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Issue 7, 22-May-2015
Year 10 Exam Period

Monday 8 June
Queen’s Birthday – PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Tuesday 9 June
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Wednesday 10 June
Year 11 Exam Period
7:00pm MSC Musical
Year 9 Exam results available from today

Thursday 11 June
Year 11 Exam Period
7:00pm MSC Musical
Year 10 Exam results available from today

Friday 12 June
7:00pm MSC Musical

Saturday 13 June
1:00pm MSC Musical
7:00pm MSC Musical

Monday 15 June
Year 11 Exam Results available from today

Tuesday 16 June
7:00pm Music Performance Brass Night

Wednesday 17 June
Year 11 Camp (Gold Coast)
7:00pm DAV Senior Debating
7:30pm Year 9 Drama Night

Thursday 18 June
Year 11 Camp (Gold Coast)
7:00pm Year 12 Music Performance Night

Friday 19 June
Year 11 Camp (Gold Coast)
Proposed:  Year 12 English Performance (Periods 5 & 6)

Saturday 20 June
Year 11 Camp (Gold Coast)

Monday 22 June
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Tuesday 23 June
7:00pm Junior Concert

Thursday 25 June
Year 8 Survivor Art Challenge
7:00pm Year 11 Music Performance Night

Friday 26 June
Year 8 Survivor Sport Challenge
Monday 13 July
Thursday 21 May
Music Exchange Camp
7:30pm Year 11 Theatre Studies Night

Monday 25 May
7:30pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee

Wednesday 27 May
7:00pm Senior Ensembles Concert

 Thursday 28 May
7:30pm Year 10 Drama Night
Monday 1 June
Year 9 Study Day

Tuesday 2 June
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 11 Study Day

Wednesday 3 June
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Study Day

Thursday 4 June
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Friday 5 June
Year 11 Exam Period
A message from the Principal

After many months of training, eight staff members participated in the Great Ocean Road Marathon on the weekend.
I congratulate Patty Etcell, Kellie Felmingham, Pip Andrieux, Stacey Binnion, Josh Cukierman, Peter Quinn and David Machin who completed the half marathon from Kennett River to Apollo Bay.

The full marathon from Lorne to Apollo Bay was run by Stephen Gurry and Hilary Chan (an ex staff member). Their times were impressive. Their coach and motivator Lauren Mauger also needs to be congratulated.
They are all very inspiring and a great example of what can be achieved with determination and discipline.
Last Thursday evening, three of our Thistlelonians – Geoff Woolnough, Jenny Cooke and Pam Dickfos were acknowledged for 20 years of service at the Glen Eira Council Volunteer Recognition Awards evening.
Volunteers play a very important role in Australian
society and these three individuals have given tremendous service to McKinnon Secondary College.

The Mayor Jim Magee attended the Thistlelonians meeting held at the school this week and congratulated the team.

On behalf of our community I say thanks for the difference you make.
I encourage you to read the ‘Resilience’ piece in this week’s newsletter, written by Lee Collie, our Public Relations Officer.

Resilience is one of our values and important to develop in young people. Life is difficult at times and hurdles need to be jumped.

Building resilience in children helps them to cope with adversity and to bounce back.

Dr Helen McGrath, Counselling Psychologist and Educator with expertise in mental health, social skills, relationships and effective teaching & learning will be visiting in July to share her expertise for students, staff and parents. Look out for an invitation in the near future.
These tests are now complete and I cannot congratulate our students enough for the way in which they conducted themselves during this week.

Although somewhat stressful for students – they all did their very best!

Gaining an understanding of where students are at with their learning helps us to inform our teaching and learning programs.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Kan, Mr Glenister and the Junior School leadership team for their tremendous support in administering these tests.
On Monday 18 May, McKinnon students and staff will again participate in the biggest language learning competition in the world.

Students have access to an online program called 'Language Perfect', which allows them to learn up to 18 different languages.

During the ten days of the championships, students earn points for themselves as well as for their school. This puts them in the running for awards as well as a plethora of prizes.

A special thanks again to Mr Kamener for organising this opportunity for our students to show case their efforts on a global stage. We came 30th in the world last year and hope to achieve in the Top 10 so I encourage everyone to keep language learning and have fun!
I congratulate Sophie RobertsonBailey SandlerMichelle PittsJessica Brzozowska and Eren Ozenir for their inspiring win at the State Tennis Championships.
After five years of being ‘Runner Up’ and many disappointments, they persevered and are now 2015 State Champions.
Congratulations on the tremendous success at the Regional Cross Country held on Wednesday 20 May.

168 competitors represented our school.  We won eight out of the ten Age Group Team events and had five individual winners.

There is a detailed report later in the bulletin but I’d like to acknowledge everyone’s tremendous efforts and thank them for representing our school so well.

I’d also like to thank Mr Hudd, Mr Bridges, Mr DeSalvo and Liam Adlington for their support of our competitors.
Over the last four weeks our VCAL students, from Years 10-12, have been engaged in Scope Australia’s ‘Young Ambassadors Program’.

A big emphasis of the program and an important aspect of the VCAL course is community development and recognizing the impact personal interactions and challenges have on those around us. 

The students have been given the opportunity to “see the person and not the disability” and understand the impact disability and diversity have on the community and the individual.

The group was given strategies on how to successfully communicate with people who have a disability; they also were made aware of the numerous challenges faced by people with a disability. 

One of the sessions was co-facilitated by Lyn Rowe - a Thalidomide victim who was limbless.  Even though some students were at first hesitant, their training enabled them to see past her disability and they found her story engaging and her sense of humour and ability to laugh, inspiring. 
The last session was at a Scope Business Enterprise where the students worked alongside people with a range of disabilities, in their various jobs.

The students embraced this experience and enjoyed learning about how to more confidently communicate, how to be inclusive and the importance of understanding diversity in the community. 

They thoroughly enjoyed working at South East Industries and were wonderful ambassadors for McKinnon Secondary College.


The VCAA General Achievement Test (GAT) will be undertaken by all students completing a Unit 3 & 4 subject in 2015, on Wednesday 10 June. No VCE classes will be conducted on this day. Students are expected to be at school by 9:00AM. Students must know their VCAA student number, which can obtained from their Student Managers. Students may bring into the GAT pens, pencils, sharpeners and erasers and an English and/or bilingual dictionary. No calculators, blank sheets of paper or white out liquid/tape may be taken into the GAT.
Friday 12 June is a correction day for staff members. No classes will be conducted on this day; students should not attend school.
Mid-year examinations are fast approaching, with all students in Years 9 - 11 finalising assessments and revising. Thorough revision and preparation for in exams now lays a very strong foundation for success in Year 12. Students should review the comments provided throughout Semester 1 in Learning Tasks to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the knowledge and skills taught in each subject, and seek advice and support from their teachers (particularly with respect to any content they had difficulties with in earlier assessment tasks).
NAPLAN testing was undertaken by students in Years 7 and 9 at the College last week. We congratulate and thank all students for their punctuality, organisation and mature approach to the NAPLAN tests. Results will be sent home to students late in Term 3.

In preparation for my contribution to the previous newsletter, I spoke with staff and students from McKinnon Secondary College. We talked about student success from different perspectives. Each of these conversations raised similar questions about the different elements that influence a student's achievement during the years of schooling.

'Resilience' was a word that cropped up several times.
The dictionary defines this as: "the capacity to cope with change and challenge and bounce back"..."an individual's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity"..."to spring back, rebound" and "buoyancy".

Is resilience a quality that endures way beyond you sweating on next month's exam results or worrying if you can win the inter-school hockey match on Friday? Yes - in fact it can prepare you for a lifetime of success.

I wondered if there was a scientific explanation and possibly some relevant research?

Studies show that students who demonstrate resilient behaviour are more likely to experience success in many other areas of their lives: relationships, family life, adult working life, friendships and personal pursuits.

So resilience is a lifelong skill that builds on all experiences!

Resilient people accept change as a natural part of life; seek help from others if and when needed; exercise, eat well and pursue interests; see opportunities in all situations and have a realistic outlook. They are persistent people. They are prepared to put in the extra effort. They show willpower.

Evidence indicates that wellbeing and resilience are closely related. A person's level of resilience can be affected by healthy family relationships; realistic expectations; positive self-worth; involvement in community activities; good communication skills and meaningful friendships. The opportunity to learn optimistic thinking skills and coping skills is vital if an individual is to bounce back when obstacles are encountered.

Professor Carol Dweck, from Stanford University U.S.A, reveals that ironically during her research, employers told her they believed we have raised a generation of young workers who find it difficult to get through a day without receiving an award!

The work of Associate Professor Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania U.S.A, has focussed on two characteristics that predict achievement: "grit and self-control".

"Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out - not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it's a marathon not a sprint".

So how can the McKinnon Secondary College community engender resilience?

It helps for us to model a positive attitude to life; to encourage kids to problem solve and learn from the challenges they face; to have confidence in your child's ability to use strategies that enable them to cope; to help kids to set goals. It is really important to praise their perseverance rather than their talent.

For more information I urge you to visit the work of Professors Helen McGrath, Angela Duckworth, John Hattie and Carol Dweck (via YouTube and TED Talks on the Internet or Google each name). These four academics are well known researchers specialising in the field of 'resilience'. I found it fascinating viewing and thought provoking reading not only from an educator's perspective but that of a parent, a grandparent, a partner and a friend. I've now decided to adjust the dial on my grit meter to full throttle!

So folks, the burning question for all of us is "How can we make our lives grittier?"

Lee Collie
Public Relations Officer
If you ever need to lift your spirits look out for George Harte around the corridors...he's the tall, amiable, Year 12 dude with the infectious smile! 

George has been at McKinnon S.C. since Year 7 after finishing his final year of primary school at St. Kevin's, Ormond. That year saw many changes in George's life as the family tragically lost their Dad to cancer. It was a very tough time for George, his Mum, his brother and his sister. He feels lucky to be part of the McKinnon school community and acknowledges the tremendous, ongoing support he has received from everyone.

Believing he just coasted through Years 8 and 9 he felt he was starting to get into the groove by Year 10 but unfortunately on New Year's Eve in 2013 George was diagnosed with cancer, a terrible blow to George and his family. A medical plan was put in place starting with weekly chemotherapy treatments.  

"Team George" consists of the staff at Monash Medical Centre; 3 oncologists; George's family; all of his mates; the McKinnon Secondary College community and George's Mum. He is quick to sing their praises. He speaks about his Mum in glowing terms appreciative that she gave up work to look after him.

He believes his illness is harder on his family than it is on him and plays down any notion of extraordinary resilience or personal bravery. He gives heaps of credit to his support network for that. In his own words these people are all "UNBELIEVABLE!" and "AWESOME!". 

George talks candidly about the tough times he's endured but is not one to dwell on the "What If's". He takes his illness in his stride, living one day at a time sticking to the plan.

Although he's one to make the most out of every situation life delivers, some things do annoy him, like his weekly blood his age who complain about stuff that doesn't really matter...losing some of his close friends over at Monash Hospital. 

In his spare time George likes to read biographies. A recent favourite was Andre Agassi's life story. He also loves footy and cricket. He's a passionate Richmond fan - ever hopeful that maybe next season there'll be a premiership flag for the Tigers!

Year 11 was George's favourite year at school. He loved all of his teachers and hanging out with his friends - watching movies or going out for a meal! 

The Harte family has travelled to Greece, Turkey and America. George enjoyed the visit to his grandparents' village in Crete where he managed to finally meet all of his Greek rellies! 

George is off to New York for two weeks in December. He's flying solo to visit an Aussie family friend who is having an art exhibition there. George has that plane ticket in his hand and is raring to go just as soon as school finishes! 

George is a believer in putting in the effort in order to achieve. He's very proud of his school and the students' results. He says in a matter of fact manner: "This school doesn't get good results by accident. Everyone works to the common goal. It's easy to ask for help. No-one here is treated like a cog in a machine".

He has accepted all of the curve balls his illness has thrown at him and is determined to stay positive. He says he learned early in life that "we only get one crack at it and we should make the most of every day".

George is a delight. Spending time with him is uplifting. He's mature, positive, streetwise - an individual full of respect for others. 

You are a lucky person if you can call George your friend.

There were lots of smiles and high fives in the office on Monday morning when I arrived to meet Stephen Gurry. The guy was obviously on a natural high and I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about! He'd completed his first ever marathon event the previous day and reckoned it was 'up there' as one of the most amazing days of his life.

Stephen was one of 6,000 participants in the G.M.H.B.A. Marathon, running a distance of 44kms from Lorne to Apollo Bay. People had come from all over the country to run along the beautiful Great Ocean Road on such a picture perfect autumn day - blue skies over sparkling waters.

Stephen had been in training for months, but nothing could have prepared him for that test of endurance. Towards the end of the event he gave a fleeting thought about pulling out, doubting he had anything more to give.  But then he saw the familiar faces of the McKinnon Secondary College support crew standing on the sidelines, barracking, clapping and encouraging him to finish. Keep going foot in front of the other.....perseverance......effort.....discipline......resilience. Ah, the sheer exhilaration of crossing that finishing line! What a day! Give me a high five man!

To Stephen running is a 'metaphor for life'; it requires grit, a long term plan and practise, practise, practise. It's a physical pursuit but at the same time a mental activity.

Stephen's elated that he's now hooked on long distance running. He admits he's never been passionate about a hobby before and he's not a gifted athlete. He realises he needs to maintain a 'growth mindset' taking small incremental steps towards improvement, not expecting to win a prize every time.

He's almost evangelical about his running. He's lost weight, he feels fitter, he's become a more rounded person and a happier person, he's less stressed and is managing his life better.

"I spent eight years working overseas in some awful jobs in the factories and on farms. I taught English in Japan for four years. I didn't speak the language so it was hard going. I picked up some Japanese phrases on a day-by-day, trial and error basis. It took months to learn how to use an ATM!"

Stephen started teaching seven years ago and found the first few years very hard. He was on staff at a school on the other side of the city - a school that had a reputation for having a toxic culture. Since moving to McKinnon Secondary College he's a much happier teacher. He's aware that the students want to do well. "It's cool to do well at McKinnon. The learning doesn't stop when the students leave the classroom".

I asked Stephen if kids are overprotected these days. "If they only want straight A marks they may find disappointment hard to handle. They need to learn from their mistakes, turn them into learning experiences, take that learning forward".

I press Stephen for a possible reason for his school's academic success. "The staff is accountable. The principal knows what's happening in every classroom. The leadership team promotes the notion of 'growth mindsets'. The staff present a united front. They are passionate people, amazing role models who emphasise optimism.  The students take the initiative to ask their teachers for help after the lesson".

Stephen treats his career the same as his marathon - he's prepared to go the extra mile!  (and he was still standing!)

Monday 18 May - Thursday 28 May

All McKinnon students and staff are encouraged to participate in this year’s Language Perfect World Championships. We are keen to improve our results from last year. Please register on the abovementioned website to help us to achieve! There are also great prizes to win!
Enjoy some of the interesting offers of films and documentaries during the German Film festival that is still running until 29th May 2015.
Hosting a student from overseas can be a great cultural experience for the hosting student and family. We are currently looking for host families for two Spanish students, one girl and one boy, both aged 15. They will be visiting McKinnon Secondary College from 16 July to 8 August 2015.

Please contact Andrea Fowler on 8520 9000 or if you could assist in accommodating these students.

Andrea Fowler
KLA Manager Languages
After taking inspiration from our recent excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria, the Year 10 French classes began a cultural project on a Francophone painter of their choice. There were two tasks within this project: a 'research' and a 'create' task.

The research portion asked the students to research their chosen painter's biography, to discuss the society and culture in which they lived, to recount the 'story' behind the painting and finally, include their opinions on the piece. The creative element simply asked the students to showcase the painter's work in any form they like. They were asked to intertwine some French language into their product.

The students approached this task with enthusiasm. They produced websites and online galleries, recreated the artist's work and photographed it, made calendars, gallery brochures, children's story books, a decorative tissue box, a deck of cards, a diorama of the artist's studio, a cake iced to look like the painting and many more.

Their efforts and creativity are incredibly impressive and the students took a large amount of pride in their work. It was a reminder that learning a language is not simply what takes place in text books and classrooms.
To view some of the websites, follow the links here and enjoy the photos:

Kellie Dickson
Year 10 French Teacher
Year 10 History explores the significant events and issues that affected Australia during the 20th Century. Our second depth study focuses on migration, which is, arguably, the single most important factor in the formation of the Australian nation and culture.  Students explore the implementation of the incredibly racist White Australia Policy introduced in 1901, as well as the post-war immigration boom that was motivated by the need to “populate or perish”.  The central task, however, requires all students to interview a migrant.  They need to film or record their interview, write a report about the migration experience, create a Google site containing of their evidence, and then share the story with their class.
 A key component of this project is getting students to analyse and evaluate their migrant’s experience, based on the primary research they have undertaken.  They need to explore the reasons for the emigration, the challenges faced upon arrival in Australia, the extent of the lifestyle changes (e.g. social, political, cultural, and economic) and whether or not the migration experience has been successful.  
This project always reveals fascinating stories and this year the diversity of migration accounts was no different.  The Year 10 History classes listened to stories of people from South Africa, Uganda, China, New Zealand, and the former Soviet Union, to name only a few, who were drawn to Australia for employment, adventure, the chance to reunite with family, but also the desire for political freedoms and a peaceful society.  By completing this task, students have to demonstrate empathy by engaging in, and thus evaluating, another person’s experiences.  Hopefully, the stories they’ve heard will help them reflect on their own lives and provide them with a greater insight into the diversity of our local community.

Richard Long
Curriculum Coordinator
In Year 9 Control Technology class 1, last Wednesday was Race Day for their Lego vehicles powered by a single rubber band.

A Swiss Draw was held which enabled each time to have 3 or 4 head-to-head battles with other teams to determine a ranking of the vehicles. Races were only re-held if the rubber band broke.
The winning team was Wilson and James (absent on the day), seen here with their Lego medal and flanked by silver medallists, Petar and Patch, and bronze medallists Zo-Ellen and Heonjae.

If you are interested in a Swiss Draw, you can find 8-draw and 16-draw templates at
Our beloved Ms Polan has left us (temporarily) to pursue a new stage in her life as a mother. 
This change has resulted in a few staff changes for classes as follows:
  • Mr Munro will take over 12ITA and 11ITA and picks up 07ICT-G;
  • Ms Hatch will take 07ICT-H;
  • We welcome Ms Roney to the ICT Learning Area and she will take 07ICT-C, F and I.
All the best, Ms Polan.  You will be sorely missed but we wish you all the best with your new role as a mother.

We look forward to your return as soon as it is the right time for you.

Diana Hatch
Timetabler, ICT Learning Area Manager

Ever wanted to meet the Attorney General, or your local Member of Parliament? Well, fortunately for McKinnon VCE legal studies’ students, the privilege was given to them on Friday 17 April, when the Victorian Attorney General, the Honourable Martin Pakula and Nick Staikos, the State Member for Bentleigh visited our school. 

Both men offered their time to the students and teachers to ask questions relating to the legal and political field; allowing Mr Buntman’s memorable and controversial question for Nick Staikos to be addressed. This opportunity allowed students to enhance their knowledge on the representatives that affect the way our society runs and how it is managed. We gained understanding of the daily life
as Attorney General, ways to get into the legal system and what Mr Staikos plans to put in place for our community. This incursion has benefited legal studies’ students as we can better understand, due to firsthand experience of Mr Staikos and Mr Pakula and their knowledge, on the first topic learnt earlier in the year – ‘Parliament as a Law-Maker’. 
We thank Ms Arena for organising both Mr Pakula and Mr Staikos to come and speak at McKinnon allowing VCE students to interact with these reputable figures of Parliament; it was a great experience!

Rachel Caruana and Jade Saad – (Year 12 Legal Studies students)
I wish to congratulate THE BEST SENIOR GIRLS TENNIS TEAM IN VICTORIA for 2015.  Our very own STATE CHAMPIONS: Jess BrzozowskaMichelle PitsSophie RobertsonBailey Sandler and Eren Ozenir.

Their story is one of persistence and resilience paying off. After being State Runners Up for the last five years, the girls were determined that it was their year to take home the State Title.

They became Kingston Champions by beating Parkdale, Sandringham and Bentleigh and became Southern Metropolitan Regional Champions by defeating  MacRobertson Girls High, Nossal and Lyndale Secondary.  

On Monday, at Boroondara Tennis Centre, they easily won Pool B by beating Horsham, Myrtleford, Gladstone Park and Mildura in the Semi Finals to advance to the State Final against Box Hill.  

The Final was a neck and neck tussle, so much so, that after four singles and two doubles, both teams were equal on sets and games won.  The Final was deemed a draw so an extra set needed to be played.  

Jess and Michelle convincingly won this 4-0 to enable McKinnon to take out the elusive State Title.  In fact, Michelle never dropped a single game in her singles match and as a doubles pair Jess and Michelle only dropped three games for the entire day.

The tennis journey this year was a fabulous team effort, with Sophie, Bailey and Jess competing at Divisional Regional and State competitions. All girls did a wonderful job.

Well done girls on your wonderful achievement!

Carole Hooper
Coach and Head of Junior Sport
On Friday 8 May on a cold and windy day McKinnon ran its annual Cross Country event throughout the streets surrounding the school. 

The theme this year was ‘McKinnon Turns Pink for Breast Cancer’ where students were encouraged to wear pink and make a gold coin donation. Thanks to all the staff members who worked as officials on the day. Congratulations to Chisholm House for winning the overall carnival.


MALE                           FEMALE

1. Will Sharp                 1.  Genevieve O’Brien
2. Nicholas Poulos        2.  Katherine Hart
3.  Job Meuleman         3.  Ellamae Hayat

1.  Sam Kristensen        1.  Gemma Strangio
2.  Jason Clayton           2.  Lara Van Zyl
3.  Harry Mouzakis         3.  Sienna Beaves

1.  Joshua Kah              1.  Ebony Lockton
2.  Alexander Boul         2.  Jacinta Schepisi
3.  Joshua Boul              3.  Lilli Soprano

1.  William Ockenden     1.  Sophie Highnam
2.  Max Meuleman         2.  Eq 2.  Hunter Ennor
3.  Tom Van Denderen  3.  Eq 2.  Bella Lignos

1.  Jack Highnam            1.  Freya Parker
2.  Harry Amner               2.  Rachel Braude
3.  Jack Strangio     3.  Mikaela Sharman-Smith  
  1. Chisholm       1483
  2. Gilmore          1443
  3. Flynn             1359
  4. Monash         1329
Congratulations to all students who competed. The Top 15 runners in each age group now go on to represent the school at the Kingston Cross Country on Wednesday 20 May at Karkarook Park. Good luck!!
Kingston Cross Country was held at Karkarook Park on Wednesday 20 May. McKinnon was well represented throughout the day with some outstanding results.  
We won eight of the ten Age Group Team events including all Boys Age Groups and won the Boys and Girls Aggregate.  We had five winners individually, seven came 2nd and four came 3rd.

17-20 Girls
1st in Team event: (Rachel Braude, Freya Parker, Mikaela Sharman-Smith, Allira Lignos & Ashleigh Bell)
2nd overall: Rachel Braude

17-20 Boys
1st in Team event: (Jack Highnam, Harry Amner, Jack Strangio, Jonathan Krieger & Theo Papageorgiou)
2nd overall: Jack Highnam
3rd overall: Harry Amner

16 Girls
1st overall: Sophie Highnam
2nd overall: Hunter Ennor
3rd overall: Bella Lignos
1st in Team event: (Sophie Highnam, Hunter Ennor, Bella Lignos, Melina Ayres & Zhara Sangoor)

16 Boys
1st overall: Will Ockenden
3rd overall: Max Meuleman
1st in Team event: (Will Ockenden, Max Meuleman, Braydon Ross, Matt George & Lee Laskaridis)

15 Girls
1st overall: Ebony Lockton
3rd overall: Jacinta Schepisi
1st in Team event: (Ebony Lockton, Jacinta Schepisi, Angela Chen, Lilli Soprano & Erin Thit)

15 Boys
2nd overall: Josh Kah
1st in Team event: (Josh Kah, Alex Boul, Josh Boul, Sean Bass & Ash Hunter)

14 Girls
4th overall: Gemma Strangio

14 Boys
2nd overall: Jason Clayton
1st in Team event: (Jason Clayton, Sam Kristensen, Harry Mouzakis, Jasper Jorgensen & Lachlan Zachest)

13 Girls
1st overall: Genevieve O'Brien
2nd overall: Katherine Hart

13 Boys
1st overall: Will Sharp
2nd overall: Nick Poulos
1st in Team event: (Will Sharp, Nick Poulos, Ishan Malakar, Nathan Smith & Levi Scholz)

James Bridges
Head of Sport
On Wednesday 6 May the Kingston Term 2 Intermediate Round Robin was held at various venues within the area. McKinnon was strongly represented and won the Inter Boys & Girls Squash, Senior Boys & Girls Squash, Inter Boys & Girls Table Tennis, Senior Boys Table Tennis and Inter Girls Soccer. These teams progress further to either Southern Metro Finals or Preliminary Finals in Term 2 and Term 3.

Boys Soccer (2nd): Mr Pantelios - Sandy Senior Secondary College

Girls Soccer (1st): Mr Machin - Victory Park

Boys Football (2nd): Mr Reynolds - King George Reserve

Girls Netball (a-2nd/b-1st): Mr Blackwood - Dales Park

Inter Boys Squash (1st): Miss Gordon – Moorabbin Squash

Inter Girls Squash (1st): Miss Gordon - Moorabbin Squash

Senior Boys Squash (1st): Mrs Gill - Moorabbin Squash

Senior Girls Squash (1st): Mrs Gordon - Moorabbin Squash

Boys Badminton (a-2nd/b-2nd): Mr Munro - Badminton Connect

Girls Badminton (a-2nd/b-3rd): Mr Munro - Badminton Connect

Inter Boys Table Tennis (1st): Mr Braniska - Dandenong Table Tennis Club

Inter Girls Table Tennis (1st): Mr Braniska - Dandenong Table Tennis Club

Senior Boys Table Tennis (1st): Mr Braniska - Dandenong Table Tennis Club
On Thursday 14 May the Kingston Winter Senior Round Robin was held in various venues within the area. McKinnon was strongly represented and won the Boys Badminton, Boys & Girls Hockey and Boys Soccer.
These teams progress further to the Southern Metro Finals in Term 3:

Boys Soccer (1st):  Mr Jhoomum - Dendy Park

Girls Soccer (2nd): Mr Carroll - Dendy Park

Boys Football (2nd): Mr Hudd - King George Reserve

Girls Netball (a-2nd/b-3rd): Miss Schmidt - Dales Park

 Boys Hockey (1st): Mr Farthing - Brighton SC

Girls Hockey (1st): Mr McConnon - No Competition

Boys Badminton (a-1st/b-1st): Mrs Gill - GESAC

Girls Badminton (a-4th/b-5th): Mrs Gill - GESAC

James Bridges
Head of Sport
On Friday 8 May at Dendy Park McKinnon, Year 7 Boys played in the Southern Metropolitan Finals. Coached by the inspirational Mr Weingarten they won each of their matches to progress through to the State Finals to be held during Term 4.
On Monday 11 May the first Vocal Night for 2015 was held in the Lecture Theatre. The Choir opened the night with two very impressive pieces; ‘Freedom is Coming’, a South African Traditional freedom song, and the well known hit 'Hold Back the River' by James Bay and Iain Archer – solo sung by Jack RyanIzabel (Eui Jeong) Seo accompanied the pieces, which were performed, to a very high standard.

There were group, trio, duo and solo performances, with some accompaniment on piano and others on guitar.  Everyone showed off their musical talents with songs from pop, musical theatre and even swing and blues.
The World Challenge students catered for the interval with food and drinks and everyone had a great break, returning ready for an amazing second half where VCE students performed pieces for their upcoming exams. 

The night concluded with two exceptional pieces from the Senior Singers singing ‘Stars I Shall Find’ and 'Do you Want to Build A Snowman’.  Ms West conducted and gave the
audience a treat to amazing four part harmonies.

Thanks to the amazing Audio Visual team and the wonderful Ms West for the organisation of this splendid night.
Congratulations to Symphonic Wind who performed at the General Assembly on Wednesday 20 May. It was an incredibly grand opening to this formal occasion.  Thank you to Ms Su Rogerson for her ongoing development of this ensemble. Thanks also to Jack Ryan who sang the National Anthem with the group.
Many students from McKinnon Secondary College attended the SEVR Music Exchange Camp at Rutherford Park, Daylesford, 19 – 21 May.  By all accounts from students and staff alike it was an outstanding success.  Students from McKinnon joined with others from Cheltenham Secondary College and Mordialloc College to participate in a great rehearsal camp that culminated in an outstanding concert at Cheltenham Secondary College on Thursday evening.  Congratulations to Ms Blanka West and Ms Tracy Videon for their great organisation of this event, and to Mr Adam Coad and Mr Dmitry Serebrianik for attendance at this great opportunity for the students.
We are extremely proud of Nicholas Whittaker, Grade 6 Euphonium and Stuart
Higham, Grade 5 Trombone who were both awarded A (Honours) grading.  This is an extremely pleasing result.

We are also incredibly proud of Alexia Samiotis who was awarded an A+ for her Certificate of Performance on Flute. 
We warmly welcome Ms Kristen Rowlands, replacement for Rose Kavanagh who is on tour in China until the end of term.  Students should check their schedules carefully.
A reminder of the dates for the remainder of Term 2:
  • 27 May – Senior Ensembles Concert
  • 16 June – Brass Night
  • 18 June – Year 12 Music Performance Night
  • 23 June – Junior Concert
  • 25 June  – Year 11 Music Performance Night
Any student who is interested in undertaking an AMEB performance exam this year should talk to their instrumental teacher over the next few weeks.  Application forms will be available next week and need to be completed and submitted
Exampro study guides are now available!

Many prospective parents, (including a few former students), visited the library on Open Night.  The wide fiction and non-fiction selection available was remarked upon by many.
The library can be a very busy place at lunchtime.  Along with our books, computers, excellent printing facilities etc., students are starting to appreciate our wonderful new heating system.

VCE mathematics students should know that worked solutions to many of the problems in their texts can be downloaded in PDF format from the library catalogue.  To find these solutions search using the term “solutions”.  The PDF icon indicates a downloadable PDF file. If students can think of other downloadable files to put into the catalogue please speak to a library staff member.  

Thanks to those students who have returned their overdue books.  Emails will be sent out again so if you continue to get a message about something being overdue find the item and return it, or come and speak to the library staff.  If you lose a book you will be asked to pay for the cost of the book (a receipt will be issued).  If the item is found, the money will be refunded.

Russell Absalom
Resource Centre Manager 

Office hours are:   8:15am - 4:30pm
Telephone:             8520 9000

Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officer Alison Pollock or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 

A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible. Proformas for absence explanations can be downloaded from our website (

In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am.  A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason,
please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 

If no explanation has been received:
  • students in Years 7 - 10 are withdrawn from class and given an after school detention for the following day;
  • students in Years 11 and 12 are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.
We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison on 8520 9050.
Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151
Tuesdays                                       8:15am - 12 noon
Fridays                                           12:30pm - 4:00pm
1st Saturday every month      9:30am - 12 noon

Cheques must be payable to Fashion Clubwear.
Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled
correctly or clearly.

USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person.  If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.