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Issue 17, 13-Nov-2014
Thursday 13
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Music Performance Night

Friday 14
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period

Monday 17
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Study Day
Tuesday 18
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Wednesday 19
Year 9 Study Day
Year 10 Exam Period

Thursday 20
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Friday 21
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Wednesday 26
9:00am Keys Please Seminar Year 10 (Session 1)
10:30am Keys Please Seminar Year 10 (Session 2)
Thursday 27
Peer Support Training – Year 10 Students
Secondhand Bookstall (Years 11 & 12 2015)

Friday 28
Peer Support Training – Year 10 Students

Saturday 29
World Challenge Departs
Great Vic Bike Ride

Sunday 30
Great Vic Bike Ride
Monday 1
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:30pm Year 9 Drama Night

Tuesday 2
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Wednesday 3
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
7:00pm Junior Music Concert

Thursday 4
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week
Year 8 Medieval Day
Secondhand Bookstall Year 9 & 10 2015

Friday 5
Great Vic Bike Ride
VCE Orientation Week

Saturday 6
Great Vic Bike Ride

Sunday 7
Great Vic Bike Ride

Monday 8
7:30pm Year 7 2015 Parent Information Evening

Tuesday 9
Secondhand Bookstall Years 7 & 8 2015
Year 7 2015 Orientation Day (No Year 7 classes)
Last Day Year 9 classes

Wednesday 10
Duke of Ed Hike
Last day Year 7 & 8 classes

Thursday 11
Duke of Ed Hike
Year 7 & 8 activities day

Friday 12
Year 7 & 8 activities day

Monday 15
10:30am – 12:30am – Presentation Night Rehearsal (Years 7-11)
1:30pm – 2:30pm – Presentation Night Rehearsal (Year 12 only)
VCE Campion Booklist Collection

Tuesday 16
7:00pm Presentation Night

Friday 19
Thursday 29
Senior School Students commence

Friday 30
Junior School Students commence
Monday 2
Year 12 Study Camp

Tuesday 3
Year 12 Study Camp

Wednesday 4
Year 12 Study Camp
A message from the principal

A few parents will be disappointed when they receive hefty fines in the mail from the Glen Eira Council traffic department this week!

I urge you to please obey traffic rules.  Many parents park in the Bus Zone or in ‘No Standing’ areas.  Also some parents have been booked for doing illegal U-turns on McKinnon Road. 

McKinnon Road is a very busy, dangerous road and at times very congested.  I ask for your support in these matters.

Your observations of all these rules will ensure students start and end the day safely.
Summer Uniform is required to be worn and I congratulate students for their attention to their uniform requirements.

Blazers must be worn on the way to and from school if students require an outer item.

It is always wonderful that students wear their uniform with pride and can be relied on to be great ambassadors for our school.
Year 12 examinations are well under way and I thank the students for their dedication and commitment.

Year 11 exams commence on Tuesday 11 November, Year 10 exams will commence on Tuesday 18 November and Year 9 exams commence on Thursday 20 November.

These weeks are difficult and students feel overwhelmed but consistent effort, motivation and revision will assist them to be prepared and achieve their personal best.
A truly spectacular array of style and form provided a visual feast for everyone who attended the annual Art Show at the College on the evening of Thursday 7 November, 2014.  The art work on show was very impressive and demonstrated the creative talent of our staff and students. 
I would like to acknowledge the Head of Art at McKinnon Secondary College Ms Helen Kuriata who, together with her staff, has coordinated such an impressive event.  The support and encouragement from parents, grandparents, teachers and friends is greatly valued and appreciated. 
Congratulations to the Award winners and to all students whose contributions of work made it such a success.  This is a showcase event that truly brings our community together!
Lauren Rosenberg (Year 11) was recently selected to be a Judge for the Inky Awards, hosted by the Centre for Youth Literature.  Among her duties was reading and assessing the books that had been shortlisted, speaking at the Melbourne Writer's Festival, and being interviewed on the radio station Triple RRR.  Lauren’s final duty was to present the winner of this prestigious award.  I am proud of her achievements and encourage her to further pursue her interest in literature.


All year 10 students will participate in Peer Support training sessions after the conclusion of exams and classes, on Thursday 27 November and Friday 28 November.  The Peer Support sessions provide students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop skills and attitudes to support their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others.  The program assists students to develop resilience, assertiveness and leadership skills.  At the conclusion of the training a group of students is selected to become peer support leaders.  These students
will work with our new year 7 students in 2015 to assist their transition into secondary school.
Booklists for 2015 will be provided to students in the coming weeks.  Families can either order texts and stationery to be home delivered, visit Campion’s retail outlet or arrange to collect a prepackaged order from our Gym in late January (or late December for VCE students).  We highly recommend families select the prepackaged option (collected from the College in December/January), as it will be the most convenient method to purchase your textbooks.  Details and cut-off dates for orders are on the booklist itself.  Orders for texts and stationery can be made online - simply follow the link on our website.

VCE booklist orders for 2015 can be returned to the College by Monday 1 December (rather than 24 November, as originally printed on the booklist), for collection from the College on Monday 15 December.
In 2015 three major changes to the vaccine program will impact on parents of secondary school students in Victoria:

1. The Glen Eira City Council’s immunisation service may contact you about the secondary school vaccine program.  Schools have been authorised to provide parent contact details to local councils for this purpose.  Contact the school nurse at by 28 February 2015 if you do not want your contact details given to the Glen Eira City Council.

2. In 2015 the vaccine that protects against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough will be offered to all students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.  From 2016, this vaccine will be offered to Year 7 students only.  This will provide earlier protection from these diseases.

3. The time-limited human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine program for Year 9 boys was completed in December 2014.  HPV vaccine will continue to be offered to all students (both male and female) in Year 7 from 2015.

A vaccine consent form will home from school with your child early in 2015.  You will need to read, complete and return the form/s regardless of whether your child is being immunised at school.  To learn more about the changes, the diseases, the vaccines, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination go to
Ben Howell (Year 10) competed in the Open National Archery Championships against the best archers from all around Australia.  The event ran over four days.
On Day 1 he was in the top 11 out of 31 competitors and shot with Australia's current Junior World Champion and current number 1 ranked Australian archer.  On Days 2 & 3 Ben continued to perform well despite the weather conditions and competing against 2 archers currently ranked in the top 10 nationally.  On the final day Ben competed in his
first ever Clout archery tournament where he was required to shoot an adult distance of 165 metres and was placed 10th overall.

What a wonderful experience Ben, competing against the nation's top archers.  We wish you continued success and hope you qualify for the World Youth Archery Championships to be held in the US next year.
Lachlan Arneil (Year 8) represented Victoria in the Under 14 State Hockey team over the September holidays and they won the National title.
Lachlan and his sister, Caitlin, were then both named as members of the newly formed Victorian Academy.  This program is for the top 200 U18 Hockey players in Victoria to further their development over term four this year and term one in 2015.  Well done, Lachlan and Caitlin, and best wishes in your endeavours.

Merryn Walker
College Publicity

Head of Junior School
A large group of our Year 8 students recently gave up their lunchtimes over three days to manage stalls selling tasty treats, drinks, novelties and conducting games. They successfully raised close to $400 to benefit the ‘Leukaemia Foundation’.  It was a fantastic display of community spirit as well as an extremely well co-ordinated logistical exercise.

Congratulations go, in particular, to Jo Ee Lee (Year 8F) for his initiative and drive in planning and managing the event - and to his team of volunteers, namely Incy Lin, Wenjing Sun, Polly Zhang, Lucia Roohizadegan, Ofri Shahar, Elizabeth Tsagliotis, Anita Voloshin, Alex Hunter, Sotiri Poulios, Ethan Hu, Daniel Zhu, Giorgio Kondos, Nalin Lee, Alice Lu, Advait Tanna, Braydon Ross, Anthony Hantzopoulos, Lee-Ling Bristow and Nicole Leaw.

Our last Year 11 French class of the year was on a beautiful Friday morning.  To “celebrate” our achievements, we headed for the Korean Garden where we made crêpes.  It was very practical “lesson” for students who made crêpes receiving instructions in French.  Making a nice round crêpe is not so easy but everything comes with practice!!!  Students, however, did not need any help with degustation…
Pierrick Hubert
French Teacher
On Monday 3 November, Ms Dickson and Mr Hubert held an information meeting on next year’s French exchange.  Many families and
students of Year 9 attended this information evening.  The presentation was posted on the Compass newsfeed for parents who may have missed this meeting.  If you need more information please email Ms Dickson or Mr Hubert.

Pierrick Hubert
French Teacher
Updated events
From last Wednesday 5 November, 2014 to Friday 7 November, German exchange students from McKinnon and the second group of German participants from Luther College started a three-day trip to the Great Ocean Road.  Visiting a Wildlife Zoo, swimming in the ocean, walking in the rainforest and the famous Great Apostles were on the schedule.  But the most enjoyable part of this trip was certainly the surfing lesson at Anglesea.  Thank you to Mr Nutting for accompanying and organising this trip, which has been a most appreciated part of the German Exchange Program for years.
On Sunday, 9 November, all participants – students, parents, teachers, met at Jells Park for a traditional Aussie BBQ to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate the achievements of this program.  German students and teachers were presented with Certificates, some enjoyed a game of cricket or football and experiences were exchanged.  There is only one more week until the departure of our exchange students and I am sure everyone will make the most of the few days left. 
On 9 November 2014

Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Fall of Berlin Wall

Please refer to the attached link for further information.

The annual Physical Education challenge was held once again in the GYM early in Term 4. The fittest athletes McKinnon has to offer were testing themselves to the limit on a 20 metre track.  Athletes ran 20m and wait for a beep, then run again.  The beeps get progressively faster, and the aim is to keep going for as long as you can.
The beep test is a common fitness test designed to gauge how aerobically fit someone is.  It is used at AFL draft camp and is a pre-requisite for Police Officers trying to get into the force.  Put simply, it is a tough physical test.
SENIOR WINNERS - Nick Parkinson 15.3, Georgia Riordan 9.8

JUNIOR WINNERS - Will Ockenden 15.2, Sophie Highnam 11.12

Each of these students were lucky enough to be presented with a $25 REBEL voucher from Ironman and Beast Triathlon athlete, Mark Bormanis, for their super efforts. 
Year 9 - William Ockenden, 15.2 (Previous record Luke Parker, 2008, 13.3)

Year 9 - Sophie Highnam, 11.12 (Previous record Jane Thornton, 2008, 11.6)

Year 11 - Harry Amner, 14.2 (Previous record Nick Parkinson, 2013, 14.1)

Year 12 - Nick Parkinson, 15.3 (New record)

Year 7 - Lachlan Zachest, 12.1 and Portia Thorne 11.5

Year 8 - Braydon Ross 12.8 and Ebony Lockton 11.4

Year 9 - William Ockenden 15.2 and Sophie Highnam 11.12

Year 10 - Theo Papageorgiou 13.4 and Caitlin Arneil 9.7

Year 11 - Harry Amner 14.2

Year 12 - Nick Parkinson 15.3 and Georgia Riordan 9.8

Tim Blackwood
Head of Physical Education
Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Hockey team that played in the SMR finals last week.  They were great ambassadors for the school. Sadly they did not win their pool but were very competitive.

Year 7 students enjoyed their Year 7 gala on Tuesday 11 November.

Congratulations to the Year 7 Girls Handball team and Year 7 Super 8s team who are the Kingston Champions for 2014.

Year 8 students will play their gala tomorrow, (Friday 14 November) against other Kingston schools for the pennant:

·         Lacrosse with Caulfield Lacrosse

·         Super 8's at King George Reserve

·         Lawn Bowls at McKinnon Bowls Club

·         Boys and Girls Handball with Handball Victoria

·         Ultimate Frisbee at McKinnon Reserve

Good Luck to all teams!!
Year 7 students were given their sport choices forms on Tuesday 11 November.  They are to complete the form with parents signature and return it to the BLUE BOX labelled Year 8 2015 Sport Selection by Tuesday 18 November.  Students are guaranteed one or their three preferences for each term.  Each student will participate in a different sport education class
each term on Friday afternoons next year.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the sports programme.

Carole Hooper
Head of Junior Sport
Over the past few weeks many McKinnon Secondary College teams have represented the school at the Southern Metro Region (SMR) Finals.  All teams won the Kingston Division Final to progress through to the SMR Finals.  The results are as follows:

·         Year 7 Girls, Year 8 Boys, Year 8 Girls and Inter Boys lost during the SMR Finals.

·         Year 7 Boys lost and were Runners Up at the SMR Finals to finish in the Top 16 teams in the State.

Table Tennis
·         Intermediate Boys and Girls, Year 7 Boys and Year 8 Girls lost during the SMR Finals.

·         Year 7 Girls and Year 8 Boys won the SMR Finals and progress through to the State Finals at MSAC on 19 November (Year 7 Girls) and 20 November (Year 8 Boys).

·         Intermediate Girls and Year 8 Boys won the SMR Finals and will play in the State Finals on Thursday 13 November (Inter Girls) and Monday 17 November (Year 8 Boys). 

·         Year 8 Girls lost during the SMR Finals.

·         Year 7 Boys lost in the SMR Finals.

·         Year 7 Girls won the SMR Finals and are through to State Final on 1 December.

·         Intermediate Girls won the SMR Final but lost State 1/4 Final to Nagle College Bairnsdale in Sale to finish in Top 8 Teams in the State.

·         Intermediate Boys won the SMR Final, won the State 1/4 final v Sale Catholic College in Sale, but lost State Semi Final to Maribyrnong to finish equal 3rd in the State.

·         Year 8 Boys Baseball will play in the State Finals on 28 November.

Good Luck to all the teams still competing in the State Finals in coming weeks.

Go McKinnon!!

James Bridges
Head of Sport
Brought to you by the ICT Learning Area and Nicholas Whittaker of year 10

Pocket is a bookmarking service. It allows you to “pocket” links and add tags, making it easy for you to note web pages you need to access later.

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The app offers a smooth interface and easy to use quick searching. However, the browser extension 
that works with the partner app occasionally glitches and will pocket a page without allowing it to be tagged, and only one tag can be added from the main page.

Pocket provides a useful service that can be
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I rate this app 8/10

Congratulations to the students who took part in the last Munch then Music for 2014.  It has been an outstanding season this year and we look forward to increasing the performances next year.  Thank you to the outstanding students Daniel Tritt, Paulina Vayenas, Moran Zhou, Catrin Watkins, Isabella Eikelis, James Hardy and Matthew James for their fantastic contribution in the final performance on Friday 7 November 2014. 

AMEB practical examinations have taken place and we are incredibly pleased with the results so far.  We have previously announced the Singing results and it with great pleasure that we announce the results for Flute and Clarinet.  Congratulations to these students who achieved a pass in the following instrument and grade:

Clarinet Grade 2:      Alan PanGabi BasmanBriana Trang;

Clarinet Grade 3: Cara MorganGrace MatherBethany Evans;

Clarinet Grade 5:      Lily Tamir-Regev;

Clarinet Grade 8:      Chang Dae Yoo - B;

Flute Grade 3:          Chloe Swan , Chloe JamesEllisa SeowKrishna Pillaai;

Flute Grade 5:  Chelsea BriaAvinash ThandaooriIzabel Seo;

Flute Grade 6:           Marie SpeharYael Zamir.
Well done to all students for their outstanding results.
A reminder to all instrumental students that they
need to respond to a survey regarding instrumental and ensemble groups that has been sent via email.  We are looking forward to the results soon.
The touring Orchestra have their final two rehearsals on Tuesday 18 November and Wednesday 19 November, before they leave for Europe.  We wish all involved the best of luck in this tour.
The Year 10 Music Performance night is on tonight (Thursday 13 November) at 7:00pm in the Lecture Theatre.  The students from the Year 10 Performance class would love to see as many friends and family there as possible.  It should be a great celebration of the year’s work by this class.
The Junior Concert will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday 3 December in the School Hall. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of the music calendar with all staff, students and parents on this evening.  With the busy social season fast approaching, we ask all performing students to keep this evening free to help celebrate the end of the year.

Megan Papworth
Head of Music - Classroom
The library will again be allowing students to borrow over the holiday period.  This is a great opportunity for students to borrow recreational literature or for senior students to borrow subject specific books to help them with their holiday homework.  Before students can borrow holiday items they must have no overdue loans from 2014.  Overdue notices have been sent out and student should check their email to see if they have any outstanding items.  If you have lost a book please come and speak to the library staff on what to do.  The library has many fantastic resources for all students to use, however we like them to be returned so others can use them. 

More details when holiday loans start will be announced soon.
The school, via the library, subscribes to a fantastic resource called Enhance TV.  This service records and makes available for streaming a huge number of programs broadcast by Free to air TV and pay TV.  When you playback via your TV the video quality is excellent.  If you love documentaries you will love this service!  It is a subscription service and thus involves a user name and password.  However the good news is thanks to the great work of the IT department at McKinnon this annoying task has been made simple.  

Just log into your McKinnon email and select Enhance TV from the Google apps list top RHS.  You will then be logged in !!  Happy viewing!

The year level was abuzz with excitement as we boarded the buses. Year 8 Camp was about to begin: another opportunity for fun to be had, and for friendships to be furthered.  On a sunny, breezy day, 6 coaches packed with noisy school children made their ways to Rawson Village.  On our arrival, the teachers sat us down, and explained to us how things worked at the camp. We bustled into our cabins, gobbled down our packed lunches, and quickly got organized for our first set of activities.  Some of us tried our skill on the commando course, and teamwork initiatives, while others started on a peaceful walk, or an intense session of canoeing.  Others may have preferred staying in the skies with the rock climbing, high ropes, and flying fox, or some of the other activities prepared for us, such as archery, mountain biking, or a good game of volleyball.  There was plenty to do.

As the sun sank to the horizon on our first day, all 330 of our stomachs rumbled in a chorus of relief as we lined up at the dining hall.  It took a while, but we eventually all sat down to a filling meal of pasta.  Although we were hungry, our eagerness for the disco triumphed, as we returned to our cabins and prepared our various scary, spooky, and downright horrific costumes, for the Halloween Disco.  Everyone looked terrific as we entered the Recreation Room.  All
the teachers had prepared a great evening, and it was sure to be exciting.  With our own student-DJ, Michael Koletsas filling the music with beat drops, the party was a great rave.  But the peak of enjoyment was still to come.  As we wandered to our beds, munching on a biscuit or two, we realized how close to the end of the Survivor program we were.  The Amazing Race was to start on the next day.
Before continuing on with our activities, and driving to Walhalla, we woke at a somewhat unreasonable 6:30am, for a hearty 7 o’clock brekky.  Day two was our last day of activities, but we were more pumped for The Amazing Race.  The Amazing Race, was set in the historic mining town of Walhalla, each Survivor Island Group was given a booklet of questions, and challenges, which were to be completed within two hours.  With each individual trying as hard as they could for their respective teams, we just wanted to know the results of the Amazing
Race, and which form would take out the coveted Survivor Shield.  After another great dinner, we had 3 options – a sporty table tennis tournament, a competitive trivia night or a movie so we could just relax. As our final activity for the camp, each option was thoroughly enjoyable.  Half asleep, for the last time, we trudged back to our cabins for our well deserved beauty sleep.
After another early-morning wake-up, we packed up our belongings and braced ourselves for the final announcements of the Survivor program.  It was nail biting.  After a quick recap of the year, the leaderboards were, ever so slowly, revealed.  Overall, each form had gone well, with the best island award going to Jamaica from 8D.  But the much awaited form group results were shown – the top 3 places were out of 8G, 8H, and 8I… 3rd place was… 8G .2nd place was… 8I.  By an amazing 1 point, 8H took the win (for the third year in a row!).  The top form for Survivor 2014 was amazed, proud, and even bewildered.  Their sense of competition and teamwork helped them to win.  Tired, but thankful for the great few days we boarded the buses for our ride home and reminisced about the events of the Year 8 camp, 2014.

Written by James Hardy

Twenty-four students from Year 11 have been awarded certificates based on their performance in the 2014 Australian Science Olympiad Exams.  These challenging exams in biology, chemistry and physics are the first stage of the selection process for the Australian teams competing at the International Science Olympiads. 

While many students achieved very good results, two students were awarded medals for their excellent efforts.  Jonathan Lee achieved a High Distinction and a Bronze medal in Biology.  Greta Skahill received a High Distinction and a gold medal for her outstanding results in biology.  She finished in the top 3% nation-wide and will attend the Olympiad Summer School.  This will allow Greta to move to the final stage of the selection process.  We wish her well in her studies.  Congratulations to Greta, Jonathan and all of the Year 11 students who took on the challenge of the Olympiad.  Special thanks to Mrs Harriet Barrow who convenes the Olympiad program at McKinnon Secondary College.

Therese Sweeney
Head of Science
Sunscreen is very important at this time of year to protect against the sun’s harmful rays.  Please make sure that it is applied before coming to school and is in the school bag to be reapplied, if necessary.

Susan Wilken
Community Health
Book buyback (students to bring books to be sold):
Year 12:  20 - 24 November
Year 11:  24 - 26 November
Year 10:  28 November - 1 December
Year 9:  2 - 3 December
Year 8:  5 December
Year 8 - 12 will be from 10:00am - 2:00pm in L01/L02
Year 7:  8 December (Students will be brought over in classes)

The dates for selling Second Hand books are as follows:
  • Years 11 & 12:  Thursday 27 November at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 9 & 10:  Thursday 4 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 7 & 8:  Tuesday 9 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
If you have any spare time late November – early December, you may like to consider volunteering.  All volunteers get first pick of text books they need.  We do require volunteers before these days to help with receiving books & setting up.  If you wish to volunteer please contact the General Office on 8520 9000 or email

Joanne Robinson
Office hours are:   8:15am - 4:30pm
Telephone:             8520 9000

Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am.  Please email the Attendance Officer Alison Pollock ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 

A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.  Proformas for absence explanations can be downloaded from our website (
Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151
Tuesdays                              8:15am - 12 noon
Fridays                                 12:30pm - 4:00pm
1st Saturday every month      9:30am - 12 noon

PLEAS NOTE:  There will be a new price list in Term 4.

Cheques must be payable to Fashion Clubwear.
Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.

USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person.  If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.
We have a large number of rugby tops in Lost Property which are unnamed.  If you have recently lost any clothing can you please go to Lost Property as soon as possible.  Any unclaimed items will be donated to the Salvation Army.
From 1 January 2015, the government will provide extra financial support directly to Victoria's neediest schools instead of providing the Education Maintenance Allowance directly to parents.  Parents will not be able to apply for the Education Maintenance Allowance in 2015.  Refer to the attached document for further information.
Compass Community Care has begun their Christmas Appeal which will help towards raising funds to provide hampers to families in need.

For more information please refer to the Facebook page:  An auction is also being held for a framed/signed poster of Michael Hussey, returned Australian cricketer.  The funds from this will go towards the appeal.

Team Vic Coach and Manager Positions are available for the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in late November, 2015.  For further information please refer to the attached.

Will be held on Friday 21 November at Ormond Primary School, 121 Wheatley Road, Ormond between 5:30pm and 8:30pm.  Please refer to the attached for further information.


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