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19 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
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Important Term 4 Messages

Term 4 Tuition Fees

The Term 4 statements have been mailed to parents and are now available on the College Parent Portal.  Contact the Accounts office if not received, or if there are any queries.


Please note that the due date for Term 4 tuition fees is Friday 5 October, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Finance Manager. An administration fee of $55.00 per term will be charged for late payments

Mr Petar Gajic

Finance Manager

Summer Uniform Term 4

Term 4 is the return to Summer uniform. Please check dress lengths (to the knee) and correct Aitken socks. Winter parkas go into the wardrobe until Term 2 next year; they are not worn with College uniform in Term 4.

Mr Kim Forward

Deputy Principal

Important Diary Dates

2018 Term Dates

Term 4: 8 October to 12 December

Important Diary Dates for 2018

Monday 8 October

Term 4 commences


Monday 5 November

Mid Term Break


Tuesday 6 November

Melbourne Cup Day Holiday


Friday 23 November

Report Writing Day (no students)


Monday 10 December

Presentation Night (Years 3-12)


Wednesday 12 December

Term 4 ends

Principal's Message









              Mrs Josie Crisara

2019 College Leader Positions

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing students for College Leader positions for 2019. There are some outstanding candidates for positions and it was interesting to hear their thoughts on leadership and the College. Announcements for the College Leader positions will be made at the  Brookhill Assembly in the second week of Term 4.

Year 12 Students

Our Year 12 VCE students are entering into a period of Trial Exams (last Friday of term and first week in Term 4) in preparation for end of year exams. Students should use the holiday break to go through their study guides, class notes and begin practising on past papers. Our Year 12 VCAL students are out on work placement in the last week of term and will be completing units for their certificates on return. Parents of Year 12 students will be receiving a letter from the College that outlines the program and expectations for the conclusion of their time at the College.

Year 8 Expo

The Year 8 students put on a superb display of the work they had completed in English, Humanities and Science. Students worked together in teams to complete a presentation, learning valuable skills of cooperation and collaboration. We were fortunate to have the local member for Yuroke, Ms Ros Spence, and the Hume City Councillor, Ms Carly Moore visit the displays. It was great to see all the parents who attended the Expo, students were keen and eager to demonstrate what they had learnt to an appreciative audience.


Rotary Club Event

The Rotary Club of Brunswick Tullamarine (who are co-sponsors of our Interact Club with the Rotary Club of Greenvale),  is co-hosting an event to encourage more girls to take up STEMM careers. It is being held on Wednesday 26 September and is being presented by top female scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders in the STEMM fields. Teachers and educators might also find it interesting. For more information and booking tickets, please visit: 

Titration Competition

Congratulations to our four senior school teams who entered the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 'Titration Competiton' who finished 3rd, 5th, 26th and 40th out of 322 teams who participated in the competition from Victoria. Students in this year's competition were required to use their analytical skills to determine the strength of a solution of (acetic acid or vinegar). Students worked in teams and each team was given three different solutions to analyse. The winning team was the one which came closest to the correct answers. All teams who came in the top 35 will now continue onto the National Competition. 

Hume City Council Challenge

A small team of students entered the Hume City Council "Illuminate:nextgen Challenge" which had a focus on developing innovative further education solutions to a real problem. Over a week students were required to use real data to come up with a plan to solve the problems they saw in the data. They had a budget, needed to prepare a marketing strategy, develop a business case and present their solutions. Business and Marketing personnel came in to guide students. Our students won the overall award for the 'Best  Business' and 'Best Business Case'.  Students were presented their award by the Hume City Council Mayor, Mr Geoff Porter.


Musos at the Mallard

The Year 11/12 VET Music students supported by the VET Technical production and VCAL students presented a great performance of their music pieces. For the Year 12 students it was performances being presented for their examinations and Year 11 students practising their pieces for their SAC's.


Fairview Concert

There was lots of excitement and great entertainment from our youngest students as they performed in their concert, ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ . Performances such as these help build confidence, cooperation and collaboration.  All important skills.  Thank you to all the hard working teachers and students who supported our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students.


Tournament of Minds

Congratulations to the Tournament of Minds team that made it to the State Finals where they were awarded Honours for their presentation. 

Staff Leaving/Returning

Thank you to Mr Branko Lukic and Ms Jessica McDermott for completing Long Service Leave replacement positions and we welcome back Mr Cameron McGregor and Mr Michael Slee.

Staff on Long Service Leave

We wish Mrs Anne Whittaker, Ms Sally Snowden and Ms Sherry Sadler a restful and relaxing time as they take Long Service Leave in Term 4. Mr Tristan Kostraby will be continuing with us and Miss Madelene Meyer picking up classes.

Deputy Principal








                                              Mr Kim Forward


The Schooltrenz uniform shop has stock of a new Aitken hat for students. This hat replaces both previous hats (the wide brim and peaked cap). It is more sun-smart than the peaked cap, safer than the cap with the draw-string and will suit a broad age-range of students. Wearing of a hat during outside play is compulsory for all Prep to Year 6 students. Transition to the new hat will be over a three-year period. Sizes are Small, Medium and Large and they cost $21.95.


Later this year, in time for the start of 2019, the uniform shop will also have stocks of new navy coloured PE/Sport shorts; there will also be a three-year period to transition to these from the previous green shorts. Families will be notified when these shorts are available.

Parenting Ideas Article

This week’s article that you can access from this newsletter has a Fathers Day theme, 'Kids Need Good Men In Their Lives'. Please take the time to read this article. Go to for more useful parenting resources - you can subscribe to their blog and newsletter.


Aitken College Website

Aitken College has a new-look website. Please take a look at Please note that most information for current families is now on My Aitken in the Resources/Parents section, including a number of school policy documents.


Cars observed doing the wrong thing recently are:

  • ZAV 618 - Dropping off in the loading zone during morning peak
  • 1MA 5AE - Driving the wrong way and parking in the staff parking to collect child
  • 1HJ 9FJ - Driving the wrong way during afternoon peak
  • ZEW 775 - Driving the wrong way during morning peak
  • AGE 241 - Driving the wrong way during morning peak
  • YUZ 736 - Parking in the staff parking to collect students at afternoon pickup 
  • ZDA 969 - Speeding
  • WZH 688 - Dropping off a student in the visitor parking during morning drop off
  • AQP 514 - Driving the wrong way and picking up a student in the visitor parking
  • 1IS 9UO - Dropping off students in the loading zone during morning peak and driving the wrong way through the western car park
  • AVD 856 - Parking in the loading zone to drop off student during morning peak
  • TKE 965 - Parking in the visitor parking to drop off students during morning peak
  • XOP 081 - Smoking on the school grounds
  • 1HV 2FW - Parking in the loading zone to drop off student during morning peak
  • AHN 170 - Parking in the visitor parking to collect students 
  • 1MJ 7TK - Driving the wrong way and parking in the visitor parking to pick up student.
  • OCC 061 - Tailgating a vehicle into the staff car park to leapfrog the traffic queue during morning peak (twice)
  • UNH 634 - Driving the wrong way and dropping off the student in the loading zone during morning peak
  • WSD 527 - Driving the wrong way and parking in the visitor parking to drop off a student during morning peak
  • 1KK 1PK - Driving the wrong way and parking in the visitor parking to collect a student during afternoon peak
  • WZF 594 - Speeding
  • 1GL 3FY - Dropping off student in the loading zone during morning peak
  • XPD 282 - Speeding
  • 1IS 9UO - Parking in the loading zone to drop off students during morning peak
  • LVRPL - Parking in the disabled zone during morning peak
  • AVO 061 - Driving the wrong way during morning peak
  • AVD 865 - Dropping off student in the loading zone during morning peak

All drivers please observe the College’s speed restrictions and remember that the bus zone is one way only from 8.00am to 8.45am and again from 2.50pm to 4.00pm.

Parents & Friends 

As Term 3 comes to an end, things start to slow down for us at the Parents & Friends Association.

Fairview Concert

If you are coming along to the Fairview concert on Thursday this week, we will be having a canteen from 5.45pm to 6.15pm. Come and get a quick snack or bottle of water!

Term 4 Events

Next term we have a very busy term. Please save the following dates:

  • Tuesday 30 October - Pre-loved uniform sale at the Twilight Evening
  • Friday 16 November - Fairview Dance Party - (a soft drink free event)
  • Sunday 25 November - Aitken College Fun Run

We look forward to another fun filled term in Term 4. We thank everyone for their ongoing support.


Mrs Allison Phelan 

Parents & Friends Association - President









                                               Mr David Murphy

Year 12 Students

At the end of Term 3, the Year 12 students have finished their coursework and are well into revision for final exams; they are rapidly approaching the end of their time at Aitken College and the beginning of the next chapter in their lives.


I commend all Year 12 students for the way they have approached their academic work during the last term. I also highly commend the group for their excellent and positive leadership of the Aitken College student body.


This can be a stressful time in the lives of Year 12 students and their families. Whilst every student and family reacts differently and must navigate their own way through these difficult periods, I would like to pass on some ideas which have proved useful in the past.


Parents of Year 12 students are encouraged to be understanding during this very stressful time. It is only with the full and active support of the family that a student can perform at their very best. When looking for ways to help your children through this period, you might like to consider the following points:

  • This is an emotionally charged time. If you sense your child is getting stressed, they may need a little space and opportunity to let off some steam on their own; crowding them, if they are feeling this way, will only contribute to their stress.
  • Your child might want to talk. In this case your job is to listen; resisting the natural urge to offer advice. Often a stressed child will want to unwind by just telling someone about what they are feeling and going through; if your child feels this way, try and be an empathetic listening partner.
  • Try to forgive or tactically ignore minor indiscretions. A child under the enormous pressure of final exams will not always behave perfectly.
  • When a guiding hand is needed, be positive. You will recognise when your child is not applying themselves to their work properly. If you see this happening, try to encourage them by helping them set study goals and put some rewards in place for good work. Being angry or badgering will only make the situation worse.

Friends of Brookhill

On Tuesday 23 October, the Friends of Brookhill will be putting on the traditional breakfast BBQ for the Year 12 students, to celebrate their final day at Aitken College. I will be asking for volunteers to help with the preparation and cooking of the breakfast and decoration of the Common Room the night before. Any parents able to assist, please contact the Senior School Office, [email protected]. There will be a meeting during the first week of Term 4 to organise the breakfast; friends of Brookhill and other volunteers will be advised of the details via email.


VET Music Performance at the Spotted Mallard

The brilliant annual VET Music Industry night took place at the Spotted Mallard in Brunswick on Monday 3 September.  Students from Years 11 & 12 VCE VET Music Industry (Performance) presented a two-hour program of varied works. The concert was set up as a cabaret-style event where the audience were seated at tables and served meals by the VCAL students. The students were also required to help set up the tables, man the entrance to the concert, direct families to their seats and participate in the general running and catering of this event, including clearing away table items and cleaning up. Involvement in the event for VCAL students makes up part of their Personal Development Skills and Work-Related Skills competencies, contributing directly towards their VCAL Certificate.


Mrs Jenny Lilley

VCAL Coordinator











                                           Mrs Francis Scuderi

Year 8 Expo

I hope you managed to come out and have a look at the Year 8 ‘Expo’ that was held last week.  The students presented their group work and were very eager to share their knowledge of what they learnt.

The Expo requires a lot of hard work from the students and teachers and I congratulate them all on a wonderful exhibition.

Long Service Leave - Ms Sadler

Ms Sadler will be on Long Service Leave next term and we wish her the very best for this well-earned break.

Summer Uniform

A reminder that summer uniform is to be worn in Term 4. Please check your child’s uniform over the break to ensure that it fits correctly and is dry cleaned, if necessary.  Parkas are not a uniform item for Term 4.

2019 Leadership Position

At Assembly this week, students were reminded that Captain positions for 2019 will be coming up. Next term, we will be asking students to nominate themselves for a Dunhelen Leadership Position. If you feel that this is something your child would excel at, please do speak to them and encourage them to nominate themselves next term.


There is only one term left for 2018. I do hope that students enjoy a relaxing break and come back refreshed and eager to do their best.










                Ms Karen McArdle

Shrine of Remembrance

On Wednesday 5 September the Cumberland Captains, plus 18 students, attended the memorial for the Battle for Australia at the Shrine of Remembrance. It was a very moving service. The guest speaker, Wing Commander Sharon Bown (Retd), who had served on a number of tours of duty, told the story of the centaur that was torpedoed off the coast of Queensland. She was an amazing speaker and she vividly created the picture of the event. The Cumberland Captains laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame on behalf of the College. Our students stood out above the rest in terms of their behaviour, their uniform and how they wore them with pride.


Parent Article

On a lighter note, I came across this article and thought we should read it to see if there are things we are doing that we need to stop. I am sure we are all doing at least one of them; however, if you are doing most, it might be time to have a rethink about whether you are doing too much and need to give your child opportunities to develop independence and resilience.



Although the term lawnmower parenting - describing mums and dads who will do just about anything to ensure their kids do not have to deal with any type of struggle - is not new, a teacher's viral essay on the subject has brought the parenting style into the spotlight. According to the anonymous teacher: "Lawnmower parents go to whatever lengths necessary to prevent their child from having to face adversity, struggle or failure. Instead of preparing children for challenges, they mow obstacles down so kids will not experience them in the first place." Know a parent or two like this? Possibly yourself? Read through for the signs that you are most definitely giving off those lawnmower parent vibes.


1. You bring forgotten belongings to school.

As soon as your child texts that they left something behind, you are on your way - whether you were in the middle of something else, will be late to work if you stop by the school, or even if you have already told them no, all they need to do is ask a bit harder before you cave.


2. You pick up their room for them, do their laundry and clean up their dinner plates.

You are getting ready in the morning and you rush over when your child says, "Can you put my shoes on for me, I'm tired?" Classic lawnmower parenting is ensuring your child never has to struggle, even at home. If you are doing all of your kids' chores for them, picking things up that they drop, or giving in when they ask you to get their coat from the closet, you are enabling them to the max - and they might even be manipulating you because they know they can.


3. You blame their teachers for their bad grades.

At a parent-teacher conference, you are much more likely to blame their teachers for not teaching your child correctly or thoroughly, rather than turning to your child and evaluating whether they are doing everything they can to succeed in school.


4. You push for them to be in classes or activities above their level.

Raise your hand if you are calling the school to ask they be put in an Honors class rather than regular because it will "boost their confidence," or you are assuring their karate instructor that yes, they actually do deserve their next belt despite not meeting the requirements for it. Although you are not "mowing down" potential struggles and adversities for your kids in these cases, for the sake of boosting their self-esteem and confidence, you could actually be setting them up for failures in situations they are ill-equipped for.


5. You handle any type of situation that might make them uncomfortable by talking for them.

Maybe you think your child is too shy to order what they want in a restaurant, so you say, "He will have the grilled cheese." Or perhaps you are one to call their soccer coach to ask them why they are not playing much or what they need to do to be a first-string player on the team. In both cases, you are the one handling their business for them, when they could be learning how to tackle these scenarios themselves - especially if they are teens getting ready to go off to University in a few years.


6. You break up fights between friends and siblings before they are resolved.

It can be tough - even annoying - to watch your kids fight with their siblings or friends, so as a lawnmower parent, you typically tend to intervene. Rather than letting the fight rage on and get worse before it gets better, you find a way to remove the catalyst and redirect the kids to something else.


7. You spend hours Googling Maths equations and Science facts to "help" with homework.

Whether it is your child's nightly homework or a big project that is due, you rush to help them even when you have no idea what they are actually doing. Instead of telling your child to check their textbooks, do some research, and refer to their class notes, you would rather help them out - aka mostly do it for them - to make sure their work is "perfect."


8. Your child crumbles in the face of failure.

At any point your child feels overwhelmed, anxious, or like they have failed or will fail at something, they lose it. Because you are handling so many aspects of their life for them, coddling them when they need something, and resolving issues for them, they have no idea how to do any of that themselves when you are not around. This results in tears, fears, and probably tantrums if they are little.










                                         Ms Kerrie Neophytou

A Special Thank You

Well done to all! It has been a very busy and hectic term and we all deserve a wonderful break. We have all battled a long and cold winter and are looking forward to spring weather and the time to rest.

Fairview Concert

The Fairview Concert was an engaging opportunity for Fairview to showcase their creativity and love of the Performing Arts. The concert was colourful, creative and very exciting. Each class worked as a team to share their talents and interest in forming a delightful story to share.  The Performing Arts is a wonderful medium of expression and the opportunity to communicate without boundaries. The children’s view of their world is perfect, full of fun and very innocent. Their excitement in sharing their story was evident with beaming faces and joy to perform on stage.


We thank Ms Beth Thomson for her amazing organisation, assistance and inspiration, the Fairview Homeroom teachers for their wonderful work and commitment; and the children for their enthusiasm and excitement. Also we appreciate the support and guidance received from Ms Stephanie Pace, Mr Tom Thorneycroft, Mr Michael Cooper and the secondary school student band.

Wellbeing Week

The first week of next term is Wellbeing Week with lots of activities planned right across the College to highlight the many ways we can assist both our mental and physical health and look after each other. In celebration of Wellbeing Week the following activities have been organised for Fairview.

  1. Wednesday 10 October, the children will be having a Wellbeing Picnic from 11.00am to 11.20am on the area in front of the Administration building (juicy juicy green grass). The children are encouraged to bring along a teddy bear. We do not permit sharing of food with other children, due to allergies and anaphylactic reactions.
  2. Thursday 11 October, we are inviting grandparents and special friends to visit the classroom for some joint activities from 9.00am to 10.00am. To be respectful and inclusive if a child’s grandparent or special friend cannot attend, an aunt or uncle are very welcome.

Please note all guests during this week must sign in and out at College Reception, before participating in any activities.

Term 4 Assembly Schedule

The Term 4 Assembly schedule is attached.

Chapel (9.00am) and Assembly (9.30am)


Date Change - Parent Helpers Information Session

The College is offering Fairview and Cumberland School parents the opportunity to partake in the parent helpers’ information session. It will outline the program requirements and how parents can actively be involved in College life. Parents who do not attend the session cannot assist in the classroom. The session is scheduled for Friday 12 October, from 2.15pm to 3.00pm. Interested participants can email

[email protected] by Friday 5 October.


The Fairview staff wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday. I hope you enjoy the time with your children.


Year 12 Pathways

All Year 12 pathway interviews have been completed. Students are encouraged to email Careers staff or visit B21 if they have any queries.


Applications for the La Trobe Aspire program have closed and a large number of our students have submitted an application. Our very best wishes to those students who are hoping to receive an Aspire offer. La Trobe will make conditional offers before the end of this term.


A number of students need / want to submit applications for SEAS (Special Consideration). These applications close at 5:00pm on Friday 12 October (the last day of Week 1 of Term 4). Supporting Statements, where required for SEAS applications, are also due at 5:00pm on 12 October. Students who need Medical or other professional appointments to obtain their Supporting Statements should arrange these as soon as possible. No late SEAS applications or late submissions of Supporting Statements are accepted. Students who need help with any aspect of SEAS should visit B21 at their earliest convenience. 


Students interested in studying at VU should note that VU Guaranteed is closing soon; Sunday 30 September. Submit your applications as soon as possible. If you need assistance come and talk to the Careers staff.

Year 10 Subject / Course Selection

All Year 10 students should now have made the decision about whether to study VCAL or VCE for Years 11 and 12. By now, students choosing VCAL would have made contact with Mrs Lilley and those choosing the VCE should now have made decisions about their subjects. Any Year 10 student concerned about their choices / decisions can visit B21 early in Term 4 to further discuss their options.

Career News 14

Career News Issue 14 is now available and includes information about the ‘Keeper for a Day’ program at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, a talk with Teachers at ACU, a University of Melbourne JD Showcase, studying Project Management and Public Relations, a School holiday Space Mission Discovery Program at the University of Melbourne, ‘Choose Clever’ at La Trobe, undertaking the CASPer, the AIE Experience Day, changes to the application procedure for Graphic Design courses at RMIT, Experience Surveying, the new Bachelor of Building Design at VU and much more.

Contact Details

The Careers office is staffed most days except when we are at meetings or professional development seminars. Please contact us on 9333 1866 or email:  [email protected].


Mrs Clare Borg & Ms Rae Gibbs

Careers Counsellors


Extension Program

Tournament of Minds (TOM) - State Final Report

It has been a wonderful end to a very busy year with Tournament of Minds.


On Sunday 9 September, our College for the first time had one team compete at the Victorian State Championships at La Trobe University in Bundoora. Our Secondary Social Science team ‘Mind Invaders’ consisting of Noah B, Sofia C, Sanna D, Katie G, Sophie H, Malinsa H and Maryam T were awarded Honours which was very exciting.

Our team was up against regional winners from around the State. Teams were given three hours to ‘dissect’ a long-term challenge and construct a scenario to fulfill the requirements. They had to rely on their own interpretation of the challenge, exploring possibilities and experimenting with ideas in their endeavour to produce their best possible solution.


The school is very proud of the team’s achievement in receiving Honours at both Regional and State Finals. They performed superbly under pressure in both a long-term and spontaneous challenge presenting their solutions to a panel of judges. The teams are to be congratulated for not only their performances, but also for all the hard work they put in prior to the competition. They trained at lunchtimes and after school and are to be commended on their dedication, creativity and team work. Special thanks must also go to their teachers for allowing them time to work on the challenge and to their parents for supporting them at home and on the day of the tournament.

Here are two accounts of the students’ TOM journey:


After competing in the Regional Finals and placing Honours, we received the opportunity to compete in the Victorian State Finals.


On Sunday  9 September,  Aitken Team 1 arrived at La Trobe University with a very positive attitude, eager to compete in the Tournament of Minds Victorian State Finals. Once in the challenge room, the challenge at hand was that the team must create a solution to the problem; ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. The challenge stated that we must decide on and create a storyline about two opposing leaders that must put aside their differences in order to lead effectively. We had exactly 3 hours to think of an idea, create a storyline, write a script and rehearse. It seemed close to impossible. How could we possibly do 6 weeks of work in 3 short hours? Eventually, once it was all over, we sat in the lecture room to await our turn to perform our act, as the other teams did. After a challenging day, we made our way over to the Grand Union Hall, where we were entertained by Australian writer, actor, radio host, television producer and comedian, Brian Nankervis.


When the ceremony commenced and the Social Science discipline was being introduced, adrenaline was running through all our bodies. Although we did not receive first place, which included a trip to Darwin to compete in the International Finals, we got Honours (equivalent to second place) which we were beyond grateful to receive. Throughout this experience, our team learnt a lot about teamwork, cooperation and we have gained a lot of creative knowledge during the process. Tournament of Minds, is not only recommended to people with a logical and creative mind, but even to drama students who like to perform.

Sofia C  - Year 8


On Sunday 26 September 2018, my team went to La Trobe University to compete in the Regional Finals. We got a high scoring Honours so went on to State Finals which were again held at La Trobe University. At State Finals, we were given the long-term challenge on location. We had only 3 hours to prepare our solution. Alongside the long-term challenge, we also had to complete a Spontaneous challenge. At State Finals, we got Honours again! We are very proud for making it this far and I would also like to thank Mrs Di Martino for helping us with situations and for always supporting us. We had a great experience and learnt lots of skills. Maryam T  - Year 8


Mrs Mary Ann Di Martino

Head of Faculty - Extension Programs


Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2018

The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2018 has now officially closed. We are proud to report that a new record was achieved with 275 students at the College completing the challenge, reading an astonishing 11,200 books during the 6-month period. Many students logged more books than needed to meet the requirements of the challenge, with 22 students from various year levels logging the maximum 100 titles. We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and thank parents and teachers who helped them along the way.  It really is a team effort, and we appreciate the input of all involved.


Students who meet the challenge will receive an official certificate of achievement signed by the current Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews and past Premiers who have supported the program. These certificates will be given out towards the end of Term 4.


We look forward to your involvement in the challenge in 2019.

Ms Laura Capraro

Head of Faculty - Library &

Premier’s Reading Challenge Coordinator​


Performing Arts

Musos At The Mallard

Last Monday we were treated to an amazing performance from our Year 11/12 Music Students who took over The Spotted Mallard in Sydney Road, Brunswick. Across two hours, students presented some of the repertoire they are preparing for their end of year examinations. Thanks to Mr Nicholas Frampton and Ms Stephanie Pace, their Music teachers. Also to Mrs Jenny Lilley and the VCAL students who undertook hospitality duties for the night. It is likely to become one of the highlight Music events of the year if this first show is anything to go by.

VCE Stagecraft Night

Our fifteen Year 12 Theatre Studies students presented their Stagecraft Examination work to an appreciative audience of family, friends and fellow students. This night is an essential part of their preparation for the Stagecraft Exam which is worth 25% of their Theatre Studies mark. Students now have two weeks to further refine their performances before facing the assessment panel on Wednesday 10 October. We wish them well.

Fairview Concert

The two Fairview Concerts held this week were, as always, joyous occasions and encouraged such confidence in the students. Thanks to the Performing Arts staff and students who supported the Prep to Year 2 students in their preparation and performance, in particular, their classroom teachers, as well as Ms Beth Thomson and Ms Stephanie Pace.

Diary of Anne Frank

Tickets go on sale this weekend for the College Play which takes place early next term. It is the well-known story of the Frank Family hiding away from the Nazis, above a warehouse during World War II. Mr Mike Arthur has taken on the directorial responsibilities for this play which opens on Wednesday 17 October at 7.30pm. There is also a 7.30pm performance on Thursday 18 October while the final performance on Friday 19 October commences at 3.30pm.


The 'Diary of Anne Frank' will feature Year 10 student, Stephanie H as Anne, while Year 11 students, Cameron M and Calista W will play her parents. There are ten students in the cast with technical support coming from Year 10 Theatre Studies class. Tickets are $16.50 adults and $11.00 concession plus booking fees, while a family of four is $50.00 including booking fees. Go to

Term 4 Events

A few dates to add to your calendar for Term 4.


Twilight Music Performance on the College Lawn

Tuesday 30 October: 4.00pm - 7.00pm

Free Entry with BBQ Food, Ice Creams and Coffee for sale


Director’s Choice Gala Concert

Thursday 1 November: 7.30pm

$10 per ticket or ‘4 for the price of 3’


Cumberland Concert

Tuesday 27 November and Thursday 29 November: 7.30pm

$5 per ticket on sale 5 November


Primary Performing Arts Showcase

Tuesday 4 December: various times through the day


All welcome!

Mr Michael Cooper

Director of Performing Arts

Physical Education

NMR Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday 5 September, 30 students participated in the Northern Metropolitan Regional Athletics Carnival at Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium.  The day could not have been better with our new record of 10 students progressing through to the State Finals on Monday 22 October at Lakeside Athletics Centre in Albert Park and also a record number of students receiving a medal for their achievements.


Students progressing through are:

  • Aashis B - 13 year 100m
  • Jack W - 13 year High Jump
  • Jacqueline A - 16 year 1500m
  • Nathan A - 17 year Javelin and Triple Jump
  • Taya O - 17 year 200m
  • Isabella C - 17 year 1500m
  • Anthony C - 15 year Relay
  • Isaac M - 15 year Relay
  • Isaac C - 15 year Relay
  • Daniel C - 15 year Relay

Special mentions go to the following medal winners:

  • Jack W - 14 year Triple Jump - 3rd place
  • Samuel B - 14 year 100m - 2nd place
  • Teia K - 15 year Triple Jump - 2nd place
  • Jacqueline A - 16 year 1500m - 2nd place
  • Isabella C - 17 year 1500m - 2nd place
  • Mikayla B - 17 year 800m - 2nd place
  • Dale L - 17 year 200m - 2nd place
  • Taya O - 17 year High Jump - 2nd place
  • Peter Z - 18 year 400m - 3rd place

A big thank you to Mrs Wachter, Mr Taylor and Miss Crole for their help on the day and congratulations to all students for participating and contributing to Aitken College’s overall 10th placing out of 44 schools.

Mrs Natalie McNamara

Secondary Interschool Sports Coordinator

Primary Interschool Sport


During Term 3 our Year 5 & 6 students have been competing in our annual House Sport competition. Students play other house teams in a variety of sports, in a round robin type competition. The current standings are as follows:


House teams

  • 1st - Millar 2
  • 2nd - Cameron 1
  • 3rd - Brodie 1

Overall Houses

  • 1st - Cameron
  • 2nd - Brodie
  • 3rd - Millar
  • 4th - Clarke

This House tournament has seen some fierce competition, excellent house spirit and a lot of fun was had by the students. Thanks to all students for the way each have participated and supported their houses.



Congratulations to our Year 3 & 4 Future Stars Hooptime Basketball team who won their district tournament recently. The team competed incredibly well and will now go on to compete in the regional tournament in October.


Year 3 & 4 Future Stars Hooptime Team

Kyan C, Joshua F, Harry D, Dimitri T, Marcus F, Liana K, Samuel A, Malik H, Mackenzie S.B and Lily M.


Year 5 & 6 also had their Hooptime tournament recently, competing in three separate categories.  All teams competed very well, and our girls team managed to make it to the Grand Final on the day.


Future Stars

Alan F, Julian M, Alvaro M, Bryan W, Leyla M, Ruby L and Tiahna L.

All Stars Girls

Isabelle M, Camryn B, Stella T, Victoria M, Mia C, Sarah P, Sascha S and Brydie G.

All Stars Boys

Adam S, Luke G, Marlee H, Andy F, Daniel G, Zane T and Thomas J.



Well done to the 46 Aitken College students from Years 3 - 6 who competed in the District Athletics recently. The following students also competed at the Woodlands Division Athletics after finishing 1st or 2nd in their event.


Sienna D, Georgia D, Harry D, Mason G, Ella C, Tarik B, Chelsey C, Alex M, Emilee S, Ruby D, Kaylin A, Athan R, Rianna M, Mia C, Victoria M, Daniel G, Marlee H, Devmi P, Kazim A, Camryn B, Tatjana M, Adam S and Poppy BG.

All students are to be commended for how well they each competed at this high level of competition. The following 9 students qualified for the Northern Metropolitan Regional Athletics carnival on Wednesday 17 October; congratulations on these outstanding achievements.

  • Tatjana M - 1st U12/13 Long Jump and Triple Jump
  • Georgia D – 2nd U10 800m
  • Sienna D - 2nd U10 1500m
  • Harry D – 1st U10 1500m
  • Ella C - 1st U10 High Jump
  • Alex M - 2nd in U11 100m and 200m
  • Daniel G - 1st U 12/13 Shot Put
  • Camryn B - 1st U 12/13 200m
  • Adam S - 1st U 12/13 Discus


Mr Nigel Keegan

Primary Sports Coordinator

College Activities

Combined Choirs Concert

A warm invitation is extended to all Aitken College families and friends to attend the annual Combined Choirs Concert on Sunday 14 October in the Senior School building, Common Room 1 from 2.30pm until 4.00pm. This is a very informal and enjoyable concert which this year will feature, The Greenvale Community Choir, The Aitken Songsters and a male acapella group Harmonix from Sunbury. Admission is by Gold coin and a free Afternoon Tea will be served. If you enjoy music of a varied and accessible nature, please come along. If you have any enquiries, please contact me at the College.

Mr Chris Ward

Director of Chaplaincy & Student Services

Small Change Challenge - 8 October to 12 October

What better way to get rid of all your small change than to give it to a good cause? During Wellbeing week at Aitken College, held from Monday 8 October to Friday 12 October, the Library is coordinating the collection of small change (silver coins) to raise money for two organisations that are all about supporting the wellbeing of children and adults. All the coins collected will be donated to Kids Help Line and Beyond Blue. To participate, all you have to do is collect as many silver pieces as you can and hand it to your child’s Homeroom teacher, or bring them into the Library and add them to our challenge jar.  From little things big things grow. Any donation amount is welcome.

Ms Laura Capraro

Head of Faculty - Library

Community Activities

Woolworths Cricket Blast

A fun and fast program for kids of all abilities to learn new skills and play Australia's favourite sport.


Greenvale Kangaroos Cricket Club

  • Junior Blasters Ages 5-7 from Friday 19 October - 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Master Blasters Ages 7-10 from Wednesday 17 October - 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Information on Programs and Registration at:


Please see attached flyer for full details


Craigieburn Little Athletics

Little Athletics is the foundation for all sports. Our young athletes develop skills and improve their fitness levels to help them in their sporting futures. Age groups from Under 6  to Under 16.


Pre-Season Training

  • Thursday - 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Saturday - 10.00am to 12.00pm

Come and  try the Two Week Trial

8.15am to 11.00am

  • Saturday - 6 October
  • Saturday - 13 October

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 0490 152 511


Please see attached flyer for full details


Business Directory

Mortgage Choice

A free service to find the best mortgage to suit you. We also provide an extensive Financial Planning Service for your needs.

Contact details: Chris Howitt

Address: PO Box 2139, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 4370

Mobile: 0401 334 599

Email: [email protected]



The Gut Detective

I offer naturopathic consultations by appointment only, utilising my extensive pharmacist and herbalist knowledge. I treat conditions such as thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, auto-immune disorders, migraines, weight issues, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, chronic pain, fertility issues, infections, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, stress related issues and more. BOOK ONLINE at:

Contact details: Alida Deligeorges

Address: Unit 1 / 6 Hotham Road, Niddrie 3042

Telephone: 1800 962 020


Vision Complete Optometrists

Family owned optometry practice specialising in children’s vision and contact lenses. We also offer the latest in spectacle lenses, technology and frame fashion.

Contact details: Amir Shenouda

Address: 2 Theresa Street, Tullamarine 3043

Telephone:  9335 5775

Mobile: 0413 000 192

Email: [email protected]



Splash Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating – interior, exterior, residential and commercial.

Contact details: Shayne McDonall

Mobile: 0458 514 621

Email: [email protected]


Hany Amin Maths Tutor

Is Maths too hard? Do you need help with your Maths homework? Would you like someone to extend your mathematical knowledge? Do you need help setting a strong mathematical foundation for VCE? Just give me a call and through my passion, experience and teaching techniques you will achieve great results.

Contact details: Hany Amin

Address: 2 Perugia Ave, Greenvale 3059

Mobile: 0420 660 611

Email: [email protected]

Enviroblinds Melbourne

At Enviroblinds Melbourne we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality, custom made products including roller blinds, curtains, shutters and external shading systems. Enviroblinds impressive selection of curtains, blinds and shutters will make a perfect addition to your home.

Contact details: Alan

Mobile: 0474 071 717

Email: [email protected]



Lincoln Cleaning

All domestic and commercial cleaning. Specialising in carpet and rug steam cleaning, window washing, driveways and patios. Please contact us for a free quote.

Contact details: Eileen or Lupco Arsovski

Mobile: 0412 119 168 or 0404 799 780

Email: [email protected]

The Studio

The Studio provides Drawing and Painting Tuition for students of all ages. Small personalised classes are run by a qualified teacher. All materials are provided for. Our aim is to encourage confidence and creativity in each student, as they produce beautiful take home works of art.

Contact details: Silvia Parisi

Mobile: 0414 466 572

The Beauty Palette And Co

We are a mother-and-daughter team, with a passion for the beauty industry. What we love the most is the way it allows us to have fun with make-up and hair. We cater for all occasions.  We also have an extension to our company – we love creating grazing tables for any special occasion.

Contact details: Rosetta Mantesso

Mobile: 0409 806 033

Email: [email protected]


Interior Design

I am passionate about Interior Design. Are you considering redecorating and don’t quite know where to start? I can work with you to create your dream interior space. Are you selling? Then restyle to create an interior that appeals to a wider demographic. Other services available.

Contact details: Debbie Grima

Mobile: 0414 759 491

Email: [email protected]


Business Directory Form



Kelly Club Newsletter

Please click below for the full version of the Kelly Club newsletter


Kelly Club Spring Holiday Program

The holiday program will be running from Monday 24 September to Friday 5 October at Aitken College from 7.15am to 6.00pm. To make a booking phone 0467 772 667 or email [email protected].

Please refer to attached flyer for daily activities.


Kelly Sports Spring Holiday Program

The holiday program will be running from Monday 24 September to Friday 5 October at Aitken College from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Program suitable for ages 5-12. $55.00 per day. Phone 0403 149 391 or book online Please refer to attached flyer for daily activities.


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