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31 October 2019
Issue Ten

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!


What a sensational night! I am sure that you will all agree that the art work exhibited was of an exceptional standard. The work on display reflected the time and effort that the students put into their work using different mediums and skills to present an outstanding display.


Ms Liz Kelly-McAlister has throughout the year, enabled the children to develop the skills where they have flourished in presenting a variety of pieces of work. The classroom teachers, in conjunction with the students,  also created class pieces, which were proudly endorsed for the Auction. Thank you, Ms Liz and the classroom teachers, for the time and effort in the work that was proudly displayed.


The School Choir once again sang a repertoire of songs that they so willing presented with eagerness to the audience.  Thank you, Ms Serena Jordan-Munro, for continuing this work within our school.


The musicians played their instruments with great pride, skilfully showing the work that they have been learning during the private music classes throughout the year.


Thank you to the members of the PFA and in particular to the Years 5/6 liaisons who worked throughout the night to bring a beautiful spread of food and drinks.  The creation of a friendly and happy atmosphere reflected the celebration of the community spirit. A special thank you for organising a real auctioneer who came and conducted the auction creating some exciting bidding. This wasn’t “The Block” but with this special element, came very close!


I believe that this special bi-annual exhibition grows bigger at each presentation, as it not only shows the great talents that we have in our school, but also brings the families together to acknowledge the greatness we have in our children.

(See "Art Soiree" under separate page for photos)



Next week begins the sessions for our 2020 students with an Information Night for parents on Wednesday 6 November.  I would like to announce that the teacher for next year’s class will be Mrs Margaret Mitchell who is the current Juniors’ teacher at St Aloysius Campus, Caulfield.  Mrs Mitchell comes with a great wealth of knowledge and expertise of the Junior years of schooling and will be a great asset to the Glen Huntly Campus.



The PFA at Caulfield is active at the moment in the preparation for the Centenary Celebrations that will be held on Saturday 16 November between 3.00pm. – 5.00pm. The aim is to provide opportunities for current and past families to share their experiences and memories. 



A reminder that both campuses will be PUPIL FREE on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November, enjoy your long weekend.


Last day of school term for all students is Friday 13th December, with students being dismissed at 1.30pm.


Term 1, 2020 commences for students on Wednesday 29th January 2020.


Kind regards


Margaret Carlei


From the Deputy

Day for Daniel - Friday October 25th

Our assembly last Friday featured our students in their usual school colours of navy blue and white, accented with a touch of red in recognition of our participation in Day for Daniel which promotes safety for all children and young people. At St Anthony's we are committed to ensuring that all of our students feel safe at school.  We also recognise the importance of equipping our students with the necessary tools to respond when they recognise that they may be in an unsafe situation.   


On Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of working with the SRC and School Captains to revise our school Child Safe Policy which is articulated by students, for all students and which gives voice to their expectations and beliefs in light of Child Safety.  We look forward to sharing this with the school community in the coming weeks. 


Below our Foundation students are gathered to share their 'Safe Hands' which identify people they can seek help from if feeling unsafe.


Staying Safe: Sun Smart Students

This message is timely in light of the increasing temperatures that we have been enjoying in the last few weeks.  From September to April it is important to remember to use sun protection measures to help prevent damage to your eyes and skin. Given school hours fall within peak UV periods of the day, a combination of broad brimmed hats, SPF 30+ (or higher) sunscreen, shade and sunglasses can be used together to significantly reduce the risk of UV exposure.  We encourage all students to be sunsmart by applying sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day, and to wear sunglasses and a hat when playing outside.


A free Cancer Council SunSmart app for iPhone, iPad and Android is available to download and features:

 • Personalisation: Download the app and personalise it with your natural skin type, height, weight, age, gender and set your location for anywhere in Australia. 

• Reminders: Set up a sun protection alert and receive daily reminders for the times of day when UV reaches a level that can damage your skin and eyes, as well as two hour reminders to re-apply sunscreen. 

• Sunscreen calculator: Use the sunscreen calculator to find out how much sunscreen you need to apply, taking account of your size and clothing.

 • Vitamin D tracker: Find out how much UV exposure you need for vitamin D. Seven day weather forecast: Check the weather for the week ahead for any location in Australia.


Best wishes,

Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal

Art Soiree

Come and peruse some of our spectacular art!

Thank you Miss Liz

The magnificent artwork of our students!

The items up for Auction!

The Performers

The bidding starts !!!!!

Our Prize Winners Are ................

Congratulations to Etienne, Flora, Georgie and Rudra!



What is STEAM?

To some people, the words ‘STEAM Education’ seem nothing more than a popular buzz-phrase. Without a proper understanding of its meaning, STEAM can even be thought of as a separate subject. But, at its core, STEAM is an approach to teaching and learning that can be used for any subject in the school curriculum.


The World Economic Forum (2019) predicts that the top skills for jobs in 2020 will be complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. These are general skills that can be transferred to many subject areas. This is why STEAM Education is so important: it equips students with the skills to thrive in the 21st century workforce.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The Arts includes the humanities - societal impact and ethics. As a Catholic school, this is especially important. Our Integrated Studies subject, where the STEAM approach is most commonly used, integrates Science with Religion - so it is easy to see how the humanities must come into play in all that we teach.


At St Anthony’s School, the STEAM approach is being used across the year levels. The students have been getting ‘hands on’ with different materials to solve problems. This is evident in project work being done recently with our Seniors, where they have explored electricity through creating real circuits and testing out their designs. Meanwhile, our Middle School has been constructing models out of recycled materials.


STEAM is not limited to the upper year levels. In Foundation, our students have been solving problems by constructing bridges and structures. The Juniors have been finding creative ways to make art works from different materials. In the STEAM approach, the teacher acts as a guide and facilitator - problems are set which have boundaries, but which also allow freedom within those parameters.


The STEAM approach continues to inspire the students at St Anthony’s.  It will be exciting to see where it leads into the future.


Coding Club Reminder

Coding Club Every Fortnight for 3/4 Students (Tuesday 1st half of lunchtime)


Serena Jordan-Munro

Foundation and STEAM

Education in Faith

Annual Children's Mission Mass

On Wednesday 23rd October, 2019 all the Year 5 and 6 students and teachers travelled by train to the city.  The students and teachers attended the Annual Children's Mission Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne.  Archbishop Comensoli presided with many schools participating in the Mass.  Our students and teachers were enlightened by the experience and upon reflection, the students made favourable comments about Archbishop Comensoli's Homily.  His Homily was about The Good Samaritan parable which he wove into a very present day narrative.  The students and teachers proceeded to The Gardens for lunch and play.  


Godly Play 

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a method of teaching Bible stories, using parables, sacred stories and liturgical lessons using simple materials such as cloth, wood, felt etc.  Godly Play helps children learn about the symbols, signs, rituals, religious language about the Catholic faith within the context of our school and classrooms.  Godly Play is a visual story-telling technique to assist in retelling, reconstructing or recounting a scripture passage, psalm or reading.  The students in Year 5 and 6 have been experiencing Godly Play in the classroom so they can produce their own Godly Play in the hope of teaching others in the school, under guidance from their teachers and the Religiour Education Leader, Mrs Toni Dent.


All Saints Day Prayer 

May all the Saints pray for us and for all those whose lives we touch

May God who loves and holds us all,

let the Spirit guide all our days in the ways of compassion and justice

May we reflect the heart of God, sure in faith, strong in hope,

built on love and become all that we are called to be

May our journey lead us into God’s gentle and almighty Presence, our God whom we will one day see face to face. Amen.

Those whom we love and lose are no longer where they were before. They are now wherever we are.

St John Chrysostom

Prayers in Pyjamas Family Night for students and parents of Foundation to Year 2.

Wednesday 6th November, for Foundation 
Thursday 7th November, for Year 1 & 2 

A reminder about the Prayers in Pyjamas Family Night. 

Students and parents are invited to the Padua Pavilion for a Prayer Night from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

We ask that the students wear their PJs and bring along their favourite teddy bear or toy.  (Family members are invited to wear their PJs as well).


Toni Dent

Religious Education Leader



Meet Edison

During ICT classes this week the Year 3/4 students were introduced to Edison robots. These are remote-controlled robots that can respond to light and sound, follow lines and avoid obstacles, and communicate with other Edison robots. The students had a lot of fun learning how to program Edison through the use of bar codes and the program, EdBlocks.


In their play with Edison the students had to be good collaborators, thinkers and problem-solvers as well as co-operative team members.


Thanks must go to staff at Catholic Education Melbourne, Southern Regional Office for the loan of the set of Edison robots as well as other exciting STEM resources.


Enjoy looking at some of the things we did with Edison.


Loretto Campbell

eLearning & ICT


Reading nonfiction books

Children love to read about real people, places, and events. Nonfiction books present real information in engaging and interesting ways. However, most children read a lot more fiction than nonfiction, so spend some extra time helping your reader learn how to navigate a nonfiction book.


Talk about nonfiction

Begin by explaining that the book you're about to share is nonfiction. That means that the book will give us information that is true. The book will be organized around a specific topic or idea, and we may learn new facts through reading. Some kids even enjoy sorting their home libraries into fiction and nonfiction books. This simple categorization task helps your child understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction.


Look at the parts

Most good nonfiction books will have helpful features that are not a part of most fiction books. These parts include a table of contents, an index, a glossary, photographs and charts with captions, and a list of sources. Share the purpose of the features with your reader.


Table of Contents

Located at the front of a book, the table of contents displays a list of the big ideas within the book and where to find them.



An index is an alphabetical list of almost everything covered within the book, with page numbers. Readers can use the index to look up specific terms or concepts and go right to the specific information they're looking for.



Located at the back of the book, a glossary contains key words that are related to the topic and their definitions. These definitions provide more information about new vocabulary words.




Captions are usually right under photographs, figures, maps, and charts. Captions give a quick summary of what information is presented in the graphic.



A lot of information can be found by "reading" the charts and photos found within nonfiction text. Readers will first need to figure out what information is presented. Then they'll need to discover how to navigate the information. Some charts use clear labels, others require more careful examination. Help your reader learn more about the different ways information can be displayed.


Be the reading boss

Nonfiction books do not have to be read from cover to cover. Readers can use the table of contents and index to jump right to the information they are most interested in. In that way, they are the "reading boss" of that book! However, if your reader wants to read from cover to cover, encourage them to use the table of contents to understand how the book is organised. "First we will learn about the different types of frogs. Then we'll learn where they can live, what they eat, and how they survive." Passages from the book can be reread as often as necessary until your child understands what is written. You can refer to pictures, charts and tables over and over again as well.


As natural learners, young readers are drawn to books that give information about something or explain something they've always wondered about. With a little help and guidance about reading nonfiction, you can feel good about introducing your child to a new world of information.


This article can be found on the Reading Rockets website. To find out more information about how to support your child when reading nonfiction books please go to Reading Rockets


Marina Russo

English Leader

What's Happening in Years 3/4

What a fantastic start to the term

Can you believe we’ve only been back at school for four weeks and we’ve been busy learning about so many wonderful things!


Physical Sciences

We spent time during the first two weeks of the term learning about the Physical Sciences. We learnt that some objects can be moved using the forces push and pull. We then learnt about how heat is transferred using radiation, conduction and convection. We saw how radiation, conduction and convection work together when making delicious hot chocolate!

Religious Education

The month of October is dedicated to Our Lady Mary, the mother of Jesus. We have been praying the Hail Mary every day after meditation. One of our homework tasks was to do some research about how to pray the Rosary.



We have revised multiplication and division. We are really good at recalling our times tables quickly and accurately through completing 5 Minutes Times Table Challenges and playing ‘Multiplication Around the World’ every day.


We discovered that the mass of an object can be measured using the units grams, kilograms and tonnes. When measuring liquids in a container we measure the units in millilitres and litres. The volume of an object is measured in units cubed.



We have written an explanation text on how to make a hot chocolate using the concepts of heat transfer. We know that an explanation needs to be written in present tense, be sequential, show a cause and effect relationship and uses impersonal and technical language.

We continue to use the Reciprocal Teaching strategies of: predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising to build our vocabulary and comprehension skills.


This week we have been on camp to Forest Edge CYC. We cannot wait to share our camp adventures with you in the next newsletter.


Mrs Dent, Mrs Russo, Mrs Georgiadis,

Mrs Hardman and the Years 3/4 students

Walk to School

Walk to School

It's great to see a number of our students walking, riding, or scooting to school and completing their 'Walking Tickets'. The program runs from 7 October to 1 November 2019.


A ‘Walking Ticket’ has been distributed to each student who walks, rides or scoots to school. Parents should initial the ticket for each day a child walks, rides or scoots to school from the beginning of term 4 until 1 November. Once all ten stars on the ticket have been initialled the student should return the ticket to the school office and collect another one. Returned tickets will go into a draw to win a Fitbit (or other similar device) or a seven day trial membership to Glen Eira Leisure .


Tips for walking to school:
1. Walk together: Walking can be a great way to get active as a family - so everybody benefits! Just walk part way If you live too far away. This avoids the hassle of parking near the school. 
2. Build up road safety knowledge: Teach your children road safety and navigation skills by riding or walking around your neighbourhood. 
3. Find some walking buddies: Chat with other families about setting up buddy groups of older children who can walk together. 
4. Mix it up: Riding a bike or scooter is great exercise too! 


For more information visit the Victorian Government website - Walk to School 



Poppy Appeal

For those interested, the Poppy Appeal boxes will be circulating throughout the classrooms leading up to Remembrance Day on 11 November.  The Poppies range in price from $2, $5, $10 and $20 this year.  There are also Wrist Bands $3, Key Rings $4 and Bag Tags at $4.


All donations from the Appeal are used to support members of the Armed Forces and the money is divided into various areas of the community. One of the main focuses of the funds is to help with the welfare of Armed Forces members including rehabilitation courses and career advice for people who have left the service.


The reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle is because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended. 





Dates to Remember

Please check the Calendar on the Website for ALL important dates.

To view the yearly calendar please go to the St Anthony’s School Website


Some very important dates for your calendars in Term 4: 



Wednesday 30 & Thursday 31 October

Year 3/4 Camp, Forest Edge

Friday 1 November

All Saint's Day

10am Whole School Mass - All Saint's Day

Saturday 2 November

All Soul's Day



Monday 4 November


Tuesday 5 November






Last day of school term

Friday 13th December - students dismissed at 1.30pm.



Term 1, 2020

Students - Wednesday 29th January 2020.

Parents & Friends (PFA)

Art Show

What a fabulous night!  Thank you to Miss Liz and our wonderful children for the amazing artwork that was on display.  As usual, thank you to the hard working PFA Members who helped with setup, pack up, food, and drinks.  In particular, we would like to thank Karen for the wonderful table setting, Tina, Clara, Jacinta, Amy, Niki and Donna for their tireless work on the night.  Thank you also goes to our amazing Barman, Julien who kept everyone well hydrated on such a warm night.  Our profit on the evening was over $3,000.   


Working Bee

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday 20 October for our final Working Bee.  Special thanks to Greg for co-ordinating the day.


Parents Trivia Night

A reminder to book the date in your diaries - Friday 15 November!!

Tickets can be purchased via Trybookings using the following code:

Icy Poles

Icy Poles are being sold at school each Wednesday, prior to lunch time at 50 cents each.  One icy pole per student. 


If you can assist with the overseeing of the sale of the icy poles on a Wednesday, please contact Emily William on 0417 583 919.

Cake Raffle

Congratulations to the winners of our two recent cake raffles. The first prize winners were Georgie (3/4TD), thank you to the Moir family for their amazing cake and Avana (FSJ), thank you to the Gerrand family for the wonderful cake creation.  Our second prize winners were both from Foundation, Congratulations to Tanya and Isabella.


Don’t forget, to be a winner, you need to purchase your tickets on a Friday morning in class before school starts for 20 cents ($1 for 6 tickets).  All money raised is put towards purchasing new library books. Feel free to contact Sarah Gerrand if you have any queries or would like to volunteer for the roster on mobile: 0400 301043 or email:



Community News

Dad's Day Out #3


Parent Information Night


Creative Music Program


Carnegie Toy Library - Open Day


Our Sponsors

Anytime Fitness

Our friends at Anytime Fitness Carnegie are waiting to meet you, they have an amazing training program and are only too happy to speak to you about getting you started.


Joe Panetta

Club Manager

Anytime Fitness Carnegie | 03 9571 4609 

Level 1, 1227 Glen Huntly Rd, Carnegie

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