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11 June 2019
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Dates to Remember


Tuesday 11th 

Student Free Day - Students not to attend school

Student-Led Conferences (FT & FC only) 9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Wednesday 12th

L3 & 4 Skylab Incursion

Foundation Fire Incursion


Thursday 13th 

P&F Pizza Food Day

L3 & 4 Astronomy For The People Session 7:30 pm 


Friday 14th

L1&2 STEM Celebration

Winter Interschool Sports


Saturday 15th

Term 2 Working Bee & BBQ 1 pm - 4 pm 


Monday 17th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L1 & 2 Swimming Program Commences  (17th -27th)

Student-Led Conference Bookings (3B ) Close 9am Sentral Parent Portal

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-5:00 pm


Wednesday 19th

Foundation Fire Incursion

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10 pm Library (Selected Students)

School Council Meeting 7:00 pm

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-8:30 pm


Thursday 20th 

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-5:30 pm


Friday 21st

Winter Interschool Sports

Reports available on Sentral Parent Portal from 3:30 pm


Monday 24th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Student-Led Conference Bookings (ALL Levels except 3B, FC & FT) Close 4 pm Sentral Parent Portal


Tuesday 25th 

Student-Led Conferences 3:45-5:30 pm  - ALL Levels (except 3B, FC & FT)

P&F Cup Cake Day


Thursday 27th

All Levels Early Dismissal at 2.30 pm 

Student-Led Conferences 2:00-8:00 pm  - ALL Levels (except 3B, FC & FT)


Friday 28th June

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 1 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Principal's Report

Summit Camp for Grade 6

Great camp experiences at an adventure camp that takes children and adults out of their comfort zone. I have attended this camp with our grade 6’s nearly every year that I have been principal at Rangeview and I continue to marvel at how well the students have a go and give it their best so they would have no regrets after camp. It was a little chilly but the sun burst through and all the activities went ahead. The mud challenge is a team event to finish Thursday. They returned on Friday, they may be a little dirtier than they started and certainly tired, but they should all feel a sense of achievement.


Well done year 6 and a big thank you to the Summit staff and our teachers who attended: Ryan Evans, Meg Hubbard, Michael Sacchetta, April Warfield, James Roche, Megan Campbell, Liz Barr and Marika Ferguson.



Maria Ruberto – Parenting Anxious Children

All families would have received a reminder email about this information evening on Wednesday 12th June at Park Orchards PS at 7pm.

Maria Ruberto will cover:

•             Signs and symptoms of anxiety

•             Neurobiology of stress

•             Unpacking strategies for anxiety

•             Managing anxiety.

Maria is an outstanding presenter and highly knowledgeable. Our staff have had the great pleasure to work with Maria over 2 full days. I can recommend this evening if you are interested in this topic.

The link to book is


STEM Space

We are in planning for a modification/renovation of our old computer lab to a more flexible space for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology). We are gathering quotes for new flooring, storage, furniture and a fresh coat of paint. The work should start during term 3. But first we have to clear away the desktops and some very old science equipment. Watch this space!


25 Years as Rangeview – The Enchanted Tree 

The transformation of the large tree stump near the Munro Street entrance is underway – starting with a shingle roof. A team of senior students have designed the enchanted tree for the 25 year celebration of Rangeview. Shirley Van Der Torreen and our maintenance person Paul McGowan are working with the students.  We anticipate that the individual pavers ordered this term will be used for pathways from the tree.


Reporting to Parents Process

Tuesday 11th June is a pupil free day for assessment analysis and report writing time for teaching staff. Staff value this time to reflect on their students’ learning progress. This is the last pupil free day for 2019.


There are 2 classes in foundation i.e. Mrs Sam Carter FC (Carter) and Mrs Vicki Tzimos FT, who will have their student conferences on Tuesday 11th June.


Foundation Puppy Pyjama Day

A joyful celebration of learning our sounds with the foundation Puppy Pyjama Day parade. Pyjamas at school is a very unique experience enjoyed by our youngest students and finished with a class party and buddy tasks. This sings ‘fun learning tasks’. Well done students and teachers.





Wellbeing & Engagement


Working Bee

We will be having out Term 2 Working Bee on Saturday June 15th from 1pm – 4pm. We welcome all families that are able to come and help out with jobs around our school. We are trying tom move the Working Bees between Saturdays and Sundays and mornings and afternoons so as to provide opportunities for families to attend without disrupting weekend commitments. We really appreciate your help.



Student-Led Conferences

This year we are introducing Student-Led Conferences, replacing the former Parent-Teacher Interview process.  Each conference will run for 15 minutes and will include the student, parent or carer and classroom teacher/s.  The first 8-10 minutes is for the conference and the remaining 5 minutes is offered if a discussion is required between the parent and teacher only.


Your child will lead a discussion about their learning and may refer to work samples in their Student Learning Portfolio, work books and their iPad. Students will prepare for the conference during class time and for this reason the Student Learning Portfolio will not be sent home until after the conference. As the portfolio is a cumulative folder, we would ask that it be returned to the classroom teacher on the first day of Term 3. It will be sent home for you to keep at the end of the school year.


Most conferences will be offered in the final week of Term 2, on Tuesday 25th June from 3.45pm until 5.00pm and on Thursday 27th June from 2.00pm until 8.00pm. Students will be dismissed earlier from school on Thursday 27th June at 2.30pm. This is to allow conferences to start earlier to accommodate the longer 15 minute allowance.


The Student-Led Conferences can be booked via the Sentral Parent Portal from 9:00 am on Monday 3rd June. 


The Student-Led Conference is a powerful way for students to share their learning and I encourage parents and carers to take part in this opportunity. Parents are always welcome to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss their child’s progress at any other time during the year.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Student of the Week


Flora & Fauna

What an amazing week we’ve had in Flora and Fauna.


Gardening Group: We moved tanbark to the new climbing wall to make it safe for everyone to use and also the new playground area. We used shovels and wheel barrows to move the tanbark. We also walked around the school to clean up all the rubbish.  


Science Group: We used our design of our lunch box to create a healthy lunch box. It was exciting to work out what was healthy and what was junk food.


Cooking Group: It was very tasty in cooking group this week. We got the chance to taste raw rhubarb with brown sugar. Mr Le was the first one to try it. It was very sour but very tasty with brown sugar. We made apple and rhubarb muffins. Mrs Francia wrote up the recipe. It was delicious.


Science, Environment and Conversation Group: We are creating a poster using our knowledge of Science, Environment and Conservation on why we should save the environment. It will interesting to see our final design.


From Level 3 Students.



Woolworths Earn & Learn

Rangeview Primary will again be involved in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Between 1 May and 25 June 2019 Rangeview families are asked to place any stickers they collect from shopping at Woolworths into the Earn and Learn boxes located at Brentford Square and Forest Hill Chase Woolworths, OSHC office or outside the school office.

The Earn and Learn program has seen over 15,000 schools and early learning centres across Australia receive over 300,000 pieces of equipment for science and technology, maths, arts and more. 

 Let’s stick together and make this one the biggest yet.



Parents & Friends



Order forms going out this week, orders and money are due back to School by 9.15 am Friday 7th June.

Pizza Bun Options are BBQ, Hawaiian or Margarita at $4.50 each

Scroll options are Cheese and Bacon or Cheesymite at $3.00 each

To help out with packing and taking the orders to classes please volunteer at


All students will have the opportunity to buy a cake from the cup cake stall held in the gallery. We do cater for a variety of food allergies, including gluten, egg and dairy free options. We do ask that no nut products are used in any cakes. Allergy friendly options can include things like jelly, popcorn, etc as well as cupcakes.


We need volunteers to bake cup cakes for this day. If you can bake cakes or help on the stall please sign up at


Cakes can be delivered to the Gallery before 9.00 am on Tuesday 25th June. Please label your containers clearly (lid and base) with your child’s name and class. Containers can be picked up from he gallery at the end of the day.


Thanks in advance for your help with upcoming events.





What is Disco Bingo you ask????? 

Everyone knows traditional bingo where numbered balls are drawn out of a cage, and players mark off the number on their ticket. With Disco Bingo, 30 second grabs from well-known tunes are played instead, which is plenty of time to jump up and have a bit of a dance.

Tickets can be purchased through Try Booking at -


Vision Portraits Fundraiser


ICAS 2019


Science Club

Rangeview Pizza Parlour Poses Perilous Problem

It was a mystery more puzzling than any book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Following a visit to the Rangeview Pizza Parlour, why did a bunch of Science Club kids get sick (so sick that they needed imaginary buckets for their imaginary throwing up) whilst some did not? 


Detective Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson would not have known where to start, nor would Miss Marple or Tintin.  Fortunately, we had a brilliant team of detectives on the case.  Did we have Nancy Drew? Scooby Doo & the gang?  Phryne Fisher?  No, we had Science Club kids!  Dr Alex was the first to realise that there was a case to solve (and she was a great GP, asking all of the appropriate questions).  Who else was on the team? Inspector Morse & Sergeant Lewis?  Mulder & Scully?  Cagney & Lacey?  The Famous Five?  Hercule Poirot?  Actually, we had Jessie the epidemiologist, Liam the Public Health Officer, Jayden the microbiologist and plenty more . . . the full team of Science Club kids.  


All of the kids in the team got involved with solving the mystery.  We were impressed with the knowledge some of the students already had and how well they could express themselves.  Most of the students had worked out what the culprit was, part-way through the session.  Ruby Redfort and Zac Power never solve their case in the middle of the book.  Nor do Sergeant Tom Croydon & Constable Maggie Doyle, nor Starsky & Hutch; not even Inspector Rex.  These kids were such good detectives that they even worked out that the plates of 'bacteria' that the microbiologist had ‘grown’ were actually jelly and marshmallows...


The students all waited politely for their turn at looking through the microscope and learnt that there are quite a few different kinds of microbiologists.  Officers O’Leary & Minogue could never have learnt so much so quickly (especially if they had Officers Donovan & Laupepe on their team). 


Finally, the case was cracked by the amazing Science Club kids.  They are as smart and intrepid as Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire.  They identified an ingredient in some of the pizzas that was eaten by the people who became sick.  In the words of Arlo the Rangeview City Council Environmental Health Inspector, "Gastro is upon us, thanks to salmonella!"  Most importantly they learnt that it was not the actual ingredient in the pizzas that causes the problem.  It is the way the food is handled that affects whether it stays safe or becomes dangerous - washing hands, using gloves, cooking the food properly and storing appropriate foods in the fridge.  As Captain Holt and Detectives Peralta, Boyle, Santiago and Diaz would say, “Cool, cool, cool.”


We finished in time for the detectives to go outside for a bit; thank you to Arlo and Liam for helping to pack up.


While it was a good session, and enjoyed by all, there remains one mystery to be solved – after the horror of the last few Science Club sessions, why did we return to vomit?  We’ll ask Captain Holt to assign Hitchcock & Scully to that one.


Science Club parent volunteers – Julie, Sally, Jasna, Kyla, Melanie, Emma & Heather





Physical Education - P.E

Division Cross Country

On Thursday, 30th of May, 12 Rangeview students competed in the Whitehorse Division Cross Country.


All the runners put in a fantastic performance and represented Rangeview extremely well.  We should be proud of all their efforts!


Another congratulations to the 5 students that progressed to the Regional level of competition.


Mr. Michael Sacchetta



Winter Sports Fixtures - Friday 14th June (Week 1)


Happy Birthday to You!



Our Peter Puppy Pyjama Party was a huge success! The children (and Foundation teachers) were so excited to arrive at school wearing their pyjamas. Some children also proudly wore their dressing gowns. They all looked very warm and cosy as our photos show. The day kicked off with a pyjama parade with all five Foundation class taking turns in parading to the parents and staff that attended on the day.


The children then enjoyed a special party lunch at the early start of 12:30pm, giving them plenty of time to enjoy both savoury and sweet items. Thank you to all our families for sending in food, whether you baked, made, cooked, rolled or bought, we appreciate your efforts in making the shared party lunch so special for the children!


Community News: A reminder to Foundation families regarding our School Uniform. Scarves, hats and jackets must be in school colours and taken off once in the classroom. We have offered a school jacket, so other jackets should not be worn unless they are navy blue. Please see the full uniform display near the front office which also includes our new blue rain jacket which many children are wearing. 


All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.



Level 1/2

Level 1 & 2 have been working really hard to complete their STEM projects as well as a variety of assessments. The STEM vehicles were fantastic and very creative. We are all looking forward to the 3 way conferences which will give students a chance to show their parents and guardians what they have been working hard on during Semester 1.

2R still had time for a very special guest.

Level 1 & 2 Teachers.



Level 3/4 

Level 3 & 4 students have been continuing to build their STEM projects this week, the students have had a great time completing these and are really looking forward to showcasing them in the coming weeks. It has been great to see the collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving on show across both levels.




Level 5/6 

A fun week in Level 5 by Anna T 56O, Level 5 student reporter!

Photos from the Level 5 week

Level 6 'The Summit' Camp

More photos to come in the next newsletter.

Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


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