I wish Benjamin every success. I can't wait to see what lies in his future! "


"I am not sure if I am contacting the correct people, however after watching the 7:30 tonight on the ABC I felt I must contact you.

As a 75 year old Australian male I was incredibly moved by the story of Benjamin. What an inspiration to all young Australian people Benjamin is, adapting to a new country, working incrediblely hard with  his medical problems, to achieve academic levels and respect of his fellow students is an inspiration to all students, and in particular to youths from the Sudan.

Please pass on to Benjamin my respect for his efforts, and I wish him every success in his new country, an inspiration for all young people that wish to succeed" 


"Dear Principal, teachers and students

I was  really encouraged and uplifted by the story on 7.30 Report on your election of Benjamin Akok as school captain.

What a fine young man … and what a great school you have created, with the student body valuing, as they obviously do, the qualities Benjamin represents.

We need more schools like yours.

Well done … and thanks for a good news story!"


If you have not seen Ben Akok’s 7.30 Report story you can see it by following this link: 



I would like to welcome all students and parents to 2017 at Melton Secondary College. This year I am excited to be working with the students and parents of years 9 and 10. Together with the Leading teachers, Eddy Hill and Robyn Bewley, the Middle Sub School is aiming to ensure this is successful year for all of our students.


An important area I will continue leading this year is the Student Leadership Program. This is an integral part of our school community and provides an opportunity for students to develop into strong leaders, contribute to the school program and ensure each student has a voice. Together with Tom Nice, the teacher responsible for the Student Leadership program, and the School Captains we will make sure this is an area that has a sustained and long lasting impact at Melton Secondary College for all our students.


Finally, I am looking forward to continuing the work on our College STARR values which help develop a deep understanding on how the values will make our school community thrive.


Upcoming Events

Our annual Swimming Sports Carnival will be held on Thursday 16 February at Melton Waves. The carnival is only open to Year 7 students and the swimming competitors who have ‘signed up’ to participate. This means, except for Year 7 and the competitors this is a normal school day for Years 8-12.

The swimming event is expected to finish around 3pm when Year 7 students and competitors will be dismissed from Melton Waves.


Early Finish Days

This year we have scheduled in seven days when the school will finish at 1.39pm for students. The early finish days will allow our staff to continue on our important professional development program. If you are unable to collect your child from school at the earlier time of 1.39pm, please notify your son or daughters Sub School Office for alternative arrangements. The early finish dates are listed below for Term 1: -

Term 1

  • Tuesday 21 February
  • Thursday 16 March

Other important dates for your calendar


Term 1

  • Friday 24 February – Student Free Day

Mr Alan Devine

Assistant Principal

I want to warmly welcome you all to our 2017 school year.

This year, I look forward to leading the Junior Sub School. Our new Leading Teachers, Kate Nye-Butler and Andrew Pizarro have organised a great start for our new Year 7 students. Organised lunchtime activities will assist the Transition process for students. Students and parents are welcome to consult the Junior Sub school team for any support that is required. We have high expectations from both students and staff, to assist with high quality learning, to create and maintain a safe, stimulating and orderly learning environment.

I will also be co leading our Positive Climate for Learning. Our goal is to build positive student wellbeing and behaviours through a system of interventions and programming that ensures learning for all students.  I value, respect and care for every child in our school and trust they set high expectations for their own learning and wellbeing. Our Leading Teacher for Positive Education, Kate Smith, will continue to support the development of programs and practices based on Positive Education and Trauma-Informed Pedagogy.

Our parent community is valued and I look forward to continually working with you to support initiatives and links between our school and the general Melton Community. I will be leading the Community Subcommittee of School Council and welcome new members to our monthly meetings. New ideas and general support is also very welcome. Our first meeting will be held on the 23rd February from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.


Mrs Jenny Buckle

Assistant Principal

Sub Schools

Junior Sub School News

This week the Junior School has been excited to welcome our new Year 7s, as well as watch our Year 8s progress to the next stage of their education. Andrew Pizaro and I were especially pleased with the number of parents and carers who came to celebrate their student beginning secondary school at our orientation assembly. The Team Leaders for this year are Balsam Sako, Eva McLeod, Deb McDonald and Michael Kilroy.

Our year 7s have successfully completed a week of orientation activities that have allowed them to successfully settle in to Secondary schooling. They are now ready to begin their subjects, and are organised with full student kits and planners. The Junior School team has noticed Year 7s including students from all Primary Schools in their conversation and games, and we look forward to continuing to see these friendships grow.

Andrew, the Team Leaders and I invite all families to attend our Year 7 Parent BBQ at 4.45pm on Thursday the 23rd of February. You will be able to meet your students home group teacher and other Year 7 parents.

Our Adventure Camp in Creswick is fast approaching. This is a great opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zones and consolidate their new friendships. The Camp will be run over two time slots - the 6th - 8th of March, and the 8th - 10th of March. The final date for payment is Friday 24th of February and students will bring permission forms home to be signed. Financial assistance may be available through the Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund provided by the Victorian Government. To be eligible you must hold a means-tested concession card or be a temporary foster parent.  An application form is available at the General Office or can be downloaded from

Year 8 students have begun the year by modelling correct school uniform and preparedness for school to our Year 7s. We are sure the example they set will allow the Junior school to be a place of positive learning for all students.


Middle Sub School News

2017 promises once again to be a busy, but exciting time for the Middle School. Led by a very able and dedicated team.  The first few days have seen the students settle into their new environment and commence their subjects aimed at developing the skills they have already acquired in the Junior School, in preparation for their transition into the Senior School.

Students have already attended an assembly which focused on the STARR values of the college. Students are encouraged to uphold these values throughout their time at the college as well as in the wider community. This will be a focus for students across all of their subjects.

We encourage the students to fully apply themselves towards their studies and ensure that they are meeting all requirements, in particular with regards to homework.  It is important that your child has:

A designated area in which to study away from distractions such as television and computer games etc…

  • A designated study time each night- it is of vital importance to establish a       routine.
  • The foresight to manage time effectively. To work around sporting and other commitments throughout the week.
  • The ability to record tasks for completion in the Student Planner. This takes the guesswork out of what needs to be completed on a nightly basis.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding homework or assignment work please contact your child’s subject teacher to clarify the situation.

The journey into adulthood is a key theme of the Middle School and this is a process which will require collaboration from students, parents and staff. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s homegroup or tutorial teacher or one of the Team Leaders.


General Office

Office hours:  8:15am - 4:30pm


Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours are:


Mondays:             8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm

Wednesdays:      3:00 to 4:00 pm

Fridays:                 8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


**If you wish to order the new school jacket before the end of the year can you please ring Sandra on 0498 725 272

to assure that the uniform shop have it in stock.


Melton Secondary College and the Department of Education do not provide insurance to cover medical or ambulance costs.


Parents/guardians are reminded that they are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs. Some commercial insurers do provide insurance policies which parents/guardians can purchase.


The Department does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.


If Parents/Guardians would like to take out individual student health cover you may go to the following websites for further information:


JUA Student Health Cover 24 hour, all year-round cover

 EBM Insurance Brokers

Year 7 Immunisation


Melton City Council's Environmental Health Unit will be visiting Melton Secondary College to immunise Year 7 students against human papillomavirus, chickenpox and diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.  


Immunisation consent cards/information booklet have gone home with Year 7 students.  Once you have read all the information please complete the details on the consent card (Part A), including the front of the card and tick and sign the appropriate sections on the back of the card and return completed to the school as soon as possible.

School News

School Council Elections 2017


What is a school council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.


Who is on the school council?

There are three possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected Parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DET) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not employed at the school.
  • A mandated elected DET employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  • An optional Community member category. Its members are appointed by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DETD employees are not eligible to be Community members.

The term of office for all members is two years. Half the members must retire each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.

Why is Parent membership so important?

Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school.

Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.


How can you become involved?

The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in Term 1 each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant.

In view of this, you might seriously consider

  • standing for election as a member of the school council
  • encouraging another person to stand for election.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.


What do you need to do to stand for election?

The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations following the commencement of Term 1 each year. All school council elections must be completed by the end of March.

If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category.

DET employees whose child is enrolled in a school in which they are not employed are eligible to nominate as parents for the school council where their child is enrolled

Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of election. You will receive a Nomination Form Receipt in the mail following the receipt of your completed nomination.

If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted during the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.



  • Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do
  • Consider standing for election to council this year
  • Be sure to vote in the elections.

Proposed Timeline for Election

  • Wednesday 22 February Call for nominations
  • Wednesday 1 March Nominations due
  • Friday 3 March Post ballot papers 
  • Friday 10 March Ballot closes
  • Tuesday 14 March Ballot counted and declared
  • Tuesday 21 March First School Council meeting post-election


VET/Career News


Most VET classes have commenced this week. Students need to make their own arrangements to and from their VET venue. It is important that students attend their VET classes on time as per arrangements.

Students still have the opportunity to order WEC uniform tops & jumpers for their VET programs. Order forms are available from the Careers Office.


New Careers Website

The Careers Office is pleased to advise to parents that Melton SC has its own careers website. It can be found at:

Senior students will become very familiar with the information on this site in the coming weeks through the Tutorial program.

2016 Year 12 Students

The Careers Room has commenced making phone calls to track the pathways destination of our 2016 Yr 12 students. We are pleased to report that 98% of Year 12 students with a VTAC account has received first and/or second round offers for tertiary studies.


Year 10 Work Experience - Important Dates

Parent Information Night: 28 February 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Work Experience program: 28 August – 1 September, 2017

Wellbeing News

The Wellbeing Team would like to welcome all student back to a new school year and in particular welcome Year 7 students to Melton Secondary.

The wellbeing team run a number of programs throughout the year, with our current programs summarised below:


Respect and Me Program

The “Respect and Me” Program is a 30 minute Year 7 program facilitated by the wellbeing Team. The aim of the program is to introduce students to the wellbeing team and our role in the school by looking at what is respect and way we can demonstrate respect to others.

 We have enjoyed getting to know some of our new students during these sessions.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs daily from 8am-8:40am in SL6. All students are welcome.

The wellbeing team would welcome any uniform donations so we are able to help out other families. Any uniform items that you no longer use and is in good condition, please bring to the wellbeing offices.


Thank you from Amanda, Chris, Dani and Stacey (Wellbeing Team)

2018 ACE Program Applications

Round 1 Applications are now open for the 2018 (ACE) Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program at Melton Secondary College.

This application round is for students who are currently in Year 6 and wish to apply for a position in the 2018 Year 7 ACE class. MSC’s ACE program is designed to cater for the educational needs of advanced, gifted and talented learners. Classes in this program move at a faster pace than others and delve deeper into the curriculum. The program also provides students with access to additional extra-curricular opportunities designed to develop a broad range of skills.

Applications are competed online and must be finalised by Friday the 21st of April. Students who have completed the application and paid the $50 fee will sit the ACE test at Melton Secondary College on Saturday the 29th of April. For full information on the application process visit the Melton Secondary College website:

If you have any questions please contact the school.

Host Familes

Would you like to host a Japanese female assistant?

Melton Secondary College are seeking host families who are able to host a female assistant teacher who is joining us from Term 2, 2017. Host families have always found the experience to be a wonderful way of learning about a new culture. This is also an excellent language learning opportunity for families.


Hiroka Yasui is very keen to introduce Japanese culture and share your own culture.

As a host family, you would need to provide

  • A bedroom
  • 3 meals a day (you don’t have to cook a special meal)
  • Transport to school

Host families will receive an allowance of $150 from the college each week to support their expenses.

If you have any questions or wish to become a host family, please contact Ms. Mori.


Sport Leaders


School Sport Captains


House Captains



Senior School Captains

- Lachlan Webber

- Phoebe Warren

Senior School Vice Captains  

- Nathan Kindred

- Stephanie Novak

Middle School Captains

- Jason Hibbert

- Gloria Win



Senior School Captains

- Ricky Frew

- Katie Bibby

Senior School Vice Captains

- Saleah Kasinguvu

- Kate Firth

Middle School Captains

- Ethan Ng

- Felicity Stirrup-Prazak



Senior School Captains

- David Mwarabu

- Maria Tahi

Senior School Vice Captains

- Tom Faogali

- Jade Chadwick

Middle School Captains

- Ryan Morrison

- Paskazia Muhindo



Senior School Captains

- Michael Norris

- Lynette Sapolu

Senior School Vice Captains

- Bailey Portelli

- Chelsea Lynch

Middle School Captains

- Calvin Nguyen

- Jean Tafa


Sport News

House Swimming Carnival

The annual House swimming Carnival will be held at Melton Waves next Thursday 16th February. Parents, guardians, friends are all welcome to attend. Events will commence at about 10.00 and conclude about 2.15. All students must leave the pool area at the end of the carnival. Students will be dismissed from the pool. Students attending on the day will be all of Yr.7 plus competitors from Yrs. 8-12.


Sport Scholarship Holders

Melton Secondary College welcomes all new students to our college, especially all those who will be involved in inter school sport. A special welcome to our Year 7 students who will be led by our Sport Scholarship holders.

The recipients this year are:

- Ryan Stammers (Wedge Park) and

- Ella Tyson (Melton West)


AFL Umpiring Training Programme

Melton Secondary College has been selected as one of the Secondary schools across Melbourne to host an umpiring academy run by AFL VIC. The program will run at our school one night a week in term 1. It is free. It will be run from 3.30-4.30, probably on a Wednesday afternoon. It is open to males and females and students will be equipped with the skills to begin umpiring (central and boundary) in the RDFL and get paid for it. You need to register with Mr. Darcy asap.


Melton SC Sport Facebook page

We have a Facebook page dedicated to our Interschool Sport and the Athlete Development Program (ADP) participants. Please have a look and ‘like” us to keep up to date with the many outstanding achievements by our students in sport. The page name is - Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism.


Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Melton SC has participated in this project every year since its inception 4 years ago. Last year we had 3 participants.

Due to the popularity of The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project, candidates must apply to participate by completing an online nomination form.

Click here to nominate for The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Nominations open Monday 30th January and close Friday 3rd March 2017.

Nominations can be completed via two avenues;

1.     Self - completed by a prospective participant or

2.     Adult - a referral from a parent, school teacher, coach etc 

All applicants will be notified regarding the outcome of their nomination in mid-March.

Males and females in years 9 or 10 who live within the six participating councils (Brimbank, Glenelg, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton and Moonee Valley) are eligible to participate.

Candidates need not excel athletically or even play sport to be considered. We are looking for self-motivated young people who have the potential to become future community leaders.

A commitment to attending 80% of workshops between April and September is also required.

10 participants will be selected from each council based on the strength and detail of their applications.

Let Mr. Darcy know if you nominate or want to get him to do the nomination.



Amart Sports donated approximately $1500 worth of equipment at the end of 2016 to the Physical Education and Sport areas of our school as a rebate for our participation in the Community Kickbacks program (see below). We are very appreciative of this sponsorship and thank you to parents for nominating us as their recipient.


General Information

  1. If any parent/guardian wishes to help out in the sport program please feel free to contact Mr. Darcy. You can help out as an official at the swimming and/or the athletics carnivals or assist in umpiring any of the programmed sports. Parent participation is much appreciated.
  2. AMART SPORTS – Melton SC has joined the community kickbacks program with Amart Sports in Woodgrove. Every time you make a purchase just mention our school and we will receive 5% of the purchase amount. If you join online you will receive a loyalty and receive discounts etc as well as already having registered our school as your preferred community kickback. We have the same arrangement with REBEL SPORTS and their Season Pass kickback.
  3. School Sport  Information - All information regarding School Sport information and State team selection trials can be found on the website – attending schools affiliated with SSV are eligible for selection in Victorian Teams to compete in 2017 School Sport Australia National Championships.Information on national events can be found at the Team Vic page on the School Sport Victoria website,, or the School Sport Australia website, Registrations are now open to nominate to trial for a number of sports:                                -12yrs and under BOYS and GIRLS –  Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Golf,  Tennis, Touch Rugby and Soccer            - 12yrs and under BOYS – AFL                   - 15yrs and under BOYS and GIRLS –     Volleyball, Touch Rugby, AFL                     - 15yrs and under GIRLS – Netball           - 16yrs and under BOYS - Soccer   -17yrs and under BOYS and GIRLS - Golf                                                                       - 18yrs and under BOYS and GIRLS – Tennis, Basketball                                          - 18yrs and under GIRLS – Soccer           - 10yrs-18yrs and under BOYS and GIRLS – Swimming

Sports Dates

Tuesday 14 Feb – Cricket – Intermediate Boys at Melton Sth Reserve

Thursday 16 Feb – House Swimming Carnival at Melton Waves (Year 7 and Yr 8-12 competitors only)

Tuesday 28 February – Swimming –Western Ranges Division at Melton Waves

Friday 17 March– Tennis – Intermediate Boys and Girls at Sunbury

Monday 20 March– Tennis – Boys and Girls Year 7 and 8 at Sunbury

Tuesday 21 March – Rugby League 9’s – Senior boys and girls

Thursday 30 March– Swimming – Western Metropolitan Region at Geelong

Term 2

Wednesday 26 April– Swimming – School Sport Victoria State Finals at MSAC

Friday 5 May – Athletics – House Athletics at Melton


Melton South Community Centre

The Term 1, 2017 Program of Classes for the Melton South Community Centre. 


Youth Advisory Council Grants

Melton City Council Youth Services are keen to support the goals of young people, aged 12-25, within the municipality through the annual Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Grants. Applications are now open.


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