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06 December 2019
Issue Nine
From the Principal
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From the Principal

Ramblings: What does it mean to finish well?

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith (1 Timothy 4:7)


As we come to the end of another year, it is time to reflect on many things.  Every teacher I know does this to varying degrees.  It’s in our nature to do this.  God has designed in us a desire to know Him, a desire we can submit to or choose to ignore.  So I’m writing some ramblings about these reflections.


Every year in December, the feelings of inadequacy resurface. Right now I'm less than the energetic person I was at the start of the year.  I have given everything I have to give. I feel a bit tired.  And I'm never satisfied with what I've done throughout the year.

I didn't get to know the students' personalities well enough or learn all their names. I prioritised mutual respect, but not bonding and making personal connections. Those are not the same things. I was too serious and wasn't silly and fun enough. I was too snappy, too quick to pass judgement. I didn't finish the strategic plan. I didn't sort out the way forward for the P&F.  I didn’t give all those emails the due respect I should have.  I didn’t get a perfect resolution to that issue that dragged on too long.

I think it's the end of the world. I am a failure! I should have my Principal’s license revoked.

I think it's not the end of the world. The year was a success! I will return in February refreshed and ready to make up for my shortcomings this year.

I think I might have schizophrenia. And I'm not the only one.

Feelings of guilt and apprehension abound. So what to do with them?
My first impression was that we should examine them the way we should examine all our other emotions: are they from the Lord, or from the enemy? Is the sadness stemming from conviction or condemnation?

But for me, I think the answer is BOTH.

I ignored the Holy Spirit's promptings many, many times, and took the easy way out, putting my own needs first. That's stemming from conviction. I will always have to fight the flesh and consciously work toward becoming others-centred: it's the process of sanctification. The good news is, I'm aware of how God's trying to change me. The even better news is, He's patient.

But there's also some stemming from condemnation. Really, Adrian, you feel like a failure because you didn't teach the kids EVERY skill and concept you wanted to? Do you truly believe that's the measure of your success?

Hmm. I suppose not. But what IS the measure? Maybe, did I do my best every day?

I hope not, because then I still failed. I DIDN'T give 100% every single day.

That CAN'T be the measure of finishing well, because in my heart, I know I didn't fail. I know that my life is a work in progress, and there is no failure as long as I'm still striving to become more Christ-like and perform my job in a way that brings God glory.

So maybe the real meaning of finishing well is - Did I ask God to help me do my best everyday? Did I look to Him for strength and wisdom? Did I grow closer to Him this year? Did I actively seek out ways to become less self-centred and more giving to my colleagues and students and families?

Yes, yes I did. Sooo...why doesn't that make me feel successful? Why don't I have that feeling of satisfaction from a job well done?

Probably because I could have done a better job. Quite frankly, we ALL could have.
Perhaps you can see how exhausting it's been to live with my brain recently.

After fruitlessly mulling over the question for a while, I finally gave it over to the Lord and let Him show me the answer. And He did, Sunday morning in church. We were singing about the depth of God's love toward us, and I realised that from God's perspective, our success as teachers is all about our love walk. It is not about our test scores, and it's not even about what our students learn academically. From an eternal perspective, teaching my kids to identify a numerator and denominator is frankly irrelevant.

For me, finishing the year well is about this:

Did I disciple my students?
Did I show them love, and teach them how to be loving?
Did my passion for life shine through, and did I encourage students to follow their God-given passions?
Did I set my students on the paths they should go and instil in them the desire to grow and become more than who they currently are?
Did I model AND teach them perseverance, patience, kindness, and self-control?
Was my focus on teaching with intention--not perfectly at every moment, but as a whole, from the first day to the very last--did I keep sight of the ultimate prize, which is eternal?

I've noticed that when my focus is on the eternal purpose, the academic goals fall naturally into place. This is really radical stuff, I know. But...what if we weren't put in the classroom to teach the phases of the moon? What if we were put there to instil in students a wonder for creation, a curiosity to learn more about the world around them, a desire to be the most intelligent persons they can be and make positive contributions to society? Think about that. When the teacher focuses on instilling those qualities during a lesson, how can children NOT learn the phases of the moon?

The student achievement levels we see on paper can never be the true measure of finishing well, not when an on-grade-level student chooses to act disrespectfully by blatant disobedience to the mobile phone policy while a struggling reader develops and recognises the importance of self-discipline. And how do any of those behaviours, attitudes, and skill levels tie into God's ultimate plan of salvation? How little does any of this matter when both souls are lost?

Clearly the race set before us is difficult to run, and we run it imperfectly. But it's not up to us as teachers to determine our measure of success. We plant some seeds, we water others, and the increase comes from the Lord.

Who, after all, is Apollos? And who is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor. For we are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building. (1 Corinthians 3:5-9)


So it's not about ME at all, it's not about how well I did MY job. God has a greater plan, of which I am only a small part. My performance is not quantifiable by anyone in this physical plane. How easily I lose sight of that when I'm made to feel that my job, my salary, and my worth is based on test scores.

Finishing well. Did I? I realise now it's far too complex for me to judge, and I shouldn't trouble myself with principles so far beyond my realm of understanding. I'm going to try not to judge myself, and instead let God, whose ways are higher than my ways, determine how well I've accomplished His tasks. The burden is lifted off of me and carried by Jesus, who tells us, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:28-30). What freedom we have in Christ. I don't have to measure my own success or worth, or figure out where I stand with Him. He is my identity and my source. I can... Be confident of this, that He who has begun a good work in [me], will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

Wow, you're still here with me, reading to the end. Thanks!  I hope my rambling thoughts make sense. And I hope they give you a bit of peace as the school year comes to a finish for you.


Some final thoughts to share...


Many of you will be aware of the fact that Richard Sansom will be leaving LCS to take up a position to set up a Middle School at Pacific Coast Christian School on the northern NSW coast, beginning in 2020.

It always has a tinge of sadness when a highly respected leader leaves a school community.  Richard joined LCS in 2017 and I want to publicly acknowledge the energy, professionalism and dedication with which he has pursued the LCS vision. His inspirational leadership and commitment to the future direction of LCS will be remembered as a hallmark of his time as the Head of Middle School.


Richard has made a lasting impression at LCS and will be greatly missed by our community.

We know God gives and takes away and because He is in control, we need to hold the things He gives us with loose fingers.  As Richard and Kim, together with Abel, Olive and Daisy leave for this next chapter of their story to write, we want them to know that they leave with our blessing, thankful for what they have sown into the community and relationships in various contexts.  Please join me in giving thanks to God for sending Richard to LCS and we are confident that his legacy will be long remembered.


Donna Hill is leaving LCS after 16 ½ years of outstanding service to the administration team at LCS.  Donna has a deep and enduring faith in her Lord and Saviour which is evident in all she turns her hand to.  Donna, thank you for your faithfulness and diligence, your friendliness and positive attitude, your faith lived out in actions and for sharing your gifts and talents to LCS’s benefit.  Donna will now be spending more time focusing on her pastoral ministry.


Three of our young female teachers are having a break in 2020 to concentrate of the new task in front of them.  Parenthood!  Ally Macqueen, Lianne Dykman and Taryn Brown are all expecting babies early in 2020.  We thank them all for completing the year strongly with the added challenge of carrying their unborn children with them to school each day over the last 6 or so months.  We pray that God will continue to sustain, support, nurture and protect them and their husbands as they together plan for their new additions that will take them all from 2 member families to 3 member families.  Praise the Lord.



Adrian Bosker


LCS Band performs

You might not have heard of this band but Mr Stewart has created a Launceston Christian School "Community" Band.  It comprises of  teachers and talented music students from year 6 to 12 that have come together to perform some items in our local community.


From classic to contemporary, jazz to modern, this Band performed at Regis and the Prospect Plaza Shopping Centre recently and had a great time entertaining clients and the general public.  Clients at Regis were very keen to hear more so we hope our partnership will continue to grow in 2020.  Well done to an amazing team of inspired musicians!



Junior Celebration Assembly

What a great time we had at this week's assembly.  Our Junior School Celebration Assembly is a key event for our community; it forms part of the process of looking back and looking forward. It is an opportunity to publically acknowledge our thankfulness for God’s goodness toward us and to respond by celebrating together as a community. Throughout the year we have encouraged our Junior students to work diligently and humbly; we want them to know that they learn and serve as part of a community where each is unique and that growth and change is part of God’s plan for our lives.  Classes presented items based on the themes of Thankfulness, Celebration, Community and Growth and it was a brilliant show of creativity and talent.  Thank you to everyone who attended - it was a full house!


The Rite Journey

Last month a group of LCS staff underwent training for The Rite Journey, a programme being implemented at LCS next year with year 9 students. It acknowledges the lack of ’rites of passage’ in western culture and reinvents this transition into adulthood using the elements of a Hero’s Journey including and expanding on: separation, transformation and reincorporation. Christian principles are inherent in its design and delivery.


Part of the training involved participating in activities in which the students will be engaging and then discussing their purpose and outworking to encourage self-reflection around being responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful.  It allows time and space for participants to learn how to examine their own values, prejudices and motivations in the light of new awareness and knowledge.


The programme is designed to support the emotional, social and relational maturity growth of girls into women and boys into men through 4 themes throughout the year: Who am I really? How do I get along with others? Is there something more? What do I have to give?


We look forward to sharing more information next year about this exciting program being run in our school in 2020.

End of Year Middle School Party

Our year 9 students had a great celebration last night at the Annual End of Year Middle School Party. Lots of food, fun and teachers sharing - one of the highlights included Mr Barber who couldn't resist getting out his guitar for a tune. Great pizza, music and a fantastic time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who organised this event (there were many staff involved) and a special thanks to Mrs Ferguson for her creativity!


Thank you from Mr Richard Sansom


Dear LCS Family.  It has been a great honour to serve the Launceston Christian School community throughout the past three years. Although a relatively short time, it has been long enough to establish connections with many students, families, colleagues and other supporters of the school to develop relationships I will treasure for many years to come.

I will be keeping up with what happens in the next exciting chapter of the school’s story, albeit from afar, with great interest. What the Lord does at LCS in the years to come will be exciting no doubt!   Thank you very much for allowing me to serve at Launceston Christian School. It has been a privilege, an honour and a joy.

God bless you,

Richard Sansom

Junior Christmas Assembly

Our Junior School Christmas Assembly was held at Riverbank Christian Church last week and it was a lovely celebration. One of the highlights was our Prep - Year 2 Choir who totally filled the small stage with smiles and songs. Thank you to all the families that attended and for our LCS staff that put such a joyful event together with our students.


Year 4 visit Regis Legana

Our Year 4 students visited Regis Legana last week to share some Christmas joy! It was a beautiful time of singing, student items and celebration - a wonderful example of how LCS students can build relationships and share Jesus' love with others in the community. 



Maria Island Camp Highlights

Maria Island camp is one of the favourites in our Senior School and this year's was again a huge success.  Thank you to all our teachers, parents and support staff who facilitate this camp, ensuring our Year 10 students have an awesome time.  Check out the pics below to see some of the action had.



Relief/Swimming Teachers needed for 2020 

We are seeking applications from suitably qualified teachers to join our Junior School Relief pool. Relief teachers may be called on at short notice to cover sickness and absences of regular classroom teachers.


Applicants will need to be:

  • Practicing Christians, actively involved in their local church and able to subscribe to the School’s Mission Statement and Educational Creed
  • Registered with the Tasmanian Teachers Registration Board
  • Registered with a current Working With Vulnerable People (Employment) Card

To apply, please download the Teaching Application Form below and email your application to Mrs Katrina Barracu –

We are also seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified individuals with current (or previous) AusSwim qualifications to assist with our Junior School Swimming & Water Safety Program.   Successful applicants will work under the direction of the PE Teacher to provide swimming instruction to Junior School students.  Please contact our Head of Junior School, Irene Niebuur - for further information.


Changes to General Bus services from January 2020

The Department of State Growth wishes to notify changes to general access bus services to take effect in the North of the state from 19 January 2020. Students using these services will therefore be affected from the start of the 2020 school year.


The changes form part of a state-wide review of bus services and follow a broad community consultation carried out from April to June 2019 where the community were invited to provide feedback on the proposed changes which have been informed by analysis of patronage, catchments, routes and times.


Under the changes, some school routes will be combined or removed which may impact the timing of services and mean that students need to change buses in the Launceston CBD. There are also some changes to the numbering of bus services, as well as some changes to where services drop off and depart in the Launceston CBD.


New bus timetables and more information about the CBD stop changes will become available at throughout the month of December, 2019.


Schools are encouraged to let students know about the upcoming changes through their regular channels including their newsletters and Facebook pages and to remind students to keep an eye out on the transport website in the lead up to the start of the 2020 school year.


Specifically the changes may affect:


Students living in Beauty Point, Beaconsfield, Exeter, Legana, Rowella, Riverside that use Manions’ Coaches:

  • Students should refer to the new timetables for confirmation of services that travel via Riverside and Newstead schools.

Students living in Scottsdale, Bridport, Lilydale that use Saintys North East Bus Service:

  • Students should refer to the new timetables for confirmation of services that travel to Newstead schools.
  • Students from these areas needing to travel to St Patrick’s College or Riverside schools will need to transfer in the Launceston CBD.

Students living in Cressy, Longford and Perth that use Tassielink services:

  • Students should refer to the new timetables for confirmation of services that travel to Riverside schools
  • Kings Meadows High School and Glen Dhu Primary School students that need to travel to Cressy in the afternoon can now complete that journey on the Jacks school bus

Students living in George Town and Low Head that use Lees Coaches (East Tamar bus lines):

  • Students should refer to the new timetables for confirmation of services that travel to Brooks High School, East Tamar Primary, Mowbray Heights Primary School and Launceston Church Grammar School Senior Campus
  • Students from Low Head going to St Patrick’s College, Launceston College, Newstead College, St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School, Scotch Oakburn College, Queechy High School, Prospect High School and Riverside High School will need to transfer in George Town to/from a student only service. George Town students travelling to these schools can travel direct on the student only service.

Students living in St Helens, St Marys and Avoca that use Calows Coaches:

  • Students should refer to the new timetables for confirmation of services that travel to Newstead schools, including school boarders.

Students should always check if there is a contracted school bus services which they can access to travel to school.


Student only services

Please be aware there are also some upcoming changes to non-Metro contracted school services. Notification of these changes will be via a separate process which will be communicated directly to schools.


Metro school buses

Changes will also be occurring for students that use Metro school buses in Launceston. For more information please visit

2020 School Fee Update

A new LCS Fee schedule has been published for 2020 - this has been updated on our website and you can download a copy below.


2020 Calendar has been updated

Our calendar for 2020 has been updated - please download the newest version below


Windsor Park Entry Gate

A reminder that from Term 4 there will be no access to the school via the back school gate (Windsor park side) from 9.30am-2.45pm daily as it will be locked. 

This gate will be open at the start and end of school as per normal but only be locked from 9.30am to 2.45pm. 

LCS Vimeo

Did you know that our school has a vimeo channel where you can see the many films our Visual Production & Design Team create about our school community?  Vimeo is a great way to show prospective families more about our school as it allows the opportunity to explore school areas and programs at leisure.  You can click on the Vimeo logo on our website, view some creations on our Facebook page or use the link below to see all of the audio visuals that have been created by our team.  Below is one sample of what you can see on our page and we'd love you to follow us!

LCS Vimeo home page - click HERE



Important Events in Term 4 


Fri 6th December - Year 5/6 End of Year Excursion at Low Head

Fri 6th December - Year 3/4 End of Year Excursion @ LAC

Fri 6th December - Year 2 End of Year Excursion @ Tailrace/Gorge

Fri 6th December - Prep - Year 1 End of Year Excursion @ Kids Paradise

Mon 9th December - Yr 6 Graduation Assembly 9.30am @ Riverbank Christian Church

Tue 10th December - Middle School Celebration Assembly 10am @ Riverbank Christian Church 

Wed 11th December - End of Year Celebration Evening 7.30pm @ Door of Hope

Thu 12th December - Last Day of Term 4 for Students

Fri 13th December - Last Day for Staff

SCHOOL OFFICE CLOSES  - Thursday 19th December 2019
SCHOOL OFFICE REOPENS  - Monday 20th January 2020


2020 UNIFORM SHOP - January Holiday Opening Hours

Thursday 23rd  January 2020 – New Parents only
(by appointment only, call Mrs Anne Rixon on 0400 573 902 )
Friday 24th January 2020 :  10am - 2pm
Thursday 30th January 2020:  10am - 2pm
Friday 31st January 2020:  3pm - 7pm


Term 1 -               Saturday 4th April

Term 2 -              Saturday  27th June

Term 3 -               Saturday 19th September

Term 4 -               Saturday 14th November



Monday 3rd February 2020

Updated 2020 Calendar 

Some updates have been made to our 2020 calendar, so click below if you'd like to download a copy.


LCS Vimeo

Did you know that our school has a vimeo channel where you can see the many films our Visual Production & Design Team create about our school community?  Vimeo is a great way to show prospective families more about our school as it allows the opportunity to explore school areas and programs at leisure.  You can click on the Vimeo logo on our website, view some creations on our Facebook page or use the link below to see all of the audio visuals that have been created by our team.  Below is one sample of what you can see on our page and we'd love you to follow us!

LCS Vimeo home page - click HERE



Parents & Friends

Thank you from our P&F

Thank you to everyone who came to our final P&F meeting.  It was wonderful to see so many parents there and to celebrate together a great year.  After this picture was taken, more parents arrived!

It's a huge encouragement to our P&F Executive to see the numbers of parents attending our meetings growing throughout the year - so thank you all and have a blessed Christmas from all our P&F!


Twilight Fair - Cake Stall thank you

The Cake Stall organisers would like to thank everyone who donated items for the fair. They were overwhelmed with the response and had a delicious selection which sold very quickly.  Our Bakers are brilliant!


P&F Treasurer needed in 2020

Our current Treasurer of the Parents & Friends Association, Barbara Knight, will be resigning from her role in mid 2020.  Barbara has faithfully served our school community for many years and we've been extremely grateful for her wonderful guidance and wisdom.  Thank you so much Barbara for all the time you have spent helping and supporting our school community - you have been a great blessing to us all!


Are you able to help fill this role?  We ask that our community prayers for someone in our school community to consider taking on this important role in our P&F as it's a vital part of our P&F team. 


If you'd like to know more or are interested in taking up this role in the future (mid 2020), please contact our P&F by email:

BBQ Trailer for Hire

Did you know that LCS owns a large BBQ trailer that is available for hire outside of the school?

The trailer is a 3 x 6 burner and to hire, just download our Application for Hire Form below. 
Completed forms can be dropped off or emailed to our office.  For further information, please contact our office,



End of Year Assemblies

The end of year is fast approaching and so are our special End of Year Assemblies.  Mark these dates in your diary so you can join with our students to celebrate their year at LCS!










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