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26 July 2019
Issue Seven
Principal's Report
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

As the second week of term draws to a close I have the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which the staff and students at Killester live out our Kildare Education values of wonder, justice, courage, hospitality, compassion and hope. In so many ways I have seen these values being enacted in the daily interactions between all in our community and I take this opportunity to give you some examples of where this has been visible in our College this week. 


Hospitality has again been evident in the ways in which the students and staff have welcomed our international visitors from Hong Kong; Kei Kei and Eris.  I thank, in particular, the Trajer and Naik families for opening their homes to our guests; our students have been showered with the gift of compassion in the way in which they hold each-other through times of difficulty (and in making sure there is warm toast at breakfast club); wonder was clearly evident in all classrooms this week, however the celebration of gratitude was particularly visible when staff gathered together in Brigid's Well for a mindfulness exercise focusing on gratitude on Wednesday morning; our Year 7 students demonstrated courage in their meetings with me where we discussed ways in which our College can continue to improve and to be a place that offers them their best opportunity for success (courage was also very evident in those teachers brave enough to "volunteer" for the lip-syncing competition at lunchtime on Friday; with a keen eye on justice our Year 12 students were lucky enough to listen to a presentation about how to ensure they are consumers of ethically sourced and produced clothing in a session organised as part of their RE program, and lastly hope imbued every element of our College life as staff and students worked together to strive for an understanding of how we can live out the true message of the Gospels and take this out into the world around us. In particular our thanks to the staff and students who again attended the Building Bridges program this week, a tangible example of an experience that is hope-filled. 

Sally Buick, Principal


Let us be God's Hospitality in the World

Give us eyes to see the deepest needs of people.

Give us hearts full of love for our neighbours as well as for the strangers we meet.

Help us understand what it means to love others as we love ourselves.

Teach us to care in a way that strengthens those who are sick.

Fill us with generosity so we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give drink to the thirsty.

Let us be a healing balm to those who are weak and lonely and weary by offering our kindness to them.

May we remember to listen, to smile, to offer a helping hand each time the opportunity presents itself.

Give us hearts of courage that we will be brave enough to risk loving our enemy.

Inspire us to go out of our way to include those in the margins.

Help us to be welcoming and inclusive to all who come to our door.

Let us be God's hospitality in the world.

Latest News and Reminders

The Week Ahead

Monday 29th July

SCSA Volleyball MSAC 7.15am to 4.00pm

School Assembly (Year 8) P4

Year 11 Hospitality to Langham Hotel 12.30pm to 4.00pm

Year 10 Volunteers to St Joseph Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 30th July

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz - Years 8,10,12 Periods 1-2/Years 7,9,11 Periods 3-4

Year 10TH and 10MK to Indoor Beach Volleyball P1-2

Year 12 Student/Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations 3.30pm - 6.30pm

Wednesday 31st July

Year 11 SAR Lawn Bowls P5-6

Year 11 into 12 (2020) Subject Selections CLOSED

Year 10 into 11 (2020) Subject Selections CLOSED

Year 9 into 10 (2020) Subject Selections CLOSED

Year 8 into 9 (2020) Subject Select CLOSED

Thursday 1st August

Math Competition - Years 7-8 Period 1-2/Year 9-10 Periods 5-6/ Year 10-11 Periods 3-4

SESG Sport 2.45pm to 3.30pm

Friday 2nd August

Subject Selection Interviews for Year 11 and 12

Saturday 3rd August

Class of 1989, 30 Year Reunion @ Killester College in Kennedy Hall

Out and About.....

The Killester Involvement Committee (KIC) comprises a group of parents and alumni who contribute to the life of the College through fundraising activities, whole school events and various parent evenings. They represent many of the cultural groups present in the school. They act as a sounding board for new initiatives, as well as providing essential feedback on a range of school matters. The conversations in these meetings continue to display the great enthusiasm and commitment our parents have for the many events occurring in the school. If you are interested in joining us and sharing ideas please contact me at


Last week the Hong Kong exchange girls visited Healesville. Also in attendance were the host girls.  The exchange boys also come, as well as a Mazenod student. The weather was kind to us and the students loved the animals. Thanks to Ralph, who drove us there.  



Multicultural Dinner

A reminder to all parents and friends that the Multicultural Dinner is occurring on Saturday 14th September at 7.00pm in Kennedy Hall. It costs nothing for the smorgasbord and entertainment. BYO alcohol, drinks and glasses. Tickets can be purchased via  or in trybooking search "Killester College Multicultural Dinner". We hope to see you there on the night.


Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development

From the Finance Office

We still have some outstanding VET fees and Term 3 Bus fees. Please forward payment.  If you have outstanding fees and are having any difficulty in making payment, we are always here to help. Please contact the College today to arrange a meeting with the Business Manager to discuss payment options.  A reminder for those that have automatic fee instalment arrangements. If your bank details or Credit Card expiry date changes, please let us know immediately.

Catholic Education Today 

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Upcoming Events



Skip for SCIP



During term 2, the Year 9 Killester students have been provided with the amazing opportunity to “skip” some classes, in order to participate in the wonderful SCIP program. SCIP is a program that allows Killester students to venture out into the local area to give back to the community. Some Killester students went to an aged care facility and spent time talking to and learning about the numerous residents that reside there. We even entertained them by playing games with them or singing or playing instruments for them. Other students went to schools/disability schools to assist the teachers and to interact with and entertain the students and to learn about their daily lives. Doing so, we learnt about how lucky we are to be in the position we are in today. We got to make a small difference in people's lives and were given the opportunity to spread happiness around the local community, which was an incredible experience! Thank you to all of the teachers and Ralph for making this possible! 


Article: Leah Cashman (St. Francis), Photographs: Tiahna Nickels (St Barbara)


Careers Expo 26th July to 28th July

With the subject selection processes beginning at Years 9-11 and Year 12 students having to think about their choices beyond secondary school, your daughters might find the following event useful.

Careers Event: Melbourne Careers Expo

When:  Friday July 26th to 4.00pm Sunday July 28th

The Melbourne Career Expo showcases about 150 exhibitors and encompasses a range of career opportunities from employment to education and training in the trades, corporate and professional sectors. It also exhibits an array of career advice material with regards to employment opportunities, University and TAFE pathways. There will be free workshops and seminars on a range of topics including industry panels and cooking demonstrations, resume checking and subject selection specialists. The interactive stage will showcase activities related to music and digital design.  


Please use the link here for more information about the event:  


Free tickets can be downloaded directly from the website:



English and Humanities

Shrine Ambassador - Nandira Xavier


Last year I was selected to be one of the Shrine of Remembrance Student Ambassadors.  As part of that role all Ambassadors were taken to Canberra to visit the Australian War Memorial during the last holidays.


On arrival we were welcomed by Director Chris Widenbar who spent an hour with us discussing the different battles and wars remembered in specific galleries throughout the Memorial.  In each we were told stories of the leadership skills that were displayed by the troops. Following this session, we were given free time to investigate the different galleries. After 1.00pm, we gathered again at a nearby cafe to have lunch with the Spirit of ANZAC Award Prize winners of 2018. They were all around our age group and from all across Australia, so it was rather interesting getting to know and speak with most of them. At 2.00pm, we headed back to the Education Centre, where we learned about Australia’s engagement in various world wars in regards to the technology used and predominant leadership figures. We then continued to enjoy our free time by navigating our way through the galleries in two groups.


As the evening approached, I was honoured to be chosen as one of the two wreath layers at the Last Post Ceremony.  This was a very moving experience to be involved in. Our study trip concluded around 6.00pm as our flight back to Melbourne was to depart at 6.50pm. I appreciated the opportunity of going on this intensive study trip to Canberra as it was an exceptional learning experience.


Applications are now open for current Year 8 students to apply for the program in 2020.  It is an opportunity I encourage all to consider. 

Nandira Xavier, Year 9 St Emilie


Year 12 Ethics

In the Year 12 Ethics unit, students study about ethical decision-making and moral judgement, they explore methods of ethical decision-making in at least two religious traditions and as well as explore ethical issues in societies where multiple worldviews coexist.  The main ethical issue that is being investigated during our current classes is ‘ethical fashion’.  As consumers, I’m sure we all love a bargain.  But have you every stopped and thought about the process and conditions that certain workers endure in order to make a piece of clothing?  On Thursday 25th of July, the Year 12 Ethics classes along with the VCAL students had the pleasure of listening to a guest speaker Ms Sheridan Kane from Ethical  Clothing Australia (ECA). Ethical Clothing Australia is a not for profit organisation that independently  accredits businesses that produce textiles, clothing or footwear in Australia, ensuring that their workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all the legal minimum conditions and working in safe workplace, throughout their entire supply chain. There are many Australian companies that are accredited such as:  CUE, Veronica Maine, Perri Cutten and Nobody Denim to name a few. Feel free to visit ECA’s website if you are interested in finding out more at


Ms Litza Katsikoyannis, Year 12 Ethics Teacher

Performing Arts

Important Music Dates for Term 3

Monday 29th July  School Assembly - Improvisation group with Mr Vague

Sunday 18th August  Essentially Ellington Stage Band Festival

Killester Stage Band - Xavier College, Kew  2.00pm-6.00pm

Monday 19th August  Monash Youth Choir Competition

Swing Sisters – Huntingtower School, Mt Waverley 2.30pm-6.30pm

 Friday 23rd August Brigidine Day - All Choirs and Concert Band at Killester College

 Monday 9th September Lunchtime concert in courtyard

 Wednesday 11th September School Assembly performance HONK

 Wednesday 18th September Farewell Concert for the VCE Music students involving all senior ensembles and choirs plus Honk



Musical Showcase

In the last week of Term 2, Year 7 and 8 Drama students had the opportunity to perform in the Semester 1 2019 Musical Showcase. This involved the students spending countless hours throughout the term working together to learn their lines and revise their choreography to produce a mini version of a musical. The musicals chosen in Semester 1 were: ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Mary Poppins: Returns’, ‘Grease’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Footloose’. They then performed in front of an audience of Killester students and staff.  Students in 9 St. Rita were also involved on the day: hosting, controlling the stage lights, assisting backstage and running front of house.   A massive thank you to Donna Brunt, Elissa Galante and Deanna Galante for working with the students on these performances. The Musical Showcase is always a highlight for students and without your ongoing support, it simply isn’t possible.


Jenna Cronin, Performing Arts Learning Area Leader


Italian News

Swinburne Italian Poetry Competition

On 21st of June, students in Year 7 and 8 Italian had the opportunity to participate in the Swinburne Junior Italian Poetry Competition. Two judges from Swinburne University of Technology attended Killester to hear our students recite their poems in the competition. Congratulations to the following students in the Swinburne Junior Italian Poetry Competition: First place: Year 8 Sienna Pasitchnyj who has won a $60.00 voucher.  In Year 7 we had 27 Certificato di Lode (Certificate of Honor) winners and 13 Certificato di Merito (Certificate of Merit) winners.  In Year 8 we had 24 Certificato di Lode (Certificate of Honor) winners and 12 Certificato di Merito Certificate winners.  Congratulations to you all on a fantastic effort.


Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition

On 26th of June at Melbourne University, over 2800 students studying Italian, from schools all over Victoria, participated in the Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition. Eighty-two Killester students studying Italian in Years 9, 10 and 11 also participated. Students were required to select a poem from a range of contemporary and historical Italian poets, memorise it and present it to a judge with appropriate pronunciation, intonation and deliver it with meaning. On Thursday 18th of July, our nine finalists returned to the Poetry Finals at Melbourne University and presented their poem once again to two judges.


Congratulations to our Finalists: Year 10: Anna Eam, Gina Lam and Sarah Pachi and Year 9: Jessie Coleman, Tayla Cornell, Erica Dixon-Mason, Isabella Fidanza, Sienna Magagna, Jacinta Princi. In particular, I would like to congratulate Sarah Pachi, who competed against students from other schools, as she achieved third place at the Finals for reciting her poem Sonetto XXVI – Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri. Sarah will be presented with her award at a Presentation Night to be held later in the term by the Dante Alighieri Society at Melbourne University, Tanti Auguri from the Languages Faculty.


Liliana Gallo, Learning Area leader - Languages


Year 7 Student Profile

Cilia Tran Year 7 St Maria Goretti

Hi, my name is Cilia Tran and I am in St Maria Goretti. On the school holidays, I had a great opportunity to swim in another country. I’m very blessed and beyond happy that I was given and chosen to take this opportunity. I fell in love with swimming when I was six years old. When I was younger I would always imagine myself swimming in the Olympics and I still do. I swim mainly every Friday (sometimes more) and I still strive to achieve that goal. I personally love swimming, I think it relieves all my stress and anxiety especially about math homework. 

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