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07 March 2019
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Leadership @ Monty

The Resilience Project

Monty staff were treated to a PD session after school on Monday 4th March by Hugh from The Resilience Project. We met Hugh at Monty 4 years ago and it was then that we began to introduce initiatives such as mindfulness and gratitude. These initiatives are still an essential part of each of our classrooms. Listening to Hugh again, was as insightful and as inspiring as 4 years ago! Our staff profile has changed considerably in that time, so were thrilled to welcome him back. The strong message I was reminded of and took away from the staff session with Hugh:


Gratitude. Empathy. Mindfulness.

If we practice these three things with frequency,  we are able to ‘bounce back’ faster and enhance our resilience skills. 


Gratitude’ is paying attention to what you do have and being thankful. ‘Empathy’ is showing kindness, feeling what someone else feels. And ‘mindfulness’ is the ability to be calm and present in the moment.


As adults, we need to model these positive behaviours of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Something else highlighted was the importance of ‘disconnecting to reconnect’ – meaning that we must try to disconnect from things that take up so much head space such as the ‘online world,’ so that we can be physically and mentally present in the moment. It is also important to care for ourselves, so that we are able to care for others. 


Today, the students were fortunate to share a session with Hugh. The main message I am hearing around our school is, “Dis! Dis! And Dis!”. Yes, I have purposefully written ‘dis’! The students have been encouraged to be mindful of what they have, as opposed to what they don’t have! Therefore, they are grateful for ‘dis’, ‘dis’ and ‘dis’! Ask your child to give you more information about 'dis!


The Resilience Project curriculum is being implemented in our classrooms and across our school community. It is really important to continue the home/school partnership to increase this awareness within our students. Please pencil the following date in your diaries – you won’t want to miss it!

Enjoy the rest of the week.  Janene and Kristie

School Council 

School Council Presidents Report

 The outgoing School Council and the new School Council met last Tuesday night the 26th of February.

The Council heard from Polygon landscape architects, who presented plans for improvements to the schools play areas. These plans were developed in collaboration with the teachers, students and community at Monty PS. They are very exciting and we look forward to being able to raise money and build them over the coming months and years.


With the change-over in school council I took the opportunity in the meeting to reflect on where I think Monty PS is at in its development. The school is in a great position. Student intake numbers have stabilised and this year is the last year of smaller classes in Grades 5/6. Foundation intakes are pretty stable at about 50-60 per year. The school has gone from old and run down to relatively new and I think an exciting place for kids, teachers and the community. I think we have a wonderful, dynamic teaching staff, who have great leaders. I can see the changes Janene and the teachers have brought about and I’m excited to see where it will go.


The challenges in the coming years will be to consolidate and grow in terms of student outcomes. As far as the school facilities go, we are well placed. Last year we attempted to get funding for rebuilding the SAKG Kitchen garden area and Castle, but this was not successful. Out of this process though the school has a better idea of what sort of facilities we want and what money is required.


I want to thank everyone who has been part of Council over the last few years in my time on council. I particularly want to thank Michael Smith. Michael has been on School Council for 6 years, and through that time supported the school through a major rebuild and has given countless hours in maintaining and improving the school grounds. I wish the new Council all the best in supporting Janene and the rest of the Monty staff, as they work on the continued improvement at the school.


Your new School Council for 2019 are:

President: Kirsty Leahy

Executive: Janene Worsam

Vice President: Nicole MacDonald

Secretary: Zoe Girbau

Treasurer & Finance Subcommittee Leader: Balwinder Singh

Buildings & Grounds Leader: David Koolstra

Education Subcommittee Leader: Kristie Morrison


Subcommittee members (President and Principal are members of all subcommittees)

Buildings and Grounds: Kevin Wilcockson & David Koolstra

Education Subcommittee: Kristie Morrison & Steph Kehoe 

Finance Subcommittee: Steve Hooton & Balwinder Singh



Paul Leahy

Outgoing School Council President


We are now accepting sibling and new Foundation enrolments for 2020! Please see Ali or Jenny if you require a form, or download one from the school website. 

Parents of children with Asthma, allergies and Anaphylaxis

If your child has asthma, allergies or anaphylaxis, please ensure the school is provided with a current plan and medication.

Please locate the appropriate plan found on our school website, print in colour and take to your GP to have it completed.

Financial Assistance - Information for Parents

Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes.


Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

School camps provide children with inspiring experiences in the great outdoors, excursions encourage a deeper understanding of how the world works and sports teach teamwork, discipline and leadership. All are part of a healthy curriculum.

CSEF is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

The annual CSEF amount per student is:

• $125 for primary school students

• $225 for secondary school students


How to Apply

New applicants should contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from

Student Attendance and Absences

Protecting the safety and well-being of children through the reporting and monitoring of absenteeism is the responsibility of both parents/carers and schools. Parents/carers have an obligation to notify the school of their child’s absence and schools are required to notify parents/carers on the day of an unexplained student absence.

If your child is sick or absent for a whole day/s, you are required to notify their school as soon as possible on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

  1. Online: log the absence directly using Compass.
  2. Telephone: the school office and let the staff know your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.
  3. Email: the school and provide the staff with your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


Late Arrivals and Early Departures

Please note - Late Arrivals and Early Departures must not be entered into the future - so if your child has an upcoming appointment and you will be collecting them during the day please do not enter this on Compass until you are at the school office collecting your child.

Not only does this update their class roll to reflect the time they left school, but it is also beneficial for duty of care and emergency management, as Compass will know that the student has departed the school for the rest of the day or it will display when the child is signed back in at the office if returning. This will then display the day and time clearly on the Daily Summary and Emergency Report.

Compass is a tool to accurately track your child's attendance - if you put the appointment absence in and then delayed for whatever reason, we are not able to accurately report when your child leaves and returns to school grounds. 

If you would like to let your teacher know that your child will be late the next day due to an appointment you can, but please do not enter it into Compass until you are at the office signing your child out.


Classroom Roll Marking

It is a legislative requirement that schools must record student attendance twice per day in primary schools and record, in writing, the reason given for each absence. This is necessary to:

  • meet legislative requirements
  • discharge schools' duty of care for all students
  • assist calculation of the school's funding
  • enable the school governing body (school council in government schools) to report on student attendance annually

Teachers are required to mark the attendance roll within the first few minutes after 9.00am.  Therefore, if your child arrives in class, even a few minutes late, they will be marked as absent/unexplained and you will receive a system generated SMS advising of this at approximately 10.00am.

If your child will not be in class by 9am, please ensure you accompany them to the office to sign them in on Compass and take a green pass to their teacher. This will then amend the details on Compass to Late/explained.

Important Dates


Mon 11th - Labour Day Public Holiday

Fri 15th - National Day of Action Against Bulling & Violence: "Bullying - No Way" Day

Mon 18th - Zooper Dooper Fun Day

Mon 18th- Fri 22nd Cultural Diversity Week

Mon 18th - Resilience Project Parent Evening Session 7:00pm 

Thurs 21st - Harmony Day

Mon 25th - Zooper Dooper Fun Day

Mon 25th 9:30am Parents and Friends Meetiing



Wed 3rd - Parent/Teacher Interviews from 12:00pm - 7:00pm

Wed 3rd - Parent Cooking Session with Elisa- 12:20pm-2pm- see SAKG section for booking info

Thurs 4th - Parent Cooking Session with Elisa- 9:50am-11:30am- see SAKG section for booking info

Thurs 4th - Responsible Pet Owner  Incursion Grade - Foundation  

Fri 5th - Easter Parade @ 1:30pm (Start thinkin about that wodnerul hat creation!)

Fri 5th - End of Term 1. Dismissal @ 2:30pm

2019 Term Dates

Term 1 - 30th Jan - 5th April

Term 2 - 23rd April - 28th June

Term 3 - 15th July - 20th September

Term 4 - 7th October - 20th December

2019 Curriculum Days

Friday 7th June

Monday 19th August

Monday 4th November

Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard No.2

A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety Victoria has introduced compulsory minimum standards that will apply to organisations that provide services to help protect children from all forms of abuse.  The child safe standards form part of the Victorian Government's response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry, resulting in Ministerial Order No. 870.

A child safe policy is an overarching document that provides an overview of key elements of one organisation's approach to child safety.  A child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety describes the school's commitment to keep children safe from harm.  It forms the foundation of the school's procedures, practices, decision making processes, and ultimately the school's culture with respect to child safety. It should detail the values and principles that policies and procedures will be built upon and the actions the school intends to take to demonstrate its commitment to the policy.   

To successfully embed a culture of child safety, the commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse must be led by the school governing authority, and be openly and transparently shared throughout the school community.  It is important that the child safety policy is accessible, publicly available and understood by the school community.

The "Child Safe Standards Policy" is available on our school website. Click on the ‘School’ tab and follow the ‘Policies’ link.

Parent & Friends

We had our second P&F meeting on Wednesday 6th March and had a great turnout! Some new and familiar faces and lots of sharing of new idea’s and yummy food!


We have two main activities in our sights at the moment:

  • Easter raffle & hot cross bun fundraiser
  • Election market & plant stall

Easter Raffle

The final day of Term 1 is a big Easter celebration. The children all participate in an Easter Bonnet parade and we draw a huge Easter raffle. To make the raffle a success, we are seeking donations of Easter eggs, craft, books, games and gift baskets which we will make into generous hampers. Donations can be dropped in at the office by Friday 22nd March. Hampers will go on display on Monday 25th and tickets will go on sale toward the end of term.


Hot Cross Bun-raiser

We are currently investigating the possibility of also running a Hot Cross Bun fundraiser. In the past it has been quite successful and it is very handy to have all your holiday bun needs delivered to the school! We’ll keep you posted.


Election Market – A call out for Green thumbs

As most of you would know, Monty PS is a busy voting centre and with a Federal Election looming, it is time to start preparing. Last year the school made nearly $4000 from the Election Market we ran during the State Election. It was a fantastic success and really was a whole school community effort.


A big part of the Election Market is our 'plant stall' and we are currently looking for parents/grandparents/green thumbs, to help us grow plants that we can sell. Whatever you like growing (seedlings, plants, herbs, succulents, terrariums), we are happy to take whatever you grow as a donation for our plant stall. The sooner we start growing plants, the bigger and healthier they will be by the election. Students will also be growing seedlings and making fantastic kokedamas (hanging gardens) in class for the stall.


If you can help by growing some plants for our stall, please either sign up at the office or send your details to Suzi at . Feel free to be creative with the type of container you plant in - bowl, cup, tea cup, whatever takes your creative fancy.


We are also seeking donations of small and medium sized black plastic pots for our green thumbs to fill with plants. Please drop any donations to the office by Friday 22nd March.


Save the date – Friday 10th May

Early in Term 2, we will have a Mothers Day breakfast on Friday 10th May and will also run our Mothers Day stall during the day. More information will be sent home at the beginning of Term 2, but for the moment please hold the date and time (7:30am – 9:00 am), so you can join your child for a delicious mothers day breakfast. Grandparents are also welcome!


Next meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday 25th March after assembly. Please join us in the SAKG Kitchen, as we wrap all the lovely Easter donations into fantastic hampers, and of course have a cuppa and a chat!


Many thanks,

Suzanne Smith

P&F President



Please drop to the school office by 22nd March 

  • Easter eggs, or Easter themed items for raffle hampers.
  • Black plastic pots, small or medium, for growing plants.
  • Parents/grandparents/green thumbs to grow plants for plant stall.

Students of the week

Term 1 - Week 5

Joshua M (FB) For your eagerness and enthusiasm to learn. You’re a champion student and always contribute to class discussions. We are so lucky to have you in Foundation B! Keep it up SUPER STAR!!

Umiko S (FC) For your kind and friendly nature towards your classmates. You are always respectful of your classmates and teachers and we have enjoyed seeing your silly side shine too! What a star you are!

Lucas C (12A) - For being a kind and caring Grade 2 Learning Buddy, the way you support your buddy during writing and learning is outstanding!

Charli D (12B) - Charli has shown the school values of Learning and Respect by always listening to the ideas of others and helping others to understand. Charli always shares her ideas and uses learning time effectively. Well done Charli, keep up the great work!

Alana M (12C) - For displaying great reading behaviour in the classroom and for challenging yourself with your reading choices. Also, well done for trying really hard to master your pencil grip and for being such a good listener and worker during class time. You are a wonderful role model to your peers. Congratulations

Oliver H (12D) - I was so impressed to read Ollie’s recount titled “My Friday Games”. He used soooo many WOW words and took his time to produce an incredibly written piece. Well done Ollie, you should be proud of your hard work!

Liam H (12E) - Liam is a fantastic role model who consistently demonstrates all of the school values! He enthusiastically engages with our learning tasks and is always happy to lend a hand with any classroom jobs! You are an absolute Superstar Liam! Keep up the great work!

George H (34A) - George you have shown outstanding enthusiasm towards towards your learning and always participate in class discussions! Well done super star!!!

Eva C (34B) - Eva is an absolute superstar at modelling respect and having a growth mindset in 3/4B. Keep inspiring everyone to do the same! :)

Jace H ( 34C) - Jace did a fantastic job in cooking this week. He showed our school values of learning and respect by carefully following instructions and caring for the kitchen equipment. Well done, Jace!

Saige M (34D) -  This week, Saige has demonstrated determination and enthusiasm in all areas of her learning, especially in maths. It is wonderful to have such a brilliant role model such as yourself in 3/4D! Brilliant work Saige!

Kyan W (56A) - LEARNING: Your enthusiasm and growth mindset that you have applied to your mathematic work has been so impressive. Keep it up and you will continue to experience success and those exciting ‘ah ha!’ moments

William M (56B)  - Will has set a high standard in 5/6B as a learner. He is focused, compassionate and organised, and is showing maturity as a leader in our school. You should be really proud of yourself.


Performing Arts

Anthony S (56A)  - Anthony chose to apply himself to a composition task and after working cooperatively with his peers, realised he could compose and notate rhythms with excellent style. Keep challenging yourself Anthony, you are capable of great things! Well done!


Term 1 - Week 6

Thomas M (FA) - For always starting your school day with an amazing smile. You are fabulous at packing up the classroom and even better at unpacking and packing your school bag. We love it when you smile and make us laugh. You are gorgeous!!

 Hera A (FB) - During our Road Crossing Incursion you modelled how to safely cross the road, by stopping, looking, listening and thinking. You not only display safety in the classroom but also outside. What a star student you are Hera!!

Gillian L (FC) - For being a super safe walker in our incursion with the crossing supervisor last week You were a great listener and always waited for the two whistles. Well done!

Nickan N (12A) - For working so hard in class and completing 'ALL' tasks, your level of learning and presentation of work is impeccable. Well Done Nickan.

Arjan S (12B) - Arjan is a respectful  and hard working member of 1/2B. Arjan is always respectful of his teachers and peers and has been working especially hard with his writing and spelling. Well done for using your growth mindset Arjan and for being such a delight to have in the classroom. Keep up the great work!

 Zoe P (12D) - I have been so impressed to see Zoe trying her best in all areas of her learning. She is reading like a star in the classroom and with Mrs. Clancy, and she has done a fantastic job working on skip counting during maths group time. Keep up the amazing work Zoe, you are wonderful!

 Stevie-Rose V (12E) - Stevie-Rose has demonstrated that she is a great learner. She enthusiastically shares her ideas in class discussions and works well in collaborative tasks with others. Great work Stevie-Rose!

Sara C (34A) - I have been super impressed with the extra interest you have taken in our inquiry topic, even bringing in a book from home! I also love that you have a passion about animals and share your knowledge with the class! Awesome work Sara!

Xyon S (34B) - Xyon is such a valuable member of the 3/4B Bouncy Bunnies with her caring, creative and conscientious personality. Keep up your amazing efforts! :)

Ting Ting D (34C) - Ting Ting did a fantastic job this week during writing, especially with her Big Write! She carefully planned out her work and even included Mrs. Crawford as a character! Thanks for saving me in your story Ting Ting!

Rafiki L (34D) - During our writing and Big Write sessions, Rafiki has continually challenged himself and tried his best, always using his Growth Mindset brilliantly! Keep up the outstanding effort Raf!

Shola M (56A) - Shola always displays all of our school values and is a sensational role model for us all. Keep being you Shola, we know you will go far.

 Alex G (56B) - Alex demonstrated the value of learning when taking part in Maths Workshops. He showed resilience and clear thinking when solving complex order of operations problems. Keep it up!


Student Leaders

Sport Leaders


My name is Isy  and I am one of your Sports Captains for 2019 along with Tibaud . I have been at this school since Grade 1 and I was born on the 4th October, 2007. I play basketball for the Eltham Wildcats and love all sports. I am very happy I achieved the position of Sports Captain. My role will involve organising more sports events and fundraisers to get more sporting equipment and other sporting things for our school. As a little kid I always loved sports and looked forward to trying to become a sports leader and a role model for other kids. 

In conclusion, I hope you have learnt a bit about me and that you think I’m a great choice for Sports Captain for Montmorency Primary School.

Kind Regards, Isy



My name is Tibaud and I have been at the school for 8 years. I am one of the Sport Captains of 2019 with Isy. I play soccer and basketball. My birthday is on the 5th March, 2007. I am really happy that I was successful in getting the Captain role! I am excited to try to improve the school by having more fundraisers and making an improvement in the school (sporting wise). I will be the best Sport leader I can! I am really looking forward to get involved in the school’s leadership program.

Thank you.



Environment Captain

Hello I am Kyan,

 I am one of the Environment Captains for 2019. This year we are working towards getting more hands on in helping the environment and making our school more sustainable!

A bit about myself:

I love the ocean and I’m fascinated by how the whole underwater ecosystem works. I love reading books on biology and hope to have a career in this one day. I have two pet fish (Jeffrey and Bubbles), which I talk about a lot! I am the eldest child of four (poor mum has to deal with us all)! I have been at this school since Grade 3 and I have loved my time at Monty. I enjoy spending time with my friends at recess and in my spare time.

Thank you for taking the time to read about who is representing the environment in your child’s school.



“Hey everyone,

My name is Zoe and I am Montmorency Primary’s new Environment Captain for 2019.

I have been at the school since the start of grade 4. I was in Miss Bond’s grade the first year. I have loved all these years at Monty. And I hope we can achieve many more things this year like getting our 5th sustainability star. Here is a bit about my self:


I am the oldest of 3. I have a brother Liam (8) who is Miss Wong’s grade and a sister Ella (4) who is at Sherbourne preschool 


I also have a dog Archie who is 13 weeks old.


I love to dance, sing and act. I acted in my churches annual Planetshakers Christmas spectacular last year. I have been dancing since I was 3 1/2. This is my third year dancing for dance plus up on Grand Boulevard in Monty, I have been singing since I was 2 the first big song I sang was “Qantas the spirit of Australia” in grade 1 I took singing lessons and in grade 2. I was offered to join the Australian girls choir but I declined it and now I am in our school choir.


I hope you have a good rest of the day 

Cya! Bye!”

Ok thanks! 😊


ICT Captain


My name is Timothy and I am the ICT Captain at Montmorency Primary School for 2019. I am 11 years old and am the eldest of two children. I have been at this school for 7 years and I have seen it change in a lot of ways. From the main building, to the tiger turf, to the 3/4 and 5/6 portables and a lot more! Outside of School, I play soccer for Diamond Valley United, and tennis for Fireball Tennis. As well as doing things for a club, I enjoy making comic books, writing stories, playing basketball at recess and technology. Speaking of which, I applied for the ICT Captain role and I was successful! My favourite subjects in school are writing, PE, and reading. 

Best wishes to all of the other Captains!



Division Swimming 

A big congratulations to our Division swimming representatives Nathaniel M (3/4C) and Emily S(5/6A)!

Both swimmers showed great Montmorency spirit and tired their best on the day! Nathaniel competed hard in the breaststroke event and Emily came 4th overall in a race of 10! Both racers worked very hard to get to this level and they should both be very proud!

Go Monty!


Mr Josh


Class Item

3/4B First Fleet Inquiry

For Inquiry, in Grade 3/4 we are learning about the First Fleet’s journey to Australia. It happened a long time ago in 1788. Here are some photos of students in 3/4B with information posters and models of some of the First Fleet ships!



Jared Boyle 5/6B

During our IUnit of Inquiry, 56B have been developing our skills in comic making.To do this we have been using the online comic creation website 'PIXTON'.

This skill is going to help us showcase our learning about our main idea that ' A democracy provides equal opportunity for all members of society'

Here is a short example of our first PIXTON task which was to create a comic with a hidden shoe located somewhere within it!

This was created by Miya C 56B.



Music News

For the first part of term, Grade 5/6 students have been busy building their own instruments from recycled or reusable materials. After learning about children from Paraguay who play instruments made from trash in a town where a violin is worth more than a house, they got busy bringing their own musical inventions to life. They then composed music together and performed their rhythmic pieces to their Foundation buddies. Although we learnt lots of valuable skills and information about composition, rhythmic notation, ensemble performances and dynamics, perhaps the most valuable lesson was learning to be grateful for all that we have in Australia.

Mrs Kechayas



Teacher Feature 

Lauren Hahn 1/2B

When was the last time you were nervous?

I was very nervous last Sunday when I taught my first paid yoga class at a local studio. It went really well though so I was happy I challenged myself.


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

The Adventures of Miss Rooster as my last name means rooster in German and I have had many fun and interesting adventures in my life.


What did you want to be when you were younger?

A Primary School Teacher or a singer. I feel very grateful that I became a Teacher.


What are you most grateful for?

I am extremely grateful for my family and friends and for having a healthy body and mind. I am also very grateful to live in Australia and to have a job that I love.


Show us a photo of the last meal you had.

Pho is my favourite meal to have for dinner, as it is so yummy and very healthy. I love Vietnamese and Japanese food!

Dylan Haeusler 3/4D

What one memory do you most treasure?

One of the memories I treasure most would be my first international holiday when I was 15 years of age. Generously, my aunty (who I’m extremely close with) shouted the majority of the trip, so my sister and I found ourselves travelling to Bali. This really sparked a love and motivation for travelling that I have today.


Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you'd know

...... that I played saxophone for 4 years, was  in the  debating team at high-school and am currently building a house that is only 5 weeks away from completion! 


What super power would you like to have?

If I could have any super power, it would definitely be teleportation, similar to that seen in the film "Jumper". No more paying for flight fares, walking to the office or waiting in traffic on the Ring Road!


What do you miss most about being a kid?

I probably miss the amount of time I constantly spent with some of my closest friends, always playing a range of sports/games including cricket, football, soccer and one of my favourites, hacky sack.


If you were to tell one person "Thank You" for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and what did they do?

I’d probably have to say my wonderful Aunty (mentioned above), who has always been there for me and gone out of her way to help me experience the world. She also taught me to ‘enjoy the moment’ and to not ‘sweat the small things’, which has helped me be the positive person I am today.


Harmony Day

Each year on 21st March, Harmony Day is celebrated. This is a day to celebrate our diverse cultures. Harmony Day is about respect, inclusiveness and belonging for everyone. The message of Harmony Day this year is ‘Everyone Belongs.’


To show our support for cultural diversity and inclusiveness we will wear something orange. Orange is the chosen colour worn to represent Harmony Day as it signifies meaningful conversations and social communication. It also relates to mutual respect and the freedom to put forward your ideas.


This is also an opportunity for our students to share their culture with their class, by bringing in cultural significant items or sharing stories about family traditions.


Let’s show how we at Montmorency Primary School acknowledge our culturally diverse community, by wearing something orange on Friday 21st March.


Nadia Amor


National Day Against Bullying

The National Day against Bullying and Violence is just around the corner. On Friday 15th March, the students of Montmorency Primary School will say, “Bullying. No Way!” by participating in a variety of classroom activities and discussions about feelings, diversity, social interactions, discrimination, why it happens and how to prevent it.

Schools all over Australia are being called to support the theme for 2019 – Bullying. No Way! Take action every day. It is our aim to talk and teach about bullying through everyday opportunities, as this is the best way to make it clear that it is never ok to bully others. We want to empower our students to help find a solution when addressing bullying in their school community.

As a registered school with National Day of Action we are given wristbands to wear, which shows our support of preventing bullying within our school and community.


Let’s get ready and share a powerful message!


Nadia Amor

Inclusion and Diversity


SAKG Chicken Update

Hello Monty Community!

As part of our SAKG Program we have four beloved chickens: Peri Peri, Bonnie, Fluffy and our new addition Sweetie.

The ladies not only provide fresh eggs for our Kitchen Garden Program, they also provide a valuable learning experience for our Grade 3/4 student Chickens Monitors who take on the responsibility for caring for them on schooldays.


Weekend/holiday Chicken Carers

Thank you to everyone who has lovingly continued to care for our chooks

We are always looking for more carers who can look after our chickens on the weekends and school holidays in 2019. Don’t be put off if you have never looked after chickens before - the ladies are a breeze to care for and they will reward you with delicious eggs each morning.


Locking chickens away

I have received a few reports from chicken carers who have let chickens out in the morning and arrived back to lock them up in the afternoon only to find that it has already been done, or they have arrived to let them out and they have already been let out and the eggs collected. It is highly appreciated that people are keeping an eye on the chickens, however to avoid confusion and unnecessary travel, chicken carer duties should be left for the carer assigned to that date. Please feel free to access the chicken monitor roster if you have any questions for the carer on duty.


If you arrive at school and see that the chickens aren’t let out by 11am or are still out at dark, please refer to the chicken monitor roster and contact the person on duty to let them know that you’ve let them out/put them away.

Thank you 







SAKG Volunteer Gardening Group


Due to the success of our Volunteer Garden Morning Tea last year, we are continuing our volunteer gardening sessions in 2019. Last year our Labyrinth Garden was transformed through the help of volunteers and this year we are hoping to continue to improve our indigenous garden.

We will be holding our volunteer garden group on Wednesday afternoons from 2:50pm - please feel welcome to attend.


Parent Kitchen Sessions


If you would like to come and get some hands on experience and see how our kitchen classes run sign up to one of our sessions for parents in the last week of term. These classes will run in the same way that the classes for students run. You don’t need to know how to cook, or you might be a great cook and want to share your experience with others. You will get to work with other parents to cook a dish that will then be shared at the end. There are 40 places available (20 in each session) and it will be lots of fun!


A Big Thank you!


Thank you for all of the wonderful donations to our Kitchen Garden program, which has included an electric frypan and fresh produce. They have already been put to good use!


Thank you to all our wonderful helpers.

Elisa and Claire


Camp Australia

Medical Action Plan - Urgent Reminder

For all children with medical conditions, parents need to see Etta one day prior to booking child in before first visit, with a valid action plan and medication. All medical action plans are reviewed and renewed annually.

Please ensure the correct medication according to the child's action plan is provided. 

Children will not be accepted without a valid ACTION PLAN.

Meet Our OSHC Team

The Educators managing our Outside School Hours Care programs at schools are passionate and make sure they always provide a wide range of activities that engage all children each and every day.


They thoroughly enjoy what they do and take their roles very seriously. Educators at Camp Australia are experienced and qualified with expertise in working with children in OSHC. As part of their role as an Educator with Camp Australia, they have completed compulsory training in Active Supervision (VSHAPE), Child Protection and Camp Australia policies and procedures to ensure the service is safe and engaging for all children in their care.


Throughout the duration of our OSHC program, Educators can be seen actively engaging with the children who attend OSHC. If you haven’t met the Educators at your school, please feel free to pop in and visit our Outside of School Hours Care program. 


Register and Book Now

To register and book your child in our program, visit and use the school finder on our homepage to search for your school. To secure your child’s spot, we always recommend making your bookings in advance.



We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia


Community Events

Montmorency Primary School Flying Start


Zooper Dooper Fun Days


Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics










Ongoing school fundraisers

Foodworks Reward program

Everyone shops at Foodworks in Were St, it is easy and convenient. Now it can be   rewarding as well.

Next time you are in Foodworks simply ask for a Rewards Club Card at checkout and then register the card online at home. You then nominate the percentage of points you want to go to the school by selecting Montmorency Primary School as the receiver. 

Then every time you go shopping at any Foodworks, remember to have your Club Card scanned. You can see how many points you have earnt at the bottom of your receipt.

The school is rewarded with a cheque or Foodworks vouchers which we then use as raffle prizes.

Earnings for 2018 have been over $200! A great effort.


Montmorency Primary School Newsletter
Alex, Chantelle, Shola, Molly