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Issue 19, 22-Dec-2014
Monday 1
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:30pm Year 9 Drama Night

Tuesday 2
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Wednesday 3
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:00pm Junior Music Concert

Thursday 4
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
Year 8 Medieval Day
Secondhand Bookstall Year 9 & 10 2015

Friday 5
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week

Saturday 6
Great Vic Bike Ride

Sunday 7
Great Vic Bike Ride

Monday 8
7:30pm Year 7 2015 Parent Information Evening

Tuesday 9
Secondhand Bookstall Years 7 & 8 2015
Year 7 2015 Orientation Day (No Year 7 classes)
Last Day Year 9 classes

Wednesday 10
Duke of Ed Hike
Last day Year 7 & 8 formal classes

Thursday 11
Duke of Ed Hike
Year 7 & 8 activities day

Friday 12
Year 7 & 8 activities day

Monday 15
10:30am – 12:30am – Presentation Night Rehearsal (Years 7-11)
1:30pm – 2:30pm – Presentation Night Rehearsal (Year 12 only)
VCE Campion Booklist Collection

Tuesday 16
7:00pm Presentation Night

Friday 19
Friday 23
Campion Booklist Collection

Thursday 29
Senior School Students commence

Friday 30
Junior School Students commence
Monday 2
Year 12 Study Camp

Tuesday 3
Year 12 Study Camp

Wednesday 4
Year 12 Study Camp

Friday 6
CAS Calculator Collection (pre-ordered)
8:50am General Assembly

Monday 9
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Friday 13
School Photos

Congratulations to Mr Noble, the Senior School Management Team and VCE teachers on running a very successful Orientation Program for our Senior School for 2014.

Students were given course outlines and a very good understanding of the course requirements for next year.  They all worked very well and I hope they cope with all the set homework.  All work is available on the VCE orientation google site.  More importantly I hope they enjoy the learning next year and thrive both academically and socially.
Our 2015 Peer Support Leaders have been selected from a large number of possible candidates.  Year 10 students immersed themselves wholeheartedly into the Peer Support Training Program. I congratulate those selected and wish them well with the very important role they play in assisting our new student’s transition into our school.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Van Langenberg and Ms Lehmann for coordinating this program.
The following are our Peer Support Leaders for 2015:

Steph Adlington, Alycia Alexiades, Tom Anderson, Sarah Andrew, Tahlia Austin, Sangeetha Banakar, Katina Bechter, Dani Benedykt, Isabella Blumberg, Conrad Bria, Lachlan Bridgman, Sofia Carter, Kristen Cartledge, Chelsea Chum, Alannah Clifford, Caitlin Cohen, Daniel Cui, Hannah Curry, Nina Diaz, Ellie Drenth, Kendal Dubout, Hagar Eren, Sian Evans, Travis Fein, Catie Flavell, Orla Ford, Nevoh Fridberg, Callie Georgiadis, Hanna Gutkin, James Hackett-Smith, Siobhan Halford, Ella Harrold, Kevin He, Alex Henry, Imogen Hooper-Duffy, Tom Hourigan, Renee Huang, Christopher Kaev, Madi Kellaway, Harrison King, Ursula Kirk, Nikki Krainz, Tom Krieser, Krystal La, Leo Laucher-Linares, Craig Little, Wendy Liu, Joel Ludik, Jihanne Mahir, Chelsea Martin, Jesse Maxfield, Anna McCooke, Ella McEwan, Pattricia Michelis, Olivia Morgan, Sarah Mullane, Aska Narai, Monique Newman, Ellen Nichols, Harry Nicola, George Nikolakopoulos, Eren Ozenir, Bianca Pardo, Freya Parker, Anthony Paxinos, Phoebe Ponsford, Jessie Quirk, Lian Rabinovich, Nick Rayson, Bailey Sandler, Max Schepisi, Cassie Semple, Amit Shahar, Mikaela Sharman-Smith, Thomas Stevenson, Jack Strangio, Tom Strudwick, Narre Taig, Karen Talker, Eden Tenenberg, Linnet Thomas, Daniel Tong, Alina Wang, Ally Weinberger, Hitomi Weston, Matt Wilkins, Jess Williams, Ella Zagroon & Maggie Zhou.
Mr Martin West, Mr Tony Brooks and his wife Libby and Mrs Gayle Whittaker along with the following music students from the McKinnon SC Orchestra: Harry Amner, Seii Chen, Peter Cho, Daniel Cui, Benjamin Gaonsalveza, Matthew James, Havah Klajn, Jonathan Lee, Misha Machlak, Winnie McCooey, Jamie Morrissey, Connor O’Reilly, Sonia Ryter, Max Schepisi, Camille Stone, Avinash Thandaoori, Daniel Tritt, Nicholas Whittaker and Moran Zhou are enjoying a very successful Music Tour to Iceland and England.  We hope they are
having a wonderful time and I know they will bring back some lasting memories.  They have met up with our very successful ex-student Elena Xanthoudakis who is enjoying opera success in the United Kingdom. 

Congratulations to all the staff and students involved in the music concert which was held last Tuesday in the school hall.  The standard of music was exceptional.

The growth and development that has occurred in our student’s musical learning over a very short period of time is outstanding.  I would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of our very talented Music staff – their passion, commitment and dedication allows all students to thrive.

Thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who attended to offer support and encouragement.

I hope all the children continue to enjoy their music and pursue their their music and pursue their talents.
The GVBR has run for another year and I would like to thank so many people for their contribution to this marvellous event.  I have received so many positive comments from parents celebrating their child’s participation in this very positive opportunity.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their efforts: Mr James McLaughlan, Ms Carole Hooper, Mr James Van Pelt, Ms Chelsea Buntine, Mr Daniel Farthing and Mr Stuart Baker.  The parents involved were: Mr Eric Meuleman, Mr Brian Schepisi and Mr Duncan Moncrieff.  Their assistance on the ride and their help on the training rides was invaluable.  I would like to make special mention of Mr McLaughlan who organised the McKinnon team.  The logistics of this event is enormous so a very big thank you to James for his tremendous efforts.

Congratulations to you all on this wonderful achievement.
This day was a great success. The students took part in workshops and learnt about medieval weapons, dance, crime and punishment and tournaments. They feasted on roasted chickens and entertained each other in a grand medieval banquet, capping off a successful semester of history of the middle ages.  I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Cukierman for organizing this wonderful event for all Year 8 students.

I have received a number of emails from Ms Dickson who is currently overseas with the McKinnon SC French Exchange. She has informed me of the great time the students are having and the experiences and memories they will have to remember for the rest of their lives.  I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Dickson for her efforts as well as Mr Hubert for coordinating this outstanding experience for the students.
I have also received emails from Mr Quinn, who coordinated the World Challenge in Nepal this year.  The students are very well organised and enjoying all that this adventure has to offer.  I would like to acknowledge the following teachers for their efforts, Ms Kally Alexandrou, Ms Pip Andrieux, Mr Tim Blackwood, Mr Phil De Salvo, Mr Stephen Gurry, Mr Greg Hoskin and Mr David Machin and we wish the students all the very best for the remainder of their journey.
Another major undertaking at the end of each year is the Bookstall.  I would like to acknowledge Jo Robinson who has coordinated and organised this very difficult task extremely well.  I would also like to acknowledge the many volunteers who assisted in the Bookstall over the last few weeks.  Thank you for your efforts: Yvette & Jaris Rener, Lynette Kohlhagen, Ada Wan, Patricia Loh, Judith Abbott, Yvonne Huggins, Di Exell, Ann Yarrow, Haroula Vayenas, Marlene Bronstein, Debbie Warner, Debbie Rosenberg, Jun Li, Nitzan Schell, Faye Robjant, Christine Dawe, Anne Marie Williams, Lien Diep, Alexia Keats, David Zivin, Maree Tomaras, Angela Baxas, Sharelle Hill, Sally Strudwick, Michelle Fein, Dale Gilkes, Jayne Sullivan, Leanne Frost, Jeny Katz, Sherril Aicowitz, Hilary Mann, Vesna Simic, Sally Zhou, Basak Poran, Kath Leech, Natalie Mc, Rosemaree Morina, Glenda Haw, Pandora Fernandez. This initiative provides significant assistance to our families.
We have had published a most impressive Year Book that truly captures the 2014 year.  It is a celebration of a tremendous year of activity and I thank all the staff and students who made it all possible.

The Thistle was produced by Mr Andrew Krause and Mrs Grace Turner.  I thank them for putting together such a wonderful ‘keepsake’ with many memories captured for students, staff and parents.
I thank the following staff and students who organised and helped at the Senior School BBQ during Saturday 29 November, 2014, State Election Day:

Mr Lachlan Noble, Ms Kellie Felmingham, Mr Alan Stubbs, Mr Dan Blackmore, Ms Kate Daly, Ms Raphaella Roden and her son Taj, Mrs Emma Mullane, Callum Lloyd, Ainslee Ponsford, Jenny Tran, Rachel Walker and Giorgia Riordan.
Gill Highnam, parent of Jack (Year 11) and Sophie (Year 9) and a McKinnon Secondary College School Council member represented the Glenhuntly Athletic Club at last weekend’s Victorian Relay Championships.  The Lady Hunters won the women’s 4 x 1500m 40-plus final.  Great effort Gill and congratulations to your entire team!


Presentation Night rehearsals will be conducted on Monday 15 December.   Students who are not involved do not need to attend school on this day.  Students have been advised of the specific times of their rehearsal in the letter sent home.
Students from Years 7 - 11 may collect their Thistle magazine from the College at 9:00am (until 9:30am) on Tuesday 16 December.  As the College is then preparing for Presentation Night, students are not required at school after 9:30am.  Unsold secondhand
textbooks will also be returned to students at this time.  Students will need to attend the following rooms:
  • Year 7 - A07 & A08
  • Year 8 - B07 & B08
  • Year 9 - MERC
  • Year 10 - C04 & C05
  • Year 11 - C11 & C12
Year 12 students will have their copy of the 2014 Thistle posted home.  All funds owed to families from the sale of their secondhand books will be distributed by direct deposit.
All students need to retain their combination lock for their lockers.  The lock must be taken home and then brought with them on the first day of school in 2015.
From 2014 the Senior School Jacket is to be worn by Year 12 students only.  All students from Year 7 to 11 must have a blazer with them each day.  In Term 1 students may elect not to wear their blazer/jacket to and from school in hot weather, however, the College jumper must not be worn to and from school as their outer garment.
The College’s leadership team and teaching staff are very pleased about the wide range of new learning opportunities that have been facilitated by all Year 7 and 10 students having
access to a personal computing device in every classroom in 2014. By having a Chromebook in every class, students have been able to access online editions of texts, research and demonstrate their learning by creating digital content such as documents, websites and presentations.  In addition, students are able to access a wide range of digital resources teachers have made to support student learning, such as podcasts, screencasts and class materials that were traditionally printed and handed out, but are now published online.  The use of Google Apps for Education has allowed for online collaboration between students and teachers when completing work in and out of class.

We are confident that using Chromebooks at McKinnon has added (and will continue to enhance) our rigorous academic program and help students develop critical expertise for the 21st century, including critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

Students’ coming into Years 7 and 10 in 2015 need to order their Chromebooks online prior to 15 January.  Any family that has not yet received information about ordering their Chromebook from JB HiFi should contact ASAP.

We thank all families for your support of our teachers and curriculum programs throughout 2014; we wish you a safe and peaceful summer break and look forward to working with you again in 2015.

Joel Ludik (Year 10) and Shubham Bhargave (Year 9) recently played in the Crusader - Merv Hughes Cup. Both boys were selected from an elite group of cricketers who narrowly missed making the State teams and played against 6 private schools on the 2nd and 3rd December.
Congratulations to both Joel and Shubham.  We hope it was a wonderful experience and that you learned a lot from the games you played.
Ron Burshtein (Year 8) competed in the 2014 State Judo Championship that took place in Melbourne on 7 December and won 2 gold medals. Ron competed in the "under 15 years old" age division.
First, he won a gold medal in his "under 45 kg" weight division and then competed in the "extra" division where he also came first. Ron had six fights in total and all of them he won by a full victory (ippon).
Will Ockenden (Year 9) competed in the Australian All Schools Championship for Athletics held in Adelaide from 5th to 7th December. 

He competed in the Under 16 Boys' Steeplechase and came 7th.
What a wonderful achievement, Wil, we wish you continued success with your athletics.

Merryn Walker
Back, front, tap, side!, back, front, tap, side! Year 7 learners of German watched impressed as Rowan Classen demonstrated the moves of the Schuhplattler-Tanz, a dance which is one of the most striking and eye-catching expressions of Bavarian culture.  It soon became obvious how this form of dancing could keep you fit, and Rowan certainly put out the challenge to our Year 7s on the Wednesday 3 December to see if they could keep up with him.  It didn’t take long ‘til all participants were deftly slapping their feet and thighs as Rowan carefully built up their abilities through each stage of the dance.  

Students were also interested to see that the man on stage had displayed his skills in a TV ad for snack food.  The Schuhplattler-Tanz dance lesson was a lively way to extend students’ cultural learning about the German-speaking countries.

Students taking part in the French exchange program are now in France.  After a long journey, they arrived at Nice’s airport where they were greeted by their French partners.

They spent the weekend with their host families and started school last Monday morning at 8:00am!  The French school had organized a welcome breakfast with croissants to ease them into the French school rhythm.  The
French principal, Monsieur Brulant, welcomed our students and Ms Dickson and wished them an enjoyable time for their stay.
During their first week at school, our students participated in various classes including sport.  They attended special classes delivered by French teachers, French classes taught by Ms Dickson, and they contributed to the French school life by delivering presentations on Australia in English classes.  McKinnon students are also involved in a project with a French history class.  They are collaborating with French students in a research project about the ANZAC presence during the First World War and will create radio clips about their work. 

Several excursions are planned during their stay to get to know the local environment.  Last week students visited Cannes and a ‘Wolf Park’ in the French mountains.  They were quite taken by the wolves, but more by the scenery surrounding them.  We wish all students an enjoying experience at the Centre International de Valbonne and are looking forward to hearing more about their French adventures on their return.
Languages Associations have been promoting the new VCE Baccalaureate in Victoria. From 2014, students completing the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) will be eligible to
be conferred the VCD (Baccalaureate).  

Students do not have to opt in.  If they meet the criteria, they will automatically receive this certificate.

The VCE studies must include:
  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in English or Literature or English Language with a study score of 30 or above; or a Units 3 and 4 sequence in EAL with a study score of 33 or above
  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in either Mathematics Methods (CAS) or Specialist Mathematics
  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in a VCE Language
  • at least two other Units 3 and 4 sequences
  • The VCE Baccalaureate provides an additional form of recognition for students who choose to complete these studies.

Andrea Fowler
Head of Languages
This year’s Survivor Challenge has followed in the footsteps of 2013, and been an incredibly close contest.  Throughout the year, all Year 8s have battled hard in an attempt to win points for their form.  They have been tested in areas of teamwork, communication, problem solving, initiative, navigation, design and creativity, with the overall aim being to hold up the winner’s shield, and receive the celebratory pizza lunch.

The competition commenced back in Term 1, when each island group of students was required to design and build a small shelter using cardboard and other limited resources.  The second challenge in Term 1 was the inaugural PE Aquathon, followed in Term 2 by the Art and Sport challenges, which I’m sure all Year 8s will agree, was a great way to end the semester.  The second half of the year saw students rogaining around Cardinia Reservoir, demonstrating their engineering and inquiry skills in the revamped Science Challenge, and
testing their problem solving abilities in the Maths Challenge.
The final activity in the Survivor Challenge was the Amazing Race which took place on Year 8 Camp.  8H went into the final challenge with a slender lead over 8G, who had dominated in the Maths challenge, and 8I who were also coming home strongly having won the Science Challenge and Rogaining.  It was 8I who performed best in the Amazing Race, but even with the double points on offer they were not able to close the gap on the 2014 Survivor Winners 8H, who did just enough to hold on by a single point.  This year’s victory made it 3 years in a row that 8H have won Survivor.

8H will now enjoy the spoils of victory next week – a pizza lunch and being able to wear the comfortable and sleek-looking Survivor T-shirts to school.

Congratulations also to the overall winning island group for 2014 which was Jamaica from 8D - Lucy El-Osta, Ebony Lockton, Declan Skahill, Shion Toyama, Jonathan Vernik and Naomi Warren.

I hope all Year 8s have enjoyed themselves during the 2014 Survivor Challenge, and more importantly, have developed and refined some very valuable skills.

Thank you to all of the staff who have helped out throughout the year. Special mention to Mr Braniska, Ms Kuriata, Mr Blackwood, Mr Baker and Mr Buntman who ran each of the events.

Mr. Brendan Hislop - Survivor Coordinator
Mr. Richard Long - Curriculum Coordinator

Congratulations to June Ding of Year 10, and Will Hardy and Cindy Cao of Year 8, who sold artworks at the Arts Show in November this year. June sold her metal piece to the Lopez family.  Will and Cindy were approached by the Watkins family to purchase their artworks Twenty per cent of sales are donated to our Spanish Sister School in Cuenca, the Fernando Zobel High School. Will very kindly donated the
whole amount of the proceeds of the sale of his artwork.

A very big thank you to the following companies who have very kindly and generously supported the Arts Show by donating money and/or goods:
  • Lewis Timber in Jasper Rd, McKinnon, who were once again the main sponsor of the Arts Show, funding the monetary prizes for the VCE students, and the bulk of the awards for the Year 7-10s. I would like to publicly again acknowledge and thank this very generous financial
contribution and support from Lewis Timber. If you need any wood, for renovating or building, we highly recommend Lewis Timber in Jasper Rd. Support the people who support our school!
  • Buxton Real Estate for their board advertising the Arts Show.
  • Zart Art in Box Hill North
  • Jim Bonikos from Campion
  • Colour Products in Moorabbin
  • The Pug Mill
  • Northcote Pottery
  • Spotlight
The Intermediate Girls and Boys Basketball teams represented the school in Canberra from 30 November – 5 December at the Australian Schools Basketball Championships.

The boys team coached by Mr Bridges won each of their five pool games to qualify for the Semi-Final in which they defeated Wedderburn but unfortunately lost in the Grand Final to Berwick Grammar to become Runners Up.

Monday 1 December
McKinnon defeated Braemar College 68-47
McKinnon defeated Weeroona College Bendigo 96-32 

Tuesday 2 December
McKinnon defeated UHS Junior 82-37

Wednesday 3 December
McKinnon defeated Denmark HS 54-38

Thursday 4 December
McKinnon defeated Mountain Creek SHS 55-50
Semi Final - McKinnon defeated Wedderburn 73-44

Friday 5 December
Grand Final - lost to Berwick Grammar 59-51

The girls team coached by Miss Schmidt won two of their pool games to qualify for the Semi Final for 5th place in which they defeated Boort and they defeated Wedderburn again 69-39 to finish in 5th place.  The girls were only 3 points (lost to Bendigo) from finishing in 2nd place so technically they were the 3rd best team in the competition. 

Monday 1 December
McKinnon lost to CGGS 68-24

Tuesday 2 December
McKinnon defeated Wedderburn 50-33 

Wednesday 3 December
McKinnon defeated Denmark Senior High School 45-28
McKinnon lost to Bendigo South East Dragons 50-47

Thursday 4 December
Semi Final for 5th place -  McKinnon defeated Boort 46-34

Friday 5 December
Playoff for 5th place - McKinnon defeated Wedderburn 69-39

James Bridges
Since taking out the Southern Metro Finals way back in May, it has been a nervous wait for the Year 8 Baseball team... that is until Thursday 27 November.

Being crowned the Year 7 Baseball State Champions, there was a lot of expectation leading into this season. The team were undefeated leading into Southern Metro Finals and came up against a resolute opponent, coached by none other than our very own Mr McConnon, which they steadily overcame in the 3rd innings.  Having a six month wait until State Finals, the kids went into hibernation for the winter. 

When they awoke, they had three weeks of training to prepare.  When State Finals finally came around last Thursday, McKinnon saw off their first opponent, Wodonga Catholic College 18 runs to 3.

In the second game, McKinnon was down 7 runs to 3 with the last inning looming.  In a bizarre twist of fate, the opposition, Camberwell High, changed their pitcher, believing that they had the game done and dusted.  McKinnon capitalised on this pitching change and charged ahead, meaning that their opposition's tactic had backfired.  McKinnon won 12-7.
The third game went much like the first. McKinnon prevailed over Thornbury, 16 runs to 8.  This brought them to the Final!

The final obstacle in the hunt for back to back State Titles was Strathmore Secondary College.  The game was a see-sawing affair.  McKinnon batted first and were up by 2, then down by 1, up by 3, down by 2 and then up by 1 at the last batting change.  They had to defend a 1 run lead.  First batter - strikeout. The second batter - advanced to second base. Third batter - strikeout. Strathmore just needed 1 more run to tie it up and we needed 1 out to win.  Their batter smashed one into centre field but, McKinnon hurled the ball back into the infield where the pitcher tagged out the runner
2 metres from home plate.  McKinnon Win. Everyone goes crazy!

Below are the back to back State Title winning Year 8 Baseball Team:

Cruiz Leech
Ben Krieser
Jarryd Dale
Josh Meyer
Su-Yong Oh
Kevin Lee
Kosei Liu
Jakub Folynowicz
Jesse Scholz
Daron Dembo
Joseph Inglis

Josh Cukierman
On Monday 1 December and Wednesday 3 December the Year 7 Girls Cricket team competed in two separate State Finals, having won through in both Cricket, from Term 1 and Super 8s in Term 4.  The girls progressed through all previous rounds undefeated after comfortably defeating arch rivals Avila College 111 to 80 in the Southern Metro Region Final.

The State Final of the Super 8s was played on the hallowed turf of the MCG.  This was a fantastic experience for all of the girls, especially Jessica Ponsford whose great-grandfather has both a statue and grandstand honouring him at the ground. 
Unfortunately the girls had to settle with Runners-Up after being defeated in the Final by Clonard College 121 to 90.  The leading run scorers for McKinnon in the Final were Lilly Felder and Katrina Gill whilst Paris Hooper-Duffy and Lucy Van Amrooy were the pick of the bowlers.

Congratulations to all of the girls who competed on the two days.

Brendan Hislop
What an amazing end to the year we have had. 
The Junior Concert, our final large event for the year, was held on Wednesday 3 December to a receptive crowd.  Congratulations to all students and music directors involved from the Year 9 Percussion Ensemble, Bands and Strings from Year 7 and 8, the Ovenden Band, Symphonic Strings, Junior Brass Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Flute Group and both the Intermediate and Junior Stage Bands.  The level of musicianship demonstrated on this evening was very impressive.
Congratulations and thank you to the Ovenden Band who performed at the final Junior School assembly on Friday 5 December, at the 2015 Year 7 Parent Information evening on Monday 8 December and again for the new Year 7s on the morning of Tuesday 9 December.  Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon for organising the students in preparation of these events.
On Sunday 14 December you have two chances to get started with the Christmas spirit and support McKinnon's music ensembles at the same time.  The McKinnon Christmas Choir (which includes the Senior Singers) and the Junior Clarinet Choir will be performing between 6:15pm and 6:55pm at the City of Glen Eira Carols in the Park at Hodgson's Reserve on Higgins Road off Jasper Road.   There are heaps of stalls for food, gifts/craft and other community interest groups.  The event will include performances by:
  • well-known solo artist Anthony Callea;
  • The MikMaks (children’s musical performance);
  • and The Decibelles (choir);
  • The Glen Eira Band with past student, singer Tessa Ramanlal (and more of our current and past students who play in the band).
The night kicks off at 5:15pm and finishes at 9:05pm (concluding with a laser light show - 8:55pm – 9:05pm).
The McKinnon Christmas Choir will also be performing in the morning on Sunday 14 December during the Youth/Children's service at 10:00am at the Bentleigh Uniting Church, in conjunction with the church orchestra and Coatesville Primary School Choir.   Morning tea/brunch will be served to all at the end of the service around 11:15am and we
would love you to join us and wind up the year in a joyous and relaxed setting.
McKinnon Secondary College Senior Stage Band will be performing at the Bentleigh RSL between 2 - 5pm on Sunday 14 December, 2014.  It is a celebration of the work that they have completed throughout the year at festivals, concerts and other activities.  The students from the Bentleigh Secondary College Stage Band will be joining our students for this celebratory event.  We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate with us.
  • All personal instruments must be removed from the Music Locker areas by the end of Monday 15 December; 
  • Vacation hire forms are available in the music foyer, with instruments being ready for collection after Monday 15 December;
  • Instrumental hire forms for 2015 will be available in the New Year.
Thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year and we wish all a restful and musical holiday season. 
Megan Papworth
Head of Music - Classroom
Books, books, books!  Our shelves are groaning with books!  Students can now borrow books for the holidays.  Please come in and get a great selection of your favourite books.  The holidays are a great time to catch up on reading.  The great thing about library books is that when you have finished reading them you can return them to us, you don’t have to keep them for the rest of your life.  The library is the original “recycling “ centre!
If you have lost a book please come and speak to the library staff.  We understand that books
sometimes get misplaced.  If you subsequently find a book you have lost and paid for, the library happily refunds the money back to you, so don’t deny yourself this great service.
The library staff would like to wish the McKinnon community a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and relaxing vacation.  We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Russell Absalom



Friday 12/12              12:30pm – 4:00pm
Tuesday 16/12           8:15am – 12:00noon
Saturday 20/12           9:30am – 12:00noon
Saturday 27/12           9:30am – 12:00noon
Monday 29/12            11:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 30/12           11:00am – 3:00pm


Friday 2/1                   11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 3/1                9.30am - 12noon
Monday 5/1                 11:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 6/1                11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 22/1             11:00am – 3:00pm
Friday 23/1                  11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 24/1                9.30am - 12noon
Tuesday 27/1              11:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday 28/1         11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 19/1             11:00am – 3:00pm

Normal Trading Hours As Above
Year 7 Resume on the 30th January 2015

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151
Tuesdays                              8:15am - 12 noon
Fridays                                 12:30pm - 4:00pm
1st Saturday every month      9:30am - 12 noon

PLEAS NOTE:  There will be a new price list in Term 4.

Cheques must be payable to Fashion Clubwear.
Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.

USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person.  If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.
Office hours are:   8:15am - 4:30pm
Telephone:             8520 9000

Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am.  Please email the Attendance Officer Alison Pollock ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 

A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.  Proformas for absence explanations can be downloaded from our website (
You can still purchase a TI-Nspire CX CAS with free wallet and 3 year warranty for $185.00.  Haines Educational has retained the same price for several years.  They also offer an optional wall charger USB adaptor of $9.90 (to recharge the battery inside the CAS).  If you purchase by 19/01/15,  Haines will deliver it for free at the beginning of the school year (probably lunchtime on Friday 6 February).

To purchase a Cas Calculator please follow the steps below:

1.    Go to the Haines Educational home page at;

2.    Click on portal link (underneath the My Cart box) halfway down page on left side;

3.    Enter code msc (lower case only) - the school portal page will open;

4.    Follow the instructions and add your required calculator package;

5.    Check that details are correct  in MY CART (yellow box on left) and proceed to checkout;

6.    Ensure that the Student’s Name is entered (required for delivery at the College);

7.    Add details, address and contact number (ignore any ticks in boxes as delivery will be to the College);

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If you have any questions please contact Haines during business hours on (03) 8736 6000.

Bill Manolas
Head of Maths

On Monday 8 December, Family Planning Victoria came to McKinnon to talk to our Year 7 students.  Their talk involved sex education but more importantly discussed issues that, this particular age group, felt are important (or will be in the years to come).  Puberty, anatomy, relationships and dating were touched on as well as respect for self and others.

The groups were gender based to allow for open discussion with minimal embarrassment of what can be a sensitive subject.

Family Planning Victoria presents these talks to our Year 7 group annually and the feedback from staff and students is always positive.

Susan Wilken
Community Health 

The City of Glen Eira is proud to present the annual Carols in the Park event scheduled to take place on Sunday 14 December 2014 at Hodgsons Reserve in Bentleigh.  This is a free community event.  For further information refer to the attached link: