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Issue 10, 24-Jul-2015
Monday 3 August
CIS Team Visit
8:50am General Assembly
7:00pm Junior Debating

Tuesday 4 August
CIS Team Visit
12:30pm Year 7 House Maths Olympiad 

Wednesday 5 August
CIS Team Visit

Thursday 6 August
CIS Team Visit
Cuckoo Excursion (German Years 8 – 12)

Friday 7 August
CIS Team Visit
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Ski Trip

Monday 10 August
7:00pm Junior Debating
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Tuesday 11 August
7:00pm Senior School Information Night

Wednesday 12 August
MSC Athletics Carnival

Monday 17 August
National Science Week
Year 8 Survivor Science Challenge
7:00pm Junior Debating

Tuesday 18 August
National Science Week
7:00pm VTAC Parent Information Night

Wednesday 19 August
National Science Week
6:30pm DAV Junior Debating

Thursday 20 August
National Science Week
Intermediate Round Robin
7:30pm Winter Concert

Friday 21 August
National Science Week
10:30am LATE START (All students to arrive 10:30am)

Sunday 23 August
2:00pm Thistlelonians 50th Afternoon Tea 

Monday 24 August
7:00pm Junior Debating
7:30pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee

Wednesday 26 August
Year 9 Camp
6:30pm DAV Junior Debating

Thursday 27 August
Year 9 Camp

Friday 28 August
Year 9 Camp
9:00am Year 7 Immunisations

Monday 31 August
7:00pm Music Performance Percussion Night
Monday 13 July

Thursday 16 July
State Cross Country

Friday 17 July
12:30pm Senior House Maths Olympiad

Monday 20 July
12:30pm Intermediate House Maths Olympiad
7:30pm Education Sub-Committee

Friday 24 July
Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup Tournament

Saturday 25 July
Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup Tournament

Sunday 26 July
Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup Tournament

Tuesday 28 July
12:30pm Year 8 House Maths Olympiad

Wednesday 29 July
7:00pm DAV Senior Debating

Thursday 30 July
Proposed:  Symphonic Wind Band Tour (Gippsland)
Australian Maths Competition

Friday 31 July
Proposed:  Symphonic Wind Band Tour (Gippsland)

The Term has commenced well and students look well rested and very impressive in their uniform.  I hope they have reflected on Semester 1 Reports and will continue doing their best or alternatively take on board advice given by teachers for Semester 2 improvement.
Our French Exchange students were farewelled at the beginning of Term 3 and returned home with much sadness at leaving these shores.  They thoroughly enjoyed this intercultural experience and have made lifelong friendships.  Our students will travel to France in December and I am sure they too will really enjoy this opportunity.
I would like to acknowledge and thank the following families for their willingness to host a visitor and ensure their time in Australia was memorable.  The success of exchange programs is only possible with the generosity provided by families: Arjuna, Brett, Hanna, Higham, Schwarz, Wilkins, Willaton, Xu, Brooks, Clough, Dugan, Fellini, Gutkin, Highnam, Irving, Sach, Sillon, Singh, Tamir-Regev, Tran, Yan and Katz.

I also acknowledge and thank Mr Hubert, Ms Dickson and Ms Fowler for the organisation of this wonderful program.
We would like to warmly welcome two teachers, Ms Marta Pena Garrido and Mr Jesus Checa Salcedo and two students, Andrea Figueroa Contreras and Jorge Martinez del Olmo from our Spanish sister school Fernando Zobel who will spend the next three weeks visiting our school and experiencing Australia.

We would like to thank our generous hosts, Fernando-Pitcher family and the Atchison-Cuadripanis family for hosting the students, as well as our hosting teachers, Ms Margaret Bourke and Ms Kate Brown, for accommodating the Spanish teachers. Without the generous support of our host families this visit would not be possible and we are forever grateful for the contribution you are making. I wish all participants involved an enjoyable and rewarding time!

McKinnon values the great opportunity of working together with the Spanish teachers and we are grateful for the experiences we have shared so far. Both schools have a strong desire to further expand this program in the future.
Parent Opinion Surveys have been distributed this week.  250 families have been randomly selected to participate in this survey that is an important part of accountability for our school.

These surveys are returned to the Education Department who collate the responses and return the results back to the school.

Feedback of this kind allows us to reflect on our community opinions and gives us an opportunity to celebrate the positives and to address any concerns.  I thank the families involved.  We appreciate your co-operation and support.
It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Kate
Collier (Year 9) who has been cast in the Victorian State Schools Choir.  The Victorian State Schools Spectacular is currently rehearsing for two performances at Hisense Arena on Saturday 12 September, which will be broadcast on Channel 7 later in the year.

Kate is a commendable ambassador for our school and we wish her all the very best for her upcoming performances.
Congratulations to Lauren Rosenberg (Year 12) who won First Prize in the Senior Student Poetry Competition and Caleb Gering (Year 7) who won First Prize in the Junior Secondary Poetry Competition in the Glen Eira Literary Awards My Brother Jack Competition.  Well done to both of you on your wonderful achievement and being great ambassadors for McKinnon. 
I received a lovely card today from the McGrath Foundation thanking all staff at McKinnon for a great fundraising effort during Pink Stumps Day.  I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr McLaughlan for his efforts in organising this event.
McKinnon Road is particularly busy around the start and end of the school day.  Our staff have observed drivers disobeying the road rules during these times and creating safety hazards for our students and families.  Please observe all road rules, such as no “U” turn in McKinnon Road and keeping to the 40km speed limit, which is at all times not just during school hours, to ensure students start and end the day safely.  Please ensure your child is wearing a helmet if riding a bike and is aware of the rules regarding riding to school.
An Information Evening will be held at McKinnon Secondary College School Hall on Wednesday 29 July commencing at 7.00pm regarding the level crossing removals in Centre Road, McKinnon Road and North Road - RSVP to

A reminder that all parents can access the College calendar through Compass, to see up-coming events and activities - just follow the link from the ‘School Favourites’ (ie; the five-pointed star) menu in Compass.
One of the many information sessions coming up is the Senior School Information Night on Tuesday 11 August for our current Year 10 and 11 students. The night begins in the Hall for an overview of the VCE and VCAL programs.  This is followed by an expo in the Library and Auditorium where parents and students can interact with representatives from Victorian tertiary institutions and teachers from every senior subject that we offer.
Full winter uniform must be worn throughout Term 3.  Jewellery and make-up must not be excessive, and facial piercings are unacceptable (students wearing a facial piercing are not admitted to class, and will be sent home to remove it).  All students must wear traditional leather lace-up shoes which are polished. Our students should now have a School Blazer which must be worn to and from school in Term 3.  We will conduct several uniform checks during form assemblies throughout the term and the Student Managers and Principal Class will be monitoring our students’ uniform before and after school.
All students in the Senior School will be interviewed by the student management team in the coming weeks, to reflect on their progress this year and identify ways to continue to improve.  In preparation for these interviews, all students in Years 10, 11 and 12 must complete
a brief questionnaire, which parents can view on Compass.

To view your child’s responses and the comments made by the student management team, log in to Compass, select ‘Student Profile’, select the ‘Insights’ tab and click (for example) ‘Mid-Year MIPS Yr 10’.   
All students undertaking a Year 12 subject this year are reminded that practice exams take place from Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October (this is the second week of the holidays). Parents need to ensure that no family holidays are booked during this time.
The College will continue to provide feedback to parents and students via Compass Learning Tasks throughout Semester 2. All grades for all tasks will be posted on Compass, however in Years 7 - 10 detailed comments will be provided for three learning tasks (in each subject).
As in Semester 1, we will conduct Parent-Teacher-Student interviews for all students in all year levels on the same day (from 10:15am to 8:30pm), on Tuesday 1 September.  These conferences will be in place of the regular timetabled classes, and students will be expected to attend interviews with their parents in full school uniform (in lieu of the normal school day). 
Nathan Leech (8L) has been selected for the Victorian Schools' Rugby Union Under 14 representative team to tour Tasmania in August. Congratulations Nathan on your selection and we wish you and the team success in the upcoming tournament.
South Melbourne Football Club has been chosen by organisers to represent Australia with squad members from four Under age groups.
Christopher Kaev (Year 11) has been selected to be part of this team which will play against Russia, Germany and many other countries from around the globe.

This is a great opportunity to go against some of the big football nations and we wish Christopher a wonderful tournament and hope it is an experience that he will remember.
Josh Saunders (Year 8) competed in the Under 15 National Fencing Championships in Sydney during the June school holidays. He was selected for the Victorian Under 15 Men's Foil A team and they won a Silver Medal.

Congratulations Josh and we wish you continued success! 
Genevieve O'Brien (Year 7) was recently selected in the School Sport Victoria Under 13 Girls' Cross Country Team to compete in the National Championships in Melbourne from 28 - 31 August. She was selected after competing against 150 other competitors at Bundoora Park in June and was placed 7th overall after the race. What a fantastic achievement Genevieve and we wish you success in the upcoming Nationals in August!

Merryn Walker
During the recent July school holidays, one of our very talented Year 12 students – Lauren Rosenberg - won First Prize in the Glen Eira Literary Awards My Brother Jack Senior Student Poetry Competition. I was also very excited to hear that one of our Year 7 students, Caleb Gering, entered the Junior Secondary poetry competition and went home with First Prize in this category.

Lauren’s poem: “Would you rather?” and Caleb’s: “A Painting of War” can be viewed at this link:
Top image courtesy Glen Eira Newspaper.

We, the English Faculty at McKinnon, are so very proud of Lauren’s and Caleb’s achievements and I presented them with a card and small gift this week to demonstrate this. Well done!
We would love other aspiring writers of all genres to submit their pieces to Ms Pentland or Ms Alexandrou for a chance to enter the Writer of the Month competition.

Jason Jewell
English Manager

Robyn invited me to her 3D Room to have a chat. It's a magical place to visit but, yikes, surveying the scenery it seemed to me that this could be the most dangerous room in the school!

However Robyn runs a very tight ship. Whilst she's very keen to offer every student their own adventure in art she insists they must first learn about the Occupational Health and Safety issues in this area (actually learning to handle these tools and materials safely is a lesson for life). Her students are asked to agree to a 'safety contract' and Year 9 Co-ordinator, Jason Reynolds, reinforces to students the serious nature of these contracts. There may be plenty of rules and regulations here but Robyn's classes are run on respect for any potential hazards coupled with a mutual trust across the class.

This 3D room is just the place for students' artistic, mystical, mystery tour of discovery and Robyn is just the person to be their tour guide!

Artistic blood runs in Robyn's veins. She lives and breathes art.  Her parents were both art teachers and were creative and talented people who had a profound influence on her choice of career.

Robyn describes herself as a "practising artist". If someone wrote her life story Robyn would choose the title: "A Journey of Creativity". Coincidentally she thinks that's a pretty good description of the experiences she offers her students.

After obtaining a Degree in Fine Art, Robyn worked in industry as a printmaker for one year and then trained as a teacher in the technical system. In those days the training required the student teacher to be in classrooms two days per week to experience first-hand 'on-the-job' learning.

Her first teaching job specialising in printmaking and photography was at Mitcham Technical School offering students metal work and sculpting.

Robyn commenced teaching at McKinnon Secondary College in 1994. She's a local resident and her son and daughter were students at McKinnon Secondary College so she's been very involved in the community. Her house is close to the school. In fact if the wind is blowing in the right direction, you can hear the school bell ringing from her front door!

Robyn's enthusiasm for the creative arts is infectious. Her eyes light up with pride as she shows me around her 3D room, pointing out the many individual creative objects her students are completing with her guidance and care. Students from all year levels attend her classes.

She looks at the entire world through an artistic lens - whether it's during an overseas holiday, a walk along the beach or just hanging out in her own neighbourhood. There's a potential art venture around every corner of Robyn's world and she's keen to share these with her junior artists.

Robyn has been the school photographer and for 18 years worked on the school magazine. It's no surprise that her hobbies away from school include creative pursuits like cooking and photography. She also loves to travel in Australia and overseas. I imagine visiting the galleries in Italy and New York, would have been a smorgasbord of amazing art for Robyn.

She regards everyone in her classroom as an "individual artist". Although they may be reluctant participants initially, Robyn believes
every student has the right to experience artistic success and she does her darndest to make sure that happens, sometimes having a quiet word to a student's siblings to uncover specific interests so she can then tailor make an activity for a less confident pupil.

She encourages the students to support each other using reciprocal learning and teaching; sharing their knowledge and offering help to their mates. Robyn is delighted when an activity starts a conversation at school but even more so when the project is discussed at home.

Extremely talented, Robyn is aware of her own artistic limitations. She relates to those reluctant students who shrug off a lack of motivation with 'I'm no good at art'. "I say to them we can't all be good at everything. I'm no good at drawing!"  (Having observed her mother's brilliant talent for drawing for many years she admits that's not her forte and prefers to concentrate on her many other attributes).

Some of the more complicated 3D activities take extra time to complete and the reality is that students can't take their work home with them so Robyn makes the room available after hours to allow the kids to complete their 'objects d'art'. She opens her doors and welcomes students before-school, at lunchtime, some Saturday afternoons and even during the school holidays.

Come Saturday she will often be working on her own art shoulder-to-shoulder with the students and takes their feedback on board. But she knows the litmus test will be whatever her son and daughter have to say about her latest work. They are her harshest critics!

Describing the state of her room as 'mainly ordered chaos', Robyn is amused by the irony that at home she likes everything minimalist, ordered, color co-ordinated and very organised.

Ordered chaos? Surely that's the way it should be? Is a tidy, spotless art room conducive to allow young artists to explore, to experiment, to investigate, to create? Robyn has exactly the right approach! The focus should be on the production process, the evolution of some marvellous creation in an uninhibited environment free from any supervision by the tidy police? To quote Robyn: "It's the best kept secret - art is good fun!"

She loves hearing students' comments such as "there's a certain magic in this classroom" and "this room smells good" and she's stoked when the students leave thanking her for the lesson.

It's wonderful that Robyn feels the love from her students that she so rightly deserves.

Hypothetically, Maths teacher Michael Killeen would call a movie based on his own life "Life of Pi". He thinks this maths reference would be an appropriate title however I think "A Man For All Seasons" suits him better!

I hadn't met Michael before our interview. I knew that he commenced teaching at McKinnon in 2002, and had taught Physics, Science, Sport and that he currently teaches all Maths subjects. I had pre-judged his personality profile but after getting to know Michael I realised here was a real surprise package - a man of many talents.

There are lots of different facets to Michael's personality...

To his five younger siblings he was always the organiser, constantly thinking of excellent things to amuse them.

To the students at McKinnon SC he's a disciplinarian (some say he's the most strict person on staff).

To some of the staff he's their lunchtime quizmaster.

To his girlfriend he's an introvert with extrovert qualities.

To his Dad who encouraged him to study engineering, Michael was destined to become a teacher.

To his Uncle, an educator, Michael was always great 'teacher material'.

To the W.A.R.B.Y's (We Are Right Behind You) support team on the 2007 Great Victorian Bike Ride he famously rode 60 kms on one gear only after the dérailleur snapped off his bike.

To many of the Year 12 students he's a 'push-over', always keen to play a role in their Year 12 assembly video.

To students in his class he has a reputation for making bad maths jokes and puns (he says the worse the better!) and reckons this makes the dry subject more memorable.

So who is Michael Killeen out of school hours? By his own admission he's not your 'typical maths teacher'. I was surprised and delighted to hear about his wide variety of interests.
He's into heavy metal music (the head banger kind); he keeps tropical fish and at one stage had four fish tanks in his bedroom; a child of the eighties, he now collects Nintendo Donkey Kong video games and after he's played them and recorded his highest scores on a spreadsheet he keeps the rare and valuable items in a special display case; he's a qualified engineer; he once dressed up in a KISS outfit to perform at Rockfest; he still loves bike riding; he was a part time gym instructor for six years; he's a weight lifter (think heavy, like his music); he barracks for the AFL team North Melbourne and was a member of their cheer squad for four years (Michael confessed that guaranteed good seats at the footy) and he's captain of a Trivia Night team that plays weekly.

I'm curious about the daily lunch time staff trivia quiz... According to Mr Quizmaster:
"Typically we get 10 - 20 staff doing the quiz every lunch time, usually lasting for most of the first half of lunch. Without the aid of microphones or buzzers it's usually a chaotic affair with the loudest voices or those who sit nearest to me having a distinct advantage. Mr McLeod is generally acknowledged as the one to beat but he has faced some serious competition this year from new kid on the block, Mr Liakakos.  Ms Marks is also a bit of an unexpected trivia shark.  The only prize on offer is the glory of being declared the winner for the day - but despite this it's still very competitive".

People are often surprised to hear how long Michael has been on staff at the school. He believes because it's such a great place he has no desire to leave. He has a theory about the McKinnon magic ..."Good kids from good families. Awesome staff superbly led by Pitsa. Anyone having troubles can always count on the other staff for support".

Michael makes no apologies for his high expectations nor for being a disciplinarian, but scratch beneath the surface of this guy and you'll find he's a real softie at heart.

Lee Collie
Public Relations

On Wednesday 24 June, McKinnon Secondary College in collaboration with the UNAA (Victorian Division) hosted the first student Model UN Conference with the topic Refugees: Rights and Risks.  Fifty McKinnon students and twenty participants from two visiting schools, Noble Park Secondary College and Keysborough Secondary College, slipped into the roles of UN delegates for a day. They represented a country that they had researched thoroughly in small teams in several preparation sessions, mostly outside of school hours. The additional commitment of time and effort - they also needed to prepare an opening statement on their country’s position in regards to this topic - was outstanding. 
The Conference opened with a speech from Amanda Johnson, a caseworker at the Lentara Uniting Care Asylum Seeker Program, a refugee herself, who explained the situation of refugees in Australia to the students. The UN assembly of the day was led and instructed by the General Secretary, Mr Ian Dunn, Adjunct Professor in law at La Trobe University, who taught students about procedures and formalities during this conference. Students had to draw on negotiation and diplomacy skills to ensure their views were heard. They had opportunities to present their position to the assembly, negotiate with other ambassadors in caucus sessions and learned to move amendments to the Resolution. Consensus had been found and the final Resolution was put to a vote.

The engagement of students in key international human rights and social justice issues could be observed throughout the day and the praise of the General Secretary for the students’ thorough preparation and conduct in this event is credit to their incredible effort.

I would like to thank Ms Binnion for making this event possible, Mr Kan and the technical support team for setting up the Hall for the day, the catering team for providing all with morning tea and lunch, the UNAA team under Conal Thwaite for planning and conducting this event
and Mr Josh Cukierman for preparing the students. A special thank you also, to Mr Ian Dunn, the General Secretary of the day, who guided students and kept them on task throughout the entire day.
Our Year 11 French students went to the Melbourne French Theatre on Tuesday 5 May, accompanied by Madame Zimmermann and Monsieur Hubert. The theatre is located at Melbourne University Parkville campus where teachers and students enjoyed having lunch before seeing a play by the famous 19th century French writer, Eugène Labiche, entitled “Le plus heureux des trois”. Labiche wrote many plays in a genre called Vaudeville, comedies involving bourgeois married couples, their lovers and their servants.

The play was in French but subtitles helped students understand the different funny situations. In a typical Vaudeville, lovers hide under the couch or escaped through windows; situations easily understood by students even if they did not appreciate all the subtitles of the language. This visit offered students an additional outside of classroom experience in the French language and an interesting insight into French art and culture.
After spending six weeks at McKinnon, there was a lot of emotion at Melbourne Airport when the 22 French students left. Families and students shared memories and promised to stay in touch until our students will travel to France at the end of this year. Strong friendships have been built through this exceptional experience which hopefully will last much longer. We would like to thank again all hosting families involved in this program for their generosity and effort to make this an unforgettable experience for their French exchange student.

This is a busy time for international exchanges, as Europeans are on summer holidays and try to make the most of that time.

We welcome Luka Henrik Runzheimer, Leonie Birkenstock und Luca Payer from our German sister school, Alfred-Wegener-Schule in Kirchhain, near Marburg an der Lahn. They are hosted by current Year 10 students and we would like to thank the hosting families for supporting this program. The hosting students will return their visit at the end of this year, after their end of year examinations. We wish all participants an enjoyable time!
In December 2014, VCAA decided to change the entitlement for VCE VET Units, which allows students to have a VET Certificate III in Applied Language acknowledged for their VCE (2 Units for VCE Unit 3 and 4) with an increment to the ATAR.

We are currently investigating a second pathway of Language learning for our students.

The currently offered VET Certificate II in Applied Language (a national accreditation of Language learning) could be continued with VET Certificate III in Applied Language. This Certificate will receive an increment of 10% of the top four subjects to the ATAR.

A survey has been sent to all Year 10 Language students and we would appreciate your feedback regarding this new opportunity. Please forward any feedback to Andrea Fowler:

Andrea Fowler
Head of Languages

On Friday 5 June, the McKinnon Year 7 Transition (MYST) Centre was transformed into an ‘Ancient Civilisation Museum Exhibit’ as part of the Year 7 History program.  Each class had to investigate in depth an ancient Mediterranean society (Egypt, Greece or Rome), focus their research on a particular feature (art, architecture, government, economy, defence and culture) and reflect on how our contemporary society has been, and continues to be, influenced by these civilisations so many years later.
During this project, students learnt important research skills such as referencing sources, and improved their skills in the synthesis of information gathered in order to present an exhibit that was visual, aural, interactive and engaging.  Many students achieved this by creating videos, podcasts, acting as tour guides and, in some cases, dressing up and becoming the ‘embodiment’ of their specific topic.  Further to this, many students spent a lot of their time recreating historical artefacts based on their research, and this demonstrated not only authentic learning, but a high level of engagement in the activity as well.

According to the some of the students…..

“The exhibit put our group skills to the test - we had to present our knowledge of Roman Folklore and Writing to five classes, interact with them and make sure our exhibit looked interesting. The end of lunch bell rang and we thought, ‘This is it, here we go!’. We gave the exhibit all we had and off we went. The exhibit was something we will never forget. You can’t see all of Rome in an afternoon, but we did.”
(Darcie Harper and Imi Nelson, 7J)

“My group focused on Ancient Greek Government and Economy which at the start we thought was booooring!!!!!!!!! But when we looked into it we saw it was actually one of the best topics.  Overall the day was amazing and I hope we can do something like that again!
(Stesha Goldenberg, 7H)

Congratulations to all the students in 7B, 7D, 7F, 7H, 7J & 7L on their amazing work, effort and the impressive level of energy and enthusiasm displayed in the completion of this project.

Chris Pantelios
Year 7 History
Student Engagement Coordinator
A new semester brings another subject in ICT.

Year 10 Information Systems is running this semester and we have a full class of students currently working their way through Binary and Hexadecimal numbers.

Why study Binary?  Because ALL data in computers is saved in binary format - a mixture of 0s and 1s.

Why study Hex?  Because humans are not good at remembering long lists of bits (binary digits).  

A side benefit is being able to send email messages in binary code which most people would not be able to understand. Can you interpret the following message?


Mr Munro brought a sample of Unofficial Cardboard - a Virtual Reality viewer that allows you to watch exciting videos played on a smartphone and appear to be "in" the scenario.

"The Unofficial cardboard is an amazing experience and it is so breathtaking. I would loooove to have one of my own. It's like you're actually there and it's so simple you could do it at home" Stesha, Year 7

"The Google Cardboard was fantastic and exhilarating. It made me feel like I was in such a different environment. You could adjust it to fit you and was amazing. I loved the feeling and I rate these highly." Mary, Year 7

Click here to view a student using Cardboard

Code.Club has ordered a few copies for students to access and hopefully we will have students taking their own panoramic photos to create their own worlds to view through the Cardboard App by Google.

If you want to buy your own copy, prices range from about $7 on eBay upwards.

The 'official' versions can be found here

Diana Hatch
Timetabler, ICT Learning Area Manager
On Thursday 16 July, sixteen of McKinnon's finest endurance superstars headed off to Bundoora Park for the State Cross Country Championships.  Our day got off to a fantastic start, with Genevieve O'Brien (10th) and Katherine Hart (14th) both having super runs in the girls event.

The next event, the Boys U13 race, had to be seen to be believed as Will Sharp from Year 7 tripped and fell at the start line to be left behind by the entire field of 80 runners. Over the next three kilometres Will managed to overtake every single competitor, finishing with an astounding victory and State Championship. His teammates Nick Poulos, Levi Scholz, Nathan Smith and Ishan Malakar also deserve congratulations for making it to this level in the team event and having solid runs themselves although we did not finish with a medal.

Jason Clayton (Year 8) finished 7th in the Under 14 race in the best McKinnon time for the day of 9:08 minutes.

Josh Kah (20th) and Sophie Highnam (4th) had fantastic runs in their events, as did Rachel Braude (22nd), Jack Highnam (16th) and Harry Amner (33rd) in the senior events.

Last, and certainly not least, Will Ockenden U16 competed in one of the fastest paced 5km events I have ever seen. The first five runners
burnt off the rest of the field in the first kilometre and the pace did not let off. Will managed to finish in a brilliant time of 14:34 minutes for the 5km race and took home 2nd place and the State Silver Medal.
Well done to the entire team for your wonderful performances on the day, and throughout the entire cross-country competition this year.

Mr Hudd

Congratulations to the following teams who are
the Term 2 Kingston Division Champions 2015: 

·         Year 7 & 8 Girls and Boys Soccer 
·         Year 8 Girls Badminton
·         Year 8 Football 

They will play in a Southern Metropolitan Region final early in Term 3. 

Good Luck to all teams. 

Go McK!


Term 3 sports will begin in Week 1 of Term 3.

Sports that require extra payments are Year 7 Lawn Bowls ($30), Year 7 & 8 Self Defence ($50) and Year 7 & 8 Squash ($40).  Payment for these sports is due by Week 3 and can be done on line or directly to the Bursar.

Students using the local facilities will again be dismissed from the venue at 2.50pm to either walk home, be picked up or walk back to school.

Interschool sports of basketball, hockey and futsal will begin for Year 7s on 11 August & Year 8s on 7 August. 

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Go McKinnon!

Carole Hooper
Head of Junior Sport
Welcome back to Term 3.  This term proves to be a busy and exciting one.  The annual Winter Concert (20 August) is the main focus for the department.  This concert is a showcase of the work that the students in the core ensembles have been undertaking over the past eight months.  Tickets will be on sale early in August via the Monash University website.  More details will follow in the newsfeed and newsletter.
Again, congratulations to all students who took part in the Junior Concert, held at the end of Semester 1.  It was fantastic to see so many parents and friends supporting the developing musicianship of the junior students.  Thank you to all the students who took part in this event, and to the many teachers who made this event possible. 

AMEB exam applications have now closed and the school should receive notification of this date by the end of term.  Thank you to all students who applied to be part of this examination process.
Congratulations to the Ovenden Band for hosting the East Doncaster Concert Band in a pre-festival workshop on Wednesday 22 July.  The students worked extremely hard together with guest conductor and mentor Joanne Heaton.  Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon for organising this event.
We are pleased to be host to the ANATS Performetunity the evening of Friday 14 August.  The Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing will be running a performance based Professional Development that will benefit the many students they teach around Victoria.
We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the Percussion One Foundation, Houston’s premier drum line and percussion ensemble.  These talented musicians will be performing a 15 minute performance in the Lecture Theatre at lunchtime, and will be performing for Year 9 and 10 music students through Period 5 in the auditorium on Monday 27 July.
Please note these dates in your diary for the term for upcoming Performance Opportunities for Term 3:
  • Ovenden Band performing in the Victorian
School Music Festival of Concert Bands at “The Deakin Edge”, Monday 27 July;
  • Symphonic Wind Band tour to Gippsland Thursday 30 July to Sunday 2 August;
  • Senior Stage Band performing in the Victorian School Music Festival of Bands at “The Deakin Edge”, Thursday 27 August;
  • Percussion Night – Monday 31 August
  • VCE (Unit 4) Music Performance Celebration - Thursday 10 September;
  • Senior Concert, Farewell to the Year 12 Students – Tuesday 15 September.
In preparation for the many performances that will be taking place over the semester, students are reminded that they need to keep their attendance up at the core ensemble rehearsals.  All music students, instrumentalist and elective, are required to be in one of the main ensembles that are held at the school.  Being a part of these ensembles helps develop group skills, aural work, sight reading, widens their experience and musical style and often involves performing for community groups, other schools and functions within the school community.  Rehearsals are held as follows:
  • Symphonic Wind: Monday afterschool 3:30 – 5pm
  • Keenan Strings: Thursday before school 7:45am
  • Orchestra: Thursday afterschool 3:30 – 5pm
  • McKinnon Choir: Thursday lunch time
  • Ovenden band: Friday before school 7:45am
We look forward to seeing all students at their respective ensemble rehearsal.

Megan Papworth
Head of Music - Classroom

At the end of Term 2, a competition was held asking students to guess the number of fiction books in the library.  Congratulations to our two winners: Anita Voloshin and Jasmit Sharma (pictured below) who both correctly guessed the answer exactly.  At the time of the competition there were 6,674 books in the Fiction section of the library.  (New books are added regularly and old ones deleted so the figure changes).

Alcatraz versus the evil Librarians
This is the first book in a series by Brandon Sanderson (  It has been described as “like Lemony Snicket and the superhero comics rolled into one”. 

The Dresden files: Storm front
This is the first book in a series about Harry Dresden, Chicago’s first and only Wizard P.I.,  The series has built up quite a cult following.

This is the comic book that won the Pulitzer Prize.  Maus is a graphic novel by American cartoonist Art Spiegelman, serialized from 1980 to 1991. It depicts Spiegelman interviewing his father about his experiences as a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor.

The Thornthwaite Inheritance is an award-winning children's macabre crime novel by British author Gareth P Jones.

Russell Absalom
At the end of each year, there are usually a small number of vacancies that arise in our Year 8 to 10 ELMS classes. In order to fill these vacancies in the fairest and most equitable manner, we will offer the opportunity to sit for an ELMS selection test to the students that have achieved the highest overall grades for Maths and Science in their Semester 1 Learning Tasks and Assessments. These students will be approached later this term and given a package of bridging Maths exercises to complete before they sit the selection test at school early in Term 4. A position in the 2016 ELMS class will then be offered to students in rank order of their performance in the selection test. The number of vacancies available in the ELMS program at each Year Level will be determined early in Term 4. Parents, Students and Teachers are not required to make nominations or requests to enter the ELMS program. The selection process will be based on the objective evidence of the student’s achievements in their reports.

Please contact Mr McLeod if you have any questions concerning our ELMS program.
Les McLeod
Head of Junior School and
Manager of ELMS Program
Global Conflict is a subject in which we studied the all-encompassing, complex relations and tensions within the globe, more specifically and quite simply, the study of conflicts between nations all around the world. In the subject we looked at various clashes and the engagements made between Western countries and many Middle Eastern countries as well as exploring their rich and diverse cultures.

We delved into this subject with the study of 9/11, looking at what actually happened which lead us into the concept of what is terrorism. We came up with a class definition of what terrorism means to us and studied using interesting methods of learning about the various groups around the world who were declared these ‘terrorists’ and some very influential and infamous people and groups such as Osama Bin Laden and Isis. This class involved discussions where we looked at both perspectives on a conflict.

We then moved into the next aspect of studies in the subject, exploring the perpetual ongoing Arab-Israeli conflicts and wars. From there we moved our attention to Afghanistan. We looked at its culture and history as well as then going into the Taliban and its important members and effects. Finally we moved back to 9/11, looking at some interesting conspiracy theories about the events of September 11.
To finish it all off, we ended the subject with an Arab/Israeli and Afghani feast! This subject was an overall incredible experience and chance to gain invaluable knowledge about the world around us. The most important and best thing about the subject is how relevant what we were learning really was and were able to follow the stories and events as they were unfolding such as Isis. By being able to study such important, complex and relevant events and histories it made us more able to view both sides and have a well-educated worldly knowledge to make our own judgements and opinions. This is a wonderful and interesting subject and if you get the chance to do it, we recommend you take it on board!

By Amber Selvan 10H and Matthew George 10F

Office hours are:   8:15am - 4:30pm
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Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officer Alison Pollock or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 

A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible. Proformas for absence explanations can be downloaded from our website (

In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am.  A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 

If no explanation has been received:
  • students in Years 7 - 10 are withdrawn from class and given an after school detention for the following day;
  • students in Years 11 and 12 are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.
We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison on 8520 9050.
Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online.  Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop.  Please allow three working days for pick-up.  Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

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Cheques must be payable to Fashion Clubwear.
Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not
Activities/Events in and around McKinnon
Glen Eira Youth Services is offering two free programs for young people who live, work, study or socialise in the City of Glen Eira for Term 3. 

A self-defence and emotional awareness program (Wednesday afternoons) as well as a social fitness program (Thursday afternoons) are on offer. Please refer to the attached documents for further information.  To register your interest, please call Youth Services on 9524 3677.

Held on 12 September at Swinburne University in Hawthorn, this event is aimed at young people who have an interest in social and humanitarian issues and volunteering.

The $15 entrance fee will include the opportunity to experience speakers from a range of not-for-profit organisations and participate in workshops on how they can create change and benefit their local community.  Lunch will be provided and there will be a number of interesting stalls from charities and humanitarian projects.

A short film and art competition is available for all Victorian High School students for a chance to win some great prizes.  For further information go to or look up Youth Humanitarian Festival on Facebook and Instagram.
Positive Conversations:  Alcohol Awareness
Stonnington Youth Services is holding an information session on 12 August, 2015 at Malvern Town Hall, Banquet Room, 1251 High Street, Malvern at 7pm - 9pm.  This event is free of charge.  This parent forum will provide useful strategies to start positive conversations with your child and to help them understand the potential risks associated with alcohol use.  To book please refer to