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13 September 2019
Issue Ten
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Principal's Post 

From the Principal

Building Project

Our builders, the Lloyd Group have commenced establishing their site sheds and site fencing. The demolition of old buildings will occur during the coming school holiday break, to allow for the construction of our Senior School Centre. The contract is due for completion at the end of term 3, 2020.


We have been advised by our local member Dustin Halse, that Ringwood Secondary will be receiving $255,000 to assist with maintenance, safety and school improvements over. The VSBA will be writing to us with exact details about the roll out from term 4. It will enable schools such as ours, to do essential works such as painting, replacing carpet and windows, landscaping, tree inspections and maintenance of infrastructure like roofs, drainage and  water services.

A significant highlight in the past few weeks has been the achievement of our Intermediate Girls AFL team who last week beat Montmorency SC in the State final 6-15=51 to 1-4=10. It was a great performance and congratulations to all those involved and to their coaches Ms Boutsikakis and Ms Lee, who have developed the team cohesiveness and skills in all the extra training sessions.


Its official - Ringwood Training is the Victorian Small Training Provider of the Year for 2019!

This award recognises a training provider that offers a specific range of training products and services and who also demonstrates excellence and high level performance in all aspects of the TAFE and training sector.

As the winner we receive $5000 in prize money and a Victorian Training Awards trophy. We have also been nominated to represent Victoria nationally at the Australian Training Awards in Brisbane at the end of November.


Congratulations are extended to all ensembles who have performed throughout this term at the Victorian Schools Musical Festival and Royal South Street in Ballarat. All have performed to their best and were great ambassadors for the college at such prestigious events.

Final tally for Victorian Schools Festival:
Senior Stage Band
Junior Stage Band
Symphonic Band

Senior Strings
Senior Choir
Junior Concert Band
Intermediate Concert Band


Symphony Orchestra
Intermediate Stage Band
Junior Choir


The results achieved so far at Ballarat have been outstanding:
Junior Choir-Gold Award

Senior Choir- 3rd place

Training Strings- Honourable Mention.
Intermediate Strings- 3rd Place.
Senior Strings- 3rd Place
Symphony Orchestra- Highly Commended
Intermediate Concert Band- 3rd place.
Jazz Combo- 2nd place

Senior Stage Band- Highly Commended


There will be a further opportunity to witness some of these great performances at our upcoming  

Gala Concert on Thursday 19th September at 7.30pm in the George Woods Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar School, Kalinda Rd, Ringwood.  


Chookas to all our performers in this year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular  “Made of Stars ”,  that is being staged at Melbourne Arena this Saturday September 14th . We have broad representation once again in all elements of performance – lead singers, musicians, featured soloists, choir and dance.


Planning for next year is well advanced and our overall numbers will be around 1650 students  Following appeals for year 7, we expect 294 students.  


NAPLAN 2019.

The State-wide headlines for this has been:

The latest National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results showed that Victorian primary school students achieved the strongest results in Australia this year, topping other states and territories in seven of ten measures and improved in 6 of the 10 measures. Year 7 reading, writing and numeracy have also improved. Year 9 results don’t show the same progress and many students don’t see the relevance of the test. As a result, a Specialist Principal’s Advisory Group will be established to review what approaches might be adopted moving forward.


At Ringwood Secondary College, I can report that our results in 2019 have remained solid expectations and reflects the alignment of key improvement strategies and actions in our Strategic and Annual Implementation Plans. Particular interest centres on student learning growth and I have included our results for Years 7-9 in Writing, Reading and Numeracy (attached) to highlight the strong performance of our students, when compared with similar schools, our network and the state.


NAPLAN provides us with a snapshot into what is happening for our students and needs to be used with other data to make judgements about how we are tracking. Year 7 results bode well for future success and our year 9 outcomes whilst slightly down on last year compare favourably against a range of indicators.


We can be satisfied with the progress against targets described below that were flagged in our AIP for 2019:


READING – 72% (23% High, 49% Medium)

WRITING – 77% (26% High, 51% Medium)

NUMERACY– 73% (28% High, 45% Medium)


  • Target 25% in top 2 bands at Year 9.      Actual result: 22%
  • Target 13% or less in bottom 2 bands at Year 9.  Actual result: 23%


  • Target 21% in top 2 bands at Year 9. Actual result: 25%
  • Target 11% or less in bottom 2 bands at Year 9. Actual result: 13%


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Year 8 REALM workshops

September 2019

A highlight for me this fortnight was the inaugural Year 8 REALM event which had been in the planning for a while and which had PCTA and college support at its inception. All classes visited REALM and participated in 3 workshops which emphasised core literacy, a love of reading, and that the library is a welcoming and safe space.

This is the program that REALM created for our students:


Non-fiction workshop

This workshop focussed on students knowing and understanding the source of their information.

Students were provided with a range of diet and nutrition books to view and discuss.

The workshop highlighted the questions that students can ask themselves to ascertain the credibility of the source.

It provided information about qualifications of authors and people who put books together, peer reviews and journal articles and their trustworthiness and drew attention to sensational claims to sell a product by capturing peoples’ attention and money.

Prompting questions:

What would make you trust the claim that oranges increase life span?

What further information would you need to trust Pete Evans’ claim that the Paleo way supports optimum physical and emotional health?

It is interesting in Australia there are protected titles for professions- university 4 years and masters to be able to call yourself a dietician…but would you trust a source in the US who does an online course for one month and calls him/herself a nutritionist?


Fiction workshop

Students were read 2 picture books, Cicada by Shaun Tan and My Dead Bunny by James Foley. Students were attentive in the reading and active at question time.

A series of questions around pictures: angles of the picture; colour or lack of; dominant images; repetitive words; a lack of conjunctions elicited from the students some deep connections to current themes and issues including discrimination, poverty, slavery, freedom, belonging, family dynamics. Links to student experiences and to other texts were made. Students impressed the presenters at REALM with their responses.


Get to know your Library workshop

Students were given a catalogue exercise, a brief tour of the spaces in the library and participated in a scavenger hunt to find information about how the library works. They discovered such things as there are 60.000 online resources to borrow for free, multiple games and magazines for free and free Wi-Fi. Even though students were let loose in the library, they were task focussed and completed the scavenger hunt respectfully and in the allocated time. The library manager gave each class a challenge- to propose what the letters in REALM stand for. A prize for the best responses per class will be sent to us.


 Again, we had positive comments from members of the public using the library about student behaviour.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


From Mr Barut

Did someone say September? 

As I pen this missive, the term holidays are upon us. Time for a bit of sibling/family time and a break from studies…but! Not for the Year 12 cohort…

Exams are nigh, next term is a short time for face to face teaching and a study routine needs to lift to the next level. There are a series of revision lectures available to all the students, made possible by the relationships and collegiality of all the schools in the MSSP (Maroondah Secondary Schools Partnership) in the network. Norwood Secondary College will be the venue for these revision opportunities. Further, all those students who study English, have a practice English examination here at the College, that will be marked EXTERNALLY by a current VCAA assessor! What a sensational opportunity for all our students to receive feedback from someone who will be at the coal face, marking thousands of essays from students all over Victoria. Other subjects have also penned in practice exams, (some following the same procedure) and students must ensure their organisational health is in place so that they do not MISS any sessions made available to them.


This is a very vital time for the Year 12 cohort (and those Year 11 students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 study) as notwithstanding consistency throughout the year, exam success is vital in maximising an ATAR….there are still so many marks up for grabs. I often get asked by students on some ideas about how to maintain a ‘study routine’ over the term break and the answer is quite simple – follow your current school timetable – that way, you will know that you have covered off on every lesson. 


This is a vital time.


In other developments throughout the College, last Saturday saw the Year 12 class of 2025 present for testing. There were certainly a few nerves amongst the Grade 6 students that will be attending the College as Year 7 next year. I am happy to report that all the students (and their parents!) survived this first step of transition into secondary schooling. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Assistant Principal, Mrs Eleni Stathatos, our Transition Co – ordinator, Ms Voula Margelis, Ms Anna Urbano, Head of Junior School, Mrs Leah Pritchard, our Director of Admissions, Marketing and the International Student portfolio, Ms Narelle Meek, our VASS co - ordinator and owner and handler of Europa, our gorgeous therapy Labrador. This team allowed the day to run smoothly and without a hiccup. 


As a follow on from that, thank you to Mrs Annette Niven, our ACE Program co –ordinator who ran extra testing for 78 Year 6 students, all vying for a place in our ACE class for 2020. Results and confirmation will be available in due course. 

Imagine nearly 300 Year 9 students having the opportunity to partake in the City Experience project as part of their curriculum….mayhem? Pillage? Anarchy? Nay! I have received a number of reports from our supervising staff that have watched our Year 9 cohort grow in confidence before their very eyes as they have navigated and attended various iconic Melbourne establishments, used public transport to get to places and visited other eateries (outside Maccas?) for lunch. The students have handled themselves with aplomb and maturity, respectfully aware that they are not only representing their own values and behaviour, but also the values and expectations of our college. This is a massive undertaking by the College, as it involves so many staff to attend and support each other to allow our students to be exposed to authentic learning of our fine city. Thank you to the staff who have attended, the staff back at RSC who are covering classes and to Mrs Virginia Watson for co - ordinating the entire program and the support and involvement of the Middle School team.


Have a restful break, everyone.


James Barut
Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Royal South Street and Gala Concert

I extend my gratitude to the music staff for the dedication and unwavering support for the music program.

Just recently, our music ensembles performed at the Royal South Street Eisteddfod at Ballarat. Fourteen ensembles performed, with nine awarded places or mentions. They are now fine-tuned, ready to perform at our 2019 Gala Concert at George Woods Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar, that will be held next Thursday 19th September. Tickets can be purchased via the following link:


Pre-Service Teachers

Congratulations to our 4th Year Pre-Service Teachers (PST’s) and Interns who have completed their final placement before launching into the world of work and teaching. They have been wonderful ambassadors for their respective universities, contributing in many ways to the Ringwood Secondary College program, as well as providing professional support for their mentors. A special thank you to the PST’s mentors for sharing their expertise in providing professional guidance, coaching and support.



Congratulations to all our students who performed well at the District Athletics is such a privilege to witness the determination and effort our students put into their sport alongside their dedicated teachers.


Wellbeing Focus for this week…

Wellbeing Builder: Positive & Optimistic Thinking

Meaning and Purpose: Leadership/Move More


As Barbara Fredrickson’s research has informed us, it is the frequency of positive emotions, not their intensity, which builds our wellbeing. Looking at life optimistically and searching for what is good in things and right about what we are doing sees positive emotions bubbling away in us. We are striving, thriving and flourishing.


When we educate our students about the amazing benefits of adopting an optimistic outlook in their lives and introduce them to the little positive actions they can do often, they shine. Happy people enjoy better health and are more likely to achieve what they set out to do.


The alternative is to look at life pessimistically and search for what is wrong with things. Well guess what? People who adopt this negative way of thinking find plenty of things they perceive to be not right, because that is all they are on the lookout for. It’s a pity they miss out on the great things that are happening and could happen. As such, they seldom have those warm feelings of gratitude and appreciation.


The zest of optimistic thinkers is contagious and rubs off on those around them. Unfortunately, this is also true for negative thinkers.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

Junior School

Junior School News

Term 3 has been super busy in the Junior School.

We were so proud to congratulate our Junior School award recipients for Semester 1 during the ceremony in week 3. The students celebrated their efforts in the classroom with their families and each other and it was a great way to reward a dedicated start to the year.


Transition has commenced for our Year 7s of 2020 with the students attending the Edutest session on Saturday 31st of August. A big thanks to Leah Pritchard for her organisation around the event and to those who assisted on the day in James Barut, Eleni Stathatos, Voula Margellis, Narelle Meek and our therapy dog Europa. It was an enormous task organising almost 300 students and welcoming them as a cohort for the first time into the Junior School Building. We are looking forward to working with them during their transition and beyond here at Ringwood.

During week 9 the year 8s took part in Literacy focused workshops at Realm Library at Eastland. This was a great opportunity for them to get to know their local library as well as enhance reading skills, research skills and connect to reading in general. Students learnt in a scavenger hunt that they can borrow up to 20 items from the library, that there are over 60,000 online resources including their English texts on audio files and also that they can borrow video games or stay and play them at the library!

Some of our students also booked the collaboration spaces to work on an upcoming history project. It was a great way to show the students what is available to them and connect them with their local community. It was a great addition to the year 8 program this year and we look forward to seeing the year 8 students utilise their new knowledge and skills now and into the future to support their learning. We thank the staff at Realm Library for allowing our year 8s to visit and sharing their knowledge and also the Year 8 teaching staff who helped out by attending the excursion.


Lunch time activities are ever growing at Ringwood SC and to add to the list, we thank Ms Watson and her year 9 interGREAT class volunteers for commencing “Craftanoon”. This will be taking place on Tuesdays (not every week) at lunch time in the junior school. Places are limited so students are encouraged to keep an eye on their emails for news of the date of upcoming sessions and reserve their spot via return email to Ms Watson. The first session was candle making. We thank year 9 students Emma Watson and Taylor Viney for giving up their lunch time to provide a fun activity for our Junior Students.


The year 7s will celebrate the end of the term with the annual Downball Championship house competition. Will Frazer have to hand over the trophy they earned last year or will it remain in 2019??? We are really looking forward to celebrating another term of year 7 in a fun way where students will be able to express positive emotion and once again build connections within house groups.


During week 8 we said farewell to one of the members of the Junior School Team- Mrs Faith Tucker who is commencing her Maternity Leave. We would like to thank her for her dedication and work with students, families and programs within the Junior School over the past 5 years! We wish her all the best for this next chapter of her life. As Faith departs, we would also welcome a new member to the Junior School Team, Mr. Josh Mitchell. He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience as a student manager and we look forward to working with Josh in the Junior School. Parents of students in Jackman house should now contact Josh Mitchell for any academic and wellbeing matters.


Lastly, some house keeping for the remainder of term 3; We would like to remind families and students to continue to wear the winter uniform for the remainder of term 3 and prepare for the change to summer uniform in term 4. The dress code can be found on the college website so you can ensure your child is prepped and ready to go in summer uniform in term 4.


If you know your child will be exiting Ringwood Secondary College and commencing at a new school in 2020, please inform Karen Carden in the general office asap. This will assist as we commence with planning for 2020.


Anna Urbano

Junior Sub School Leader

Middle School

Middle School News

Term 3

As the end of Term 3 nears, students are encouraged to ensure they are up to date in their studies and have submitted all required work before the end of term.  Parents and students should refer to Learning Tasks on Compass to confirm that all required tasks are completed in a timely manner.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Tomorrow Man & Woman

On Wednesday 21st August, all Year 10 students participated in workshops run by Tomorrow Architects, these are called Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman.


Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman Workshops aim to create training grounds to build emotional muscle and spaces free from judgement, to start conversations about what it means to be a man or woman in today’s society and to look at stereotypes and breaking them down. These workshops examined issues and challenges students face, including mental health issues. These workshops were incredibly powerful and students were exceptionally engaged with the facilitators and the stories that were told.

One of the Men’s workshops was filmed for part of a segment on The Project as part of a follow up story that Peter Helliar recently did on men’s mental health in response to losing a friend of his to suicide. The follow up story is about preventative strategies that schools and organisations are employing to increase resilience within students, emotional muscle and mental health. This will be aired on Wednesday 11th September.



Year 10 Formal

The highly anticipated Year 10 Formal has been launched! This event is now on Compass for parents and students to secure their opportunity to be a part of this fantastic celebration.  It will be held on Monday 9th of December at Linley Estate.  Please ensure that payments are made promptly and students interested in being a part of the Formal Committee are to email Mrs Godfrey to register their interest.


Jacqui Godfrey

Mabo House Coordinator

(Middle School)


Around the School

Visual Arts NGV Excursion

Students in Year 10 Art and Year 11 Studio Arts visited the National Gallery of Victoria to view the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces series, China’s ancient Terracotta Warriors alongside an exhibition by the contemporary artists, Cai Guo-Qiang. 

This excursion enabled students to research and compare the preparation, presentation, conservation and promotion of art in different exhibition spaces.


Students also had the opportunity to view the Mirka Mora Mural at Flinders Street Station. The mural was created with mosaic for the central panel, the decorative upper frieze being painted and the lower border being painted with low-relief outlines. 

Students were thrilled to view this original mural by the artist (that we are currently studying in class) and identify and discuss the ways in which Mora used various materials, techniques and processes.


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts


Footy Colours Day

To celebrate the upcoming finals, Footy Colours day is on Tuesday 17th September.

You must wear your school uniform with the accessories being an addition. The only acceptable accessories are scarf, beanie/ hat (not to be worn inside) and guernsey (to be worn over your school jumper/shirt).


A gold coin will be collected on the day to go towards your house charity, so please have that in your pocket ready to hand in.

Save The Date: Art and Technology Exhibition

We are very excited for the upcoming Annual Art and Technology Exhibition. Make sure you save the date for the opening night: Tuesday October 22nd 2019.

This year’s exhibition showcases an outstanding display of works from our students, ranging from Year 7 through to Year 12, and across the breadth of the Art and Technology faculty’s learning areas.

This Exhibition will showcase the creative learning that takes place at Ringwood Secondary College and is an opportunity for us to celebrate our talented students and dedicated staff.


Make sure you put the following dates into your calendars:


Tuesday, 22nd October

7-9pm: Official Opening

Ringwood Training Building (RT)

Entry Via Gold Coin Donation


Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th October

9am-4.30pm: General Exhibition Open


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts

RSC Donation for Billy Cart Marathon

3, 2, 1 Go!  And they’re off!!


METEC driving school and Rotary club of Ringwood put on a epic event that saw 15 teams compete in over 3 hours of billy cart racing.  What a great atmosphere as the community came together to support the Rotary Club of Ringwood raise money for the Smith Family and for us to raise some money for our college community.  Thanks to all those who participated on the day and outside of the day.


Special thanks to Rams Home Loans, EastLink, Bicycle Workshop Ringwood and the Ringwood Training for supporting us!! 


If you would like to support us you still can, just jump onto try booking via this link 


Adam Bryant


Heritage Perpetual Scholarship

Do you know about our Heritage Perpetual Scholarship?


In 2015 the RSC Heritage and Alumni Group introduced a scholarship for students starting in Years 11 and 12 at Ringwood Secondary College.  It was created to encourage students to stay at school and complete their VCE during the difficult times.  The scholarship offers $500 assistance towards fees and materials to eligible students who had good results in previous years and are experiencing personal hardship.


Application forms for this Heritage Perpetual Scholarship are now available from the college.  The closing date for applications is Friday 18th October 2019 for the 2020 year.


This scholarship has been supported by the early Ringwood High School students who saw a way to give something back to the school that offers practical assistance to these students.


Due to the fund’s low initial capital we could only assist one student per year, but as its capital increased we were able to support 2 students per year.  The selection process is done by interviews with committee members and a teacher.  With your help this scholarship could be increased to help other needy students to complete their VCE schooling at Ringwood Secondary College.


Further contributions to the fund by other past students would mean more students would receive assistance in the future and perhaps interviews may not be necessary.


If you would like to assist this worthy cause, cheques should be made payable to “RSC Heritage Scholarship Fund”.

You can also donate on-line at 


For more information contact the Convenor, Barry Ring at


Barry Ring

Heritage and Alumni Group


Intermediate Girls’ AFL

On Thursday, August 29, Ringwood Secondary College proudly saw its Intermediate Girls’ AFL team compete in – and win – its first ever State Grand Final, beating Montmorency 51 - 10.



After marching out of the Region finals with the coveted Premiership flag, and revelling in another two convincing wins in the State semi-finals, Coach Roi Boutsikakis put the pedal to the metal to prepare for the ultimate Big Dance, organising after school training sessions to finetune the already high-quality skills of the Intermediate Girls’ squad. Most of the players were balancing RSC football with the final’s series at their grassroots clubs, demonstrating their great commitment to both teams and their earnest passion for the sport.


Whilst transport to the Craigieburn venue posed an unforeseen challenge on the day, the girls did not let the early morning confusion dampen their spirits. The positive vibes were palpable from the moment the group got together, with music pumping, chatter bubbling and all eyes on the prize. A huge thank you to the staff and parents for ensuring the safe and timely arrival of the entire team.

Highgate Reserve boasted a full-size oval and fantastic conditions, ideal for our squad whose fitness and run-and-carry abilities had impressed supporters and blown away opponents in previous matches. From the first whistle, the midfield proved an unstoppable force with ruckwork by Jordy Ross and Soraya Maclean giving Ringwood first use of the ball at most stoppages. Keeley Sherar, deservedly awarded the BOG medal for the day, used her skill and experience to move the ball to advantage with every possession, and Mia Busch was fearless in her run, taking on tacklers with confidence.


Emma Watson and Delaney Madigan were relentless in their attack on the ball, with their skilful body work being rewarded by strong marks and clever disposals. The backline on the day was one of the most effective line-ups the team has seen, keeping Montmorency’s scores low; charging out of the halfback was Darci Innes who put her body on the line time and time again to stop her opponent’s run, and Amber Hart, returning from injury, was crucial as FB, positioning herself well and staying calm in moments of danger.

Each player gave the game everything they had, supporting their teammates with loud voices, directional talk, strong tackles and clever shepherding. Their improvement this year has been immense, and culminated in this amazing win at State level. Coach Roi and Asst. Coach Marissa Lee experienced waves of nerves, excitement and pride from the side-line, surrounded by a number of other RSC staff, and friends and family, who had come to support the team and share in the success of the entire squad. 





Marissa Lee

Junior School House Coordinator


Australian Olympic Change Maker Program

On the 4th of September,  myself and Ethan attended the Australian Olympic Change Maker program for 2019.


This program was for teenagers who make a difference in their community of sport, by leading and making change. The day started off by us going to Victorian University and talking to 5 Olympians and the other teenagers that attended the forum. The 5 Olympians were from all different sports and Olympic games including 2008 women’s basketball team, 2008 400m runner, 2014 skier, 2016 swimmer and 2016 synchronised diver.


They spoke to us about making a change in the community, their journey and experiences at the Olympics, as well as their point of view regarding the Olympic Change Maker Program. Later on in the afternoon they brought a special Keynote speaker to talk to us. This was 2008 Olympic Gold Medallist Steve Hooker, who gave us an insight to his life, journey and thoughts going through his head, right before he won his gold medal. He told us stories and let us hold his Olympic Gold Medal.

It was a special day in which we learnt so much about confidence, hard work and leadership, in order for us to continue to be leaders within our community, surrounding both sport and academics. I would highly recommend this once in a life time experience, as it allows individuals who are passionate about sport and leadership, to be surrounded by like-minded people and to continue to strive to make a change.


Jasmine Cain-Edwards

Year 12



Thank you to all RSC musicians for their brilliant performances at Victorian School Music Festival and Royal South Street, Ballarat over the past few weeks.

Final Results for Victorian Schools Music Festival:


Senior Stage Band

Junior Stage Band

Symphonic Band



Senior Strings

Senior Choir

Junior Concert Band

Intermediate Concert Band



Symphony Orchestra

Intermediate Stage Band

Junior Choir

Training Stage Band

Royal South Street, Ballarat:

Junior Choir Gold

Jazz Combo 2nd place

Senior Choir 3rd place

Intermediate Strings 3rd place

Senior Strings 3rd place

Intermediate Concert Band 3rd place

Training Strings Honourable Mention

Symphony Orchestra Highly Commended

Junior Stage Band Highly Commended

Senior Stage Band Highly Commended


Well done to all ensembles and their conductors!


RSC Gala Concert

All ensembles are in fine form for our upcoming Gala Concert next week.

Tickets can be booked online through Eventtix on the following link:


Don’t miss this great night of music making and farewell to our wonderful yr 12’s. Tickets are selling fast!


Just a reminder to all music students that auditions for 2020 ensembles is during week 1 Term 4. Audition music is now available in the PAC foyer.


Janine Pero

Director of Music

Performing Arts 

Backstage SPAM!

A wonderful experience for all our students that participated!



Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


Stand Out Group - Wear It Purple Day

Thanks to the Stand Out Group, on Friday the 30th of August Wear it Purple Day was celebrated at Ringwood Secondary College.


This day saw students and teachers around the school bling up their outfits with their best purple accessories. Wear it Purple day is a day to acknowledge diversity and foster a supportive, safe and accepting environment for LGBTIQ young people. If you would like to be a part of Stand Out they are always accepting of new students and teachers. You are welcome to come and see what it’s all about. We hold meetings every Tuesday lunchtime in Wellbeing. Stand Out is a student-led group that focuses on equal rights and social justice issues on our campus and in our community. 

In addition to hosting events at the schools, our Stand Out leaders were invited to present to Policy Advisors at the Department of Education and Training in Treasury Place about the amazing inclusivity initiatives they have developed at RSC.

Julia Nordlinger

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Music Art and Song Writing Workshop

Please find attached a flyer for a music, art and song writing workshops - a FREE three day program for young people aged 11-14 who have a parent/carer with mental health challenges.

More details on the attached flyer and they will try and support young people from different regions to attending using Sheba is transport access is an issue


For more information please contact Sylvie Meltzer 042896974

Get into life to keep your headspace healthy

Ask an expert: how can I do more stuff?

Here’s how our headspace experts suggest you get started:

• Set small goals. Setting and achieving goals builds confidence and self-worth. Think of a small task you want to do every day (maybe it’s making your bed, going for a 15 minute walk or calling a friend for a chat). It can be anything, the important thing is to set the goal and follow through.

• Find activities you enjoy. If you’re going through a hard time, you may not feel excited about doing anything. But think back – what did you used to enjoy? This can be a good place to start.

• Make a schedule. When you think of an activity, make time for it. Look ahead at your week and block out some time for the things that you enjoy. • Persist. Find ways to follow through with your scheduled activity, even when you don’t feel like it. You may not feel like doing anything, so it might help to learn new ways to handle this.

• Reflect. Once you begin achieving your goals, take some time to reflect on how it makes you feel. Did you enjoy it? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment? If you did, that’s great. If not, that’s OK. You could try something else.

• Be kind to yourself. Maybe you try a new hobby that you’re not great at, but think of it as making time with yourself to learn and grow. Keep persisting and enjoy the journey of learning. When you’re feeling low or stressed it’s important to put healthy habits in place – to give yourself a better chance of coping with life’s challenges. Doing stuff and achieving little things every day is an important healthy habit, but it’s not the only one. Things like exercise, eating well, and spending time on your relationships are also important for good mental health.


Ms Sharlene (Charlie) Hetherington

 Student Wellbeing & Work Experience Coordinator

Adolescence and Autism Conference

Upcoming ‘Adolescence and Autism Conference’.   This conference is aimed at parents, carers and educators who live, work or play in Knox.


Shine Program

Shine, a therapeutic program for young women aged 14-17 who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

It is designed to assist with improving social connections and self-esteem and runs over the Term 3 school holidays


Please contact for more information

Inspiro Space4us

Inspiro Space4us - a free school holiday program for people aged 13-16 years who have a family member with a mental illness, located at Lilydale Inspiro


Amy Corcoran
Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator

Community Notices

Concert for A Cause

Rare Cancer Research Soiree 

One of our past students  is organising a fundraising function in December at the Abbotsford Convert.


All proceeds to be donated to The After Shock.


Please support this worthwhile cause.


Bookings can be made -


Liam Whitbourn:

A passionate rehearsal pianist, accompanist, piano teacher and Italian tutor, Liam holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) and a Diploma in Languages (Italian) from the University of Melbourne. His varied skill-sets in communication and performing have led to his involvement with many music organisations across Australia. In 2017, Liam was one of four nationally-selected candidates to be chosen for the Words About Music program with the Australian Youth Orchestra. In 2018 and 2019 he was engaged as a répétiteur with Savoy Opera Co. He has performed with the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Preston Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Gang Show, Babirra Music Theatre, Crescendo Music Australia and the National Boys Choir of Australia, amongst others.  

Although training under the tutelage of Suzanne Wedding as a trumpet player during his BMus at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Liam continued his pianistic studies outside of the university with Alexandra Boemo. During this period Liam was awarded both the Isobel Prowse Travelling Scholarship and a Melbourne Global Scholars Award, which enabled him to undertake overseas study in Venice, Italy. Upon return to Melbourne, Liam began training with internationally-renowned répétiteur and collaborative pianist, David Barnard.


Currently Liam is undertaking a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, specialising in Music and Italian pedagogy. In addition to full-time tertiary study and various playing engagements, Liam is preparing repertoire for an AMusA Diploma in piano with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB).


At RSC in 2014 I was Music Prefect and also won the Fiddes Family Shield and was involved in Senior Vocal Ensemble, Symphony, SSB, Symphonic and did Indonesian by distance ed with the VSL. 

Liam Whitbourn

BMus, DipLang

MTeach(Sec) Student

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

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