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Issue 15, 20-Oct-2014
Thursday 16
Last Day Year 12 Classes

Friday 17
Year 12 Assembly
State Athletics Competition

Monday 20
12:30pm Year 10 Market Day
7:00pm Big Band Bash

Tuesday 21
6:00pm - 8:00pm Year 12 Studio Art Opening at Louey & Lane Gallery

Wednesday 22
Year 10 Immersion Day (Boys/Girls Workshop)
1:00pm Victorian Philosothon
7:00pm Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Thursday 23
Year 8 Maths Survivor
7:00pm Year 11 Music Night

Saturday 25
7:00pm Thistlelonians Reunion

Monday 27
7:00pm VCAL 2015 Information Night

Tuesday 28
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Wednesday 29
VCE Exams
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp
7:30pm Year 11 Theatre Studies Night

Thursday 30
VCE Exams
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp

Friday 31
VCE Exams
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp
Monday 3
VCE Exams

Tuesday 4
Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday

Wednesday 5
VCE Exams
7:30pm Year 10 Drama Night

Thursday 6
VCE Exams
7:30pm Arts Show (Opening Night)

Friday 7
VCE Exams
Arts Show

Monday 10
VCE Exams
Arts Show
Year 11 Study Day

Tuesday 11
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Remembrance Day
7:30pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee

Wednesday 12
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 9 Drama Night

Thursday 13
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Music Performance Night

Friday 14
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period

Monday 17
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Study Day

Tuesday 18
VCE Exams
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Wednesday 19
VCE Exams
Year 9 Study Day
Year 10 Exam Period

Thursday 20
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Friday 21
Year 9 Exam Period
Year 10 Exam Period

Monday 24
Year 9 Exams
Year 10 Exam Reflection Sessions

Tuesday 25
Year 10 Exam Reflection Sessions

Wednesday 26
Year 10 Keys Please Seminars

Thursday 27
Peer Support Training (Year 10)
Second Booksales

A message from the Principal

Students, staff and parents celebrate the end of compulsory schooling for our Year 12s this week.

The Class of 2014 enjoyed a colourful dress up day and final day today.  We eagerly await their Assembly tomorrow.

I sincerely thank the staff at McKinnon who have shaped the next generation of graduates.

Many parents end their formal association with the school with the graduation of their youngest child.  I thank all parents who have been so actively involved and supportive of our school over many years.

The special relationship between parents and staff is part of the McKinnon magic!

I wish the Class of 2014 all the very best with their future endeavours and thank them for their service to McKinnon Secondary College.
Our final General Assembly for 2014 was held on Tuesday and again we recognized and celebrated success in so many fields.  There was an unprecedented number of children who achieved High Distinctions in the recent Maths competitions.  We have had many sporting success stories.  The very talented Year 12 Group performance ensemble performed by Michael Aguilera, George Charters, Morgan Dooley-Axup, Emile Groud, Matthias Lamech, Misha Machlak, Alexandra Samulenok, Mia Singh and Ruby Willis.  I acknowledge and thank the teachers at McKinnon for providing the tremendous learning opportunities with professionalism and dedication.  May our students continue to shine!
McKinnon SC has once again achieved exceptional results in the Mathematics competitions.  The year began with the University of Melbourne Maths Competition, which is known for its difficulty and only a handful of awards are issued.  We congratulate Eric Wang (Year 12) who achieved a Certificate of Merit in the Senior Division.  This is an outstanding result.

The Australian Maths Challenge competition was extensive and was completed over a three week period.  26% of our students achieved High Distinctions.  The top 2% of the students competing were recognized at Assembly this week.  Well done to you all: James Hardy, William Hardy, Amit Ben-Harim, Negar Hamedani Zadeh and Angela Chen.

Thank you also to Ms Wills who took the following students to represent McKinnon at Melbourne University School Olympics Day: Doo Young Yun, Duc Minh Hoang, Simon Zhang, Eric Wang and Alexander Tritt.  They performed exceptionally well!
This was followed by the largest competition in Australasia, the Australian Maths competition conducted in over 35 countries.  Stefan Simic achieved a Prize (top 0.5% of the State), this constitutes one percent of students sitting the competition.  8% of students achieved Hifgh Distinctions (top 2% of the State) they are: Ben Whittaker, Shion Toyama, Amit Ben-Harim, Alice Lu, Patrick Brett, Angela Chen, Max Collison, James Hackett-Smith and Eric Wang.

The final competition was the Australian Intermediate Olympiad.  This is an extremely difficult four hour paper and we eagerly await the results.  The following students sat this competition: Angela Cheng, Cindy Chen, Andy Zhan and Stefan Simic.  Good luck to you all!

I congratulate all the students who participated in the Maths competitions over the year and applaud the efforts of our Maths Manager Mr Manolas and his dedicated team of teachers.
Congratulations to the very talented squad of athletes who represented Kingston Division and McKinnon Secondary at the Southern Metro Region Track and Field Championships held at Casey Fields on Thursday 9 October.

The standard was exceptionally high and our McKinnon performances were outstanding.

Some noteworthy individual achievements were:

Lucas Thompson - Boys 12-13yrs High Jump with a jump of 1.70m and then went onto win Boys 12-13yrs Long Jump; 

Jesse Scholz – won Boys 14yrs 400m in record time of 53.94, won Boys 14yrs 100m and second in 400m; 

Elle Drenth - won the Girls 16yrs Hurdles;

Matt Wilkins - won Boys 16yrs Shot Put;

Sophie Highnam - won Girls 15yrs 1500m;

Nick Parkinson won Boys 18-20yrs 1500m. 

The school also won Boys 12-13yrs and 14yrs 4 x 100 Relay.

The college finished with ten first places, eleven second places and six third places. 
Overall the school finished a fantastic third place. 

Winners now progress to the State Track and Field Championships to be held on Friday 17 October at the Lakeside Track. 

A big thank you to all the staff who do a wonderful job co-ordinating, inspiring and dedicating their time to allow our students to shine.

I would also like to thank Mrs Hooper for coordinating the entire Kingston Division and ensures that the carnivals and competitions are very well organized and kept at a very high standard; Ms Pemberton, head coach of athletics and Mr Farthing, relay coach.
Congratulations to our vocal students who absolutely shone this week at the Vocal Night. With confidence and poise they sang and provided the audience with much joy.  The musical talent was much appreciated!  Thank you to all who participated, Ms Blanka West and the Music Faculty for all they do to encourage
and develop the talents of these students and for the parents and friends who attended.
The Media Night, showcasing VCE films, was held this week.  This is a night where students’ creative ideas, which have been developed and filmed throughout the year, can be shown to a captive audience of parents and friends. These short films were of a very high standard and demonstrated the incredible creative talent in our media students.  Once again the community support with so many staff, students and parents in attendance were appreciated.  Thank you to Mr Quinn for providing the opportunity for our children to shine and I would also like to thank Catherine Greene for judging the films.
The following music students performed admirably at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s 35 Year Award ceremony held on Wednesday 15 October at Dingley International: Jack Doherty-Brown, Jason Lu, Matthew Wilkins, Stuart Higham, Nicholas Whittaker and Camille Stone.  These students were great ambassadors for the school.  Congratulations on a job well done!
The 2014 NAPLAN results have arrived at the school.  Families will have received their own confidential report.  The results are, once again, excellent and are a credit to our students and teachers.

At Year 9, where the effect of our teaching and learning programs are most evident, the results are excellent.  Our students’ performance in the Grammar, Punctuation and Numeracy Tests continue to consolidate our excellent achievement in NAPLAN.

Our NAPLAN results are always above State and National mean scores but these results show our school’s focus on continuous improvement in reaping results for our students.

Thank you to the students who took these tests seriously and tried their best and to our teachers for their guidance and effort in improving our student’s skills.
The following is a reminder about the accident policy situation at McKinnon Secondary College:
  • Parents/Guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs;

  • Also Parents/Guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers.
The Department of Education recommends that Parents/Guardians seek assistance in this matter with their insurance broker or find a suitable personal accident insurer in the Yellow Pages or online.
School Council President's Report

Premier Napthine visited our school with Elizabeth Miller, Member for Bentleigh, on Monday.  He announced a $9 million commitment for an upgrade at the College.

This is wonderful news for the school.   We are very appreciative of the support shown.  This now means that both the Labor and Liberal parties have made a commitment to fund the building of new classrooms for our students and staff.

Given the growth of the school, Mrs Binnion has been working tirelessly with the Department and
local political members advocating for this upgrade.  Her endeavours and persistence has definitely paid off and we appreciate her relentless effort.

The next stage of development is a new Year 12 Centre, another double storey wing replacing B & C Block and some of the D Block portables and also new Music rooms.

We will continue to work with our architects H2o to complete the buildings project.

Our community may also have seen last weeks front page story from the Weekend Australia newspaper featuring our Principal, Pitsa Binnion, and one of our Year 11 students, Emily Blaher.  This was a great article about our high performing public school.


Until Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 4 November) students may wear either winter or summer uniform.  From Wednesday 5 November all students must be in full summer uniform.  We remind all students that you are ambassadors for the McKinnon community at all times, and should therefore wear the McKinnon uniform correctly. For both summer and winter uniforms, students are required to wear the blazer/senior school jacket to/from school.  In warm weather students may choose not to wear the blazer to/from school - however the College jumper must not be worn as the outer garment.

Please ensure your child continues to come to school in correct uniform at all times. Facial piercings such as nose studs and eyebrow piercings are not acceptable and students will be asked to remove such piercings on-the-spot, prior to attending class.  We want students to wear the uniform with pride and it is an important part of our school culture.
Over the coming weeks, many senior students in the College are preparing for and undertaking exams and junior students are completing important assessment tasks. Whilst this is a time of celebration for the Year 12 students, it is critical all students are focused on their studies and we expect McKinnon’s high standards of behaviour to be maintained throughout term 4.
We are very excited about the 1-to-1 Chromebooks initiative we have implemented this year.  From the beginning of 2014, all students in Years 7 and 10
have brought to school a Lenovo Chromebook - a low-cost personal computing device that allows for online collaboration and other digital learning opportunities in all classrooms.  We are proud to be one of the first schools in Australia to deploy Chromebooks and believe they have enabled us to bring outside world into every classroom, and build upon the widespread use of the Google Apps for Education suite at McKinnon. Students will carry their Chromebook into Years 8 and 11 next year.

In 2015 all new Year 7 students and Year 10 students (the Year 9s of 2014) will also bring a new Chromebook to school every day. Information about this has been posted on Compass recently about this initiative, and instructions for placing an order for a Chromebook will be emailed to families shortly.
Campion Education is again the booklist provider for McKinnon Secondary College. Booklists for 2015 will be provided to students in the coming weeks.  Families will again have the option of placing an order then collecting books and stationery from our Gym - this has proven to be a very convenient option for families. 

Students undertaking year 11 or 12 in 2015 may place an order to be collected from our Gym on Monday 15 December 2014. The December collection option should assist students to complete holiday homework. Students in the senior school should return their booklist by Monday 24 November.

Students in Years 8 - 10 in 2014 can return their booklist to the office by Friday 12 December, for collection from the Gym on Friday 23 January 2015. 

Families can also order texts and stationery to be home delivered or visit Campion’s retail outlet.  We encourage families to select the prepackaged collection option, as it should be more convenient.  Details and cut-off dates for orders are on the booklist itself.  Orders for texts and stationery can be made online - simply follow the link on our website.  
All students in years 9 - 11 will be completing exams in the coming weeks. It is critical that all
students begin their revision early, seeking support and assistance from their teachers with concepts they find difficult.   Success will require students to set high expectations for their performance, to work hard and to take pride in their work.  
Staff from Glen Eira City Council have recently been ‘booking’ drivers that stop to drop-off children in the bus zone outside McKinnon SC.  Please be careful to observe and obey all signs in McKinnon Road.  Traffic congestion is a continuing problem along McKinnon Road and we ask for your cooperation in driving carefully and ensuring the safety of all children around the College.  
Students who arrive late to period 1 (which begins at 8.50am), receive an automatic after school detention and miss the first period (not allowed entry to class), unless a note with an acceptable excuse is provided by a parent. An acceptable excuse is a doctor’s appointment, illness, etc. Two unapproved late arrivals in one week will result in a 2 hour detention on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

We have this system because we believe that:
ii. Students must be organised and prepared for all classes
iii. Teachers and students who arrive on time to begin learning should not have their lessons interrupted by late students
iv. Period 1 sets the ‘tone’ for each day.

Therefore we ask all parents to support our expectations by ensuring students arrive at school by 8.30am. 
If your child rides to/from school, please ensure they bring a chain/lock to secure their bike to the racks provided. We have unfortunately had some recent incidents of individuals from outside the College entering the College's grounds stealing bikes from the racks provided; these bicycles were not securely locked.
Three boys from Year 9, Ben Chapman, Keir Flood and Flynn Abrams, played in the Southern Cross Lacrosse Under 15 Team in Perth from 27 September to 4 October. They played many games and to their credit won the National Championship.  
Congratulations boys on this fantastic effort.

Melina Ayres (Year 9) has been selected for the Australian Under 16 Soccer team. The team will be
playing in Malaysia from 29 September to 10 October. It is an outstanding effort to be a part of this team and we hope the tournament will be a wonderful experience for her.
Lauren Rosenberg (Year 11) was nominated as one of 6 'Inky' judges for 2014.  This is an initiative run by the State Library.  Applications to be a judge are submitted via a letter or video to the SLV, who then produce a short list of suitable candidates. These candidates undergo a ‘face-to-face’ interview via online video, and from these interviews the six judges – from all over Victoria - are chosen.  The judges then have to read through 20 pre-selected young-adult books within 3 months, and then gather – online – with the other judges to discuss the books, and to choose the shortlisted Gold and Silver award books for the year.

Lauren and two of the other judges were invited to present the shortlisted books at Federation Square as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival, and to discuss the books in the form of a ‘Q and A’ session with the audience.  What a wonderful experience for you Lauren!

Merryn Walker
College Publicity
Recently the Year 12 Economics class participated in the 2014 Australian Economics Competition.  The Competition is run annually by a non-profit organization within the Australian School of Business at the University of NSW.  The aim is to stimulate secondary school students’ interest in business and economics, and lay the path for potential careers in the business world, government and academia.  The Competition is a challenging one and congratulations go to the following students on their performances:
Richard Surjadi and Sandra Zuo who were awarded Distinctions and Eve Elsasser, Alexei Gobets, Alon Karp and Jason Kelly who received Credits.

Jennifer Jones
Economics Teacher
National Anthem performed by Morgan Dooley-Axup.
Year 12 Music Performance class performing Ain’t it Fun by Paramore and Up All Night by better than the Wizards.
Year 12 Students who came third in the 24/7

Mrs Schmidt and Callum Lloyd reporting on the recent 24/7 Relay Challenge.

Award winners from recent Maths competitions.
IT Awards Recipients for NCSS Challenge and Bebras competitions.
Award Recipients of the Tournament of Minds Competition.
Ash Haw, Chisholm House Captain presenting the Sports Report.
Mrs Nayyar presenting recent Asia Week festivities and winner of Asia Week Poster.
Science week winners.
The latest round of the German Exchange is beginning with the arrival on Thursday 16 October of our McKinnon students’ German partners and their supervising teachers. Students on both sides of the world are looking forward to this first half of the exchange experience. The main thing is for the two halves (in Australia / in Germany) of the school-organised exchange trips to be spent enjoyably, but in many cases lasting friendships have been formed over the years, family-to-family as well as student-to-student.
Our German Exchange began in the year 2001, and Jemma Taylor participated in that first exchange. This year I received an email from her parents, who wanted to report how wonderful the ongoing and growing friendship between their family and the Dönges family in Germany has been over the years.  Jemma’s mother wrote to me: “When Dick and I were on holiday a few years ago we stayed in Wolferode with the Dönges family for a few days. We were warmly welcomed and understood the special connection that Jemma has with a lovely family and such a beautiful part of Germany. We've just had a fantastic time with the whole family visiting us. Steffi and her boyfriend Heiko, parents Herbert and Sabine and younger sister Janine and her boyfriend Dennis stayed for a week. Lots of sightseeing, eating, and many laughs! Thought you would be happy to know
that the Hawks now have six new German supporters!” Jemma’s sister Yani, who took part in the German Exchange in 2003, is now living interstate and is still in contact with her German exchange partner.

The Languages faculty wishes all this year’s participating families lots of fun, and we thank Mrs Binnion and the whole staff for their support of the exchange.

Dave Nutting
German Teacher
New material has been made available by the Victorian Government to inform communities about the changes in the Languages education. The commitment was made by all parties to benefit children in their social and educational development.

All Prep to Year 10 students in government schools will be learning another language by 2025, starting with Prep in 2015. 

Please find more detailed information in the attached documents!

Andrea Fowler
Head of Languages
Congratulations to McKinnon students on answering an impressive number of questions on Language Perfect.  We have received a gold award for both German and French with over a million questions answered!!!!!!

On Thursday 30 October at 7:30pm in the MERC, Year 9 parents and students interested in the 2015 French Exchange are invited to an information session with Ms Dickson and Mr Hubert.

We will have a pre-departure meeting on Thursday 10 November at 7:30pm in the MERC.

Starting from Tuesday 14 October, students going to France are invited to attend conversation classes every Tuesday at lunchtime in C6.  We will discuss how to behave in the host family, French “politesse” and we will start working on a common history project with a French class.

Pierrick Hubert
French Teacher

During Terms 1 and 3 the Physical Education faculty has been working closely with research conducted by Netball Victoria in the endeavour to better understand the fitness levels of school-aged people.  As part of this research project, students from McKinnon Physical Education classes had the opportunity to participate in fitness testing using high performance equipment that is normally only associated with the testing of world class athletes. This equipment included a force plate which measures power output and height from a vertical jump, and timing gates that measure the acceleration of a runner over a period of time. 

Alex Boul (Year 8) reflected on the experience saying “it was exciting to have the opportunity to use such technical equipment. To undertake
testing that elite athletes carry was not an experience I was expecting to have in Year 8.”

This unique experience further enhances the fitness testing that is already conducted each semester in Physical Education classes at McKinnon.  Such testing holds a high educational importance as students are able to develop the ability to better evaluate their own fitness levels.  As such, students have a far greater chance of fighting the growing levels of obesity in young Australians.  Moreover, for being part of the research project, a select number of McKinnon students will also get to participate in free clinics that will be conducted by Melbourne Vixens players.  This is sure to be a great experience.

Phillip DeSalvo
Year 8 Physical Education

Curriculum News from the ICT Learning Area
NCSS Challenge in Python Programming 

At the start of term 3, all students studying year 9 Cool Coding and year 10 Information Systems as well as several individual students signed up for the National Computer Science School Challenge.  Unlike other subject competitions, this challenge runs for 5 weeks – quite a commitment for our students.  Also unlike other competitions, students are provided with online material to allow them to study the required content in an interactive format before being asked to apply what they have learned to successfully program solutions to a series of programming problems by the end of each week (8 per week for the Beginners’ Section and 5 per week for the Intermediates).  The Intermediates needed to learn more Python and their problems were significantly harder.

McKinnon had some excellent results as summarized below:

Beginner’s Section 
(45 entrants)
Perfect Scores 8
High Distinctions 15
Credits 4
Merits 2

Intermediate Section 
(4 entrants)
Perfect Scores 3
Merits 1

These are outstanding results and we had to limit our acknowledgement in General Assembly to those with Perfect Scores:  

Beginners:  Jared Abidi (Year 7), Amit Ben-Harim (Year 8), James Hardy (Year 8), Aleksandar Jovanovski (Year 10), Alexey Kopyl (Year 10), Christopher Roberts (Year 10) and Adam Werbik (Year 10).
Intermediates:  Shachar Ben-Harim (Year 10), Nicholas Whittaker (Year 10) and Alex Tritt (Year 12).

Finally, those students who were enrolled for the
Challenge can continue to access the learning materials and the tasks for the next 11 months, so those who found the time frame too tight can still continue to learn Python through the NCSS.

Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge
Last term all students currently studying ICT in years 7, 9 and 10 participated in the Australia-wide Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge run by National ICT Australia and supported by the Australian Government Department of Communications and Digital Careers. Bebras is an international initiative whose goal is to promote computational thinking for students in school years 3-13 and is aligned with, and supports, the new Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. 

The challenges were made up of 15 short questions (each worth 9 marks) called Bebras tasks and were addressed online within a strict time limit. There were a range of difficulties based on student year levels. To solve the tasks, students were required to think in and about information, discrete structures, computation, data processing, and algorithmic concepts, outlining an aspect of computational thinking and testing the talent of the participants. 

Very High-scorers for this competition:

Damien Ross of 7F
Gary Xia of 7A
Owen Robinson and Matt Main of 7D who worked as a team
Jasper Jorgensen of 7D
Lachlan Macdougall of 7F
William Lay of 7N

Students who achieved a Perfect Score:

Arwen Verdnik of 7F
Jared Abidi of 7A
Max Collison from 9ICT
Nicholas Whittaker from Year 10 Info Systems
App Review
Brought to you by the ICT Learning Area and Nicholas Whittaker (10 Info Systems)
Pocket is a bookmarking service. It allows you to “pocket” links and add tags, making it easy for you to note web pages you need to access later. The process is simple: find a page you like, tag it, and the page will be automatically added to your pocket. 
This is a useful service for many situations, it can be used to easily organise news and other articles, archive important pages and even just remember pages for easy access later, allowing it to be used for people for both recreational and business purposes. The app offers a smooth interface and easy to use quick searching. However, the browser extension that works with the partner app occasionally glitches and will pocket a page without allowing it to be tagged, and only one tag can be added from the main page. Pocket provides a useful service that can be used for a variety of services and dynamic needs.  

I would rate this app at 8/10

Dragon Fly year 10 3D Leon Lin

Sun Mirror year 9 3D Anika Duggan
The Southern Metropolitan Regional Athletics Finals were on Thursday 9 October at Casey Fields Athletics Stadium.  We had 55 students competing in 62 events.

We had great success on the day with 13 students qualifying to represent the School and Region at State Finals on Friday 17 October at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.

Stand out performances for the day were Lucas Thompson who broke the High Jump record, setting a new record of 170cm, and Jesse Scholz who set a new record in the 400m with a time of 53.94s.

The success stories of the day were:

Sophie Highnam 2nd in 3000m & 1st in 1500m, Jemma Owen 2nd in Discus, Jesse Scholz 1st in Hurdles & 400m and 2nd in 200m, Ellie Drenth 1st in Hurdles, Xavier Verdnik 3rd in Hurdles, Emily Harbis 3rd in 100m, Nick Edwards 3rd in 100m, Hunter Ennor 2nd in 800m, Lucas Thompson 1st in High Jump & Long Jump, James Landman 2nd in Long Jump, Nick Parkinson 2nd in 800m & 400m and 1st in 1500m, Matt Wilkins 1st in Shot Put,  Emma Hattingh 2nd in 400m, Theo Papageorgiou 3rd in 400m, Josh Kah 2nd in 1500m, Issy Tahana 3rd in Triple Jump, Max Meuleman 3rd in 1500m, Jack Highnam 3rd in 1500m, Seika Chen 2nd in 1500m, Josh Smithe 3rd in 1500m.
The 12-13 Years Boys Relay Team came 1st (Lucas Thompson, Jackson Hannah, Xavier Verdnik, Lachlan Zachest), the 14 Years Boys
Relay Team came 1st (Eli Tahana, Josh Kah, Joesph Inglis, Jesse Scholz), the 16 Years Girls Relay Team came 2nd (Emily Harbis, Charlotte Soteriou, Ellie Drenth, Sian O’Leary), the 18-20 Years Girls Relay Team came 2nd (Emma Belotti , Robyn Charles, Jemo Cevik, Ash Haw) and the 18-20 Years Boys Relay Team came 3rd (Jason Kelly, Marcus La Greca, James Landman and Lucas Hemming).
Congratulations to all 55 students on an excellent day of Athletics and being a credit to the school.
Good luck to: Jesse Scholz, Ellie Drenth, Sophie Highnam, Lucas Thompson, Matt Wilkins, Josh Kah, Seika Chen, Nick Parkinson, Xavier Verdnik, Jackson Hannah, Lachlan Zachest, Joesph Inglis and Eli Tahana who are competing at the State Finals.

Jennifer Pemberton
This is where you type the body of your article
Congratulations to the Senior Lawn Bowls Team who competed in the State Finals on Tuesday 14 October.  The team easily beat Beechworth 15-3 in Round 1 and had a courageous draw with John Monash 6-6 in Round 2 but couldn’t continue their good form in Round 3 and lost to Belmont 12-1.

By finishing second in their pool the boys qualified for the Semi-Finals.  Unfortunately they found the competition too strong and went down to Crusoe (Bendigo).

Congratulations again boys for making it to the State Finals and being such great ambassadors for the school.

The Year 7 & 8 Term 4 Sport has begun in earnest.  As we are a Sun Smart school, we are insisting students MUST wear their school McKinnon sunhat during Term 4 when outside for sport. 

Just a reminder that students participating in sports in the local community will be dismissed from the venue in time to walk home, walk back to school or get picked up.

A reminder to parents of students in swimming, golf and fitness, that the extra payment required must be paid to the Bursar by Week 3 please.
Junior students participating in the Alternative Sports will enjoy a gala afternoon from 12 noon to 2:30pm with the following organizations on Tuesday 11 November for Year 7s & Friday 14 November for Year 8s:

·         Lacrosse - Bailey Reserve with Caulfield Lacrosse Club 

·         Handball - Boys: Oakleigh Recreation Centre & Girls: GESAC with Handball Victoria 

·         Super 8s Cricket - Boys & Girls: King George Reserve, Cricket Victoria

·         Lawn Bowls - Year 8s only: Coatesville Lawn Bowls Comp 

They will be competing against other Kingston Division schools for the Kingston Pennant.

Go McK!!

Carole Hooper
Head of Junior Sport
Welcome back to Term 4.  This term sees many concerts and exams for a large number of students.
Congratulations to our Songwriter of the Month winner for September, Michael Aguilera
The second Vocal Night for 2014 was held Tuesday 14 October in the Alan Lawrence Lecture Theatre.  It was fantastic to hear such a great selection of students performing at an outstanding standard.  Congratulations to all the soloists, small groups, choir, senior singers and Ms Blanka West for the amazing work that was presented.

Wednesday 15 October saw Heavy Metal, the low brass ensemble, present a highly professional performance for the recipients of the 35 years Service Awards to the Education Department at the Dingley International.  Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon for her ongoing work with this group of students.
AMEB dates have been announced for students learning through the Music Department. 

Dates are as follows:

·         Singing - Thursday 17 October

·         Clarinet - Wednesday 22 October

·         Flute - Friday 24 October

·         Saxophone - Wednesday 5 November

·         Brass - Friday 7 November
Held on Monday 20 October at 7.30pm.  Tickets can be purchased online or

Parents and friends are invited to McKinnon Music Department’s celebration of contemporary ensembles, featuring Stage Bands, Sax ensemble and special guests – Sons of Daniel.

Please join in festivities, fun dress-ups, trivia, games and night of excellent music.  Special prizes for best costumes for students and parents!!

BYO Food and drinks

Ticket information:

Tables of 10 have been set-up with each table given a reference name from the 80's TV show
(e.g. Knight Rider, A-Team).

The ticket categories are:

Single adult: $15
Concession: $10
Full Table (10 tickets): $120
Half table (5 tickets): $70

Admission for current McKinnon SC students is free. 

·         Year 11 Performance Night - Thursday 23 October at 7:30pm

·         Touring Orchestra Concert - Sunday 26 October 26 at 7:00pm

·         Year 10 Celebratory Concert - Thursday 13 November at 7:30pm.
·         Ovenden Band and Junior Stage Band Day Out – Monday 27 October

·         Symphonic Wind Band Day Out – Wednesday 29 October

·         Orchestra leaving for international tour – Sunday 23 November.
·         Wednesday 3 December 2014 at 7:00pm in the School Hall.

We invite you to come and celebrate with these amazing performers.

Megan Papworth
Head of Music - Classroom
The new Percy Jackson “Heroes of Olympus: The blood of Olympus”, the new Pretty Little Liars, “Toxic”, and the new Scott Westerfeld “Afterworlds” will soon be in the Library.  If you would like to recommend a book for the library please fill in the form on the library home page.
We soon say good bye to our Year 12 students as
they prepare for their exams.  There are many VCE exam specific study aids in the overnight loan section of the library and students will be able to borrow these (and other) books over the exam period.  We wish them best of luck with their exams (and ask them to make sure they return all their books promptly!).
The ever creative McKinnon students have created ceramic figures based on book characters and
these figures are now on display in the library foyer.  Come over and have a look at this display!

Russell Absalom

On Monday 13 October, we were most privileged to have Sigmund (Sigi) Siegreich visit our school for the third time to share his story of survival in the Holocaust.  All of the current Year 10 History students, as well as some visiting Year 7 classes were given the privilege of seeing and listening to a personal account of the Holocaust.  This generation will be the last to have that privilege as Sigi was only a young boy, growing up in Poland, when the war broke out.  Sigi is now 91 years of age, however, he is as sharp as a tack.  Sigi put his personal story of survival onto paper in 2009 and his first and only book, The Thirty Six, was published by Random House.  There is currently a copy in the McKinnon Library.  We are deeply thankful for Sigi's willingness to share his experiences with our school community and we would like extend to Sigi and his family, a happy and healthy year. 
Joshua Cukierman
History Teacher
On Monday 6 October a group of 17 lucky students went to St Leonards College to hear Derek Landy, the author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, speak.  When Derek first arrived on stage, we thought he may have been a little drunk!  He wobbled around a lot and caressed the microphone and the stand.  Then we realised it was just a ‘show’; along with every other entertaining act he performed.  Derek spoke to us about how he didn't do well at school because “he didn't try”.  He found out he had a talent and passion for writing after working on a farm for ten long, tough years. 

He was very excited while telling us about how he loved to daydream … and that now he was getting paid to do it!  He wrote many stories but none turned out quite the way he wanted.  While he was thinking of ways to improve his stories, two words jumped into his mind ‘Skulduggery’ and ‘Pleasant’. Derek's books and stories progressed from there and we had a fun time listening to him talk about his life and his wonderful books.  I guess the moral of Derek's story is: work on a farm for ten years and you'll find your true calling!

After his talk, some of us were fortunate to have books and notebooks signed by Derek.

I speak on behalf of all of us when I say a huge thank you to Ms Perry for organising this event and to Ms Pentland and Mr Hurwitz for accompanying us on the day.

Caitlin James 8C
Big Band Bash ’14 – Bring Back the 80's
Monday 20 October at 7:00pm – Assembly Hall

Parents and friends are invited to McKinnon Music Department’s celebration of contemporary ensembles, featuring Stage Bands, Sax ensemble and special guests – Sons of Daniel.

Please join in festivities, fun dress-ups, trivia, games and a night of excellent music.

Special prizes for best costumes for students and parents!!

BYO Food and drinks

Ticket information:

Admission for current McKinnon SC students is free. 

For further information please contact Dmitry Serebrianik or Megan Papworth at school.

The dates for selling Second Hand books are as follows:
  • Years 11 & 12:  Thursday 27 November at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 9 & 10:  Thursday 4 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 7 & 8:  Tuesday 9 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
If you have any spare time late November – early December, you may like to consider volunteering.  All volunteers get first pick of text books they need.  We do require volunteers before these days to help with receiving books & setting up.  If you wish to volunteer please contact the General Office on 8520 9000 or email

Joanne Robinson

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From 1 January 2015, the government will provide extra financial support directly to Victoria's neediest schools instead of providing the Education Maintenance Allowance directly to parents.  Parents will not be able to apply for the Education Maintenance Allowance in 2015.  Refer to the attached document for further information.  

There will be a temporary exclusion of non-Monash University users from the University's Caulfield Library between 13 October and 14 November, 2014.  Please make sue of your local public libraries during these dates.
St Paul’s Primary School, Jasper Road, Bentleigh will be holding its annual fete on Sunday 26 October, 2014.  Please refer to the attached flyer for further information.

Dyslexia Empowerment week information can be

Open Day Displays “WW1 in Caulfield and Beyond” are being held during History Week of 19-26 October.  Residents of the local community are invited to visit these displays.  Open Days are  on 21, 24 and 26 October at 965 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South, phone 9077 5395.  Come and discover their passion for local history, see their collection holdings, view their marvellous maps, see displays on local topics, talk to them about your local interests and learn more about the history of your area.
An invitation is extended to any past students, staff or interested community members to attend Cudgee Primary School’s celebration of its 150th Anniversary.  A celebratory Morning Tea will be held on Sunday 30 November at 10:00am followed by a BBQ at the Cudgee Hall.  Please refer to the attached flyer for further information. 

Registration on Saturday 1 November at Arthur Street, Bentleigh.  For further details email or  Please refer to the attached flyer for further information.