Photo: Tom & Ananya (School Captains, centre), with Sujayani & Charlie (Class Captains Year 7)

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05 April 2019
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Principal Team News

A very warm welcome to the 2019 school year. A special welcome to all of our new Year 7 students and families as well as the new students and their families  that have joined us in Year 8-12 this year.  I am positive that your time at Box Hill High School will be productive, enjoyable and rewarding, both personally and educationally, and that you thrive in this community.


We also have a number of new staff joining us this year- you will be introduced to them later on in this edition of the newsletter. They are all a great addition to the staff here at Box Hill High School and I wish each of them all the very best for their time here.


Several staff have commented that this term has seen a very smooth start to the school year. Students have settled in quickly to their classes and work and we have already made outstanding progress both in and out of the classroom.


We are especially grateful to all of our parents - you make our job so much easier by ensuring that all students are prepared for school and studying. Your support is key to the work we do, and to your child’s success at school, and we value it enormously.


Term 1 has been an action packed term with many exciting events. Students started the year with a splash- our Swimming Carnival was a huge success and the competition between the houses was tough- both in and out of the water.


Year 7 students also started the year with a fun camp at Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza and spent much time developing new friendships and engaging in adventurous activities.


I had the pleasure of spending a day with Year 9 students during their CBD experience. It was a wonderful day where students took the lead and worked in teams to navigate their way around the city and explore some of the iconic spots in Melbourne. Our group finished the day at The Shrine of Remembrance where they explored the artworks and historical artefacts that honoured Australians who had served in war and peace keeping operations.


Thanks to all the staff who organised and supervised these events which play such a valuable role in shaping the whole child.

School Council

Congratulations to the following newly elected school council members.

Parent Members

Brendan Smith - President

Colin Lewis - Vice President

Daniel Buick - Treasurer

Marcus Balon 

Simon Andersson

Christiaan O'Dea

Community Members

Kim Huett

Sue Sinha

Staff Representatives

Nicholas Carr 

Theresa Iacopino 

Kellie Ind 

Sue Cooper 

Student Representatives

Ananya Sehgal 

Tom Yakubowski 


Losh Pillay - Principal

Victorian Young Leaders to China program

On Saturday 15th March  we waved goodbye to ten excited Year 9 students as they departed Melbourne for 6 weeks in China. 


The VYLC is an award winning language immersion program designed to prepare young people to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in an inter-connected global community.


There was much excitement at the airport as students  printed boarding passes, weighed luggage and hugged mums and dads one more time.  


We look forward to hearing more about their time in China when they return to Melbourne early next term. Thanks to Ms Penny Danks and Ms Lisa Pearson for their excellent care of  students during this trip.


Open Night 2019

For any families with Grade 6 students, our Open Night will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019. All the details are on the school website


It is also worth noting that Box Hill High School has been allocated a designated neighbourhood boundary by the Regional Director.  The demand for enrolment at Box Hill High School often exceeds the number of places available.  The Regional Director has also restricted enrolment and the school has an enrolment ceiling of 1250 students.


Many factors are considered when deciding the optimal number of students that a school can cater for and these include classroom spaces, outdoor recreational spaces as well as the space to move safely within a school.


As a result of the restricted enrolment, priority will be given to Year 7 students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.  If there are more enrolment requests than the number of places available, then the school will review the enrolment applications of students living in the neighbourhood and prioritise those who live closest to the school.


We will enrol students in Year 8-12 only if spaces are available. This is subject to change and depends on family movement into and out of the zone.


It is an expectation that a family will remain permanent residents within the zone for the duration of their child’s education at Box Hill High School.  The requirement of permanent residency in the zone will be monitored and enforced. As such, where a family moves out of the zone, the school may request that at the end of the school year, the parent/guardian enrol their child in the neighbourhood school closest to their new residential address or any other school where places are available.

A safe and supportive community

One of the strengths of Box Hill High School is our safe and supportive learning environment.  We are proud of all students who demonstrate the values of kindness, compassion and respect in everything that they do both in and out of school.


I often receive emails from members of the public who wish to express their admiration of student behaviour on public transport, whilst on excursion or involved in sporting activities.


It is especially important that we are vigilant about the appropriate use of technology both in and out of school time. Parents can take a number of different steps to monitor their child’s behaviour and interactions in digital spaces, especially with younger teens.


Whilst we encourage our students to be critical thinkers and take opportunities to express themselves, any comments that are designed to bully, humiliate and isolate an individual or group is not acceptable.  We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the safe use of technology at school however we depend on parents to take active steps to ensure that students are safe online outside of school hours.


We ask that if you do notice any concerning behaviours or inappropriate online comments or language to please contact your child’s Year Level Coordinator immediately.


Thanks again for your support of the students and staff at Box Hill High School.


 We wish you all a happy term break and will see you again in Term 2.


- Ms Losh Pillay, Principal

For Your Diary

April 2019

Friday 5 April - last day of Term 1

Tuesday 23 April  - Term 2 commences

Tuesday 23 April - School Production ticketing opens (via our school website)

Thursday 25 April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

May 2019

Thursday 2 May - Open Night (bookings open now)

Monday 6 May - closing date for registration for GAPP testing (eligible Year 7 2020 students)

Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 March - School Production performances 

Tuesday 14 May - NAPLAN commences Years 7 and 9

Wednesday 15 May - Year 8 Camp commences

Wednesday 15 May - School Council meeting

Thursday 16 May - Year 9 Morrisby testing (see Careers News & Events page

Saturday 18 May - GAPP Testing

Monday 20 May - Band Camp commences

Tuesday 28 May - Athletics Carnival

Friday 31 May - Year 12 Formal

June 2019

Monday 10 June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Wednesday 19 June - School Council meeting

Friday 21 June - School Reports published

Monday 24 June - Year 10 Work Experience commences

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June - Winter Concert performances

Friday 28 June - last day of Term 2



Box Hill High School is committed to providing academic excellence and we cater for the individual needs of students through both our traditional and innovative programs. The curriculum is challenging and flexible. Students are encouraged to be the best they can be in a stimulating and competitive environment. 

Open Night – Thursday 2 May 2019

We encourage the parents of prospective students to attend the Box Hill High School Open Night at 5.30pm on Thursday 2 May 2019 for a school tour and to hear additional information about enrolment and the GAPP Program. Bookings are required and can be made by using the Trybooking link available on our website after 1 April 2019. 

Criteria for Enrolment at Box Hill High School

Enrolment at Box Hill High School is consistent with government legislation and Department of Education and Training (DET) policy. Box Hill High School has been allocated a designated neighbourhood boundary by the Regional Director. Please refer to the designated neighbourhood boundary map on our website.


The demand for enrolment at Box Hill High School often exceeds the number of places available. The Regional Director has restricted the enrolment and the school has an enrolment ceiling of 1250 students.


Students are enrolled as follows:


Year 7 Students

We will enrol students who live within the designated neighbourhood boundary.


At the start of Term 2, parents of students in Grade 6 will receive the relevant documentation regarding transition to Year 7 from their primary school. The Year 7 Placement Forms are issued by the Department of Education and Training and must be returned to the student’s primary school by the specified date.


It is the Transition Coordinator’s role at a primary school to assist parents with the application process for enrolment at a government secondary school. The primary school will inform parents of their application outcome on Wednesday 7th August.


Please note that an offer of a neighbourhood place at Box Hill High School for Year 7 is subject to providing the required documentation regarding permanent residential address as outlined below. Residential address is the address at which the student permanently resides with parents or legal guardians. 


Year 8-12 Students

We will enrol students who live within the designated neighbourhood boundary. Students applying for enrolment in Years 8-12 should complete an Enrolment Enquiry Form and return it to the Enrolment Officer, along with the documentation required to demonstrate permanent residential address as well as a photocopy of the student's most recent school report.


Permanent Residential Address

All enrolment applications must demonstrate that the student lives within the designated neighbourhood boundary by providing an original copy of each of the following types of documentation:

  1. A current rate notice or a valid lease agreement, with a minimum 12 month lease, from a registered real estate agent in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s. A copy of the bond receipt should also be attached.
  2. Recent utility accounts in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s citing the permanent residential address. Presentation of two utility bills (electricity, gas and water).*
  3. Telephone account in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s citing the permanent residential address.*
  4. Drivers’ licence in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s citing the permanent residential address.*

*Please note that mailing address must match residential address.


Permanent Residency in Designated Neighbourhood Area

It is an expectation that a family will remain permanent residents within the designated neighbourhood boundary for the duration of their child’s education at Box Hill High School.


The requirement of permanent residency within the designated neighbourhood boundary will be monitored and enforced. As such, where a family moves out of this area, the school may request that at the end of the school year, the parent/guardian enrol their child in the neighbourhood school closest to their new residential address or any other school where places are available.

Year 7 2019 Gifted and Academic Potential Program (GAPP)

Students who are interested in GAPP and are eligible for enrolment at Box Hill High school in 2019 are invited to sit the GAPP test. An application link with the enrolment criteria and test details is currently available on the Box Hill High School until Monday 6 May 2019.


Box Hill High School endeavour to update the website when DET occasionally alters the conditions of enrolment.

NAPLAN and Attitudes to School Survey


All students in Year 7 and 9 will be sitting the NAPLAN tests from the 14-16 May. NAPLAN is not a test that students can prepare for in the same way they might prepare for an end of term test. NAPLAN tests skills that develop and improve over time. These are skills that should be continuously developed throughout the year and not just in the lead-up to NAPLAN.

 Some of the best ways to support the development of your child’s Literacy and Numeracy skills include:

  • Reading a range of print and non-print materials. Have a chat before, during and after reading, and encourage your child to share their ideas and to ask questions.
  • Opportunities to write every day at home, such as writing a shopping list or planning and writing your weekly menu together. Short stories and reflective journals are a great way to encourage your child to write more also.
  • Shopping catalogues can be a great way to improve your child’s knowledge of money and spending.
  •  Using a travel timetable to plot a journey and calculate travel time and cost.

Attitudes to School Survey

The Attitudes to School Survey is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience.


Each student is provided a unique login to complete the survey online during school hours using a purpose built secure online survey tool.  It is important to note that we are not in any way “testing” your child. Your child has the right to refuse or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey.


All responses to the survey are anonymous and personal identification data will not be recorded in the survey response file. This ensures that the confidentiality of your child’s responses is protected at all times.

This year the Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at our school from Monday 29 April to Friday 7 June. The survey only takes 20 minutes to complete and occurs during your child's class time.


The results of the survey are shared with the community through our Annual Report and play a key role in shaping future programs and initiatives at our school.

Meet our New Staff

We extend a warm welcome to new staff members who have joined Box Hill High School this term. Missing from this list are Ms Anna Langley and Ms Deanna Chesterton, who we will profile in next term's newsletter.

Ms Lisa Smith

I hold a Bachelor of Psychological Science and have just completed a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (due to graduate in March 2019). In 2018 I undertook a placement role in Student Wellbeing at Brentwood Secondary College and found working with adolescents very rewarding. Prior to this I worked as a project manager with a focus on learning and development projects, mostly for corporate and government clients. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family and I really enjoy running and hiking.

Ms Kat Elliot

I am delighted to be teaching at Box Hill High School, having worked in various wellbeing and teaching roles in schools and community service organisations. I'm a qualified social worker as well as a teacher and I'm passionate about supporting young people to achieve their goals regardless of the barriers they may face. I love theatre, reading and music.


Ms Anna Wen

Hi everyone! I am a new graduate joining the Box Hill High School teaching team this year! I am teaching Accounting and Humanities. I really look forward to teaching at Box Hill High School as I am an alumni of Box Hill High School. It has been my dream since year 11 to come back to Box Hill High School as an accounting teacher and spread the love and knowledge I received as a student. A bonus interesting fact about me is that I have double-jointed knuckles that fully move around, feel free to ask me for a demonstration! 


Mr Ryan McGlade

I am a former Queenslander who has taken to Victorian life like a duck to water, or should I say like a Hawk to Waverley Park (I'm a Hawthorn supporter!). Objectively, I have the voice of an angel, a quality that gained me entry into the Sydney Boys choir in my younger days. I love Mexican food and spending time with my two sons, and in the past I've dabbled with the acquisition of the Latin language. 


Ms Samantha Woollard

Hello Box Hill Community, my name is Sam and I have been teaching for eight years since finishing my Physical Education degree at the University of Ballarat. I have taught at a number of different schools including Lowanna College in Gippsland, Luther College in Croydon Hill, St Bernard’s College in Essendon and numerous schools in the United Kingdom. I am excited to continue my career at Box Hill High School and looking forward getting to know staff, students and the wider community during this year.


Ms Kimberley Evans

My name is Kim Evans and I am thrilled to join the Box Hill High School staff this year as a Health and PE Teacher. I graduated four years ago from Deakin University and have since had a variety of teaching experiences, including two years teaching in London. I started teaching after a lifelong love of sport and involvement in community clubs. This started locally at the Box Hill Little Athletics Club and continued with playing and coaching hockey for the Kew Box Hill Brumbies. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know the Box Hill High School community.


Mr Tom Harley

I’m excited to be teaching History and Geography and I’m looking forward to getting involved in the Box Hill way of life! Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing soccer and cricket, the great outdoors, reading and cooking. I look forward to getting to know everyone as the term goes on!


Ms Paige Bueneman

I am excited to join the community at Box Hill High School this year as a Humanities teacher. Last year I had the privilege to spend time teaching English at a British international school in Santiago, Chile. When I am not at school I enjoy travelling, reading, and water skiing.


Mr Haibo Wang

I am a teacher for Mathematics and Physics. I've been a VCAA assessor for Specialist Mathematics since 2015. I mainly teach VCE Specialist Mathematics 3&4, Mathematical Methods 3&4 and also Physics 1,2,3&4 in the past few years. I was head of Mathematics for 3 years and head of Science for 3 years. Just before joining Box Hill High School, I was Year 12 Student Manager at Brighton Secondary College.


Ms Chenxin (Betty) Lin

My name is Chenxin (Betty) Lin and I graduated from university last December. I'm really excited to be starting my first year of teaching! I teach Year 7-10 Mathematics. I enjoy traveling and doing sports in my spare time.

Mr Matt Pearce

I have been working in IT for 25 years and in Education IT for eight years. I love nothing more than attention to detail and everything working smoothly.  I always work to a plan.  When I'm not working,  I love nothing more than to be four-wheel driving, camping and riding my dirt bike, building an IT project or 3D printing random objects.


Photo: Year 7 Camp

Junior Team Report

Photo: Year 7 Camp

Junior Team Report

Welcome to all students and parents from the Junior School Team. Congratulations to all Year 7 students on completing your first term of high school. Thank you to all parents for supporting your child to make the leap into high school.


It has been a busy term with many events in the junior school. Highlights from this term have included the RESPECT day launch, Year 7 Camp, Year 7 Family Picnic, Junior School Class Captain Elections, National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and Year 9 CBD Experience.

Congratulations to all students who have been elected class captains for 2019. See the list at the end of this page. We look forward to working with you and other junior school leaders in this role.


We look forward to the students continuing to embrace the culture of acceptance, tolerance and resilience which we encourage and celebrate at Box Hill High School.


- Ms Gemma Anderson & Ms Emily Wilkinson

Junior School Engagement Leaders

Year 7 Camp

On February 18th,  7E, F, G, H and Z went to camp Manyung. When we arrived, we were split into 11 groups then we started our activities.


We did eight activities in total. Some of the activities we did were archery, raft building, crate climbing and my favourite - the tree top adventure. The tree top adventure activity allowed us to experience different challenges like crossing logs in mid air and zip lining to different places.


The Year 10’s did a great job planning the events for each night. The disco was also a highlight which we all enjoyed. I also loved the trivia night questions. At camp I made many new friends and found we had common interests.


I was so sad when we had to go because I enjoyed camp so much. The staff at camp Manyung were super nice. I hope that in Year 10 I get the opportunity to become a Peer Support Leader so I can go on camp with the Year 7’s and share the fun. This has been such a memorable start to my high school years.


Thanks to all the teachers and Year 10 students who helped make this camp a most enjoyable experience to remember.

Jack Burns D'Agostino 7G

Important Year 8 Camp Information

  • Camp will be from the 9th - 11th May, Week 4 Term 2 at The Summit in Trafalgar.
  • The camp will allow students to make new friendships, challenge themselves with adventure activities and learn about & practice the principles of gratitude
  • Any parent who knows that their son/daughter WILL NOT be attending must let Ms Anderson know immediately, to assist planning for final numbers
  • A compass event is now available and consent/payment will be due no later than the end of Week 2 Term 2
  • Specific information regarding the schedule of camp activities and a packing list will be provided to parents and students early Term 2

Respect Launch Day - Years 7 to 9

On the 4th of February, an eventful and memorable Respect Launch Day took place. The event commenced in the gym, where we entered the hall not knowing the challenges we were about to face.


We were soon split up into teams and were introduced to our instructors for the session, who told us about how the activities were going to run and the benefits of them. We were guided through every one of these activities, excited to participate in them all.


Finally the time came to start. We hurriedly got to our stations and began our deeds of cooperation. All students worked through the tasks with enthusiasm, helping one another to achieve success. After the rotation, everyone collapsed to the ground with exhaustion, but the fun wasn’t over yet…


Some of the teams who had demonstrated the best teamwork were asked to compete in a semi-final, from which the best advanced to the final. This was the moment everyone was looking forward to. The finalists took their place whilst the crowd of students cheered them on.


Before we knew it, the games were over and the winning team had been announced. We came out of the hall with big smiles on our faces and congratulated one another for our contributions and teamwork.


During lunch the band played and sang their songs, celebrating the day, and with that our Respect Launch Day had ended. It surely was a day to remember.


- Sujayani Sinha 7D and

Charlie Fernandez Quach 7D


In week two of Term 1, all year levels took part in a Respect program. Two speakers came in called Lucy and Drew, to talk to us about different ways we can show gratitude and to find friends that are keepers.


One of the first activities was for us to take part in a trust exercise. We got into groups of two and sat on the floor, we then locked arms and legs and tried to stand up without breaking the bond we had.


After we all succeeded we then joined groups to make four, six, twelve, twenty four and soon everyone was working together to get the whole year level up and down safely. This showed us teamwork.


Next we learnt that since technology has come into our everyday life we have become anti-social and haven’t been a community properly in real life, face to face. So next we did an exercise that we had to try and keep our partner talking for two minutes about something they like. It was more difficult than you would think.


Throughout all the two periods they gave us little tips and tricks about how to find out if your friendship is healthy. They also gave us things to look out for and things that we can do to become better more reliable friends. We enjoyed the whole experience, it was really fun and educational.


- Eliza Hood 8B and Emma Hunter 8B

Class Captains

Year 7

A: Meg Kestle and Adam Chidgey

B: Baden Holness and Becky Howlett

C: Sam Ford and Pearl Southgate

D: Sujayani Singh and Charlie Fernadez

E: Lily McCrae and Derek Ji

F: Roy Zhang and Annabel Jacob

G: Anna Hensher and Jack Burns D’Agostino

H: Noor Abyan and Molly Richardson

Z: Sabrina Lee and Aidan Cseh

Year 8

A: Karan Dhavan and Audrey Lau

B: Emma Hunter and Byron Martin

C: Arnav Chobisa and Sry Kota

D: Lucy Kelly and Yonal Abeykoon

E: Alyssa Rodopoulous

F: Chloe Ong and Noel Varghese

G: Paige Hunter and Moses Tom Moses

H: Rakshan RS and Mary Zhong

Z: William Wu and Maneesha Karunasagara

Year 9

A: Aiden Wong and Trinh Nguyen

B: Hanshika Maheswari

C: Taylor Ignatiadis and Sia Zahid

D: Maria Mafi and Paul Pasquini

E: Grace Simpson

F: Tom Masters and Kaeley Huo

G: Hannah Fielding and Jackson Daws

X: Ben Low and Vanessa Tan

Y: Joseph Lee and Suha Shahzad

Z: Belle White and Oskar Cen


Peer Support Program

Another successful Peer Support Program is underway at Box Hill High School. Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have been assisting Year 7 students with their transition to secondary school through a number of sessions with senior students.


So far, Year 7 students have been introduced to what Box Hill High School has to offer, learnt techniques of how to make friends in a big school, introduced to the concept of thoughtfulness and its importance in school. Students have also played a range of games and fostered a relationship with a team of senior students who are interested in how Year 7 students are experiencing BHHS.


Earlier this term, 19 Peer Support Leaders assisted Year 7 students on school camp. These students ran games, hosted a talent show and trivia night, organised a disco and encouraged Year 7 students to interact with others. Peer Support Leaders put in a fabulous effort over a three day camp and have been wonderful role models for the newest members of the Box Hill High School community.



A Note for Parents

What parents can do to help their children become more independent and help the school reduce interruptions to learning

Are you bringing your child’s forgotten lunch, musical instrument, or PE uniform to school on a regular basis? Are you bringing forgotten homework or projects? Do you wait for ages at the office for a child that has forgotten that he/she has an appointment? 


These could be opportunities to help your child to develop into independent and capable young adults.


Whilst we will make exceptions in case of an emergency, we do not have the staff available to stop work and deliver items to a student in class or to bring students to the office for parents who are waiting. The school also has a policy in regards to making announcements during learning time. We can however make announcements at recess and lunchtime.  Any interruptions to class disrupts the focus of the lesson and impacts the learning of all students in the classroom.


 We ask all parents to please support students to achieve independence by:

  • Planning ahead by establishing a routine every evening. Students can organise themselves for school the next day by checking their time table, packing musical instruments, school books etc. Place these in an easily visible spot in the home ready to go for the next morning.
  • Setting expectations for your child so that they can complete some tasks for themselves, for example making their own lunch.
  • Making it easy for them to succeed, for example leave post it notes or send them text message reminders.
  • Allowing students to get things wrong and to learn from their mistakes.

Students grow more capable and skilled every day. You will know your child’s skill and maturity level best. Frequently revisit what tasks they are capable of doing independently. This will change all the time.


It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.

Anne Launders


- Ms Theresa Iacopino, Assistant Principal

Using Compass

Are you having trouble using Compass?

We use Compass School Manager as our Parent Portal. Using Compass, you are able to:

  • Pay essential student learning items, optional and voluntary contributions
  • Sign up and pay for Laptop Lease
  • Approve and pay for upcoming excursions and camps
  • Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your child
  • Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts) details
  • Access your child's Progress and Student Semester Reports
  • Book your Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
  • View up-to-date class and school attendance information
  • Access information regarding upcoming events and news

Compass is a web-based system that is accessible on any modern web browser or by using the 'Compass School Manager' app available for iOS or Android. To access Compass, go to our school website and select the link OR head directly to the portal URL address:


You will have been provided with a Username and Password when your child enrolled at Box Hill High School. If you can't locate it, call the school office on 9877 1177.


Below is a guide to assist new users.

You can also access this guide via Compass: 

Click on the Community icon, then select School Documentation / Students and Parents / 'A Parent's guide to Compass'

Immunisations &
School Photos


Year 7 Students

We recently had the first round of vaccinations for our Year 7 students at Box Hill High School, which included Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Boostrix) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The second round of the HPV will be given on the Wednesday 9 October 2019.

If your child missed out on the first round, they are still able to have the vaccinations via the Whitehorse City Council Public Immunisation Program. For more information please contact the Council on 9262 6333 or follow the link:

Council Information for 2019 Public Immunisation Program


Year 10 Students

Whitehorse City Council will be providing free vaccinations for Meningococcal ACWY to all Year 10 students on Tuesday 30 July.

Immunisations cards will be distributed to all Year 10 students early in Term 2.

Forgot to order School Photos?

The school photos are at the stage of proofing and editing, we expect to be receiving the photos for distribution early May.


Families can still order photos via the Parent Compass Portal: go to the Community tab, then the Photos tab to order.

Photo: Our 2019 School Captains , Ananya and Tom

Senior Team Report

Photo: Our 2019 School Captains , Ananya and Tom

Welcome to all students and staff from the Senior Team. All students have returned from the holidays refreshed, motivated and enthusiastic. We have been impressed by their dedication to their studies.


Our Year 12 students began the year with a nutrition session from dietician Lisa Renn and a study skills session from Ms Sporri. One of the top tips from Ms Sporri was that a 2% decrease in dehydration = 20% loss of concentration so make sure you are drinking plenty of water – especially during these warmer months!


Year 10 and 11 students will participate in study sessions later in Term 2 to prepare them for their Semester 1 exams.                                                         

Year 10

Peer Support Leaders have done a sensational job running three sessions with Year 7s this term helping to introduce them to life at Box Hill High School. They will continue to support them in Term 2. Thanks to the 19 fabulous students who assisted with Year 7 camp as well.


Work experience will be taking place in the last week of Term 2 (24th – 28th June). Students who haven’t organised their work experience placements yet are requested to do so over the holidays. If you need assistance, please visit the Careers Coordinator Thea Kamvissis in the Careers office next to the gym.

Year 11

Our Year 11 leaders are Fraser Elliot, Roshni Bedi, Jonah Fogg, Phoebe Greaves, Reilly Horner, Max Reina-Henriksen, Adeline See, Elliot Starkey and Thomas White. They have been busy participating in student focus groups and representing the year level and the school for numerous occasions.


Plans for the Central Australia Trip are well underway with 41 excited students signed up and five enthusiastic staff. The students will visit the heart of Australia and learn about Indigenous culture and see some of outback Australia’s most well-known sites. The students depart on the 27th of June for their 10 day Australian adventure.

Year 12

In February, our School Captain and Vice-Captain were elected by their fellow Prefects and staff from the Senior Team and Principal Class. We offer our congratulations to Thomas Yakubowski (School Captain) and Ananya Sehgal (Vice-Captain) who will no doubt lead our school with drive and compassion.


Thomas, Ananya and the rest of the prefect team, Anna Tolotchkov, Anna Polesskiy, Lexi Cairns, Diego Machillanda Flechas, Sean Cormick, Anthony Quach, William Wang, Mckinley Keys, Chao Yi Cheng, Fintan Hennessy, Phillina Alles and Zahra O’Dea have already held a number of events for the Year 12 students including Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, and an Easter Egg hunt. They have also spruced up the Year 12 Centre with some student art and new appliances. Next term, they will run Box Hill High School’s famous talent show. We are lucky to have such a committed and passionate group of prefects.


The Year 12 Formal will be held on the 31st May. The Formal committee are hard at work planning the evening making posters, invitations, selecting decorations and menu items. They can now announce that the theme for the evening is Enchanted Forest. Event bookings will open early in Term 2.  


- Ms Siegrid Fischer and Ms Erica Sporri

Senior School Engagement Leaders

Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

The SRC is slightly smaller this year, but motivated as ever to represent the student body with passion and purpose!


Currently on the agenda is planning for freshly updated school murals, as existing designs have seen their fair share of wear and tear - try saying that five times fast! Of course the SRC will continue with its normal projects throughout the year, so keep an eye out for announcements regarding charity collections, free dress days, and other fun things!


We would like to formally recognise and congratulate our newly elected SRC Executive Council for 2019:

  • President – Jo-Yee Lau
  • Vice President – Nina Boyce
  • Secretary – Thomas White
  • Treasurer – Henry Evans

House and House Captains

Term 1 has seen some exciting new house initiatives implemented to start us off strong in 2019. To increase house spirit and community feels, our 2019 House Captains have taken turns announcing the weekly house points for the school each Friday so students are always up to date with the current rankings.


The House Captains have also been busy helping run the Inter-House Sports Tournament with Ms Evans. This term saw houses pitted against each other in mixed netball, with Batman, Deakin, and Forrest all earning wins for their houses! Next Term we look forward to a mixed volleyball competition.


Sign-up sheets are outside the gym so get your team ready now!


Students are also welcome to purchase house lanyards and badges which are on sale for $3 each, every Thursday in the gym.


- Ms Sarah Weyenberg

Student Achievements

My experience as an extra on set for a US TV series

I was recently cast as an extra in a US TV series. They were filming in Melbourne. The scene that I was in was filmed on Sandringham Beach. My role in the scene was to play cricket in the foreground as part of the beach scene.

When I arrived at 6.30am I had to get my outfit checked by the wardrobe people, and they chose the brightest coloured bathers. Then all the extras, about 100, were taken to get breakfast. We were escorted down to the beach and the extras were put in places for the background scene, a hot summer’s day on the beach.

Before the start of a take, we would wait until they told us to get ready, then we went to our starting positions and waited for the signal to start acting. I was with five boys who played beach cricket on the water’s edge and I was the bowler. Other extras were playing footy, frisbee, sunbaking, or walking through the scene carrying eskies and beach umbrellas.

The signal “Background action!” was yelled out by the camera crew shortly after the camera started rolling. The takes would last for about 20-60 seconds. When they were finished with that take, they would yell out “Reset!”. Then we had to go back to our starting positions.


First they shot from a boat in the water and then in the second scene, they shot from a camera higher up the beach, shooting out to sea. Each scene shot about 15-20 takes. The whole job was about four hours of filming and preparation. In the TV show, that filming will make up about a minute of background scene.


- Barnaby Wickes 9E


2019 RESPECT Program Launch Day     
Monday 4th Feb

The RESPECT Program 2019 ‘Launch Day’ was organised by Ms Danks and Ms Smith to promote the big messages of the program in a fun day of activities and workshops.


The Year 7s had a session on collaborative games and team-building run by Fitness Worx where everyone was able to participate and challenge themselves. The Year 8s participated in the ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’ session, that involved a 'mates that count’ workshop highlighting how you can rise by lifting others up, and develop the skill of actively listening to others. The Year 9 workshop run by ‘Values for Life’ focused on the importance of building skills for resilience and demonstrating empathy to others.


Lunchtime activities were run to promote respectful relationships and cooperation. There was also a musical performance by senior students that was very popular. Students enjoyed getting out into the sunshine and having fun!


The RESPECT Coordinator for 2019 is Ms Eleanor Smith.



Respect Classes

Year 7

The Year 7 RESPECT theme for the year is ‘Positive Relationships’ and this term the focus has been on developing positive strategies to assist with the transition to high school. Each home group has one of their subject teachers take these fortnightly timetabled sessions, and it has been a wonderful opportunity for these teachers to get to know each of the students and their strengths, and hear their ideas about what is important to them. Students reflect on their learning through their discussions with other students and also practice reflecting in writing in their journals. A special focus this term has been on developing the organisational skills required for success in high school.


Year 8

The Year 8 RESPECT theme for the year is ‘Gratitude’ and this term the focus has been on positive coping strategies when encountering challenges in life. Research on resilience shows that use of positive self-talk is associated with greater persistence in the face of challenge, and positive self-talk can be learnt or strengthened through practise (Seligman, 2009). Year 8 students have been regularly practising gratitude through 'appreciation posts' and applying ways of using positive self-talk in every day scenarios eg. sitting a test. Students also explored the benefits of being assertive when tackling a problem rather than being aggressive or submissive. Through written reflections students have also been able to strengthen their abilities to communicate their learning.


Year 9

The year 9 RESPECT theme for the year is ‘Resilience’ and the focus for Term 1 has been ‘My Strengths and Positive Coping’. Each student has developed a greater understanding of their character strengths through taking the VIA Character Strengths Survey for Children, and how it can be used when responding to different issues. Students have also explored some of the common mind traps of pessimistic thinking such as over-reacting, ignoring the positives and taking things too personally.  Research shows that wellbeing, positive behaviour and academic achievement are more likely when students are aware of their character strengths, and have opportunities to demonstrate and develop them at school (Noble & McGrath, 2008).

Wellbeing online resources for parents


The RESPECT Coordinator for 2019 is Ms Eleanor Smith.


Student Wellbeing Hub:


Flourishing at School:


Parenting for Resilience – Michael Grose:    


Beyond Blue


Reach Out



- Ms Kellie Ind, Assistant Principal

Careers - News & Events

How can our Careers Department help?

The BHHS Careers department provides a number of services to assist students make successful transitions from school into the wider community. Some of the services offered are:

  • Individual subject/course counselling
  • Access to current tertiary publications
  • VTAC publications for Yr 10/11/12
  • VET information
  • Access to various online career interest profiling tools
  • Support with resume writing
  • Support with work experience
  • Fortnightly Careers newsletters via Compass newsfeed and Box Hill High School Careers website
  • Access to the Box Hill High School Careers Website- a very informative site that provides students and parents with information, to assist in making informed decisions about available pathways.

Students are encouraged and supported to explore all their options and to maximise their potential, be that at University, TAFE, Apprenticeship or via employment.

Appointments can be made by calling 9875 9120, Monday to Thursday; 8.30 – 4.00pm

Class of 2018 - Tertiary Offers

At the end of 2018, 203 students applied for tertiary placements. 95% of our cohort were made an offer and the following table provides a snapshot of the universities selected. The remaining 5% of students, have been successful in gaining pathway diplomas since the offers were made in January.

University Total Offers
Monash University 54
University of Melbourne 49
Deakin University 24
Swinburne University 17
Swinburne TAFE 2
RMIT University 8
La Trobe University 11
Victoria University 1
TAFE Other 4
Deakin College 8
La Trobe College 2
Monash College 1

The areas of interest attracting most offers were:

Management and Commerce - 50 offers

Natural and Physical Sciences - 45 offers

Health - 39 offers

Congratulations to the graduates of 2018. Best wishes for the future, and please keep in touch.

The Careers team are keen to invite Box Hill High School Alumni to speak at school events. Interested Alumni are encouraged to forward their details to

EXCITING NEWS: Year 9 Students and Parents - Morrisby Online

The Department of Education and Training is supporting all secondary schools to provide a new, free, career advisory service for Year 9 students. 

The careers advisory service forms part of the Victorian Government’s $109M investment to transform career education in Victorian schools. This service is being provided by Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) in partnership with the Department of Education and Training.


The service is designed to help students make better choices about subject selection, vocational education and training, senior secondary school certificates and further study. All Year 9 students in government schools will have access to:

  • an online personal career discovery tool that identifies potential suitable careers in a report
  • analysis of their career assessment report by an accredited career practitioner
  • a follow-up one-on-one career counselling session to discuss the outcomes of their assessment and future options.


The service uses a personal online career discovery tool (Morrisby Online) which provides objective and relevant information about the student and the opportunities available. As part of the service, your child will receive a confidential profile generated through the online career discovery tool.  As a parent or carer, your child is able to invite you to view their profile via a secure website.


Once the assessment has been completed, the student will be provided with a report and a 1:1 career counselling session. There is an opportunity for you (the Parent/Guardian) to attend this thirty minute session with the qualified Careers Consultant with your child. 


The Careers Consultant will provide you and your child with a 30 minute one on one interview about what your child’s profile suggests and how they can use it to help them with subject choices and to explore future career options and pathways.



Currently, Box Hill High School is liaising with our assigned Regional Coordinator to confirm dates for the completion of Morrisby Online and the one-on-one consultation dates and times, that will take place at BHHS.


We are aiming to have the online assessment completed in May (100 minutes required) and consultations completed before the subject selection process commences in July.


Parents/guardians are welcome to attend the individual consultations.



Year 10 Students

WORK EXPERIENCE forms to be submitted to Careers Office (G4) by April 1st. Please visit the Careers Office if you are struggling to find a placement.


Any parents able to offer work experience opportunities to our Yr 10 students, please contact the Careers office on 9875 9120 or  All support is greatly appreciated. 

This term, ACE/DOE/VET students were visited by a representative from the Young Workers Centre who presented information to our students about

Rights at Work and Safety at work, in preparation for Work Experience in term 2 and for future employment.


Lots of valuable information was provided and I encourage you to check out Young Workers Centre, for all things work related!

Upcoming Events


  • Excursion to VCE & Careers Expo @ Caulfield Racecourse: May 2nd.
  • VCE & Careers Expo Seminar Program
  • Managed Individual Pathway Interviews- May 29th


  • Year 11 Managed Individual Pathway Interviews-May 22nd 
  • Year 12- Monash University Campus Tour- June 11th

2019 VCE and Careers Expo

  • Learn about; VCE subjects, tertiary courses, careers, employment opportunities and gap year options.
  • When/time: Thurs 2nd & Fri 3rd May from 9am until 3pm.
  • Sat 4th & Sun 5th May (10am-4pm)
  • Where: Station St, Caulfield Racecourse, Caulfield.
  • Admission: $10 online p/p or $12 at the door. Family and school group options available. 
  • For details visit:

VCE Students - the new app making revision fun!

Access Education

An app designed to make VCE revision fun!

From the first day of term 2 right through to the last day of term 3 you will receive approximately 150 questions directly to your device on a weekly basis! For more info visit the link above.

National Youth Science Forum

Current Year 11 students, with a passion for Science, are reminded that the National Youth Science Forum is the only program in Australia that offers students the chance to test-drive a wide range of universities and careers in the sciences. 


Students learn how to make informed decisions about courses and careers in the sciences and gain a professional skill set to help them realise their potential.

Applications for NYSF 2020 open Friday 1 March 2019 and close on Friday 31 May 2019.  

For more information about the National Youth Science Forum and the application process, visit National Youth Science Forum


- Ms Thea Kamvisis and Ms Janine Frank

Careers Department

Careers - Opportunities

General Careers Information

ADF Gap Year

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians, who have finished Year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24, to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year.  The life skills and job training that students acquire during their Gap Year experience are valuable regardless of what career they ultimately undertake.  Gap Year opportunities are available in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The GAP Year will commence in January/February 2020 and the jobs available are in the Navy, Army (Administration Clerk, Artilleryman, Driver, Rifleman, and Unit Quartermaster) and Air Force.  Applications for 2020 open this month, so students who don't want to miss out, are encouraged to register for updates at the link below.


To find out more information about the ADF Gap Year program please visit ADF GAP YEAR

Defence University Sponsorship

Whilst studying for a job-relevant degree at your choice of accredited university, join the Australian Defence Force (ADF), have your fees paid for, earn a salary while you complete your degree, and walk straight into a great ADF role following graduation.


Being awarded a Defence University Scholarship (DUS) means that a student can apply for a role in the Navy, Army or Air Force while still studying for a degree at any accredited university in Australia; join their chosen service, then concentrate on their studies, while enjoying a salary and many other benefits.

In return for being paid to complete their degree course and having the rest of their fees covered, students will be expected to serve in the Navy, Army or Air Force. Typically, DUS recipients will be required to:

  • complete one to four weeks of training each year during university holidays, and
  • once they have graduated, DUS recipients will need to commit to full-time service for the number of years of university sponsorship plus one year (with a minimum of three years' service).  So, if they were sponsored for a 3-year degree, they would owe 4-years of service.

For more information regarding the application process, the courses that qualify for sponsorship, and the roles university sponsorship can lead to, visit Defence University Sponsorship (DUS)

Maths - make your career count!

Students often ask where maths and statistics can take them.  Are there jobs out there that use maths?  By browsing Maths Careers, students will certainly find out just how many jobs use maths! 

Inside Monash Seminar Series 2019

Get the inside story of what it’s really like to study at Monash. You’ll hear from a current student, a past student and an academic. It’s the best 90 minutes you could spend researching your course. Bring along your parents too!  The 'Inside Monash Seminar Series' commences in late March and continues until August.  These seminars provide VCE students with an insight into the courses and career options within discipline areas.  The seminars are held in various locations across the Caulfield, Clayton, Peninsula, and City campuses, and seminars with the same title have the same program.  All seminars commence at 6.30pm.  Exact venue details are available on registration at Inside Monash Seminars

Experience a day in the life of a Monash MNHS student

Students wanting to know what it is like to study Medicine, Biomedical Science or Nursing at Monash University are encouraged to watch a few videos which are hosted by current students, and take viewers inside their lectures, placements, and favourite places on campus to show what a typical day looks like. 
Watch four short YouTube videos at a Day in My Life

School Holiday Campus Tours

Students considering studying at Monash University after Year 12 are invited to join Monash students on a scheduled tour – a great way to see and experience each of the campuses.  Students will be taken around the campus and be shown some of the main facilities and buildings. Tours will commence at 10.00am and run for about 1,5 hours.  Students can attend on any of these days:

  • Friday 12 April – Clayton Campus
  • Monday 15 April – Caulfield Campus
  • Tuesday 16 April – Peninsula Campus
  • Thursday 18 April – Clayton Campus
  • Wednesday 24 April - Clayton Campus

Book a tour at  Monash Campus Tours

Experience Clever at La Trobe

Experience Clever gives Year 10, 11 and 12 students the chance to experience Uni for a day.  Not only will students get to see the campus, but also get to take part in fun and dynamic workshops led by real lecturers. 


Students will choose from over 50 workshops in a broad range of study areas.  From there, they will experience real classroom environments and interact with university staff and students.

There will be campus and accommodation tours, free catering, prizes and entertainment. 


Students are encouraged to register early before sessions fill up.

Date:  Friday 12 April 2019                           

Time:  9.00am – 4.30pm

Venue:  La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus, Union Building


Register at Experience Clever at La Trobe

Step On Campus holiday event

Step on Campus gives students and their families an opportunity to take a personalised tour of Deakin University during the Term 1 school holidays. Participants will be offered a 45-minute tour with a current Deakin student to learn about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university.

WhereMelbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront and Warrnambool campuses

Melbourne Burwood Campus – Wednesday 10 and 17 April 2019
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus – Thursday 11 and 18 April 2019
Geelong Waterfront Campus – Tuesday 16 April 2019
Warrnambool Campus – Tuesday 16 April 2019

TimesTimes vary per campus                      

Register for one or more tours at Step on Campus

Day in the life of a fashion illustrator - holiday workshop

This hands-on one-day workshop is open to all Year 10 – 12 students, and aims to provide the opportunity to experience life as a fashion illustrator and to develop skills to present creative ideas for their portfolio. The workshop is designed for students interested in communicating their design concepts through fashion illustration and developing fashion portfolios. Tips for folio presentation and layout will also be discussed.

Date:  Friday 12 April 2019
Time:  9.30am – 4.00pm
Location: Box Hill Institute – Nelson Road
Cost: $75 plus processing fee
A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator

A Day at Melbourne

If you’re wondering what university is like, or getting ready to pick your VCE subjects, then it’s the ideal time to attend 'A Day at Melbourne'.


'A Day at Melbourne' is an immersive event for Year 10 students that includes opportunities to speak with current students and academic staff about what life is like at the University of Melbourne. Registration is required.


Date:  13 April 2019

Time:  9.30 – 2.30 pm

Location:  Arts West  Building 148, Medical Road, Royal Parade, Parkville Victoria 3052

RegistrationA Day at Melbourne



Wishing all students and families a safe and relaxing break. Happy Reading!


- Ms Thea Kamvissis and Ms Janine Frank

Careers Department

Teaching & Learning

Professional Learning Teams

All staff at Box Hill High School are committed to fostering the learning growth of every student. This term, we launched Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to provide staff with the time to collaborate with their colleagues on pedagogy in order to enhance the consistent delivery of high-quality teaching and learning in all classrooms.


Through their PLT, each teacher has selected one focus area. This area is selected based on the needs of their students. Throughout the year each teacher will work through the Action Research Cycle to implement an intervention to improve student outcomes based on this area of need.

The three focus areas for 2019 are:

  • evidence-based literacy interventions,
  • quality feedback on student learning, or
  • implementing optimal lesson structures.


It has been really pleasing to hear from a number of our student leaders that they are already noticing some positive changes in their own classrooms, and we are confident that all students will see the benefits of this work throughout the year.

Curriculum Development

In 2019, all staff are continuing our focus on the development of high-quality teaching and learning programs. Staff are working collaboratively to create curriculum which is both guaranteed and viable for all students. This will ensure that every student is provided with the opportunity to learn a core curriculum and have access to the same content, knowledge skills in each class.


A key part of this work includes the formation of developmental rubrics for all units of work. Developmental rubrics allow students’ learning to be viewed on a continuum and support student learning as they break up complex learning into smaller steps for teachers and students to use.


We thank our highly dedicated and hardworking staff for their efforts this term. Their commitment to being lifelong learners and continual focus on improvement models and further strengthens our culture of high expectations at Box Hill High School.


- Ms Shareen Bottrell, Ms Sally Charles, Ms Erin Gleeson and Mr Eugene Roizman,

Learning Leader Team

Focus on The Arts

The Arts - a Super domain

This year, all of the Arts subjects have been brought together into one (Super) Domain.  In previous years there were two Domains - one for Drama, Media and Music and a second for the Visual Arts including Art, Photography and VCD. This change may not be seen by the students in the classroom just yet. However, for me personally, I am really excited, as now I have even more creative people to work with!


The Arts Domain now has 11 teachers, if we include those who also teach across other Domains. I think we are all very excited about the opportunity to collaborate on creative ventures for our talented students.


‘Create your Future’ is the title we have given our 2019 Visual Arts Guide. I posted this on Compass a few week ago. The guide provides an overview of every Visual Arts subject from Year 7 to 10 including Art, 3D Art, Media, Studio Arts and VCD. Subject and career pathways are also outlined in the guide. If you missed this, check back over the Compass feed. We are now working on a similar guide for Music and Drama.


The Arts is a great way for student to develop valuable 21st Century skills such as:

  • Communication: how students communicate effectively with each other
  • Collaboration: how students work together to achieve higher goals
  • Critical thinking: to be able to analyse and synthesize information
  • Creativity: students’ capacity to create, innovate and be original with thoughts and ideas

Do I believe the Arts have the monopoly on 21st century skills? Absolutely not; every subject has the capacity to incorporate these. I’d like to think we do them better. That is, by nature of our subjects we have the capacity to use critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity in almost most every lesson. I also believe that the benefit of the skills taught in the Arts will be seen in every other subject.

I would also like to acknowledge our Arts Student Leaders for 2019 - Music Captains Henry Evans and Kate Benjamin, and Visual Arts Captains Kimberly Bull, Ava Rego and Alanna Baxter. These students will assist the teachers in running of events and activities as well as advocating for The Arts and being a voice for their fellow students. I have already met with captains to discuss ways we can continue to improve our amazing program and continue to raise its profile here at Box Hill High School.  


While you are still on this page, take a moment to click though the gallery containing a selection of our Term One student work. Included are images from Art, 3D Art and VCD.

I am looking forward to what our students produce for Term 2.  


- Mr James Taylor 

Arts Domain Leader 

Photo: Production Workshop - The 39 Steps

Performing Arts

Photo: Production Workshop - The 39 Steps

Drama - Top Class Success

Every year the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) present Top Class Drama at the Melbourne Arts Centre – a collection of performances by inspirational students who received outstanding grades for their 2018 VCE Drama performance examinations. 


Senior Drama students in Years 10 and 11 were accompanied by Ms Robinson and myself to enjoy ten of the selected performances that explored characters like The Regrettable Superhero, Lizzie Borden, Santa Claus, The Detective and an array of family favourites from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Students were awed and impressed by many of the performances, and left with a greater understanding of the end of year solo exam. 


This year, two of our 2018 VCE Drama students, Harry Dowling and Kim Taylor, were recognised for their exceptional performances and were invited to audition for the season of excellence. Congratulations to both of these students for being selected from all of the 2018 Drama students in Victoria – what a credit to your talent! 


Harry was selected to present his character of The Raven at The Arts Centre on March 13th, and was met with uproarious applause from the 900 seat theatre. He carries on a celebrated tradition of students from Box Hill High School Drama department performing as a part of The Top Class Season for another year. This was a perfect close to Harry’s drama career at Box Hill High School where he played noteworthy roles of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, as well as Captain Hook in Peter Pan, A Musical Adventure. He also achieved a perfect study score of 50 for VCE Drama. Thank you for all of your work at BHHS, Harry. We look forward to seeing you on even bigger stages in years to come! 

- Ms Kaitlyn Trollope 

 Year 12 Drama Teacher 

Production Update

At the beginning of Term 4 in 2018, the Drama Department held auditions for Box Hill High School’s 2019 Production of ‘The 39 Steps’. We were staggered by the creativity and quality that was evident in the work performed. After two days of auditions, and a very competitive call-back process, we cast our 39 very talented performers. 


We were also very happy to name our student leaders for this year. In the Creative Team our leaders are Alanna Baxter as Assistant Director and Eloise Maher as Publicity Designer. In our Tech Crew our leaders are Sean Cormick as Stage Manager, Ben Lyons as Lighting Designer and Jetil Patel as Sound Designer.


We value student voice and leadership so much within production, and firmly believe that the inclusion of student leaders in both a creative and technical capacity gives them an opportunity to experience a role of responsibility within the industry. They are a great asset to our team. 


Initial work on our show began earlier than usual, with all junior cast members and some seniors attending an end of year workshop in December. A great time was had by all in our exploration of setting, sounds, mood and characters in a fun and collaborative environment.  


We hit the ground running in Term 1, with Year 7 auditions on just the second day of school and rehearsal kicking off at the beginning of Week 2. Our cast, led by the wonderful Cally Robinson as Director, is well on the way to creating a magnificent theatrical experience, with some very bold and expressive characters – as you can see in these images of our Clowns hard at work.  


Tickets will be available for purchase via the school website from the 23rd of April (first day back of Term 2). Don’t miss out!  


Kaitlyn Trollope 

Producer – ‘The 39 Steps’ 

Our 2019 Production
'The 39 Steps'
Tickets on sale via our school website next term - 23rd April


Photo: Senior students at VCAA Top Class Music 2019


Photo: Senior students at VCAA Top Class Music 2019

Instrumental Music Term 1

The year has got off to a fantastic start with 80 Year 7 students choosing to better themselves by deciding to learn a musical instrument. One of the regrets many adults have is that they wish they played a musical instrument when they were young. These students will not have these regrets. The program now boasts well over 200 students learning a musical instrument at the school.


Term 1 has seen several school excursions for the senior music students, including ‘Top Class Music’ at the Recital Centre. Students were exposed to solo performances from the top performers of the Year 12 subject Solo Music Performance and walked away with an excellent idea of what it takes to deliver a top Year 12 performance at year’s end.


The other excursion was at the Hamer Hall (Concert Hall) where students listened to world renowned jazz performer and music educator Winton Marsalis and his band. An amazing opportunity for students of the Stage Band and other VCE music students to experience music performed at world class level.


Our student-run Year 10 and 12 Rock Bands played in the quadrangle, entertaining the student and staff population with their mix of 80’s, 90’s and present day hits. The Year 10 and Year 11 Rock ensembles also played at the Roberts McCubbin School Fete where they ‘wowed’ the audience, with several audience members moved to dance to well-known songs. It was a wonderful opportunity for the band members to perform in the local community and it was also wonderful to see Box Hill High School alumni student band, ‘Baked Beans’ support the fete.


For the first time, students have the opportunity to become Ensemble Leaders.  The Ensemble Leaders will help with the running of rehearsals and concerts, write articles for the school magazine and speak at concerts and other performances. Congratulations to Liam, Cynthia, Oscar, Emmy, Ben, Hayley, Hayden, Jasmine and Jennifer on their appointments. We look forward to working with these passionate musicians.


We look forward to very busy Term 2 where students will be involved in the Regional Concert at Hamer Hall, Band Camp at Oasis Camp in Mount Evelyn (3 Concert Bands only) and the Victorian School Bands Festival for the String Ensembles. For a full list of Term 2 dates, please refer to the dates below.


- Mr Troy Rogers

Director of Music

Jazz for Young People

On Thursday the 1st of March, the senior ensemble, Stage Band, and the Year 11 and 12 music classes, went into the city, to Hamer Hall to see the Jazz for Young People Concert.


The concert was centred around the question, Who is Thelonious Monk?, a world famous Jazz musician from the 1940’s. The concert focused on Monk’s music and how he changed the world of Jazz during his time as a musician. The performance, was performed by the world-renowned Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra and was hosted, by Wynton Marsalis, who gave the audience an insight to who Monk was, and how he performed and composed his music. 

This concert showed students an excellent performance, which in our final years of high school music, will help us gain tips and tricks for the professional industry, and techniques we can use in our own performances. It also helped us put all of our knowledge of music into perspective, to show us ways we should perform when it comes to our performance exams at the end of Year 12. It also gave students wishing to continue music, more specifically Jazz music, a goal for after high school. 


Overall the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and privilege to see the Jazz at Lincoln Centre orchestra perform. As a collective, the performance students thank the Music department and Mr Martin Corcoran for organising the experience. 

- Henry Evans and Jess Manns, Music Captains

Top Class Music

On Tuesday 19th of March the Year 12 Music class attended the VCAA Top Class Music performances. The Top Class concert series showcases the best performances from students in the arts. This gives the current cohort an opportunity to see an example of the very best and hear about how they could aspire to reach the same level for their end of year performance exam.


The students attended two concerts on the day witnessing a range of performance styles, music genres and instruments. The students were blown away by the level of sophistication, creativity, and connection to the music and audience that each performer presented in the pieces they played. They were able to gain a new understanding of the Performance Exam Assessment Criteria as the hosts discussed the ways each performer excelled in specific areas and were given insights into the way the assessors marked the different performers.


Overall the students had a great day experiencing some beautiful music as well as each student taking something away as they prepare for their own performances.


- Ms Grace de Blasio, Music Department

Important Dates Term 2



Performance/Activity - Ensemble



Thu 2  May

Open Night – Stage Band and Senior Strings and Classroom Music

Hall, H4 and H5


Tues 7 May

Wind Symphony Quad Performance



Friday 10 May

Regional Concert Rehearsal Day 1 – Junior Bands



Mon 20 – 22 May

Music Camp – Wind Symphony, Intermediate Concert Band and Junior Concert Band

Camp Oasis – Mt. Evelyn



Thur 23 May

Regional Concert Rehearsal Day 2 – Junior Bands



Tues 28 May

Regional Concert  – Hamer Hall  (rehearsals – Thursday, 10th May and Thursday, 23th May) – Open to members of the Choir, Concert Band, Wind Symphony, String Ensemble and Stage Band

Hamer Hall   City


Thur 30 May

String Ensemble Quad Performance



Week starting Mon 3Jun

CAT 1 – Performance 1 Instrumental Lessons

H5, H6, H7, H8


4-7 Jun

VSMF Orchestra section      String Ensemble


Hawthorn Arts Centre


Thur 13 Jun

Vocal Night



Tues 25 Jun

Winter Concert – Junior Night 7.30pm



Wed 26Jun

Winter Concert 2 – Senior Night 7.30m



Swimming Carnival

On Thursday the 7th of February, despite the threat of rain, Box Hill High School descended upon the Boroondara Sports Complex for the annual Whole School Swimming Carnival. After a quick early morning shower, the rain stayed away allowing a great day of participation, fun and house spirit!


The times in the pool were fast and the smiles on students’ faces were large as a great day was had by all. After a most improved summer, Deakin were crowned the 2019 House Swimming Champions, giving them a handy boost in the race for the House Cup. The following points were the final standing for the day


Deakin: 608

Forrest: 529

Batman: 489

Mawson: 322


Congratulations Deakin and well done to everyone for making it such a fantastic affair!


Eastern Metropolitan Regional Swimming Championship

After an excellent display at the Division Swimming Carnival, Box Hill High School had eight students represent the Whitehorse Region at the EMR Swimming Championship. All students swam their hearts out, with most individual competitors finishing on the podium at least once! The following students won their events and will represent the school at the SSV State Championship on the 24th of April.

Congratulations to them and the best of luck next term!

Calvin Reed: 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle

Anthony Lin: 200m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly.

Blake Crichton: 50m Butterfly.

Alyssa Rodopoulos: 50m Breaststroke.

Inter-school Sport

It’s been a big term of sport for our students at Box Hill High School, with many students representing our school across a range of sports. Special mention goes to the following teams, who were the Whitehorse Division Champions and will progress through to the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals later this year.

* Senior Boys Hockey

* Senior Boys Netball

* Intermediate Boys Cricket

It’s been great to see so many students volunteering to join our sporting teams. Keep a look out on the Compass News Feed for more sporting sign-up sheets coming out in Term Two!

Photo: Book Club


Photo: Book Club

It’s been a busy start to the 2019 school year for the library. Promoting some new databases in the classroom, helping students to locate texts, study guides, and books that they are interested in and distributing book orders -  the library has been a hub of activity from 8am in the morning when it opens until 4pm at the end of homework club when it closes.


A call went out at the start of the year to request library monitors and within a week we had a new team. Coming in to support the daily operations in the library, helping fellow students to find and locate books, returning books to the shelves and coming up with ideas for and creating fabulous displays, have kept our new team very busy.

One of those displays are the books that have been nominated for Inky Awards and the Children’s Book Council Award. Added to the physical collection and displayed in the library, students are reminded that if these books have been borrowed, they can always access them as an e-book or audio book through Wheelers Online. Just download the app to any device, search for Box HillHS, log on using your Compass Username and use the Password: Library1 and get reading.


This year we are embracing the house spirit – especially after our hugely successful pasta challenge at the end of 2018. Students have been collecting house points for a whole range of library initiatives, competitions and participation. Points for Pages, a new initiative where staff and students are rewarded for borrowing and reading a book has really been embraced. The tally that is updated weekly and displayed outside the library not only demonstrates the fabulous reading culture that already exists at Box Hill High School, but also, an emerging, healthy house spirit amongst our users.


Our new Book Club was launched early in the term and has been a popular feature on the Tuesday timetable. Invited to bring their lunch and their passion for all thing’s literary, students have helped to select new books to add to the collection and shared their latest ‘amazing, fabulous, couldn’t put it down’ experience with each other. Currently, students are working on creating a short film that will be showcased in the library early Term 2 to promote some of their favourite reads to the whole school community.


Our monthly competitions continue to appeal to all year levels and generate lively discussions. Our first cohort of winners collected points for participating in the Pig Competition that celebrated Chinese New Year and our Guess the 9-letter word is also back and continues to have a popular following. This year we have also introduced a new weekly Boggle Board competition where 16 letters are displayed and words that are 7 or more letters long, earn house points and the longest word of the week receives a prize.


And finally, we hope that all student orders from Lilydale books have been delivered but if you are still waiting for a book, either contact the bookshop on 9739 6186 or please come and see the friendly library staff, Ms McQueen, Ms Pearson and Ms Ying Yu.


-Ms Kylie Pearson

ACE & Duke of Edinburgh

ACE Program (Active, Challenging Experience)

The Year 10 ACE program provides an opportunity for students to move outside the traditional school curriculum through a variety of activities that allow the students to ‘Achieve, Challenge and Experience’. These experiences are specifically designed to challenge students mentally and physically, while developing initiative, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills. These are skills that all employers rate highly and which lead to increased self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence.


Our year 10 ACE program has started well for 2019. The focus of Term 1 in the ACE program has been ‘Teamwork’. The students in their classes have been learning about what teamwork is and how individual personality types work together. They have then participated in numerous activities where they have been given the opportunity to practice these skills.


We have had two full day excursion where students participated in either stand-up paddle boarding or METEC driving lessons. Both activities were engaging and practical days where students got to learn new skills and practice working together and supporting each other. The METEC driving was an enjoyable day out for students and turned out to be the first time many of the students had driven a car. The stand-up paddle boarding also proved to be a tricky skill to master for the students with two groups having an enjoyable day at the beach.

Aside from our two full day excursions, students have participated in many smaller activities on a weekly basis. Some of these have included Escape Room, Rock climbing, Dark Zone and Roller Skating. These activities have challenged our student’s teamwork and communication skills, whilst allowing them to have fun while trying new things.


After a great start to the year for our ACE program, we are hoping that the students continue to enjoy the challenges put in front of them.


- Ms Jessica Goodwin

ACE coordinator

Duke of Edinburgh

This year we have five classes of Year 10 students working towards completing the Silver level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Undertaking this level of the award requires the completion of four components: Skill, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.


For the Skill, Service and Physical Recreation components, students divide the amount of time they focus on each area. Two areas they focus on for six months and one area they focus on for 12 months. Students develop goals that challenge them in these areas and work towards achieving them throughout the year. At the end of the year, students will participate in an Adventurous Journey where they will be putting all their knowledge and skills learnt throughout the year to work while canoeing on the Murray River.


Training and preparation for students to complete the four sections of the award is undertaken on Wednesday afternoons throughout the school year, during periods 4 to 6. This includes a diverse range of activities, both on and off campus, such as trangia safety, camp cookery, tent pitching, canoeing, bushwalking and physical fitness. They also undertake sessions focussed on career and professional skill development, navigation, team building, problem solving, and leadership.


As some of the planned activities need more time in order to be of maximum benefit to the students, on some occasions the program will run over the full day. These trips are designed to expand comfort zones, build resilience and provide participants with new experiences. Planned external activities include canoeing, bushwalking, urban navigation, high ropes and other adventure activities.


This term students have had two full days of activities. These comprised of canoeing, tree top adventures, bushwalking and navigation.

Students were introduced to canoeing skills at Fairfield Boathouse. Here, students learnt some basic techniques of canoeing and water safety on rivers, which we will continue to build on later in the year leading up to the Adventurous Journey on the Murray River.

Some students went to Tree Top Adventures in Belgrave and participated in high rope activities, and an introduction to navigation skills. Students pushed their limits, challenged themselves, and worked on leadership and teamwork while completing both aspects of the day.


Some students completed a day of bushwalking, either at Lysterfield Lake or the Kokoda Memorial Walk (1000 steps). Here, students developed their navigation, leadership and teamwork skills while completing orienteering throughout the venues.


We hope students continue to challenge themselves, develop their leadership and teamwork abilities, knowledge and skills while working towards achieving their goals throughout the year.


- Ms Eleanor Smith, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

VYLC - China Trip

Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC)

On 16th of March, 10 Box Hill Students will be heading off to China as a part of the Victorian Young Leaders to China 6 week program.


We have been meeting each week to try and learn about what to expect. We attended a pre-departure camp in the city where we were introduced to all the other 105 students going from schools across the state. This was a chance to learn about some of the culture shock we might experience and develop our coping and leadership skills to help us on our time away.

Once we get to China, we will be immersed in Chinese culture, taking part in an intensive language course and exploring China. Our first two weeks will be spent at a University in Beijing, taking classes in Mandarin and Chinese culture.


We will then be heading to Shanghai for the remaining four weeks, where we will be staying at a high school. Here we will be given the opportunity to meet a Chinese buddy and visit their home.


Throughout the six weeks we aim to improve our leadership abilities, language skills and cultural understanding of China. We are all very excited and can’t wait for the amazing experience ahead.  


- Zoe Jones, 9X

 World Challenge

World Challenge

Two teams of Year 10 and 11 students are preparing for a 23-day long expedition to Vietnam and Cambodia in December 2019 as part of a World Challenge Program. The expedition has a focus on community project work in the developing world where students will work alongside a local community and undertake sustainable and meaningful projects.


Students will challenge themselves through parting in a trek and immersing themselves within a local community where they will have chance to understand some of the issues facing parts of our world. Not only is World Challenge a chance to travel throughout some developing countries and see how lucky we are to live in Australia, students will work within a small team of adolescence, ensure they develop real-world leadership and grow communication skills in a country where English is not commonly spoken.


In preparation for this journey, students will be raising awareness of and funds for volunteer projects both teams will be contributing to in Vietnam. The projects centre on housing and welfare developments in fringe suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. Students will be running a number of activities and events in the school community throughout 2019 with all proceeds going toward these projects or other community initiatives in Vietnam and Cambodia. Look out for stalls at Parent Teacher Interviews, after school events, lunchtime activities and challenges all run by students.

Thank you to those who supported one of our teams at Parent Teacher Interviews where $750 was raised. We look forward to the school community’s support and hope that many will join our teams at events run this year.


- Ms Jessica Goodwin and Mr Paul Rogers

BHHS World Challenge Trip Coordinators

Clubs & Activities

Box Hill High School offers students the opportunity to join one of many lunchtime clubs or activities that are running at the school. Students are able to socialise with others from different peer groups and engage in activities that they enjoy and are passionate about. It also gives students an opportunity to break out of their everyday routine and to try something new.


We've put together a Lunchtime Club and Activities timetable this year and it has made it easier for students to know what is going on at the school on any given day of the week.


There are a number of activities and clubs available to students to participate in this term, including Board Games, Chess Club, Card Club, monthly Dodgeball club, the Juggling Club, Minecraft Club, Mustard Club, Anime Club, Arduino Club as well as Steven Perry’s Robocup and Solar Car clubs that are run after school.


Mustard  117
Math Help P14
Games P21
Juggling 117
Book Library
Math Help P14
Games P21
German 207
Anime 201
Minecraft 117
Math Help P14
Games P21
Chess P12
Model UN Public Speaking (fortnightly) 117
Math Help P14
Games P21
Cards 116
Board Games 117
Math Help P14
Games P21
Arduino (FET) - after school (supervised by Mr Steve Perry)  



Here are some club descriptions provided by students and teachers:


Card Club

Card club runs on every Friday in Room 117 and everyone gets to join in. It’s a club that plays a range of card games and isn't limited to Poker or UNO. It also involves modified card games and games from other cultures. We rotate them every few weeks so that everybody learns something at the end of the day.  Although card games can be intense sometimes, this club is good for relaxing as a distraction from studying and since it’s held on 'Screen Free Fridays', come to Room 117 and meet new people and have fun at Card Club.

 – Andrew Zhou 9G


Board Games Club

Every Friday during lunchtime, we have Board Games club. Board Games club is all about socialising with friends, having fun and most importantly, playing some different and new board games. We have had students from all different year levels join us. As well as winning and losing, we have enjoyable times with new friends and old ones too. Some board games we currently have been having a whole lot of fun playing include The Resistance, Coup, Machi Koro and Codenames.

“This club has been super fun!”
“I would 10/10 recommend.”
“Some games are slightly confusing at first but I actually ended up enjoying them.”

– Zoe Jones 9X and Megan Choo 9Y


Mustard Club

Mustard is a Christian group for people of all beliefs to discuss their faith and the Bible and what it means today in an open and accepting environment. This term we have been studying the book of Philippians which has sparked insightful discussion about how the Bible says we should live our lives. To cap off the term we’re planning on doing an open Q&A session where we’ll answer and discuss a bunch of current/relevant topics from a Christian perspective.

“I’ve been coming to this club for five years and never looked back”
“The thing that really makes it for me is the heritage of the club – stretching as far back as 2013!”

– Ben McIntosh 12Y


Juggling Club

This club was established to create a space where anyone, student or teacher, could come chill and practice or learn to juggle. We run during Tuesday lunches in Room 177.  We play music, juggle, eat lunch and socialise. Anything goes. And if the girls keep choosing the music you could just call us the Ariana Grande club! Jokes aside, if you’ve never juggled this is a great opportunity to learn - from juggling balls to riding unicycles to just balancing a broom on your face. We’ve got it all, so we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

– Sean Cormick 12X


Minecraft Club

Running weekly at Wednesday lunchtime in Room 117, we offer students a free version of Minecraft and host a LAN server to play on. With a fun atmosphere students build and shape the world around with their friends. Forming alliances and repelling opposition, there is great fun for all. We also host a second, open sandbox world for students to show their creativity and building skills. Our sessions so far have been a roaring success with huge interest and lots of happy campers. Hope to see you there.

– Sean Cormick 12X


Dodgeball Club

Running the first Monday of each month, we play dodgeball in the Gym. This club was initially established to give senior students who don’t do PE anymore, the chance to play dodgeball. We strive to be inclusive, casual and most of all fun. Our first match went extremely well with everyone remembering to bring their shoes. Two close games with a good atmosphere all round. And not just the boys, we had some excellent representation by the girls showing some of the guys how it’s done. Well done all round, looking forward to the next game, April 1st.

– Sean Cormick 12X


Anime Club

Anime club allows students to have a place to relax and enjoy Japanese animation in its original language. It also gives students an opportunity to get in touch with Asian culture and find peers with a common interest.

– Helen Lee (Chinese teacher)


Arduino Electronics Club

Arduino Electronics club has kicked off! Friday nights in the FET, we are learning how to build and program our own electronics circuits! So far, we have wired up some LED's and got them blinking, and are now moving on to wiring up some buttons! If this sounds like something you're interested in, come join us on Friday's after school!

- Harrison Broadbent (Year 12 student)


School Information

Box Hill High School

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Principal Team

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Year Level Coordinators

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Student Welfare Coordinators - Student Engagement

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Enrolment Administration Support - Ms Dianne Trengove

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School Uniforms

Our uniforms are supplied by PSW in Kew East, and they can be purchased either online or in-store.  The most recent price list and other information is available on our website under the Parents/Uniforms tabs.

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