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20 February 2020
Issue Four
Grit & Greatness: Part 3
Keep on Swimming!
Year 7- Camp Coolamatong
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General Information (2 of 2)
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By Krista La Greca (Office Adminstration)

Community. A word that is so often spoken about in schools, churches and sporting groups. The idea of being part of a group of people working towards a common goal or shared purpose and sharing life’s ups and downs on the way.


Hebrews 10:24-25 says ‘And let us consider how to stir one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near’


For many, being part of a community can be a wonderful experience. Families that are friends where both the parents and children get along, the feeling of comradery where feelings are shared, giving and receiving encouragement when confidence is lacking and cheering when others excel. But how as a newcomer or outsider can one join in or feel ‘part of it’?


As staff and parents, this can be encouraged from the very beginning of schooling. Teaching our children to look out for each other, including the child who doesn’t have anyone to play with in the school yard and using kind words towards each other. It could be just smiling and greeting whoever you walk past at school, whether they are someone you call ‘friend’ or not. It could be helping another student who falls over, holding a door open for someone or helping carry items from one area to another.


And what about for us adults? It could be simply saying hello to another parent at drop off or pickup time. Letting someone else go first in the coffee que or a giving a friendly wave in the carpark. Making a small effort to meet our children’s friends’ parents and encouraging healthy, kind friendships or perhaps it could be or checking in to see how a new family is settling in.


All of these seemingly small actions is what makes our community unique. To truly love and care for another, with no expectation of return. Let’s work collectively towards lifting each other up and showing our children to do the same.




Grit & Greatness: Part 3

By Dave Hughes (Head of Learning & Innovation)

‘If only I knew....’ 


It is a sentence that has, no doubt, been uttered countless times by parents everywhere. We are bound to make mistakes, of course, because we are human - bound by the limited capabilities of our own learning, upbringing, choices and energy reserves. It isn’t about being the perfect parent - but why not use the latest research and findings to help us be just a little bit better? 


Angela Duckworths’ book ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance’ breaks down years of research and study into the area of what makes humans successful. Over the past two weeks we have been unpacking what practices and mindsets have the ability to positively impact our kids. 


So far we have learned not to overemphasize talent, to prioritise play in order to help our kids discover their passion and to encourage endurance in important things. We found out that practice is key (10,000 hours), that pursuit of purpose is crucial and that a glass half-full approach to life actually makes a world of difference. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 over at The Parent Sphere if you missed out. 


This week we are taking a look into the important roles we play as parents and teachers and how what we do and say has power in helping our kids succeed. 


The Power of Parenting


What does the research say about parenting? Psychologist Larry Steinberg has been studying this topic for years, and suggested in 2001 that ‘there was so much evidence for the benefits of supportive and demanding parenting that scientists could profitably move on to thornier research questions. Indeed, over the past forty years, study after carefully designed study has found that the children of psychologically wise parents fare better than children raised in any other kind of household.’


Warm, respectful parents who expected something significant out of their children produced children who were ‘more self-reliant, suffered from less anxiety and depression, and were less likely to engage in delinquent behavior.’ 


So, if the sheer volume of information out there on parenting is overwhelming to you, just focus on these characteristics. The person you are to your children is far more important than any parenting strategy or approach. Because who you are matters. 


Duckworth suggests this: ‘If you want to bring forth grit in your child, first ask how much passion and perseverance you have for your own life goals. Then ask yourself how likely it is that your approach to parenting encourages your child to emulate you. If the answer to the first question is “a great deal,” and your answer to the second is “very likely,” you’re already parenting for grit.’ 


The ‘Hard Thing’ Rule


Are your children involved in extracurricular activities? You may not realise it, but this is already helping them develop grit. ‘When kids are playing sports or music or rehearsing for the school play, they’re both challenged and having fun. There’s no other experience in the lives of young people that reliably provides this combination of challenge and intrinsic motivation.’ 


But the important thing is sticking to it. When soccer gets too hard, or ballet isn’t fun in the middle of the year, should we just let our kids give up? 


Duckworth has established the ‘Hard Thing Rule’ in her house to help with this: ‘Everyone— including Mom and Dad— has to do a hard thing. A hard thing is something that requires daily deliberate practice.’ Each person gets to pick their own ‘hard thing’ and they can quit, but only when a designated endpoint has occurred (such as the end of a season). 


Creating a Culture for Character


We are social beings, wired for engagement. What and who we surround ourselves with matters. Whether for ourselves or our kids, ‘we become the average of the five people we hang around the most’ (Jim Rohn). 


So, Duckworth suggests, ‘if you want to be grittier, find a gritty culture and join it.’ Surround yourself with people who are reaching for something better, who are hopeful and optimistic, living for a higher purpose. 


Or just look around!


At BHCS we are privileged to have an incredible community of quality and authentic people. Teachers who want what is best for each child, parents who step up and help out at every opportunity. 



When you break down the components of what it takes to develop grit and help our children become equipped in resilience for the harsh world in which we live, it isn’t really that complicated. 


Ultimately, who we are (as parents and teachers) matters most as we communicate these qualities to the next generation. Are we being warm and supportive (while also having realistically high expectations)? Do we do ‘hard things’ and stick with them? And are we choosing to surround ourselves with people who are exceptional role models themselves. Or, on the flip side, are we becoming those kind of people for others? 


As a group, we rise together. It is our hope that we can all continue to grow in courage this year, doing the hard things and moving forward on our journey to finding and furthering our callings. 





Keep on Swimming!

Senior Swimming Carnival
By Shaun Doherty (Sports Co-ordinator)

On Thursday February 13, students in Years 9-12 travelled to Belgrave Pool to compete in the Senior House Swimming Carnival. It was a perfect day of blue sky and sunshine, which encouraged all students and some keen staff to want to make the most of the warm conditions by cooling off in the pool.

Congratulations to Marunari House who were too strong and took home the win.

A big thank-you to all the staff and students who helped with setting up, running and packing up on the day. Students who excelled in this carnival may go on to represent BHCS at the CSEN Champions Swimming Carnival happening on the 13th of March at MSAC. Check out the results below! Well done everyone!



1st: Marunari 613 points

2nd: Wattle - 517 points

3rd: Sherbrooke - 481 points

4th: Yarra - 448 points

(These points will then be combined with the results from the Middle School Swimming Carnival to crown our overall champion for 2020! Stay tuned for this result.)



Kianna V - 66m Freestyle, 33m Breastroke

Lauren B – 33m Free, 33m Butterfly

Isaac S - 33m Butterfly

Matt N - 33m Backstroke

Jarrod V - 33m Breaststroke

Wattle - U/16 Freestyle Relay



Junior Swim Carnival
by Shaun Doherty (Sports Co-coordinator)

On Friday February 14, students in Years 1 to 4 traveled to Belgrave Pool to compete in the Junior House Swimming Carnival.


The Year 3/4's competed in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, as well as having the opportunity this year to give the challenging Butterfly stroke a go. There were some excellent performances, with a number of students qualifying for the CSEN Champions Carnival, which will be held at MSAC in May.


The arrival of the Year 1/2's signaled the start of the novelty events, which gave every student the opportunity to have some fun in the pool and work together in teams.

These novelty events were run by the Year 11 House Captains who did a great job in ensuring every student felt comfortable and safe in the water. It was a great day and I would like to thank the Junior School teachers for their enthusiasm as well as the House Captains for their help in ensuring everything ran smoothly.


Some stand out performers on the day were:


Under 9 Boys: Sam M, Alex H

Under 9 Girls: Coco B, Lucy S, Marli D

Under 10 Boys: Xavier G, Eddie D, Brad M

Under 10 Girls: Emily C, Lucy R



Year 7- Camp Coolamatong

Year 7 Camp - Camp Coolamatong 2020
by Leah Nicholls ( Yr 7 Team Leader)


Last week just over 80 Year 7's headed to Camp Coolamatong for a full week of camp adventure and circus-themed fun. Our week started with a long bus trip but once we arrived we were straight into activities, from archery, canoeing and farming we got the full ‘farm camp’ experience.


The following days we took a boat trip to Rotamah Island where students were able to play on the beach, go for a swim and even ‘captain’ the boat!


While our days were filled with fun activities, our theme of teamwork was evident in all we did. We learnt about the 5 pillars of teamwork - encouragement, listening, no put-downs, commitment and looking out for the little guy. It was great to see the students living this out over the week and forming new friendships as they went.


Our night time programs were a highlight for many, Mr Messenger’s magic show and the colour night being some of the standouts!


Our week ended with a chance to reflect on what we’d all learnt, the new friendships we’d made and the challenges we had overcome. While we may have come back exhausted we were also full of great memories and a new appreciation for one another.




"Camp is so special to me, it’s a chance to know and understand some people who could be your closest friends and you try new things. One of my highlights was going so fast and turning so quickly that my friends and I all were airborne on the tubing activity"- Jorja


"I had a fun, crazy, adventurous time at camp and I met a lot of kind and funny friends that I love to hang out with. My highlights were meeting really awesome kind friends and tubing. Tubing was the best activity there was, especially doing it with my friends!" - Jonathan


"I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself the activities were really fun especially tubing and the colour activity. My favourite part about the colour activity was throwing it at all my friends, I had a lot of fun!" - Jade C


"My highlight of camp was tubing and canoeing because they were so fun! They were so fun inviting, I want to do it again and I can say that you should try them." - Luke B


"Camp was really fun at some points it was challenging (both mentally and physically) but in the end it was well worth it." - Inuka


"I feel like everyone had to show their strengths and weaknesses. We all learnt how to work together as a team" - Mahlea


"Camp was the best camp I have ever been on, I cant wait to next year’s camp" - Adele


"It was awesome, it was one of the best weeks of my life" - Jack T



General Information (1 of 2)

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Information regarding the upcoming Parent-Teacher Interviews will be emailed home to all families early next week. This will include the subject information for each child and the information on how to book an interview. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews for Kinder to Year 12s will be conducted as follows:-

  • Tuesday, 10 March, 4.00pm-9.00pm     (Kinder, Prep to Year 4 and Years 7 to 12).  
  • Monday, 16 March, 4.00pm-9.00pm     (Years 5 to Year 12).  

Bookings will open: Tuesday, March 25 at 10.00am

Canteen Menu - Summer 2020

The School Canteen operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.  Please find attached the Canteen Menu.


A Canteen online ordering system is also available through FlexiSchools.  Payments can be processed online via PayPal, Visa Card, Mastercard or Bank Transfer.  This means less paper bags, cash, envelopes etc at school. 


Ordering online is simple.  Head to and click "Register".  Once you register your email address, you will be sent further instructions via email.  Please ensure that you read and are aware of all the Terms and Conditions when you register.


Junior Musical:Seussical Lead Roles


Thank you to every student who auditioned for the upcoming Junior Musical.  Everyone did such a fantastic job which made the allocation for lead roles very difficult! 

Congratulations to the following students who will be playing the below characters:


Cat in the Hat - Phoebe M

Jojo - Jet RS

Horton the Elephant - Charlie Y

Gertrude McFuzz - Tandia C

Mayzie la Bird- Felisha T

Sour Kangaroo - Ariel F

Young Kangaroo - Flora C

Mr Mayor - Jett M

Mrs Mayor - Elsie D

Bird Girl soloists - Pam T, Amalia S, Abigail T, Ella B

Wickersham Brother soloists - Jackson G, Zach T, Jesse D

Yertle the Turtle - Christopher A

Vlad Vladikoff - Eli H

The Grinch - Henry W



PFA - Parents and Friends Association

An active Parents and Friends Association is the heartbeat of so much that happens within our parent community. We need you to be a part of that pulse.

So come along this Friday at 9am in the Restaurant for our first PFA Meeting for 2020. 

Whether you can be involved with the Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, helping out with the second-hand uniform sale, school picnics and events, Parents of Prayer, cooking for our Community Cares initiative… or even just having coffee and a laugh with other parents who ‘get it’, it's just another way we can contribute to our children’s school experience.


Just like with the BHCS theme for the year – ‘The Courage To Grow’ – the Parents and Friends have some exciting things planned for 2020… including a joint venture with the students to help some bushfire-affected communities. A new year – a new decade – a great time to be involved in something new.

Community Connection


Parents are welcome to join our 'POP' group for a time of prayer every Thursday morning from 9am.  All are welcome to come and go as your morning allows, and of course Preschoolers are welcome.  Watch our facebook groups: BHCS PFA for updates on venue for 2020.

If you have any questions or specific prayer requests, please email Amanda on



A casual coffee morning is a great way to catch up and get to know other parents.  Every Friday, after drop-off time, in the Cafe.

BHCS Community Care

BHCS Community Care is having its first cook-up for 2020 on Wednesday, 11  March.


This generous group exists to lend a hand to members of our school community who, for a range of reasons, may be doing it a little tough.  We see being able to provide a meal in a time of need as a privilege and a pleasure.  If you're not yet on our team and would like to join us, you are very welcome!


We are a mixed group of parents, grandparents, staff, and students, each playing different roles: cooking, menu planning, washing (aprons & tea towels), packing food, shopping, etc.  We would love more team members this year!  We have a lot of fun together.  

Please email Al Giles-Kaye for further information -




A huge congratulations to Steve & Sarah Kelly who welcomed their daughter Esther Sarah Kelly last week. Another grandchild for Mr Callow as well! We are sure Esther is bringing much joy and  happiness the Callow and Kelly families! 


General Information (2 of 2)

School Hats

Please be reminded that hats are a compulsory part of the school’s uniforms during Terms 1 & 4. 

Junior students must wear the "bucket hat" and are not permitted to wear a school "cap" until they reach middle school.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring your child has the correct uniform items.

Instrumental Tutors at BHCS

Our amazing team of instrumental tutors have vacancies for the following instruments: drums (David Roberto), piano (David Bremner), guitar, bass and brass (Jarrod Gordon), voice (Christelise De Graaf), violin (Gitta Green), woodwind - flute, clarinet, oboe, sax (Nicole Rizio). Application forms are available from the office and under the Parent Resources on the school website. Completed forms can be left at the office. 


A reminder to Year 7 Band wind students to return their payment as soon as possible so they can take their instrument home to practise throughout the week. This will enable them to get the greatest chance of success on their instrument. 

Updated Advice- Coronavirus 

The School continues to monitor the advice from the Department of Health. We have attached the Department of Health's most recent information for schools and parents related to the coronavirus.

We have also provided an additional fact sheet that is available for the general public. This fact sheet contains additional information as well as links to current incidents, national updates, international updates and a link World Health Organisation (WHO) resources on the coronavirus.

As stated previously, good hygiene practices with respect to clean hands and implementing sneeze/cough hygiene continues to be the best defence.

Families are encouraged to:

  • remind children to wash their hands often with soap and water before and after eating as well as after attending the toilet;
  • avoid contact with others by keeping children home if they are unwell; and
  • teaching children to cough and sneeze into their elbow.

As the school is a large community and there are those within our community who fall into risk categories, the school would like to strongly emphasise that families please keep their children at home if they are unwell.


Personal Details

We would like to remind families that if your circumstances change in any way - this includes address, phone numbers, email address, custody arrangements and fee arrangements - please update your CareMonkey profiles and then contact the School as soon as possible. This will assist us in ensuring that the information we provide you is received and correct.  Please feel free to email any updates to, so this can be passed on to the relevant departments. 

Student Personal Accident Insurance

The School has a group accident insurance policy for all current enrolled students. This insurance covers medical expenses arising from an accident, which are not covered by Medicare. It excludes illness, disease, self-inflicted injuries etc. The cost of this insurance forms part of your annual fees.  Should you have the need to make a claim during the course of the year, please contact the Finance Department.


Uniform Shop business hours during school terms are: 

Monday 8.00am-10.00

Tuesday 8.00am - 10.00am 

Thursday 2.00pm- 4.00pm


Next Saturday opening:
Saturday 29 February - 900am-12.00pm


Purchasing options

1. By going to

2. Phone on 03 9754 6400

3. Email the uniform shop: (The shop manager will either call or return your email to arrange a time for an appointment.)


Upcoming School Events

Pirate Day- Junior School: Thursday, 27 February
Arrrrrgh You Ready for a Pirate Day?

Parents and Junior School students,


You are warmly invited to attend our opening of the new Junior School 'Pirate' Playground on Thursday 27th of February.


For students, this 'Pirate Day' will involve an assembly at the start and end of the day where a pirate mystery will need to be solved. During the day they will be involved in various pirate activities to uncover the clues... including pirate games, writing activities and even a hunt for hidden treasure!


Students are encouraged to dress up in pirate clothes, pack a pirate-themed lunch and practice their sea shanties as we make the playground opening something Arrrrmazing... but please no swords or guns as we don't want to lose an eye and end up with students sporting a real eye patch!


Parents, if you would like to be a p-arrrr-t of the festivities, feel free to attend the launch assembly in the Discovery Centre from 9:10am and the final assembly at 2:30pm. 



We have been advised that due to the upcoming building developments we are unable to hold the Family Picnic on our oval this year.  Thankfully, we have a beautiful local park nearby where we can still gather for some fun!  We will re-locate the Family Picnic over to Belgrave Park Lake, 35 Park Drive Belgrave.  The great news is that we can extend our time together, now 3.30pm - 5.00pm.



Information in regards to our two V.I.P. Days (formerly known as Grandparents and Special Persons Day) have been sent home via CareMonkey.

Please note: We are trailing some changes for 2020 including not having BYO lunches due to our exciting building developments around the Junior grounds. 

Please RSVP for your child's V.I.P. guest/s via the CareMonkey eform.


BHCS Calendar


Friday, 21 February 

- BHCS Family Picnic (Kinder and Junior School)

- Yr 9 Program: Sailing (Group 2)

- Yr 9 Program: Paddle Boarding (Group 1)


Friday 21- Sunday 23, February

- Gravitate Training Camp 1


Monday, 24 February - Week 2

- Yr 9 Outdoor Ed- Rock Climbing Excursion

- 11 VCAL Movie Excursion


Tuesday, 25 February

- 10 Geography Portsea Excursion


Wednesday, 26 February

- 7/8 CSEN Sport

- 8 Sport  Lawn Bowls & Tennis 


Thursday, 27 February

- 11 VCAL Nursery Excursion

- Junior School- Pirate Day




Friday, 28 February

- CSEN Theatresports Workshop

- BHCS New Parents Dinner

- Yr 9 Program - Clean up Australia Day 


Monday, 2 March - Week 1

- Kinder - Mini beast/fruit fly incursion


Tuesday, 3 March

- 12 OES Excursion- Lysterfield MTB

- Yr 8 Enviro Excursions (Yarra River)

- Yr 7 OE Bushwalking Camp (Group A) 

- Yr 10 Outdoor Ed- Rock Climbing 


Wednesday, 4 March

- Yr 7 OE Bushwalking Camp (Group A) cont.

- 9/10 CSEN Sport


Thursday, 5 March

- 9/10 CSEN Sport

- VCE French Excursion


Friday, 6 March

- VCE Physics Excursion

- Yr 9 Program - Mornington Surf Lifesaving


Monday, 9 March - Week 2

- Labour Day - No students at school


Tuesday, 10 March

- CSEN Secondary Chess (Selected Yr 7-12)

- Parent-Teacher Interviews (K-4 & Yr 7-12)


Wednesday, 11 March

- 7/8 CSEN Sport

- 8 Sport Lawn Bowls & Tennis

- CSEN Primary Chess ( Selected Yr 3-6)

- Yr 10 OES Paddle Boarding Excursion


Thursday, 12 March 

- Yr 12 OE Bass Coast Camp

- YRT Excursion (Yr 7 & 9 Select)


Friday, 13 March

- Yr 12 OE Bass Coast Camp cont.

- VIP Day (Kinder and Junior)

- Yr 9 Program- Grand Prix

- YRTS Excursion (Yr 8)


Community Announcements








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