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18 March 2016
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Ringwood Secondary College
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Upcoming Events

Sat 19 Mar

RSC Car Show 10 am - 1pm in RTF Building

Mon 21 Mar

Year 7 Summer RR

Tues 22 Mar

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

12noon - 8pm


Wed 23 Mar

Eastern Region Swimming

Thurs 24 Mar

Last Day Term 1

2.30 pm dismissal

Term 1 Holidays

Fri 8 Apr - Stage Band Camp - TSB and SSB - 

Sat 9 Apr - Stage Day Camp - JSB and ISB

Sun 10 Apr - Senior Choir and SVE Camp

Mon 11 Apr - ISB Masterclass

Mon 11 Apr

Pupil Free Day - Staff Curriculum Day

Tues 12 Apr

Students return - Term Two 2016 


Production - Rehearsal 1 Full Cast

3.30 - 6.30 pm

'Anything Goes' Full Cast Meeting and Parent Information Night 7.00 pm - 7.45 pm

Wed 13 Apr

TSB Masterclass 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Thurs 14 Apr

Top Designs Yr 12 Food and Technology

Year 12 Textiles excursion

Year 12 Media Top Screen/Top Designs Excursion

SSB Masterclass 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Fri 15 Apr

SC Masterclass 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Mon 18 Apr

Senior Winter RR

Tues 19 Apr

State Swimming

Production Rehearsal 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Wed 20 Apr

Ringwood Athletics

JSB Masterclass 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Thurs 21 Apr

Studio Arts

SVE Masterclass 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Fri 22 Apr

Anzac Day Shrine of Remembrance Ceremony

Whole School Assembly

Yr 8 Indonesian Restaurant 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm

Principal's Post

From the Principal

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Victorian Schools Sports Awards for 2015 which was held at the MCG.


This year Ringwood Secondary College had three students recognised for their outstanding achievements. The students were Bianca Hansen for Athletics, Nathan Percy for Cross country and Sophie Caldwell for Swimming. The citation for each person is as follows:


It is difficult to believe that we have nearly arrived at the end of term 1 and this year we are farewelling two staff members who have made significant contributions to our college.


Firstly, Assistant Principal Mrs Julie Hughes is commencing leave prior to her retirement. Julie has  actively contributed in many leadership roles throughout the past 15 years with a major focus on Curriculum and Policy Development. The community wishes her a long and healthy retirement.  


We also congratulate Mr Matt Porter on his promotion to the position of Deputy Principal at Worawa Girls College. Matt has always worked closely with students and staff over the past 10 years as a community coordinator or sub school leader and we wish him every success in his new role.


Best wishes are also extended to Ms Alison Crawford as she commences her family leave.


I have recently become aware of updated information regarding the Great Ryrie St and Bedford Road Intersection installation of traffic signals. 

As you are aware, the works are required to be undertaken in a number of stages due to the complex nature of the project, including rail authority upgrade works being undertaken as part of the level crossing removal works at Mountain Highway and Scoresby Road, Bayswater, which the Bedford Road/Great Ryrie Street project is reliant upon.


The updated staging of works is now:

- September – November 2015 — Install traffic signals

- November 2015 – December 2016 — Rail Authority upgrade work

- May – June 2016 — Early works undertaken at Bayswater Station as part of upgrade works

- December 2016 — Rail Authority upgrade works completed

- December 2016 – January 2017— Complete all outstanding civil and asphalt works and switch


Michael Phillips



Assistant Principals

From Julie Hughes

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

These interviews will be held next Tuesday, 22 March between 12.00 – 8.00 pm.  As advised in earlier communications appointments may be made through Compass up until 4.00 pm on Monday, 21 March.  These interviews will provide an opportunity to discuss student progress and we strongly recommend families take the opportunity to attend to find out how their child is progressing.


There are no scheduled classes on this day; however, students are expected to attend interviews with their parent/s.


Instructions for making interviews can be found in the Quicklinks section on the College webpage.   Families who do not have access to a computer and the internet should contact the General Office to arrange appointments.


Upcoming Curriculum Day

The first day of Term 2, Monday, 11 April, has been designated a Curriculum Day and no students are required at school on that day.  The first two sessions of the day will involve teachers from all the schools in the MEC (Maroondah Education Coalition) attending keynote sessions at our College delivered by Glen Pearsall, an educational consultant, specialising in instructional practice and engagement. The afternoon session will involve RSC teachers working in learning areas to audit the curriculum program against the requirements for the new Victorian Curriculum to be implemented in 2017.


Winter Uniform

At the start of Term 2, students should continue to wear their summer uniform.  Changeover into the winter uniform occurs at the start of May.



This will be my last newsletter entry as I will be going on leave for the remainder of the year. I wish to thank the many parents and families who, over the years, have participated and supported the committees and events that make RSC such a great school. I wish you all the best for the future.

Senior School


As prefaced at my previous report, Year 12 cohorts from Ringwood, Norwood, Heathmont and Melba attended a myriad of workshops on study skills at Deakin University. Students rotated through presentations that included best practice in the English examination, Student Elevation, Study Sensei and Time Management. All the workshops offered pragmatic, well researched techniques on maximising results in the final year of secondary schooling.

Suffice to say, every student, from every school displayed exemplary behaviour and it was rewarding to see all the students mingle and socialise through a common interest. Thank you to all the staff that attended and helped with all the organisational stages.

On another note that relates to independent study time and space availability, the VCE Centre is open from 7.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. Students are encouraged to use this space to prepare for upcoming SACs, revise the days’ schoolwork and form study groups as a means of self efficacy.



This newsletter is adorned with some magnificent photos of our debutantes.

What a night! 

53 couples waltzed, shimmied and bedazzled The Grand in Wantirna with glamour and panache.

The Debs were presented to the College Principal, Mr Michael Phillips and his wife, Karen, the Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Natalie Thomas and ex Assistant Principal, Mrs Lyn McGoldrick and her husband Stephen.
A night like this comes together after the hard work of so many people.
The College would like to acknowledge the hard work of the PCTA, ably led and chaired by our Assistant Principal, Mrs Eleni Stathatos, the amazing hard work of Ms Kathy Donovan and Mrs Vicki Pleydell, and indeed all the committee of parents who provided hands on support. Additionally, the smooth tones of Mr Brian Amos, our dance instructors Mrs Caitlin Doyle and Mr Tim Doyle and to all the parents that supported and attended the night. Thanks also to the Senior School team led by Mr Matt Porter and our Community Co-ordinators, Mrs Cathy Menz, Ms Natalie Kosnar, Ms Fiona Sawyer and Ms Anna Urbano.



Mr Matthew Porter has been appointed Assistant Principal of Worawa Aboriginal College and takes up his new role at the start of next term. I’m sure that I speak on behalf of the entire college community in offering our collective congratulations to Matt and wish him all the best in his new role. 

He has been an outstanding leader for staff and students and whilst this sounds clichéd, Worawa’s gain will be Ringwood’s loss.

Good luck, Matt!

Junior School

The Junior School students have settled well into their studies and during their breaks down ball is the ‘must do’ activity. It has been a very positive start to the year and we are very proud of the way the students have focused on their studies and established friendships. We hope this trend continues!



Progress reports for all students have been published this week and are available via Compass. Next Tuesday March 22nd is a wonderful opportunity to discuss your son/daughters academic progress with their teachers. Parents can book a parent teacher interview through Compass. We look forward to meeting Year 7 parents!



David, our regular Metro speaker visited Ringwood Secondary College to speak directly to the Year 7 students about rail travel safety. We encourage parents to utilise the available free apps and to discuss correct and safe rail travel with your children.


Bullying NO WAY!

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence 2016 is this Friday, March 18th. This annual day provides a focus for schools that want to say Bullying No Way! To strengthen the everyday message that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time, we will address this important issue in future Year 7 and 8 level assemblies. A strong message for students to contemplate is to treat each other with respect.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”


Please ensure your son/daughter revisits the College’s policies and agreements on correct usage of the internet, school equipment, uniform and behaviour. Each student must adhere to the clear guidelines and protocols outlined on the College website.


Wellbeing Focus

Wellbeing Builder: Family Teamwork   

Wellbeing Element: Relationships and Optimism Character Strength: Love

When students enjoy transparent, honest and caring relationships with their families, they are: 1) happy in themselves and approach what they do positively 2) in a position to make the most of family teamwork.

Families can look for what they are doing well. A great exercise for families is for its members to do the free Character Strengths Survey at then each member will know their top strengths and conversations can be about how they can use their strengths to achieve what they set out to. Receiving and accepting feedback from family on how they are travelling, enables students to self-assess and then set self-expectations to live by. Students need regular developmental, non-judgmental feedback. The adolescent brain is a turbulent place, with the good decision making centre, the prefrontal cortex, not completely wired up as such, while they can create emotions just like adults, they don’t yet have the capabilities to consistently control them. This often leads to any feedback to be seen by them as criticism. The key is to treat all of their activities equally; an over emphasis on school, fires the turbulence in their brains up, discuss how they can use their individual strengths to overcome this.


“All for one and one for all.” Alexandre Dumas


The Junior School team wish you a Happy Easter and safe travels and look forward to another positive term ahead.


Mrs Maria Allison







 From the Office


Just a reminder to all Parents and Guardians about the importance of regularly using Compass to assist the school in the management of your child’s/children’s attendance.


Please: - Update Compass on the morning of the absence – ideally before 10am or an SMS will be sent

  • If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible
  • As well as entering any absences on Compass, contact the attendance line if a student will be absent for any reason for more than 2 days or if the absence will be ongoing for an extended period of time so that staff can be notified and assist where necessary
  • Students doing VCE do require a Medical Certificate for absences of 2 days or more and particularly if they miss a SAC
  • Taking holidays outside of the official term breaks can be entered by parents, but do contact the school as well, as  work may need to be arranged before the leave is taken
  • Contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance

Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if you think they may have been absent due to a school activity so it can be updated


Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

Chaplains Report

I hope you all had a great long weekend, spending time with family and friends. We were lucky enough to get away camping with some friends and we had a blast.


It wasn't all rosy to begin with however. It took a while to get into the flow of things and I didn't realise how wound up I had become. We hadn’t been there very long when my boys were off riding their bikes and splashing through the puddles, having a great time. What do I do, I start telling them off for getting dirty!? 


Thankfully common sense prevailed pretty quickly, camping = dirt and happy, playful, adventurous kids = what I was hoping from the weekend.


One phrase that's common in the parenting fraternity is 'pick your battles'. This seems to be ringing clearer and clearer for me as I work hard on not sweating the small stuff with my kids. I’d love to hear any of your reality check moments, so feel free to share.

Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

NB: The car show is here!! Saturday 19th Ringwood Secondary College just off Hill st. Come and join us between 10am and 1pm to have a look or bring a cool car along if you have one.

For more info email: [email protected]

Ringwood Station Upgrade

Please read the current information released


Music Association Entertainment Book

The 2016 Entertainment Books are now available to purchase. As a bonus if you order your book prior to April, you will receive some Early Bird Offers.


Funds raised will go directly to our Music Department


Ypou can either order online or collect an order sheet from the General Office


We thank you in advance for your support of the Music Program.

Music Association

School Council Report

The Council meeting on 15 March included the Annual General Meeting.


President, Sandra Kitching retired after 4 years in this role and 8 years on Council. She was thanked for her valuable contribution to the College across a number of committees over many years.  Craig Guscott was elected new Council President and Michael Crump continues in the Vice President role.


The draft Strategic Plan was tabled and the overall structure was explained, including the four key improvement areas, targets and goals.


A proposal from leaders of the Duke of Edinburgh program for a new uniform jacket has been investigated and planning for transition to the new design has occurred.  As we move towards introducing this jacket, stock of the current jacket will continue to be sold and phased out.


Council was informed that six builders will be invited to tender for the Junior School building project and that this process should be finalised in early Term 2 with construction commencing soon after. Most of the relocatable classrooms in the Junior School area will be removed from the end of Week 8 and over the Term 1 holiday break.  New portables are being finalised for use and a Working Bee is scheduled for this Friday night.


Arrangements for traffic signals to be installed at the junction of Bedford Road and Great Ryrie Street have been delayed with expected finalisation now December 2016.  This is due to the process being tied to the overall upgrade of level crossings at Bayswater and Ringwood. Maroondah Council also plan to investigate opening the northern end of Hill Street to reduce traffic congestion.


Council was informed of new Child Safe Standards and a new Ministerial Order outlining specific actions schools need to make. As a result the College will be reviewing relevant policies by August this year.


There are several staffing changes with interviews being held to replace Alison Crawford, English/Humanities and Matt Porter, Psychology/Physical Education. Internal appointments to replace Julie Hughes, Assistant Principal, Matt Porter, Head of Senior School and Alison Crawford, Head of English will occur by the end of this Term.


Three of our students were recipients of the 2015 Victorian School Sports Award at a ceremony held this week. These award recognise the strength of students in their chosen sports:  Luke Percy – Cross Country, Bianca Hansen – Athletics and Sophie Caldwell – Swimming. Having three students from our school win these awards in one year is an outstanding achievement.


The RSC Auto Show is being held this Saturday at Ringwood Training, which will support our Chaplaincy program.


Approval for the Winter Sleep out was given as well as for two upcoming camps: Central Australia and Mt Gambier Generations in Jazz Competition.


Julie Hughes

Sub Schools

Senior School

Jeremy Burton shaved his head in year 11 Common for the World’s Greatest Shave and raised over $1000 (his goal was $500). The photos are attached.



RSC Debutante Ball 2016

What a Beautiful Evening

Congratulations to all the Debutantes and their partners on a lovely evening. 




Also a sincere 'Well Done' to our retiring Master of Ceremonies Brian Amos after 31 years.


James Barut

Assistant Principal






Around the School


The Victorian Government formally welcomed international school students to Victoria at the International School Student Welcome Event on Wednesday 2 March.

Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria hosted over 400 international students at Government House.

Students and staff from Victorian government, independent and Catholic schools were also welcomed by Judith Graley, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier.

Both the Governor and Parliamentary Secretary voiced their appreciation for the unique and valuable contribution that international school students make to Victoria’s broader cultural fabric and community.

International students bring with them a great wealth of culture, language and new ideas to both our school and community.

Ringwood Secondary College was proudly represented by Year 12 students Joy Chen, Wendy Hao and Alice Ren.

Indonesian News!

Indonesian Club is up and running again! This year the Club is being organised and run by some of our very dedicated Yr9 Indonesian students. All students of Indonesian from Years 7-9 are invited to come along and see what it is all about! We play traditional Indonesian games (see photos), watch Indonesian films, read Indonesian literature and engage in conversation about Australia-Indonesia relations. If you’re lucky Bu Lundie also sometimes brings some Indonesian food along!

Kapan/When? Every Thursday Week 1

Jam Berapa/What time? Lunch Time 1.15-2.00 (bring your lunch along!)

Di mana/Where? The Indonesian Classroom (509)

Siapa/Who? Any enthusiastic Indonesian student at RSC

The Club is also a great opportunity for students to bring along any work they need help with. If you would like some more information please contact Bu Lundie: [email protected]





Jessica Lundie
Head of Languages
Indonesian/English Teacher


Recently, 4 year eight students entered a national competition to potentially have their artwork displayed at the 2016 Rio Olympics through the Australian Olympic Committee's popular Village Art program. If selected, their work will be exhibited in the Olympic Village.

Will Dalburn, Mitchell Frith, Justin Pomponio and Cosmo Marshall took photos and 'created a series of inspirational artworks because we wanted them to reflect the different sports that form the Olympics and also the sporting opportunities we participate in at our school, Ringwood Secondary College. Sport is not only based on the individual so we incorporated teamwork by capturing celebratory moments that we hope our Australian Olympians at Rio will achieve. We combined the art movement of Cubism because that is what we were learning in art class and saw this as an opportunity to combine sport and art in a unique way’.


These students dedicated their lunch times and put in a lot of effort to create the photos. We wish them the best of luck!


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator.



Working Bee Friday 18th March 5pm-7pm

All parents and students are welcome to our first working bee of 2016. Come along and help paint portable 413. Bring your own paint brush if you wish! Should be lots of fun.


Recent weeks have once again seen much activity as we move towards the commencement of the new Junior School. Rooms are being decanted, storerooms tidied and cupboards emptied. The last week of term will be extremely hectic, prior to handing portables over to the department for removal during the Term 1 holidays. On a very positive note, rooms 416 and 417 are close to completion and at the time of writing, trenches are being dug for power and data.

I have recently received quotes for works on both the Wellbeing Centre and staffroom and look forward to carrying out improvements on these areas. After receiving quotes for a significant solar installation, a decision on the preferred contractor will be announced over the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget the upcoming working bee, Friday 18th May, 5.00pm-7.00pm. The Facilities Committee would love to see as many parents as possible. 

On the OH & S front, Paul Kingston gave a brief presentation to staff on the College’s Workplace Inspection program and we look forward to utilising the improved online program early next term.


Chris Salisbury
Facilities Manager

Performing Arts World Tour 2016

World Tour Report

Two weeks in and the troupe of world tourists has been carving a scintillating path of audience delight across the English-speaking world.


The tour began with a pair of performances at Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon. Following this, the 42 students spent the weekend exploring the local area with host families.


Some trekked across the snow-covered mountains, others admired the scenic beauty of the Willamette National Forest and many attended a College basketball game to round out the authentic US experience.



From there, a series of complex overnight flights saw them arrive at Trafalgar Castle School in Ontario, Canada. Greeted by an unexpected arctic blast that dumped 15cm of snow overnight, everyone’s winter gear was well tested in temperatures that plummeted to minus 20 degrees overnight.



The performance was well received at Trafalgar before heading on the road to St Andrew’s College. Highlights from Canada included outdoor ice-skating on the shores of Lake Ontario, taking in the views from the top of Toronto’s CN Tower and, of course, a visit to the celebrated Niagara Falls.

Following a trans-Atlantic crossing, Week 2 has been spent in the UK, where the group has been welcomed with open arms by both Adams’ Grammar School (Newport) and Fallibroome Academy (Macclesfield). It’s been a massive performing week with a total of 7 shows before a wide variety of audiences, from primary and secondary students to host families, mayors and local dignitaries. Wednesday was spent touring Liverpool – a day with a distinctly Beatles flavour – and this Saturday will be spent seeing the sights of London.


The tour moves onto the European mainland on Sunday. You can follow its progress at


Congrats, Ringwood! You guys did a great job tonight! Such a pleasure to be in the audience – hope the rest of your tour goes smoothly – break legs!

Laura Robinson, Willamette High School


Brilliant show today for Year 9 at Adams' Grammar School. Best performing arts show I have seen in a long while. Funny, mesmerizing and still conveying a very important message. Huge shoutout to everyone involved, they were brilliant.

Joshna Patel, Year 9, Adams’ Grammar School


Wow! What a treat you gave us this morning with the Melbourne Ringwood performance.

Thank you so much for sending them up to us, they were inspirational and the pupils were enthralled. We all felt like we had experienced a West End Show! The young people were so lovely- they organised themselves for the performance, were so polite when they needed something and brought a real sense of theatre to our little school.

Helen Osterfield, Headteacher, Tibberton Primary School.


What was clear to me is that you have a remarkable sense of who you are, where you’re from and what you stand for. Your pride in all of this is an inspiration.

Cllr Timothy Nelson– Mayor of Newport, Shropshire




Benjamin Moody

Director of Performing Arts

Sports Report

From Mr Simkin


Congratulations to the Ringwood swim team who claimed the Maroondah Division swim title for the 24th consecutive year. Full results were not available at the time of going to print, but a fantastic effort from the whole team resulted in a victory on the day and 32 students qualifying for the Eastern Region Swimming Championships to be held at Aquanation on Wednesday 23rd March. A full report will feature in the next newsletter.



The school cross country is being held on the last day of this term and involves all students from Years 7 and 8, with all students keen to run from Years 9 to 12 also encouraged to participate. The course includes the school oval and Ringwood lake precinct, and is a 3km course for all girls age groups and 13,14 and 15 year boys. 16 and 20 year boys complete a 5km course. The Ringwood Cross Country team, that will compete for the Maroondah Cross Country Championship in Term 2, will be selected from the results of the school cross country.



The athletics carnival is being held earlier this year and will take place on Wednesday the 20th of April (Week 2 of Term 2). A reminder that this is a whole school event and no classes will be running on the day. Due to improvement works at the Ringwood athletics track, this year we will travel to Knox Athletics Track, Bunjil Way Knoxfield. Further details about the day will be available on Compass nearer the date.


PLEASE NOTE: As is the case with a normal school day, students will not be dismissed prior to the conclusion of the day from the athletics carnival. If any student needs to leave to attend a medical appointment etc. they must obtain an early leavers pass from school before travelling to the athletics day.  Under no circumstances will notes from students be accepted on the day by staff manning the gates. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.



Wednesday 23th March – Eastern Region Swimming

Thursday 24th March – Ringwood School Cross Country



Monday 18th April – Winter 1. Netball, Football, Soccer, Badminton.

Tuesday 19th April – State Swimming, MSAC

Wednesday 20th April – Ringwood Secondary Athletics Carnival – Knox Athletics Track

Intermediate Girls Cricket

Mother Nature really turned it on for us as we ventured to Norwood Secondary College to compete in our annual Twenty20 cricket match. With an injection of some fresh Year 9 students, mixed with some experienced Year 10 players we were set to achieve some goals this year.


Our captain, Olivia Ricci, won the toss and elected to bowl first to give us the opportunity to see what we were up against with the bat. She knew our strengths as a team, and without a doubt it was our bowling line up.


Our bowlers looked the goods, with speed demons Maddy Mauchline, Olivia Ricci and Keely Finnerty bowling their maximum overs (Mauchline, 4 overs 0/17), Ricci (4 overs, 0/18) and Finnerty (4 overs, 0/12), but it was our fielding that let us down. Missing some crucial run outs and dropping a catch or two. This saw Norwood’s strongest bat make a hefty 37 against us, finally being run out. A special mention should go to Caitlin Grimmett who was a wonderful wicket keeper, one that Dean Jones would be proud of. In the midst of some misfielding we did have two fantastic catches that helped us get Norwood 4/113 from their 20 overs.


113 wasn’t too out of reach and we had high hopes of at least being able to rid the current form of not batting out our overs. Unfortunately, within the first over we lost Priya Manders (0) as she went the slog and was caught. Not far behind her our other opener, Emma Nixon (1) was unlucky to be caught & bowled by a spectacular catch that some would call ‘a fluke’. Thankfully, Piper Copeland (8) was able to steady the ship with some solid 1’s. Our running between the wickets and communication was lacking a little bit, as evident when Holly Mayne (1) was burned at one end of the pitch after looking confident with the bat in her hands. This trend continued as Caitlin Grimmett (2) who was looking the goods, was also run out due to our lack of experience running with these large white pads strapped to our legs. Our opening bowler, Mauchline, then came to the crease and showed Norwood how we can really bat at Ringwood. Her communication and running between the wickets was outstanding, with only one glitch as she ran out our captain, Ricci (0) before she really had the chance to make an impact. Luckily, Mauchline was able to produce the goods and even smash a couple of 4s in her innings, which came to an end with a catch in the outfield as she departed us on the highest score we’ve had for the Intermediate Girls Cricket team in a long time of 21. Taylor Blakemore (0) found herself in unchartered waters as she learnt on the pitch that the ball can really pack a punch when it hits you. Her efforts in the field and with the bat were similar to the enthusiasm she always has – outstanding! After Finnerty decided to demote herself down the order she finally made an appearance and was able to contribute to the 31 run partnership between herself & Mauchline. She demonstrated how to hit runs and stay in at the same time, finishing the innings Not Out on 14. Newcomer to the game, Alice D’Arcy proved she is a quick learner as she contributed a solid 7 runs to our team total of 80 and showed off by getting a few top edges over the keepers head. On the last ball of the day D’Arcy showed just how much she had learnt in the small space of time as she smashed the ball further than any previous hit, but was unfortunately caught.


At the end of the day we ended up 9/80 and batted all of our overs, so we achieved our goals and went home extremely happy with our improvements. Girls, as your coach I was super proud of each and every one of you with your sportsmanship and willingness to give things a go. You all made #dismoment a memorable one for me!


The Intermediate Girls Cricket team showing their respect and sportsmanship for the Norwood team.


Alyce Bailey


Congratulations to Connor Carter from our U15 team! Connor has just made the final 26 of the AFL U15’s All Indigenous Team. His exceptional leadership skills, character and of course his awesome footy skills were all taken into account when selected for this opportunity. Connor will be representing Vic/Tas all over our country for the AFL state titles!

 A massive GOOD LUCK to Connor from the ERJFC community!




Nepal 2017 Update

Currently we are planning a trip to Nepal in 2017. The trip will be during the first term holidays.


The trip is open to students, parents, fit grandparents, older siblings, past students and staff.


We spend two days sight seeing and shopping in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur and then bus up to Syabru Besi to trek the Tamang Heritage Trail. We will walk through rhododendron forests, mountain villages and see snow capped mountains. The trek is 7 days.

The 'Tamang Heritage Trail' is an exciting new trekking route, located between Langtang and the Ganesh Himal. A culturally rich region steeped in Tibetan tradition, the local Tamang people are some of the warmest and most welcoming people in Nepal.

Enroute, we enjoy panoramic mountain views of the nearby peaks and could soak in the natural hot springs at Tatopani. Continuing north towards Tibet, we soak up the heritage and appreciate a local fort, monastery, and the exquisite local architecture of the Tamang homes.

We then head south by bus and visit Shree Lokil School where we will spend 2 days helping with their rebuilding process. Many of the trek porters come from this poor region of Nepal, and will be proud to take you to their village and welcome your support for their school.

Project work will involve physical work that may include plastering the classroom walls, painting the school and ground levelling of the playground.



If you would like a copy of the trip notes and a booking form or have any other questions please contact:


Mrs C Ross:  [email protected]

Mrs S Miriklis: [email protected]

Mr D Godfrey: [email protected]





  • ‘Inside Monash’ Seminars                     15 Mar – Arts ; 13 April– Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences (Parkville).                                                        Other seminars in terms 2 & 3.
  • UMAT Registrations by 3June, Test date: 27July, 20216
  • Veterinary Science Course Advice Day, Sat 19 Mar, Werribee; further information/registration: 2016?_ga=1.249059015.1799707475.1389760135,
  • Go Girl, Go For IT event scheduled for 16th August at Deakin University                                                      


The Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses delivered at the Ringwood Training include – Certificate 11 in Automotive Technology, Certificate in Engineering CISCO and a range of IT courses.  All are progressing well.  Students have settled in and are enjoying a different approach to studying.  A reminder that the final payment for all VET courses is now overdue and needs to be paid to the RSC Office.  Please contact Ms S Miriklis if you have any questions



Year 10 Work Experience

A reminder to parents and students that this year’s Work Experience is from June 20th to June 24th, the last week of Term 2. Competition for quality jobs is fierce and we strongly encourage all students who have not commenced the process to decide on a type of job and put together an application as soon as possible. “The early bird catches the worm” and we would dearly love every student to secure a position of employment by the end of Term 1.

Contact Ms Boutsikakis if you have any queries. Students are reminded that they also need to have completed the [email protected] modules for Occupational Health and Safety. Work placement is not possible without these completed tests.



Students apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified in an interview at a participating Australia Post Office. To apply and to find out about participating Post Offices: NOTE: Not only do students need a TFN if employed, Year 12 students need a TFN when they accept an offer of a university or VET place in January 2017.


News from ADFA

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) develops and educates the future leaders of the Navy, Army and Air Force. You can see exactly what could be in store for your students with our new ADFA virtual tour. In this immersive experience, you get to see where midshipmen and officer cadets live, study, train and play.


Not only does ADFA offer a fantastic lifestyle, it also provides combined military and leadership training with a world class degree from the University of New South Wales and a guaranteed career in the Navy, Army or Air Force upon graduation.

ADFA offers undergraduate degrees in Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science and Technology.


Watch the following video - ADFA Virtual Tour – to see the facilities at ADFA.  For more information on what life is really like at ADFA, check out some new videos from staff, midshipmen and officer cadets talking about their experiences - ADFA Testimonials.   For more information, visit ADFA



  • KEEPER FOR A DAY - If you are keen to find out what it takes to work in a zoo, caring for the amazing array of different animals, then come out to Werribee Open Range Zoo next school holidays. Come and discover what a keeper's day really involves! Werribee Open Range Zoo. Who: Years 7-12; When: Healesville Sanctuary: March 29, 31 /April  6th, 8th. Werribee. Cost $115.00; $103.50 zoo members


  • VET FOR A DAY - Come and work alongside veterinary staff on real life cases involving Healesville Sanctuary’s animals. Who: Years 7-12; When: March 30 ,31/April 6,7 Cost $129; $116 zoo members More information:  Bookings Essential: 1300 966 784.


Free VCE Exam Survival Guide
The School for Excellence (TSFX) is offering Year 11 & 12 students a free VCE Exam Survival Guide – sign up for it at TSFX Survival Guide  


Tackling Climate Change: Why You’re More Powerful Than You Think

Year 11 and 12 students passionate about the issues of tackling climate change are invited to attend a free presentation by Anna Rose - the National Manager for Earth Hour with WWF-Australia and the Australian Geographic Society's Conservationist of the Year 2015.Date: Monday 11 April 2016
Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm Venue:  Burwood Corporate Centre, Level 2, Building BC, Deakin University,
 Melbourne Burwood Campus, 221 Burwood Highway in Burwood
Registrations are essential, and places are limited.  Register by Wednesday 23 March 2016 at Tackling Climate Change Presentation


University Updates

OPEN DAYS – Open Days are held at universities and TAFE institutes each year, giving the public the opportunity to see the facilities, talk to staff and students, collect information and attend information sessions. They are generally held on Sundays later in the year, but some dates are provided here so that you can put them in your diary now.


Open Day dates 2016

  • Sun 31 July – Swinburne University
  • Sun 7 Aug –   Deakin University  (Warrnambool); La Trobe University (Bundoora); Monash                                  University (Caulfield & Clayton)
  • Sun 14 Aug – ACU (Melbourne), La Trobe University (Bendigo); Monash University                                                  (Peninsula); RMIT University; William Angliss Institute
  • Sub 21 Aug – Box Hill (Lilydale campus):Deakin University (Waterfront & Waurn Ponds);                                        University of Melbourne
  • Sun 28 Aug – ACU (Ballarat); Box Hill Institute (Box Hill); Deakin University (Burwood);                            Federation University; Victoria  University (Footscray campus)


 The good news is that Box Hill Institute has this year re-opened the former Swinburne (Lilydale) campus, providing tertiary education in this area once more. A broad range of courses will be available, increasing as time goes by. NOTE: William Angliss Institute is conducting cooking and tourism courses at this campus in conjunction with the Box Hill Institute. The Institute also has plans to offer other programs and facilities on the Lilydale site



Deakin University recently launched an excellent Web App called Deakin Explore.  This resource allows students to kick-start their course and career exploration.  Students can start with courses that lead to a career, or start with careers to find courses that lead to it.  Students can filter courses and careers by what matters to them; each course and carer lists others that are similar thus allowing students to broaden their options, and students can save their favourite courses and careers to access later, and even share them by email, Facebook and even Twitter.
Students are encouraged to visit Explore Deakin and familiarise themselves with this very useful resource.



La Trobe University are providing a series of workshops, lectures and seminars of your choice to find out about career options, areas of study, pathways and student life while parents can participate in a special 'parents program'. To view the event program/register, follow the links: Experience La Trobe is offered across all five campuses with Melbourne and Bendigo running two events throughout the year (31 March and 7July). Students must register on



Experience a Day at Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is hosting a special event designed for Year 10 to 12 – local and international – students and their families, allowing attendees the opportunity to come and explore the Parkville campus and find out more about the range of study options available at the university.

It is a great opportunity to gather information and talk to University staff about all aspects of studying and life at Melbourne.  A tour of the Southbank campus will also be included in the program for those who wish to visit the Victorian College of the Arts. 


Find out more about:

  • Undergraduate degrees and graduate pathways at Melbourne
  • Unique opportunities to enrich your degree such as concurrent diplomas and going on exchange and study abroad
  • Admissions and entry requirements
  • Access Melbourne and Melbourne Scholarships
  • Accommodation options
  • How parents can help with the transition to university.


Date: 1 April 2016 Location: Parkville Campus, the University of Melbourne


Registration:      Registration is essential.  Please register at  Experience a Day at Melbourne  For more information, email Rod Nelson [email protected]


Focus on Melbourne

Focus on Melbourne seminars give you the opportunity to get informed about your study options and choose your pathway to success.

  • Explore majors, breadth options, electives, internships and research opportunities in your chosen faculty.
  • Map out your pathway to graduate study and career possibilities with insights into our graduate destinations.
  • Work out how to see the world while studying overseas, or enrich your degree with a Concurrent Diploma in an area you’re passionate about.
  • Hear from current students or academic staff to get a glimpse of uni life first hand.
  • Set yourself up to succeed by confirming prerequisite subjects and entry requirements, including our Special Entry and Access Schemes. Register:


Year 10 to 12 students and their families are invited to come to 
a special event to explore the University’s vibrant Parkville campus, and find out more about the range of study options available at Australia’s number one university.



 Many of you will have heard the news that, after about 20 years in operation, Monash has confirmed that it intends to abandon its Berwick campus at the end of 2018.

Monash are conducting a series of seminars, which will provide detailed information on courses offered at Monash. The following seminars will be conducted in March and April.

  • Business and Economics 9 March
  • Science 10 March
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 15 March
  • Design: 14th April, 6:30pm
  • Fine Art: 14th April, 6:30pm
  • Architecture: 26th April, 6:30pm
  • Interior Architecture: 27th April, 6:30pm

Find out about courses and career options from staff, current and graduate students, with the opportunity to ask any questions. Full list of seminars and to register


RMIT is offering such an opportunity in the school holidays. Go behind the scenes on a tour of the facilities. Students and parents are invited to visit RMIT’s state-of-the-art learning laboratories and to find out about how RMIT degrees provide the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world problems and advance the way we live. Programs cover biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental science, food science, nanotechnology and physics. When: 11am-2pm, 30 March; Where: Building 3, Level 1, Applied Sciences Reception, RMIT City; Cost: Free; Booking and information:



Swinburne is proposing the following courses/changes for 2017 (some subject to academic approval):

  • Swinburne is considering an Early Entry Scheme (already offered by ACU and La Trobe universities). The ATAR would no longer be the sole determinant for entry.
  • Introduction of the Bachelor of Nursing (possibly at Wantirna)
  • Revised majors in sports science, nutrition and clinical technologies
  • Introduction of the Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Introduction of a common first year for the Bachelor of Engineering, giving students  a taste of the different fields in engineering before making a decision about their specialisation (similar to Monash University engineering)
  • Introducing a Masters in Occupational Therapy .

More news on all of this when it becomes available from Swinburne.

  • Where can I use my ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE? Opportunities are increasing all the time with new technological developments, much more so than in civil engineering for example. Electrical engineering can be used in banking, the television industry, mining, automotive (eg driverless vehicles), marketing, solar cells, the health industry and in renewable energy to name a few.
  • ROBOTICS is another area of growth in engineering (eg drones, humanoid robots, Mars rover, robotic vacuums, etc).



William Angliss is a provider of courses in hospitality, food, tourism and events. William Angliss is giving school students the chance to delve into the world of Tourism & Travel and Events in the school holidays.  

Tourism, Travel and Events – a hands-on introduction to the travel and tourism industry via an on-site amazing race-style activity. Students will then go to the new aeroplane interior demonstration area and be given a taster of what a career as a flight attendant could be. After a catered lunch, students will get the chance to jump into the world of Event Management with a table theming activity held in the Angliss Restaurant.

When: 9.30am-2.30pm, Thurs 31 March; Where: 555 La Trobe St, Melbourne; Who: Students in Years 9-11; Cost: $120 (including lunch). REGISTER HERE! Enquiries: [email protected]


Monash University

Monash University are holding an Inspiration Day for Year 11 students and VCE international students. This provides students with the opportunity to explore their future study options at Monash. Light lunch provided. Students need to register on line:

When: Thursday 7 April

Time : 9.15 – 2.45 pm

Where: Monash Caulfield Campus


Helen Doherty

Careers Department



Koorie Youth Council

The Koorie Youth Council is a state-wide network of volunteer Indigenous young people between 12 and 25 years who provide a voice to government and community on issues of importance to them.

The Koorie Youth Council is an avenue for Indigenous young people to come together and voice their ideas, passions and interest, in a safe, structured and supportive environment.  One initiative of the Koorie Youth Council is the Koorie Youth Summit, which provides an opportunity to bring together Indigenous Young people across Australia to connect with each other, celebrate culture, discuss issues in the community and share ideas to make change and create a future they want.

The Koorie Youth Summit for 2016  will be held on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st April at Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell St, Preston. 

The theme for the summit is:  Breaking down the barriers which leave many young people feeling isolated, disconnected and vulnerable in our communities.

The 4 topics to be covered over the 2 days will be: 

  •          Resilience in Identity
  •          Getting help to feel ok
  •          Connecting to someone important
  •          Having our voices heard

 The summit is open for young people between 16yrs to 28yrs old, and they can register via the website link here:


Please note: Attendees under the age of 18yrs old will be required to have a supervision form completed which can be accessed via the link on Koorie Youth Summit facebook page.

To attend the summit it will cost $89.00, and for students who would really like to attend but do not have the funds to pay can apply for a scholarship ticket by emailing [email protected] stating why they are not able to cover the cost and why they would like to attend.


If the students have any further questions, they can contact Jirra Harvey, Kalinya Communications on 0475 230 880 or email j[email protected]


Kind regards


Alice Young

Koorie Engagement Support Officer 

Foodbank - Who are we?

Our organisation and emergency food relief centre (food bank), opened in December 2015. We assist families from your school who may be in need of assistance.


School Holiday Programs


Get off the couch these school holidays!
School holiday programs at The Rings are a fun-filled way to keep your child active, entertained and socialised during school holidays.We offer netball, basketball and multi-sports programs. Suitable for children of all abilities, aged 5 to 14. There are prizes, giveaways, team games, player photos, skills coaching and more.Our indoor facilities provide all-weather enjoyment and exercise for your children, while also allowing them to make friends and have fun in a supervised environment.


NEW PROGRAM - Maroondah Soccer School Holiday Program

Your child will improve their soccer skills and knowledge at this one day holiday program. The day includes a round robin tournament, prizes and giveaways. Our expert coaches will ensure that your child has an absolute blast while meeting great people and being active. 

Date: Tuesday 5 April 2016
Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm
Cost: $37.
Age group: 5 to 14 years.
Registrations close: Monday 4 April 2016


VMV Young Peoples Project

Do you have Photography skills?


Melbourne Autism Expo 2016

The Melbourne Autism Expo 2016 (MAE 2016) is for anyone who is touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
The Melbourne Autism Expo provides an opportunity for children, teenagers, families and adults to access useful, practical (and sometimes unusual!) information, products and services related to ASD. We also encourage teachers and extended family members to attend to learn more about ASD and how you can support those living with ASD. 
We have a broad range of products and services represented at MAE 2016 includingTherapy and Support Centres, OT, Speech, Psychologists,  Sport and Physical Training Specialists, Musicians, Pharmacy and Health Services, Respite, Sensory Items, Toys, Special Needs Photography, Dieticians, Schools, Government and Community Organisations, Educational Supplies and Equipment, Art and Craft, Lego, Technology and much more!


Download the Parent's Guide to Gaming                 


What are the risks with gaming?

Gaming is great but we shouldn’t shy away from some of the risks and concerns that surround gaming. We don’t want to be alarmist but we do want you to be informed. Knowledge is power! And when you’re informed you’ll find it easier to protect your children from any gaming related harm.

Some of the concerns we think you should know about are:

Video Game Addiction

Violent Games and other inappropriate content

Cybersafety issues

Gambling within games.


Isn’t gaming good for kids?


Video games are the newest and arguably the most popular form of entertainment these days. According to the Digital Australia 16 report 98% of homes with children have video games and we play for an average of 88 minutes every day!

Games are really cool and can have a wonderful impact on children’s development. They can support your child’s

Cognitive development

Emotional development

Skill development 

Social development


Sharlene Hetherington

Welfare Team

Community News 

Learning to Drive?

L & P night for 2016 for new L & P Plate Drivers


Jump Deck Trampoline Centre

Easter Holiday Special!


Eastern Ranges Football Club

Eastern Ranges Football Club has an exciting junior AFL player training and development program for the approaching April school holidays.


We Want Your Papers

Help us - papers needed!


Norwood Junior Football Club

The Norwood Junior Football Club are looking for new players in a couple of specific age groups


SCYC Scorpions Basketbal Club

The clubs winter season registration day


RSC News
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