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08 October 2018
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From the Principal


Dear Parents and members of the Cranbourne East SC Community


As you drive past the school, please take note that we are celebrating this year’s Naplan results. They are excellent and reflect the hard work and dedication of our students and staff. In Literacy and Numeracy we demonstrated at minimum 79% medium to high learning growth for our students through their progress from year 7 to 9.


This term continues to be action-packed with many exciting and diverse learning activities on offer for our students.  This edition of the newsletter highlights some of the incredible experiences our students are immersing themselves in at Cranbourne East SC. 


  • Our Year 9 students successfully organised Market Day, producing an array of food, fun and excitement.  In addition they attended the City Experience, which is a P2S program rich with new challenges and experiences.
  • Student Leaders and Diversity Club planned and led an entertaining and informative Wellbeing Assembly.
  • The Year 8 Science students and teachers presented their projects at the Science Expo.  It was an outstanding display of student learning, enjoyed by our students, primary students, staff and parents alike.
  • The Careers Expo was an excellent day, providing students across the college with the opportunity to experience a wide range of post school education settings and career choice exhibits.
  • The School Production was an incredible performance by the cast and crew of Legally Blonde. They brought the movie to life on stage in which the CESC community thoroughly enjoyed.
  • The House Athletics day was a huge success with the bonus of perfect weather, a display of both personal and team participation for all student and overall excellent sportsmanship.
  • Our staff are busy preparing for the Year 12 holiday revision program. I would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment to their students and remind the Year 12s of the expectation to match this commitment to the revision activities developed for them.
  • We have enjoyed visits to our Market Day and Science Expo by Cranbourne East PS and Wilandra Rise PS students. It is great to see them immersing themselves in secondary school activities and witnessing our students reflect our values, as they facilitate the different activities.

Become friends with us on the Cranbourne East SC Facebook page - College Page to find out more about all the great things happening at our school.


Mandee Strickland


General Information

Attendance Guidance for parents


Year 7/8 News 

Assistant Principals News


What a busy month it has been at CESC! I have really enjoyed getting to know more of our students, staff, families and wider community since I commenced early Term 3.


I am so very proud of how hard our students are working and the dedication they have shown to their learning across many areas. Of particular note, the Year 8 Science Expo was extremely impressive, demonstrating the learning that students had been participating in this term. Year 7 students continue to display strong learning growth as demonstrated in the pre and post test maths results but also throughout a variety of lessons where they are participating in a range of activities. It was fabulous to see our students actively engaged in learning tasks that rely on a little bit of competition but also provide opportunities for recall of knowledge, particularly demonstrated through Kahoot challenges. The teachers spend an enormous amount of time ensuring lessons are directed at student point of need but also providing engaging and well thought out activities.


Of recent times we have been having a uniform ‘blitz’ and I am happy to say that the Year 7 and 8 students have overall demonstrated a high level of respect and adherence to our Uniform Policy. Please remember, no socks with logos and wear only white socks!


R U OK? Day was on last week and if the students didn’t mention it, they all received a lovely, personalised note from their Home Group Teachers detailing the gratitude they have for the students in their class. These positive comments assist in extending the connection between staff and students and assist students to understand their worth and the positive impact they have on a daily basis here at school.


Ahead we have lots of activities planned for Term 4 and I am looking forward to working with each and every student throughout the remainder of this year. Have a safe and happy Term 3 break.


Linda Buckeridge


Year 8 Awards

Year 8 Achievement Award

Aruzoo Rahimee

Angelin Joshy

Talia Griffin

Sneha Ranjit

Joshua Lacey

Harman Hans


Year 8 English Achievement Award

Prabjeet Singh

Ashley Sammut

Vidhi Joshi

Sanuda Perera

Leeza Semisi

Sophie Fleiner

Sahithi Birlangi

Jaismeen Handa

Emyl Jenish


Year 8 Responsibility Award

Montana Veness

Kiara Valastro

Hindujaa Suresh Rathini Kumar

Prabhkirat Singh

Alex Punneliparambil

Jodie Knevitt

Sneha Ranjit


Year 8 Growth Award

Hindujaa Suresh Rathini Kumar

Prabhkirat Singh

Fadhilah Buksh

Cooper Rehaut

Chloe Staaf

Harman Hans

Jodie Knevitt

Joel McKay-Carter

Jonathan Kawiratne

Bahara Ahmadi

Parisa Batool


Year 8 Respect Award

Chad Marsden

Kiara Valastro

Michael Wati


End of Year Activities - Year 7, 8 and 9 students

Activities will take place from 17 December - 21 December.
All students must return this consent form even if they are not attending activities(there is an option for parents/guardians to sign that they are not attending). Students that do not return their form will be placed on CESC Activities and be expected at school.

Cash or CSEF can be used to pay for these events.

Students are encouraged to pay first thing in the morning to Simone in the Green Admin Office through the entryway near GWA5. The door will be open from 8am for EOYA payments only. Students are not to go to their lockers if it is before 840am. Payment first thing in the morning is recommended so that students are not walking around the school with cash in their pockets.

Students are advised to pick carefully and speak with their friends before paying for events. Once they are paid for they cannot be refunded.

Some of the activities do have a limit so it will be a case of first in, first served. All activities are still currently available but some are filling fast.

For any queries, please contact Simone on 5990 0200 Ext 5 Ext 1

Year 7 LOTE Family Poster Pictures


Science Expo

On the 12th of September the Year 8 students held their Science Expo. This was a brilliant opportunity for them to inform our school community about the problems we may encounter in the future if we don’t make changes in how we live. They had been learning about global warming, climate change and renewable energy sources so the expo was their moment to present their ideas on how we can stop our drastic climate change. Thank you to everyone who attended the expo, the students and teachers involved were very grateful and overall excited about the outcome of the event.


Year 9/10

Message from Year 9 Assistant Principal

As we draw another term to a close, the Year 9 students- and teachers- can catch their breath for what has been an extremely busy end to this term! Students have handed in their course selection preference for 2019, actively participated in Market Day and had a City Experience, all in the last 3 weeks! Amongst this, we’ve had students represent Year 9 in the Access Monash Champions program and presented at Monash University their findings and reflections of educating all of Year 9 regarding future pathways (definitions of subjects and explaining VCE, VCAL, VET). We’ve had 9A LEAF students recently go to an ACMI Education Series and view a film that tied in with their class novel of Frankenstein and Year 9H and 9I ventured to Casey Race to enhance their skills in their Sports Pathways elective.

Market Day was so pleasing to see our connections with the community growing, with our Year 9’s working hard leading up to and on the day to provide a goods or service. Upon chatting to numerous students, many discussed the importance of teamwork, reflected on their orders for what they needed (if providing a good) and had the realisation that it’s very hard out there in the workforce!!! That was one example of the real life opportunities CESC prides themselves with providing for our young people. Another was City Experience, where students found their way into the city. They were able to navigate to other locations, then after a day of activities, were back on the train to end their day and make their way back to Cranbourne. Students have acknowledged they’re getting more confident with making their way around Melbourne and enjoying the exploration.

A huge thank you must be given to all of the Year 9 teachers for making these opportunities happen and in particular to Annabel Bond and Dylan Cousins. If it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of this supportive team of teachers, the experiences our students have, wouldn’t happen.  

I’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday break (which may not be relaxing initially if you’re an AFL or NRL supporter with your team in the finals!). A reminder that Term 4 is back to summer uniform. Please make sure all school uniform expectations are followed, including white socks only (with NO logos) and no jewellery (including NO facial piercings). In case of any minor changes during the break, please check the time table before starting back.


Lisa Monaghan

Year 9 Assistant Principal



Year 9 news

Year 9s continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm for a challenge. This month has been no exception.  Our students have been involved in many exciting activities this month, through which they were able to demonstrate their capacity to work as part of a team and overcome hurdles to reach their goals.

Our P2S program culminated in a highly successful Market Day on Thursday.  The range of activities available as part of the Market Day Program was extensive.  The array of sweet and savoury food was endless.  There was even a wombat – or snake – to cuddle.  Not everything goes to plan on a day like this and it was testament to the resilience our cohort is developing that all challenges were faced and conquered.  It was a fantastic day.  Thanks must go to Ms Bond and Mr Cousens – and all the P2S team - for the support and hard-work that went into the day.

Students continue to participate in all manner of school activities, show-casing not only their talents, but also their commitment to the programs offered at the College.  Many Year 9 students shone on the stage in the wonderful Legally Blonde production.  We have many Year 9 students representing us at the Division Athletics next week. Still more students will be showing their community spirit through participation in the Colour Run today.  Stay switched on to the CESC Facebook page to see these, and many other, students in action.

This week Year 9 students will be visiting a range of sites in and around Melbourne as part of their City Experience.  This time around students will be putting their new found independence and skills to the test as they make their way to the venues under their own steam.  All reports so far indicate a very successful experience for all participating students.

With only one week left of term, parents are reminded that students are expected to be in full summer uniform after the holidays. This will mean white socks are required!  Parents and students are also reminded of the school’s policy regarding facial piercings.  All uniform policies can be found on the College website.


LEAF Excursion to Edward Scissorhands 9A


As part of our LEAF program, 9A travelled into the city to see Edward Scissorhands at ACMI. We took the train from Cranbourne station to Flinders Street station, from there we walked to ACMI in Federation Square. We watched Edward Scissorhands to make connections to the work that we have been doing in class. After watching the movie we had a lecture from one of the people at ACMI.  We have been studying Frankenstein and we are comparing the two. We had a very good time and we all enjoyed the experience.  Rachael 9A                


Market Day

Finally after months of planning, on the 7th of September 2018, it was Market Day. This day was organised by Mr Cousins and Miss Bond as a major part of our P2S program. We were a little bit worried about the weather at the start of the day but by the time our customers arrived it was OK.

Market Day is where all the year 9’s have to build and come up with their own stores and sell their products to make money. We planned our events and stalls through P2S and as the day drew nearer we were very excited to see our plans come together. This day was amazing, everyone enjoyed it. There were many different stalls with foods, like Cheerio’s, pizza, dub-way aka subway and many others. There was also many fun activities such as the jumping castle, the boxing machine and the Australian Native Animals exhibit.  A favourite event for the students was the ‘teacher revenge’ where for a small fee you got to throw a pie at a teacher’s face. Overall Market Day was a terrific day, everyone enjoyed it. We would all like to thank Mr Cousins and Miss Bond for playing a big role into this wonderful day and also to the teachers who helped make it happen, thank you.  Kayla 9C and Shane 9G.


End of Year Activities- Year 9 students

 17 December - 21 December.
All students must return this consent form even if they are not attending activities(there is an option for parents/guardians to sign that they are not attending). Students that do not return their form will be placed on CESC Activities and be expected at school.

Cash or CSEF can be used to pay for these events.

Students are encouraged to pay first thing in the morning to Simone in the Green Admin Office through the entryway near GWA5. The door will be open from 8am for EOYA payments only. Students are not to go to their lockers if it is before 840am. Payment first thing in the morning is recommended so that students are not walking around the school with cash in their pockets.

Students are advised to pick carefully and speak with their friends before paying for events. Once they are paid for they cannot be refunded.

Some of the activities do have a limit so it will be a case of first in, first served. All activities are still currently available but some are filling fast.

For any queries, please contact Simone on 5990 0200 Ext 5 Ext 1


Year 10 update


As another busy term draws to an end, our students begin their last term of Year 10 classes. They have selected their pathways and subjects for Year 11, attended Careers Expo’s and started to think about what opportunities life ‘after school’ may present for them. Term 4 is an excellent opportunity for our Year 10s to start to focus on the skills that they require for the future, including time management skills, study techniques and the use of class time to maximise learning. Students are encouraged to seek help in ensuring that their final term for Year 10 is successful and that they feel prepared as they transition into Senior School.

Term 4 commences on October 8th and this signals the return of our summer school uniform. We have seen a drop in the presentation of uniform towards the end of Term 3 and we expect that our students return next term in full school uniform. A reminder that socks are to be white, without logos and that PE uniform is only suitable on days where a PE elective is timetabled. Please see the College Website to clarify expectations if needed.

As mentioned, our Year 10s have had a busy term. In the second half of the term our students were provided with many opportunities to embrace their individuality, skills, talents and hobbies, including: Intermediate Boys Basketball, Athletics Day, Wear It Purple day, Production, the Snow Trip, subject specific excursions, R U OK? Day and the Access Monash Champions presentations. We are very proud of all that they have achieved this term.


Access Monash Champions Presentation Day


On Thursday the 13th of September, 5 of the 6 Year 10 students who had participated in the 2018 Access Monash Champions Challenge, travelled to the Peninsula Campus of Monash University to present their project to other participating schools on Presentation Day. The team consisted of: Darren Batarina, Tiarna Eldridge, Ashirali Lalji, Hannah McDonald, Rhea Mehta and Diya Patel. The Access Monash Champions had based their project on recycling within the school community and had worked with their three Access Monash Mentors to implement a positive change. Some of the ways that they promoted the importance of recycling included:

  • Speaking to Fleur Pilkington from Waste and Recycling at Casey Council to improve their understanding of recycling
  • Organising for the addition of an extra recycling bin for the school
  • Creating posters to advertise the importance of recycling, which they placed around the school
  • Creating a Kahoot for 7 – 9 students teaching them the importance of recycling
  • Fundraising to buy recycling bins for every class in the school

The team are planning to continue with their fundraising throughout Term 4, with the hope of achieving their overall goal of buying recycling bins for all rooms before the end of the year. We are very proud of the work that they have put in this year, of how well they represented the school on Presentation Day and of their future achievements with their Access Monash project.  



Year 10 Chinatown excursion


On 29th of August, Year 10 LOTE class attended the Chinatown excursion. We experienced the authentic Chinese food culture and we had the chance to practice the language speaking skill in real life scenarios.

In Term 3 LOTE, students learnt about asking directions. As part of the CAT, they had to locate certain places such as the book store, Chinese grocery etc. by conducting a short conversation with the Chinese speakers in Chinatown. This experience enabled our students to apply their language skills and knowledge easily and directly in their tasks.

At lunchtime, we had a delicious meal at Peking Duck Restaurant. They served us Xiaolongbao, Peking Duck, Mapo Tofu, dry fried string beans and stewed eggplants with garlic sauce in clay pot! We all had an amazing time in the Chinatown excursion.

LOTE team


Year 11/12

Assistant Principal News

Term 3 has been an extremely busy time for students in Years 10 to 12. They have been finalising numerous assessment tasks, considering post school pathways, entering competitions and attending various seminars. Some of the Year 10 students have also been showcasing the skills they have learnt in various electives through various lunchtime activities.


The Year 12’s will spend the first week of these holidays undertaking practice exams. These exams are an important tool for providing various sources of feedback to students and teachers. The exams are supervised by our Chief Examination Supervisor and will mirror the end of year VCAA exams in terms of length and structure. Students are required to wear school uniform.


Just a reminder that when school resumes on the 8th October, students will be required to wear summer uniform. Please ensure that if any additional uniform items are required that these are purchased during the break. If you need any clarification on the uniform please refer to Policy located on school website.


I wish all Year 10, 11 & 12 students and their families a very safe break and I look forward to working with you all in Term 4.

Penni Roe

Assistant Principal - Years 10 to 12

VCE Information - Year 11

Presentation Ball occurring Thursday 20th September- The Grand on Princess 6:30pm.


Elevate Session: Last student elevation study tips session occurred on the 14th September. Students received valuable information how to motivate themselves,  goal setting and planning for peak performance.


Well Done to Chloe Kandetzki of Year 11 who performed on Saturday in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular as one of the Principal Vocalist! After 8 months of preparation and every weekend rehearsing, Chloe was one of the 3000 students selected, being part of 5 songs and singing in 3. Her favourite song was Street Life which she sang as a duet said she loved everything about being in the performance. The show was even more special as she celebrated her birthday on the day!


The State Schools Spectacular will be televised on Chanel 7 in early December and Chloe is already looking forward in auditioning next year. Well done on an amazing performance!

The VCE Business Management Annual Amazing Marketing Race took place at the end of last month. Students from Year 11 pitted their wits against students from Year 10 and the tricky clues provided Ms Bisi and Mr Britto. All students raced around the city solving puzzles, 

identifying major marketing strategies and taking photographic evidence of their achievements. Here are a few of our favourites:


VCE News - Year 12

Year 12 Valedictory

Reminder: Tickets for Valedictory must be purchased by Monday September 17th.  After this point extra tickets may become available.


Elevate Sessions:

Students attended their final Elevate session for the year this week. We hope that over the course of these sessions students picked up some important strategies around exam preparation, study tips and tricks, time management skills and how to be better organised and prepared for exams.


With only 1 week of scheduled classes to complete, the VCE students are starting to feel the enormity of what they are about to complete. It is going to be a pretty hectic and emotional week for some of the students, so if you notice any behaviours in your child that is out of the norm, please have a conversation with them, or contact the school and let us know.





When VCE students return they will have two and half weeks left. The first two weeks are normal classes and then their final week will consist of only three days of scheduled activities, including a Celebration Day at Tree Tops.

A timetable of the week will be handed out to students before the end of term.


Careers & Pathways

Deakin University News

Course Updates at Deakin University

Deakin University is currently developing an exciting new combined course offering for 2019 - Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Nutrition Science! Deakin’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences will offer this double degree, which is the first of its kind in Victoria and will prepare students to combine exercise and nutrition to help the community optimise physical performance and nutrition and contribute to the prevention of diet and physical activity related diseases.  Like graduates of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, graduates of this new combined course will be eligible for accreditation with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) to become accredited exercise scientists.  Watch this space!

Deakin’s Bachelor of Information Systems has been changed to Bachelor of Business Analytics.  This course will teach students how to use technology to capture and use digital information effectively in organisational settings.  Students will focus on critically analysing an organisation's information in order to decide on the best business analytics software (e.g. business intelligence, predictive analytics, and social media analytics tools) to solve real-life business problems.  The new Bachelor of Business Analytics is also the only specialist business analytics program in Victoria and one of only two in Australia.  Find out more at Business Analytics


Deakin University - Global Science and Technology Program

The SEBE Global Science and Technology Program (GSTP) gives students the opportunity to gain experience beyond the classroom and experience the world whilst studying.


Students who interested in travelling as part of their degree, are encouraged to consider the Global Science and Technology Program. This scholarship program is open to all courses offered by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, and aims to recognise, reward, and support high achieving students interested in conducting part of their studies overseas, in order to develop new skills and a broader worldview. Successful applicants will receive a $3000 scholarship to assist with travel costs and will participate in the Deakin Global Citizenship Program. The Global Science and Technology Program has a two-step application process.


There are two steps to applying for this program: applicants must attain an ATAR of 80 and must complete the Program Supplementary application form by 5pm, Friday 4 January 2019.


Visit Global Science and Technology Program for more details -


AusNet Services Scholarship

If you’re a female student interested in the ever changing energy landscape and shaping the future of power generation, management and distribution, we encourage you to apply for a Women in Power Engineering Scholarship.

Women in Power Engineering scholarships are on offer to support women to achieve tertiary qualifications in power engineering, preparing them for diverse and rewarding careers in the energy industry.  Scholarships are awarded to successful female applicants entering Deakin’s Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) undergraduate degree.  Each scholarship is valued at $10,000 per year over the normal duration of the course and includes vocational work and a mentoring program. 

For full details about the scholarship, including selection criteria, how to apply and closing dates please visit: AusNet Services Scholarship


Monash University News

Monash Maths Bridging

Monash Maths Bridging is available for domestic students who narrowly miss the required study score in the mathematics prerequisite subjects for a Monash Engineering, Science or Business and Economics, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Law (for Law/Commerce double degrees) undergraduate degree.

Maths Bridging covers the properties of functions and their graphs, calculus processes of differentiation and anti-differentiation, and the application of these properties and processes.

Students will learn
* functions and their graphs and inverse functions

* exponential, logarithmic, and circular functions

* techniques and applications of calculus.

Students will study face-to-face for 16 days, five hours a day.  Expert tutors will be there to guide them along their learning journey.


VCE Students who receive a study score of 20-24 in VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4.  Students must also meet all other entry requirements for a Monash Engineering, Science or Business and Economics undergraduate degree.

Monash Maths Bridging is only accepted by Monash University.  It does not provide credit for other institutions.  Once students have successfully passed the Monash Maths Bridging course, they will be considered to have met the mathematic prerequisite for selected Engineering, Science or Business and Economics degrees at Monash University.


If they meet all other course entry requirements they will be considered for a Round 2 offer into their preferred course.


Program details

Start date                   Wednesday 2 January 2019

End date                     Tuesday 22 January 2019

Exam                           Wednesday 23 January 2019

Marking                      Thursday 24 January 2019

Results                        9:00am, Friday 25 January 2019

Cost                             $1,200 (not available for FEE-HELP)

Location                     Monash College


For more information visit Monash Maths Bridging


Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science

What options do students have if they don’t meet the maths or chemistry VCE prerequisites to get into pharmacy or pharmaceutical science? 


Mathematical Methods VCE prerequisite

  • Applicants could study maths higher level units over their first year in a tertiary course.  They can then apply to transfer into pharmacy or pharmaceutical science if they have achieved a minimum 70% average in the first year of the tertiary degree.  Please note that credit is not currently given for transfers into pharmacy.
  • The Open Universities Australia offers math units that may prove acceptable.  Students are encouraged to visit Open Universities directly for advice.
  • Overall, the maths must meet higher level maths equivalencies which applicants must investigate, and faculty course advisers should be able to assist here.  

Chemistry VCE prerequisite

  • For students who have not met the chemistry prerequisite, Monash recommends they study two VCE equivalent chemistry units over their first year in a tertiary course to be considered as meeting the prerequisite.  They can then apply to transfer into pharmacy or pharmaceutical science.  They would also have to achieve a minimum 70% average in the first year of the tertiary degree.  Please note that credit is not currently given for transfers into pharmacy.

In summary, students really wanting to study pharmacy or pharmaceutical science at Monash University but do not meet the maths or chemistry VCE prerequisites, are encouraged to enrol in a tertiary course that gives them access to higher levels of maths and/or chemistry, with the aim of transferring across after one year.  Students can also consider Graduate Entry Pharmacy (3 years) after completion of a Biomedical, Science or Pharmaceutical Science undergraduate degree.


Find out more about pharmacy and pharmacology at Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science at Monash

Chisholm Institute News

We also have a suite of free job readiness workshops available to job seekers:

Job seekers can register for these workshops on Eventbrite using the above links.

University of Melbourne News

New Bachelor of Commerce Achievement Scholarship

Valued at $15,000 over three years, this new scholarship aims to reward high-achieving Australian students commencing the Bachelor of Commerce, the Commerce/Juris Doctor Graduate Degree Package, or the Commerce/Engineering Graduate Degree Package.  To be considered for the scholarship students must achieve an ATAR of at least 98.00 (excludes Chancellor’s Scholars).  No application required as all eligible VTAC applicants will automatically be considered, and forty scholarships will be awarded. 

Find out more at Bachelor of Commerce Achievement Scholarship


Careers in Insurance

Find out more about the wider insurance careers programs available at the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF).  A supporting website Careers in Insurance features detailed information about the types of businesses in the industry and the range of roles and opportunities within insurance.  Students are encouraged to visit this website for an interesting insight to insurance – be it insurance against maritime pirates or against floods, hurricanes & droughts.

University of Tasmania News

New Optometry Pathway Course

Our new Optometry Pathway Course, offered with Flinders University in South Australia allows high achieving students to start their optometry studies in Launceston. After one full year of study in Tasmania, students will transition to the Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of Optometry at Flinders University.


Special programs to reward high achieving students interested in architecture and science

> Bachelor of Science (Catalyst Program)

> Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments (Creative Innovators’ Program)

Accessed with an ATAR of 90+, be rewarded for your hard work with guaranteed scholarships, overseas study opportunities, special events, and much more!


Get on board with the largest nation building project in Australia’s history with the Australian Maritime College

Study Maritime Engineering or Global Logistics at the AMC for a career as part of the largest nation building project in Australian history – the $90bn continuous naval shipbuilding program.


New business scholarships for high achievers

Do you have high-achieving students interested in business and economics? Twenty $5000 scholarships are available to Tasmanian students who completed Year 12 in 2018 and scored an ATAR of 90 or above (or equivalent). Students must be commencing in a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Economics, or combined Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Economics in Semester 1, 2019.


Theatre and Performance brings critical and reflective engagement with culture, history, and theory

Students learn how to watch performances closely, manage creative projects and resources, and lead collaborative and creative processes. There are opportunities to participate in acclaimed festivals including Dark Mofo, The Unconformity, and Junction Arts Festival. Students have the flexibility to study complementary areas such as English, Journalism, Media and Communications, and the Creative Arts within the Bachelor of Arts. Learn more.


Updated and new courses


College of Sciences and Engineering

> Bachelor of Design (NEW)

> Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies (Updated)

> Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (Updated)


College of Arts, Law and Education

> Bachelor of Design

> Bachelor of Music

> Bachelor of Arts (Theatre)

> Bachelor of Social Work with Honours

> Bachelor of Media

Do you have students planning a career in social work? We now offer the Bachelor of Social Work with Honours with students beginning studies right from first year.


College of Health and Medicine

> Bachelor of Psychological Science

> Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

> Bachelor of Nutrition Science

> Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Radiation Science)

> Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine

Did you know: students can now study the first year of the Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine and the Bachelor of Medical Research at either our Launceston or Hobart campuses?

The UMAT Admissions Test is changing in 2019.

For students intending to sit the UMAT in 2019 for entry to university in 2020, the test is changing.
 2018 will be the final year for students to sit the UMAT. After 2018 it will be replaced by a new test, the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test).


What does this mean for my students?

If your students sat the UMAT in July 2018 nothing has changed. They should continue to follow the steps outline on the UMAT website:

Students who are planning to sit the UMAT in 2019, will instead need to register for and sit the UCAT.

Has the test changed?

Yes, the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is a 2-hour computer-based test. Candidates will sit the test at Pearson VUE test centres located in Australia, New Zealand and some overseas centres.

The UCAT will be offered on a choice of dates throughout the month of July, rather than on one single date.


Which universities require the UCAT in 2019 for 2020 entry?
The UCAT will be a mandatory admissions test for the courses and programmes linked below for 2020 entry onwards.


What’s in the new test?
The test consists of 5, separately timed and subtests.


When do students need to register for the UCAT?
Registration for the UCAT will open in March 2019 and close in mid-May. Details of the test, including how to register, are available on the UCAT website


How can I help my students prepare for the UCAT?
Free, comprehensive preparation materials, including an online guide, tutorials, question banks and practice tests will be available on the UCAT website in early 2019.


Why have we moved to this new test?

As a computer-based test, the UCAT is an efficient and secure process. It has the additional advantages of offering candidates the convenience of a choice of dates and a wider range of test centres.

The UCAT is a well-established and internationally respected test used widely in the UK since 2006 (under the name UKCAT) to select students for admission to medicine and dentistry courses at the majority of UK universities. For information about UKCAT go to:

The test assesses a range of abilities identified as important by university medical and dental schools for success in their programmes or courses, and later as a clinician.

What do students need to do now?
If your students sat the UMAT in July 2018, nothing has changed. They should continue to follow the steps outline on the UMAT website:

Students who will be sitting the test in 2019 for entry to university in 2020, should visit the UCAT website for full details on the new test.


A Career in Policing: Quick Facts about Applying

Students are eligible to apply at 18 – There is a misconception that young adults do not have enough life and work experience for the role.  To the contrary, a large number of members of the Police Force joined at the age of 18.   Police recruitment staff and psychologists will assess applicants to determine their suitability for the policing environment at each of the 11 stages of the recruitment process.

Work experience is determined by a number of factors – When asked about previous work experience, answers may include: customer service experience, exposure to conflict resolution, ability to adapt to the workplace, team work, leadership and developed emotional intelligence.  For example, part-time work at McDonald’s is highly regarded.  However, if a student is only working 5 hours a week over an extended period of time, they may not be consistently developing the skills required for the Police role.


Life experience will be different for each applicant – Again, police recruitment staff and psychologists will assess this factor on a case-by-case basis.  There are times where a young applicant ticks the boxes but fails to demonstrate the required maturity and communication skills necessary to perform the duties of a Police Officer or Protective Services Officer (PSO) at the panel interview stage.


While taking a gap year to find employment or travel is an option, it is important that during those 12 months those young applicants are actively looking to further develop themselves in other areas.  Volunteering, involvement in a community group or sporting club is also highly regarded.  Again, it is important to note that in order to be a competitive applicant, applicants must show that they have had consistent part-time or full time employment.


It can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to complete the 11 stages of the recruitment process.  Applicants are responsible for preparing themselves for each stage.  Resources are available on the police careers website, and the Police Applicant Attraction Team is more than happy to support applicants throughout the recruitment process.


A large number of applicants are unsuccessful due to a lack of preparation for the entrance exam and fitness assessment, as well as a lack of understanding of the role they have applied for.  Students are encouraged to speak to Police and PSO members at their local police station or train station so that they have a greater understanding of what is expected at the Police Academy and on the job.


If an applicant is deemed unsuccessful they will be required to wait 12 months before reapplying.  


Students are recommended to browse Police Career, visit the Victoria Police YouTube channel, and watch the following recruitment videos:

Federation University News

There is a range of scholarships offered for those considering studying at FedUni in the future and for current students both international and domestic.  FedUni scholarships recognise academic excellence, overcoming adversity, community engagement and/or leadership performance.

Our High Achievers Scholarship worth up to $18,000 is granted to all eligible applicants receiving an offer of a place in 2019 thought VTAC

Ranging from minor textbook bursaries to the $35,500 IBM Professional Practice Scholarships (a combination of scholarship funds and paid employment), academic excellence scholarships in STEM, to Foundation Scholarships and Awards... the list goes on.

Find out more at:

Remember, your application is made direct to Fed Uni, not through VTAC.  


Teaching Degrees @FedUni
All applicants for teaching degrees must sit the CASPer assessment. CASPer is a requirement for many of the initial teacher training courses in Victoria. It is a non-cognitive online test designed to assess an applicant's personal and professional attributes. To register for your sitting or for further information about the assessment, visit


To ensure you don't miss the deadlines for each offer round check the CASPer dates here.

FedUni provides a number of pathways and options to ensure you can follow your dream and become a great teacher. Visit for more information including our interactive study pathways tool.


RMIT Village

RMIT Village is located near Melbourne CBD.  It is only a 5-minute tram ride from RMIT University and offers fully furnished, self-contained apartments to suit a range of preferences.  Facilities include a student lounge, e-library, high-speed internet, heated swimming pool and a new gym (currently under construction). 


RMIT Village is conveniently located for RMIT’s City campus (just a 10-minute walk) and Brunswick campus.


Applications for 2019 are open at RMIT Village

For more information call (03) 8330 2000 or e-mail [email protected]

Victoria University News

Preference VU for a smoother transition to university

It's preference time again and this year VU has made the transition from high school to university easier with our revolutionary First Year Model. This highly-successful way of learning sets students up for success and reduces stress by having them study one subject every four weeks, in smaller classes, with a maximum of three classes on campus per week.


Students get more one-on-one time with lecturers and more experiential learning, which prepares them for their future in the workforce. Pass rates for students studying under First Year Model 2018 increased to an average of 86.8% for Semester 1, up from average of 77% in 2017.


Read more about how VU's First Year Model works.


School for the Visitor Economy

In response to Victoria's demand for qualified tourism and hospitality graduates, Victoria University has announced its new School for the Visitor Economy.


This new cross-university school will combine courses from pre-vocational certificates delivered by Victoria University Polytechnic, through to degrees and PhDs from Victoria University.

Find out more at School for the Visitor Economy.


New Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership

We're excited to announce VU's new Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership - the first of its kind in Australia! This new course addresses the needs of the entire outdoor sector and offers practical, work-integrated-learning opportunities and paid internships, which could lead to a job offer.


Delivered at a Melbourne-based location, this course covers everything students need for a career in outdoor leadership.


Read more about the Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership course.


Meet law graduate Ante Sentic

Ante Sentc originally planned on a career with Victoria Police and chose to study law as a pathway to that.


During his law degree Ante was offered a number of unique internships including with the Magistrates' Court Program, the County Court Program, Brimbank-Melton Community Legal Centre, Sunshine Youth Legal Centre and Victoria Police Prosecutions. The hands-on experience he gained from working with actual clients and being mentored by experts was instrumental to his success.


When he graduated in 2016 Ante was offered a graduate lawyer position at Hall & Wilcox Lawyers, where he is currently working.


Read more about Ante's success story.

VFA Learning News

The VFA Learning Open Day will be held on Saturday 13 October,  so now is the time to let Year 12’s know about this great opportunity to learn about starting a rewarding career in Fitness and Sport, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy, and Early Childhood Education and Care. 


Students will learn more about industry, Diploma study options and also how to pathway into a Degree, often with credits with Deakin or Federation Universities.


La Trobe University News


Students enrolled in VCE Plus choose a pair of first year university subjects to study whilst completing Year 12 (one subject per semester). The program is offered at all La Trobe campuses and subjects are delivered online, face‑to‑face, or a combination of both.


VCE Plus students have an outstanding opportunity to experience life at La Trobe, receive a contribution to the calculation of their ATAR, and challenge themselves academically – we’ve had hundreds of students achieve success through the program.


VCE Plus applications for 2019 close on Friday 23 November.


Find out more about how it works along with the range of study options available, including Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce subjects, as well as  Science, Health and Engineering.


If you’d like someone from La Trobe to come to your school to discuss VCE Plus with your students before applications close, submit a request through our website now.



At the time of writing, there are still over $200,000 worth of scholarships up for grabs at La Trobe, and more opportunities are being added to our website. Every year, a number of scholarships go unallocated, so we highly recommend encouraging your students to apply for every scholarship they’re eligible for. Here are some highlights:


La Trobe Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships

We’re offering up to 60 scholarships for students with high ATARs, valued at $5,000 per year for up to four years. No application is needed, simply list La Trobe as a course preference through VTAC and achieve a minimum ATAR of 80 to be considered. Scholarships are offered to students with the highest ATAR across seven different course subject areas.


La Trobe Access Scholarships

Up to 100 scholarships every year are provided to students experiencing disadvantage. These are valued at $3,000 per year for the duration of your course and there is no minimum ATAR requirement. Applications are through VTAC.


STEM scholarships

Students wishing to study computer science, information technology, engineering or cybersecurity have access to a number of STEM scholarships which have been added recently. See the website for details.


Tips for applying to scholarships:

  • Treat scholarships like job applications – ensure you present yourself well and include all required documentation
  • If you’ve applied for scholarships via VTAC you’ll only be considered for all the La Trobe scholarships offered through VTAC. Direct application scholarships are handled separately
  • Ask questions if you’re unsure – email [email protected]


50 Bricklayers in Vic needing good candidates to start an apprenticeship

FREE bricklaying work ready program for school leavers, jobseekers or career change candidates


The Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) is nationally known and recognised as a trusted partner and preeminent organisation for the placement of brick and blocklaying apprentices.

Get involved in our Work-Ready Program LEARN MORE>


ABBTF runs a Free 4-Day Work Ready Program designed to make jobseekers work-ready.
Get a taste for a career in the building industry by attending one of our upcoming Work Ready Programs.

Great opportunity to learn general trowel skills & laying bricks, how to build brick walls, basic tool use and more.


Berwick: Chisholm TAFE

3 December – 6 December (Four day)


ABBTF aims to carefully select and match new apprentices with the right employer.

University of New South Wales News

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Are you interested in studying a cross-disciplinary degree and exploring current and future global challenges?


UNSW is introducing the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE). It includes courses that enable students to explore the synergies and tensions between these three disciplines, and to assess their relevance to meet humanity's most pressing issues. Students enrolling in this course will study with a cohort of like-minded, high-achieving and critically thinking students who aspire to be leaders and contribute to positive social change.


PPE graduates are sought after globally for careers in politics and public policy development, including the highest reaches of government and the public service. Help them start their leadership career today.


Find out more about this course at Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) -

Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS)

Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) is a private college that offers a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice degree.


The Bachelor of Criminology and Justice covers a broad range of topics, such as criminology, criminal psychology, criminal law and procedure, law enforcement, corrections and justice related issues. In this course students receive a comprehensive, theoretical education in each of these areas – from learning why people commit crimes to understanding the importance of ethics and legal processes.


Visit Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) to find out more!

VCE Extension Studies in 2019

Deakin University – Deakin Accelerate

Deakin Accelerate is a distinctive VCE higher education program that allows students to study two first-year university subjects during Year 12.  Studying one subject per trimester, this selective program gives students a head-start into university studies and also provides a potential boost to their all-important ATAR score.

Besides the challenge of taking on a university subject, this subject will also count as part of the VCE and contribute towards the ATAR as the fifth or sixth subject.  There are no tuition fees for Deakin Accelerate.

Find out more, including the subjects on offer, at Deakin Accelerate


La Trobe University - VCE Plus Program

VCE Plus is an opportunity for high achieving Year 11 VCE students to complete a pair of first-year university subjects in their Year 12 and have them recognised as part of their VCE.  Students enrolled in VCE Plus choose one subject per semester.  VCE Plus is offered at all La Trobe campuses and subjects are delivered online, face-to-face, or a combination of both.  There are fees associated with the VCE Plus Program. 

Find out more, including the subjects on offer at VCE Plus Program


Monash University - Extension Studies

Monash Extension Studies allows high achieving Year 12 students to get a taste of university before finishing school - and be rewarded for it.  Students complete a pair of first year university subjects as part of their final year school studies, allowing them to extend and enhance their learning in an area of interest.  Students also received credit towards their ATAR.  There will be fees associated with the Extension Studies Program.

Find out more, including the subjects on offer, at Extension Studies

RMIT University – VCE Extension

RMIT’s VCE Extension allows Year 12 students to undertake university subjects while completing their VCE.  These courses are VCAA-accredited towards VCE results and students may be eligible for credit in a related RMIT program.


Students will get a taste of university life, they attend lectures and study on campus with full access to all the services and facilities enjoyed by RMIT students.  VCE Extension subjects are taught at the City campus and are counted towards students VCE and provide a boost to their ATAR.  RMIT charges no fees for RMIT Extension courses.


Find out more, including the subjects on offer, at VCE Extension


University of Melbourne – Extension Program

The Extension Program is an opportunity for high achieving Year 12 students to study a university subject whilst at school which counts towards their ATAR, as well as experience university life.  The University of Melbourne does not charge any fees for participation in the Extension Program.  However, some School Centres where an Extension subject is taught may charge a reasonable fee to cover teaching and administrative costs.


Find out more, including the subjects on offer, at Extension Program

Swinburne University News

Courses with Real World Experience

The Bachelor of Accounting & Information Systems (BAIS) and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) are both industry scholarship courses that include two 20-week placements. Professional development opportunities, such as workshops and networking, are also embedded in the BAIS, enabling students to connect and interact with professionals.  Students receive an industry-funded scholarship totalling approximately $40,000, which is paid over the duration of the course. 


The VCE prerequisite for the BAIS is Units 3 and 4: a minimum study score of 25 in English (or equivalent) or 30 in English (EAL).


The VCE prerequisites for the BIT are Units 3 and 4: a minimum study score of 25 in English (or equivalent) or 30 in English (EAL); and Units 3 and 4: a minimum study score of 20 in any Mathematics. 

Application for either of these courses must be made through VTAC.

Students keen on finding out more are encouraged to visit Bachelor of Accounting & Information Systems (BAIS) and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)



Swinburne University offers a maths bridging program called MathsLink. 

MathsLink: Methods is a bridging program for students needing VCE Units 3 and 4 of Mathematical Methods to study at Swinburne.

Mathematical Methods is a prerequisite for many bachelor degrees in aviation, engineering, and information and communication technology.  This bridging program is designed to help students who have not studied Mathematical Methods as part of their VCE to meet the prerequisite for entry into their chosen course.


MathsLink: Methods is taught predominantly online, however there are three day sessions that students must attend during Summer Term:

  • Wednesday 2 January 2019, 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • Thursday 24 January 2019, 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • Thursday 7 February 2019, 9:30am – 4:30pm

MathsLink: Methods incurs a one-off $400 fee**, payable within the time frame as specified in the Swinburne University of Technology Academic Dates.
                                                                                                                      ** refundable if enrol in a course at Swinburne


On successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to make a direct application to Swinburne University for entry in 2019.   Applications for MathsLink: Methods close Tuesday 18 December 2018.

Find out more at Maths Link Bridging Program: Methods

University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Medical Research
Students who have an interest in the human body, health and disease – and more importantly, expanding what we know about them – may find the Bachelor of Medical Research the perfect course to study.  The Bachelor of Medical Research is a 3-year program taught at the Hobart campus of the University of Tasmania.  The course prepares students for careers in medical research by providing an understanding of the structure and function of healthy human cells, tissues, organs and systems, as well as of the abnormal genetic, cellular and systemic changes that characterise human diseases and conditions.

Students are able to select options that prepare them for careers or further studies in a range of specialties such as biochemistry, pathology, neuroscience, genetics, pharmacology and other areas of medical research and medical science. The degree also emphasises the acquisition of research skills and students will have exposure throughout the degree to scientists actively involved in medical research. 


Importantly, from 2019 onwards, the Bachelor of Medical Research at the University of Tasmania will be the sole entry point into the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery for tertiary applicants.

To find out more visit Bachelor of Medical Research  

VACC Auto Apprenticeships

VACC Auto Apprenticeships department are recruiting for 2018/ 19 intake now!

There are many full time and school based apprenticeships available in the following trades:

  • Light Vehicle
  • Heavy Vehicle
  • Spare Parts
  • Panel Beating
  • Spray Painting
  • Motorcycle
  • Engine Reconditioning
  • Auto Electrical
  • Mobile Plant
  • & many more!

If you have any interested applicants, please direct them to our website where they can apply.

Job Pathways Charts

Students are encouraged to browse the following link for excellent example of potential career pathways that can begin with an Australian Apprenticeship - Australian Apprenticeships Pathways


Virtual Reality Headsets

Two Samsung Occulus headsets are now being trialled in the school. We be doing small scale trials into how and when they can be incorporated into particular classes to enhance learning.


A few downloaded apps that have been trialled includes a/an:

  • Internal journey into the human body and plants
  • Historical tour of daily life in Medieval Europe
  • Investigation into the chemical build-up of elements and atoms
  • Guided visitation through the house of Anne Frank
  • Trip to the International Space Station and other celestial objects


In addition to these downloaded apps, we were also able to stream 360° videos to different environments that were related to the curriculum.

We will keep you posted with how the trials go!



Book Week 2018


Congratulations to the inaugural winners of our Bake a Book competition. It was a great effort by the students who delivered cakes almost too good to eat!!


Victoria - 12G. 1st Place


Heidi - 7C. 2nd Place


And thanks to the staff who contributed some fantastic cakes on the day.



New books for the library

We also had great fun during our Book Week lunches. The students chose some fantastic books to add to our library and will be the first to borrow the books selected.

Pictured are just some of the books they were able to choose from...


It was a pleasure to see so many keen readers in our school. Well done to all.


School Clubs

Magic Club

The 18th of September marked the concluding award ceremony for our first ever Magic: The Gathering tournament which took place over term three. Students ranging from all year levels accumulated points by winning matches.

In relation to our school values, congratulations to:
Joel Kimiora 9H - Most Improved Player (GROWTH)
Vamsi Yadav 9G - Best Sportsmanship (RESPECT)
Adam D’Souza 9F - Tournament Winner (ACHIEVEMENT)



Year 8 Boys Basketball

After tryouts, training and a morning pep talk, Coach Ezekiel Kapao and the Year 8 boys basketball team made the trip to Dandenong to take on the best of our district. A strong 10-man team entered the court as the Cranbourne East boys took on Kooweerup in the first game. The starting 5 led by Cedric Iotua, Devante Meredith, Zach Burston, Joshua Wang and Matthew Ludlow started the game brilliantly, bursting out of the blocks strongly, along the way building a mighty lead in the first 5min of the game. It didn’t stop there, this squad had talent and built a stronger lead through Dwayne Finau, Sayed Husseini, Alessandro Lopizzo, Justine Paxton and Nick Portelli.

The boys blitzed Kooweerup, Officer, Casey Grammar and Narre Warren South on the way to the final against cross-town rivals, Cranbourne Secondary.

A tough game with baskets galore, a challenge the Cranbourne East boys were up for. A tight contest early as both schools traded buckets. A couple of Josh Wang 3 pointers and a long range Cedric Iotua shot shut the game out, with our Year 8’s taking out the game and the South Region Basketball title.

2019 House Athletics day

CESC House Athletics day took place on Friday the 24th of August. Melbourne weather turned on a glorious 21 degree winters delight and everyone was in good spirits for a great day at Casey Athletics track.

With over 950 students attending it was the biggest House Athletics competition to date. There were track and field events running all day and it fantastic to see all students getting involved and earning points for their House. 

The competition between the 5 houses was very tightly contested, with Deakin winning by 2 points over Florey in second place and Gilmore was close behind in third place.

Well done to all students on your high level of participation in a variety of  track and field events and making it such an awesome day. We are looking forward to all House competitions in 2019!

Sports Pathway Program Term 3 update

Throughout term 3 the focus for practical classes has been Netball and Basketball, students have been learning about the importance of learning defensive and offensive strategies and have worked in teams to implement the structures in class tournaments. 

The 3 classes have also continued their hard work with Collingwood FC strength and conditioning coach Luke Kitchen. The focus for the 6 week block was boxing and circuit training to improve several fitness components related to team sports students are involved in.

The two year 9 classes have been studying sports coaching and putting their knowledge into action by coaching year 7 PE classes.

year 10's have been learning all about Sports Injuries and prevention and know a lot more knowledgeable about how to look after their developing bodies to reduce injuries.


There has also been some great excursions this term. Both year 9 classes and the year 10 class completed an active recovery session at Casey Race.

The year 9 classes completed a tour of the MCG and the year 10 class attended Richmond FC final training session before the preliminary final against and a tour of Etihad stadium.




Division Athletics

Thursday the 14th of September 57 students represented CESC at the Division Athletics competition.

The students did remarkably well with 16 first places in a range of events including high jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, hurdles, 200 metres and the year 7 boys won the 4X100 relay!

Congratulations to all 57 students who represented the College and good to the 13 students who will be participating in the regional competition.



Student Voice

Student Voice Events



Relationships Australia


Family conversation 


Carer support 

A space for you The Hub is open to you, 

to connect with other Carers, access Carer supports and look after your own wellbeing.

• Are supporting a person with a mental illness, autism or an intellectual disability.

• Live in the Council areas of Cardinia, Casey or Greater Dandenong.

Please see the flyer for more information 

Family mediation and counselling  centre 

support for a range of concerns:

  • family Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Parenting plans and program for developing parenting skills
  • Property and financial matters mediation and settlement
  • Child Counselling
  • family violence 
  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families
  • Financial Counselling and Capability
  • Family Mental Health Support Services
  • General advice and referrals for families and separating couples

    Location 86-88 Victor Crescent 
    Narre Warren, VIC 3805

    Mon – Fri. Late Tues.

    T 03 8781 9111


Get social program

Facilitated by experienced staff from EACH, in partnership with the wellbeing and year 7 staff from CESC, the program aims to boost self-esteem, social connections, resilience, and school engagement by improving students" social skills.
This exciting program is comprised of engaging activities which are run in a small group format, providing the children  with the skills to develop and maintain their social skills.
This program is running during term 3 and 4 for a selected number of students who have already enjoyed the activities and tasks on offer. 

Time to Shine

During term 3 a select group of boys and girls participated in an exciting program called ' Time to shine'. During this program students developed social connectedness, worked as groups to solve problems, increased their help seeking behaviours, building  resilience and having the opportunity to try new things out of their comfort zone. Students really enjoyed the activities that were part of this opportunity, these included marital arts, photography sessions and designing and creating their own t-shirt. 


Support services 

R U OK? day

Every year CESC organises and commemorates R U OK? day.  This year there was a special breakfast organised open to all staff and students to attend and begin the conversation. There was a range of activities on offer; face painting , staff vs student benchball, discussions and activities in every class and even a guest presenter for the year 7 students.



Community Events & News

Wonder years 

Wonder years involves boys spending time together with youth workers and mentors in a fun and safe environment, learning, sharing stories and participating in growth activities. This program aims to build boys strengths and increase boys wellbeing.




The Department of education administers more than 25 different student scholarships that award up to 220 individual scholarship awards each year.

These scholarships help support students and families to cover the costs of continuing education and to engage in further study at senior secondary and tertiary levels. More info can be found at


Pasifika homework support 


Parents building solutions 

A  free program to support parents/ carers and guardians of young people aged 3-13.

This program will focus on managing anger, how to get your kids to listen without yelling, responding to behaviour and parenting strategies to support you.

For more info please see the flyer attached 

Cranbourne East Secondary College Newsletter
September Holiday Exams Letter Schedule - Parents.docx
September Holiday Exams Letter Schedule - Parents.docx
Victoria - 12G
Heidi - 7C
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.02.28 pm.png
VFA15298 - VFA - 2018 Open Day Flyer GENERIC.PDF
VFA15298 - VFA - 2018 Open Day Flyer GENERIC.PDF