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Issue 14, 19-Sep-2014
Thursday 18
Asia Week
7:30pm Senior Music Concert

Friday 19
Asia Week
2:30pm Early Finish

Tuesday 23
Year 12 Theatre Studies excursion
Wednesday 1
Year 12 Practice Exams

Thursday 2
Year 12 Practice Exams

Friday 3
Year 12 Practice Exams

Monday 6

Tuesday 7
7:30pm Education Sub-Committee

Thursday 9
Year 7 Reach Workshops
Southern Metropolitan Region Athletics Competition

Friday 10
Year 7 Reach Workshops

Monday 13
9:30am Immunisations Catch-Up
Year 12 Dress Up Day
7:00pm VCE Media Night
Tuesday 14
8:50am General Assembly
7:00pm Vocal Night

Thursday 16
Last Day Year 12 Classes

Friday 17
Year 12 Assembly
State Athletics Competition

Monday 20
12:30pm Year 10 Market Day
7:00pm Big Band Bash

Tuesday 21
7:00pm Year 12 Studio Art Opening at Louey & Lane Gallery
Wednesday 22
Year 10 Immersion Day (Boys/Girls Workshop)
1:00pm Victorian Philosothon
7:00pm Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Thursday 23
Year 8 Maths Survivor
7:00pm Year 11 Music Night

Saturday 25
7:00pm Thistlelonians Reunion

Monday 27
7:00pm VCAL 2015 Information Night

Tuesday 28
7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee
7:30pm School Council

Wednesday 29
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp
7:30pm Year 11 Theatre Studies Night

Thursday 30
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp

Friday 31
Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp
Year 8 Camp
Tuesday 4

Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday
Wednesday 5
7:30pm Year 10 Drama Night

Thursday 6
7:30pm Arts Show (Opening Night)

Friday 7
Arts Show

Monday 10
Arts Show
Year 11 Study Day

Tuesday 11
Year 11 Exam Period
Remembrance Day

Wednesday 12
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 9 Drama Night

Thursday 13
Year 11 Exam Period
Year 10 Music Performance Night

Friday 14
Year 11 Exam Period

A message from the Principal

Our community truly rallied last week for our 24/7 Relay Challenge.  Community spirit is alive and well at McKinnon.  Money was raised for States Schools Relief.  This is a charity giving access to education for the many vulnerable and economically destitute families from State Schools in Victoria.

This is such a worthy cause that truly makes a difference to the lives of many.  It was indeed a wonderful sight as tent city arose early on Friday morning.

This event highlights the culture of our school. Parents, staff, students and community members working together to bring about such a successful event -
148 teams of 7 students and staff walked or ran for 24 hours.
This endurance highlights difficulties.  It was cold during the night but teams worked together to ensure the commitment made was realised.

Staff and parents supervised all night and I thank them for their tremendous support and commitment.

Entertainment from bands and the silent disco and games helped to pass the time and brought much laughter and enjoyment.

Thank you to the following members of the organizing committee who have worked for months planning:  Toren Abramovich, Ellie Adler, Aiyana Alexander, Brittany Arabena, Kelly Aromataris, Jeremy Bowen, Keeley Dang, Sian Evans, Chai Foreman-Sim, Thomas Herterich, Pranav Kalra, Myles Kelemen, Nicole Koloditzky, Sophie Liao, Yilin Lou, Brinda Manogaran, Deanna Manolas, Daisy Milopteris, Amy Moadim-Lesimha, Mia Moadim-Lesimha, Jason Moncrieff, Cara Morgan, Aron Murray, Nicole Olascoaga, Monisha Pal, Charlotte Pentland, Tali Pinkus, Austen Pope, Paul Poulios, Lauren Rosenberg, Hannah Rosenberg, Susan Snell, Gabrielle Steele, Sachin Sureshkumar, Jiawei Thing, Jiawen Thing, Breanna Thomas, Samantha Tonkin, Alexandra Torney, Jenny Tran, Daniel Tritt and Kristen Watkins.  Also a big thank you to staff on the Committee: Georgia Schmidt, Jamie Binnion, James Bridges, David Machin, Phil de Salvo, Emma Mullane, Lauren Mauger and Jenny Pemberton
Special thanks to Miss Georgia Schmidt, who has been the teacher in charge and a passionate advocate for this cause and Callum Lloyd (Year 11) who has been the key to the success of this event. His leadership, organisational and communication skills ensured the 24/7 was the biggest and best!!

Our CIS journey which began earlier this year with a very positive preliminary visit from Ray Davis and Mark Rickard has involved a huge commitment from all teaching staff to examine their teaching practice against a rigorous set of international principles. We now find ourselves better able to see what we do right and also what we need to do better. Already productive and illuminating conversations have begun not only among faculty members but also between faculties. We are coming to recognise where each and every one of us fits in, and contributes to, the school’s vision and values. We are also beginning to see the possibilities and potentialities of more meaningful engagement with the wider school community. This will become more apparent in the next phase of the self-study process which looks at such things as governance, access to learning and facilities.

Just as support staff will be involved in this study, so will parents and students be approached for their input. We anticipate this last phase of the self-study to be largely complete by end of Term 4. Next year, the entire school community will be invited to reflect on the results of the self-study with a view to future strategies. 

Our plans for future improvement are vital to our application for international accreditation and will be carefully considered by the team from CIS who visit the school in August 2015. We are very excited at the prospect of adapting our teaching and learning to the challenges facing the 21st century student. Together we believe we can build on our tradition of excellence into the foreseeable future.

Our relationship and engagement with all things ‘Asian’ were celebrated this week during Asia Week festivities.  Fabulous food, music and dance brought about great enjoyment and a celebration of cultural diversity and understanding.


Thank you to Mrs Reyka Nayyar for the tremendous organisation of these end of term festivities – a wonderful and enjoyable tradition.
Kate Collier (Year 8) was a tremendous ambassador for McKinnon at a Conference for Radiology and Radiation Oncology in Melbourne recently.  It was amazing for specialists who have been a part of Kate’s journey see her shine in this way!
Here is a link to her performance of the national anthem :

Well done Kate and thank you for flying the McKinnon flag so beautifully.
Mr Perry’s Applied Technology Team 7 competed at La Trobe University on Sunday 14 September in the Secondary Division of the Tournament of Minds.

Reaching the State finals is a significant achievement and I thank the team dnf Mr Perry for being great ambassadors for McKinnon.

The team consisted of Luka Cote, Andy Kim (who was overseas but was at regional competition and Eriks Stepanuks (Year 7), Luka Duggan, Alex Hunter, Phoenix Loquet and Team Captain Neg Hamedani Zadeh (Year 8).  Well done to all involved and I thank the parents for their support.

We look forward to 2015 and hope for a win in the Australasian Pacific finals.
I received the following email from the National Gallery of Victoria in praise of the behaviour of 7C who attended ‘The Art of English’ program last week.  It makes me so proud to receive such glowing feedback when students from McKinnon SC are being such great ambassadors for the College.

“Dear Mrs Binnion,

I am writing in praise of the wonderful school community that you foster.

I am an Educator at the National Gallery of Victoria which is often frequented by students from your school, who attend Education programs with members of your staff.

On September 3, a class of students from 7C attended ‘The Art of English’ program at the Gallery which involves writing creatively in response to works of art.

On this particular day, the 2 hour class was observed by two visitors from a publishing company who wanted to see the program in action and how it applies to the AusVELS English curriculum.

The McKinnon students were exceptionally focused, engaged and able to articulate their ideas with great confidence. They displayed extraordinary creative thinking and writing skills during the class and the visitors and I were extremely impressed by their talent, obvious love of learning and respectful behaviour.

I would also like to say what a pleasure it is to work with such an inspiring teacher as Helen Kuriata who was supervising my group. She radiates a passion for teaching and inspires the students’ respect through her genuine interest in nurturing their individual strengths.

It is always such a pleasure to work with the staff and students at McKinnon Secondary College.

Best regards,

Susie May
National Gallery of Victoria”

Term 3 has been very hectic indeed.  Tremendous learning has been undertaken and I thank our dedicated, passionate teachers who work tirelessly to ensure students are given every opportunity to strive academically and socially.

We have a strong sense of belonging and community at McKinnon due to the wonderful opportunities provided for the students in our care.

May I wish the community much enjoyment with family and friends over the coming break.


The Year 12 practice exams will be held from Wednesday 1 October to Friday 3 October (week two of the Term 3 holidays).  The timetable has been distributed to all students undertaking a Units 3 & 4 subject at the College; all students must be on time and in full uniform.  These examinations will be held in the Assembly Hall and provide students with an opportunity to prepare for their VCAA examinations to be held in November.  Best wishes to students during this challenging time.
The introduction this year of Chromebooks into Years 7 and 10 has been a success, with teachers developing a range of new digital resources and strategies to enhance student learning.  The College’s leadership team is aware of the additional expense the Chromebook program creates for families (along with the extra weight in students’ bags) and we are working hard to scale
back the booklist to address both of these issues.

Over coming years many subject areas will make greater use of online resources rather than published texts.  The College is making this transition gradually - we will ensure we maintain rigour in our teaching program and will only shift to digital resources when they are appropriate for students’ needs.  Many subject areas are also purchasing class sets of texts to use in place of every individual student purchasing a particular book.

Many texts (when purchased from Campion) currently come with access to an online edition of the textbook.  When purchasing texts at the start of 2015, please keep the relevant access codes secure - teachers will assist students to set up their online texts at the start of the school year.  Many publishers will enable families to reactivate login codes (often for approximately $15 - $30) if they purchase a secondhand edition of a textbook.  Ensuring easy access to online editions of textbooks should provide students with flexibility in managing their resources - students may choose to leave the printed text at school and complete homework and revision by accessing the online edition at home (or vice versa).
Asia Week is designed to heighten students’ awareness of - and to celebrate - the cultures of Asia.  Each year staff members (headed by Rekha Nayyar) coordinate many activities both inside classes and at lunchtime that broaden our knowledge and appreciation of Asian cultures.  Activities this week have included Asian food stalls at lunchtime, Indian dancing for our Year 7 students and teachers dressing in traditional Asian
clothes. Classes have also incorporated Asian content in their learning programs.  Congratulations to all who have been involved.  On behalf of all the staff and students who have thoroughly enjoyed this festival, thank-you Mrs Nayyar!
Thank-you to all parents and students who supported the College through their attendance at Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews. These discussions provide valuable information and insight into the progress of each child and are seen as a high priority by all staff.  We also hope the introduction of interim progress reports assisted parents and students to reflect on the work completed so far in semester two.
In Term 4 (as in Term 1) the senior school jacket and the College blazer are optional items; however, if students wish to wear an outer garment to/from school, it must be the blazer/senior jacket (not the College jumper on its own).  Between the start of Term 4 and Melbourne Cup Day, students may choose to wear either winter or summer uniform; from Wednesday 5 November all students are required to wear full summer uniform.

We wish all students and families a great holiday and we look forward to another wonderful term at McKinnon beginning Monday 6 October.
both performed as principal vocalists and Ceridwen McCooey (Year 9) performed in the orchestra. 
I congratulate all for being wonderful ambassadors for McKinnon.

This performance will be televised on Channel 7 on 19 October.

Luke Johnstone (Year 11) was recently awarded the Bentleigh Cricket Club Under 18’s Club Champion for 2013/2014. His talent and team commitment are admirable.
Congratulations to Ben Chapman, Flynn Abram and Keir Flood, (all in Year 9), who have been selected to play in the Under 15 Southern Cross representative Lacrosse team.  The team is playing in the Under 15 National Competition in Perth from 28 September to 4 October.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming tournament and hope you enjoy the competition and play well!

Merryn Walker
College Publicity

Morgan Dooley-Axup (Year 12) achieved tremendous success last weekend in the Royal South Street Competition in Ballarat for contemporary vocals under 18 years.  He results were: 

1st in the r & b pop genre – singing Stop!
1st in the musical theatre genre, singing Show Off
5th in jazz/soul genre, singing My Romance
3rd in Disney, film and TV, singing Change in Me
1st in country, singing Oh Atlanta
1st in VCE contemporary section

A great talent and well deserved success!!

This spectacular went on show last Saturday 13 September with two stunning performances at the Hisense Arena.

More than 3000 students took to the stage singing, dancing and performing in the orchestra.  The theme for 2014 was ‘Dare to Dream’.

Alexandra Samulenok (Year 12), Krystal La (Year 10)
The Year 8 students recently participated in a Rogaining Challenge at Cardinia Reservoir Park as part of the Survivor Program.  Each 'Island Groups’ team work, map-reading skills, endurance and resilience was put to the test as they attempted to navigate the course to collect as many of the checkpoints as possible.  The students also braved the elements - including some strong rain and wind - with little fuss, and all performed extremely well, earning points for their teams, as well as having a great time. 

The winning boys and girls Island Groups - Corfu and Cyprus (both from 8H) are currently on top of the Survivor Leader board with only the Maths and Amazing Race Challenges remaining.

A big thank you to Stuart Baker and the other staff who helped run the event.

Brendan Hislop
Rogaining Organiser

The Languages Faculty is always keen to foster and promote language learning. Asia Week gives us the opportunity to prioritise Asian languages.  During the last week of term, we asked junior and senior language students to investigate an Asian language and present basic elements of conversation in their language classes. 
Students who can speak Asian languages took a leading role in the classes, helping other students to learn and use new words and expressions. The difficulty to recognise the characters of some languages was aided using videos and websites. These short interactions in Asian languages also gave students the chance to gain further insights in different cultures. The importance of body language was highlighted and evident in many student performances. Students created posters, learned to write some characters and were able to communicate basic phrases in Asian languages.  Thank you to all Languages teachers who made this change of curriculum possible and supported the effort of our students learning Asian languages during Asia week.

謝謝            ありがとう       terima kasih                 xie xie         Arigatō                                            

ขอขอบคุณ                        고마워
K̄hx k̄hxbkhuṇ            komawo
On 4 September, Year 11 German students had an early start at the airport. Students and teachers met at 6:30am to be checked in and the plane soon took off for a 50 minute flight to Adelaide.

The aim of this tour was to introduce students to the early German settlement in South Australia and the contributions Germans have made in Australia.

The first stop in Adelaide was the Maritime Museum, where students could experience the journey to Australia in ship cabins dating from the 19th to the 20th century. The tour guide talked about the hardship immigrants experienced on this long and dangerous journey, of which many did not survive. They also learned about the reason for their arrival – German Lutherans were religiously persecuted at that time and had to flee from Prussia and Silesia.  We continued our trip to Hahndorf where we had an enjoyable lunch in the German Arms Hotel, a traditional German pub.
After lunch, a visit to “The Cedars” introduced students to the famous German-born artist Hans Heysen, who is well known for his paintings of gumtrees.  A tour through the Hahndorf
Academy and the streets of Hahndorf completed the program for the day.

The second day started in Chateau Yaldara, a winery founded by a German, Hermann Thumm. Students learned about the process of winemaking and the changes introduced by the Germans in Australian wine production. A visit to the Lobethal Archives had interesting antique artefacts to offer and the Herbig Tree and Friedensberg School in Springton gave students an insight in living conditions and schooling in the early days of settlement.  The visit to the oldest ‘9 pin bowling’ track in the Southern Hemisphere gave students an opportunity to relax with some fun. Unfortunately we had to return early to Melbourne on the third day, although many would have enjoyed staying longer. 
On 20 August two Year 11 students, Ivan Kravchenko and Daniel Ledda, participated in the annual Goethe Poetry Competition at Monash University. They were offered a full day program with entertaining activities and lectures to explore German courses at university. They had to memorise and interpret a poem and recited them in front of a jury on the day. Daniel Ledda made it into the finals with his poem “Das blaue Klavier”, but a trio of students from another school blew the audience away with an “a capella” version of their poem. Daniel and Ivan enjoyed this additional opportunity offered by the Goethe Institute Melbourne and Monash University and both students have been reminded about their interest in languages.

Andrea Fowler
KLA Learning Area Manager
On Monday 18 August, Monique Webber, a classics PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, spoke to students from 7A and 7I about the intrinsic value of historical studies in everyday life.  Monique is part of the Humanities 21 group, an organisation advocating for the benefits of a humanities education in all aspects of contemporary life.  Her workshop is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between Humanities 21 and McKinnon Secondary College as the group try to extend their reach into secondary education.

In Year 7 History at McKinnon, students are challenged to develop analytical skills, as well as an awareness of multiple perspectives as part of their studies of Ancient Civilisations.  A significant focus of this course is on the ability to critically evaluate evidence, both written and visual, and drawing conclusions from these sources.   These skills are developed continuously throughout all Junior History classes, and are a fundamental component of the VCE History syllabus; introducing these concepts at Year 7 in an engaging format, therefore, provides an excellent foundation for success in later years. 

Monique delivered a university-style workshop on completing a visual source analysis of ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ (1801-1805) (see image).  By participating, students were able to make observations and reach some conclusions about who Napoleon was based on this one image.  The fact that he not only commissioned this painting but also made himself the powerful centrepiece led the students to question Napoleon’s ego.  But the realisation that they could determine this kind of information from one solitary painting was perhaps the biggest takeaway for the students. 
Monique modelled her passion for the humanities and the students were presented with a role model who had followed her curiosity and forged a career
Google Drawings is a free app developed by Google and is part of the Google applications suite. 

The app is like most illustrating programs, consisting of a default A4 sized blank workspace and a standard toolbar containing familiar options (File, Edit, Insert, Format etc). Inserting objects such as lines, arrows, and shapes is also very easy, only requiring a click, drag and drop like most other programs. The app also includes a list of Keyboard Shortcuts which is useful for anyone wanting to get things done fast.

Google Drawing files can be shared easily by pressing the ‘Share’ button on the top right hand corner. The learning curve and knowledge 
needed to use the app  is very small as it does not have many complex features.

The app also has a clean looking ribbon which results in a more ergonomic interface. It features real-time collaboration with an automatic save after every change made. Google Drawings was
made for simplicity and therefore the developers have made things as straightforward as possible.

Google Drawings is not very useful for me. It does not include many advanced features that other programs like Adobe Illustrator include. Google Drawings is very restricted in terms of creativity, with only basic tools available for use. It doesn’t include the feature of drawing on multiple layers. On the plus side, it is useful as it can be used offline. It can be useful for anyone with a Chromebook. Chromebooks do not come with a default drawing tool, leaving Google Drawings to solve the issue. It is a good app for people who are wanting to learn the fundamental skills of  illustrating and editing through a computer program. It also contains a few features  which are present in programs like Microsoft Publisher, meaning that it can be used as a foundation of knowledge for beginners.
Similarities: Google Drawings vs Microsoft Publisher 2007

The app is also useful for businesses, as it provides a quick way of making flowcharts, tables and diagrams.

Google Drawings is very suitable for group work as you can share a project and enable whole teams of individuals to work on it together online in real-time. It has a comments panel which helps ease communication between individuals working on one piece.

The app can be improved by adding more advanced features. Adding filters and artistic effects would also enhance the quality of the program and its popularity.  The Wordart for Google Drawings is very bland with only one ‘format’ available for use. The developers should also add a ruler and gridline option which can help users plot more accurate lines and ease their workspace organisation. 
Improvement ideas by adding a layers and effects panel
At the Kingston Division Championships on the Thursday 4 September, our students were outstanding representatives of the school, winning 59 Individual events, breaking 9 records (Sophie Highnam in 1500m, Xavier Verdnik in Hurdles, Charlotte Soteriou in Long Jump, Ellie Drenth in Hurdles, Jesse Scholz in Hurdles, Matthew Wilkins in Shot Put, Lucas Thompson in High Jump, Emma Hattingh in 400m & Jesse Scholz in 400m).  In relay we won nine events, breaking four records (Boys 12-13 years, Boys 14 years, Girls 16 years & Girls 18-20 years).

 In the girls events we won the Junior, Intermediate and Overall Aggregate.  In the Boys events we won the Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Overall Aggregate.  We had five age group winners:  Jemma Owen, Jesse Scoltz, Ellie Drenth, Harry Amer and Nick Parkinson

Once again McKinnon were victorious in securing the title of Kingston Division Athletics Champions.

Following the Kingston Division Championships we have 56 students qualifying to represent the school and Kingston Division at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Finals on the Thursday 9 October.  Good luck to all those competing!

Jennifer Pemberton
Two of our students, Emily Harbis (Year 10) and Melina Ayres (Year 9) represented Victoria in the Under 17 Girls Division in the National Training Centre Challenge in Canberra for the week of the 25 - 29 August.

They have been training with the National Training Centre, funded through the Football Federation of Australia and were selected to take part in this national competition.  Both girls competed in the Women's Premier League, Emily with the State NTC Under 17 team, and Melina with Ashburton.

In the opening game, in very trying conditions plagued by consistent heavy rain, both Emily and Melina registered goals in a 2-0 for the Victorians over New South Wales. They also went on to defeat the Northern Territory and Tasmania.  A draw with the team from the ACT and losses to Queensland and Northern NSW saw the girls' team place fifth in the tournament.

Melina has since been asked to try out for the national squad.
Congratulations to Emily and Melina.

Kellie Dickson
On Tuesday 2 September the Intermediate Girls Soccer team drove to Darebin to take part in the State Finals. The girls cruised through the pool games defeating Notre Dame 3-0, Rowville 4-0 and Lavalla 4-1.  This took us to the State Final where we were up against Bendigo South East.  The first half was locked 1-1 and after a scoreless second half the match went to extra time.  Unfortunately Bendigo scored in extra time to win 2-1.  Second in the state is an awesome effort and the girls should be proud. 

The team was - Melina Ayres, Litsa Collios, Sophie Highnam, Bella Lignos, Lily Mackey, Maya Mackey, Mattea Marnika-Lee, Chelsea Martin, Eren Ozenir, Romy Papaharisis, Maggie Rose Scott-Hill, Cassie Semple, Ava Sillon, Serina Ueda, Anna Werbik, Emily Harbis, Bailey Chow and Hagar Eren.

James Bridges
The Senior Girls Soccer team won the Southern Metropolitan Zone Final and progressed to States at Darebin International Sports Complex on Tuesday 2 September.  In the first pool game we played competitively, but were unable to score and had to settle for a nil all draw against Wodonga.  Then, in a hard fought contest, we defeated Rowville 1-0 thanks to a stunning run from Catherine Kyriakos and finish by Lucy Kennedy.  This left us the task of defeating Lavalla in our final pool match to make it to the final.  Unfortunately we were defeated 2-0.  

However the girls can hold their heads high having played valiantly with a team that was depleated by injury.  The team consisted of Hayley Barnes, Mariel Beiers, Seika Chen, Lisel Christiansen, Gina Clements, Nadia Elkin, Hannah Harper, Lucy Kennedy, Catherine Kyriakos (Captain), Lambrini Niaros, Phoebe Parker, Marlo Sullivan and Natalie Tzikas.

Jon Stevenson
Congratulations to the Year 8 Boys Badminton team who won the Southern Metropolitan Region Finals on Monday 25 August 2014.  The following students Lewis Yang, Su-Yung Oh, Phil Guo (Back Row), Tae-Seong Kim, Jo Ee Lee, Kevin Lee (Front Row) represented McKinnon Secondary College.
In the Round Robin, the boys won against Glen Eira Secondary College (6-0) and Keysborough Secondary College (6-0).  The boys then played the final against Frankston Secondary College which they defeated four games to two in a very close and hard fought games.  They will be representing McKinnon Secondary College in the State Finals.

Congratulations to the Year 7 Girls Badminton team who also represented McKinnon Secondary College in the Southern Metropolitan Region Finals.  The following students were Lilly Felder, Chaewon Jeong, Erica Chin, Sarah Lee and Marina Ueda.  The girls won against Cheltenham Secondary College (5-1), however they lost to Keysborough Secondary College (6-0).

On Friday 12 September, the following Year 8 Boys consisting of Lewis Yang, Jo-Ee Lee, Su-Yung Oh and Tae-Seong Kim competed in the State Badminton Final.  In the Round Robin, the boys lost to Balwyn High School (5-1), won against Charlton College (6-0) and also won against Ballarat High School (5-1).  They played in the semi-finals against Maribyrnong Sports Academy to which they were defeated by a strong opposition and lasts year state winner (6-0).

Congratulations to the boys who represented McKinnon proudly and becoming equal third in the state.

Ray Braniska  
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Congratulations to the following teams who are the Term 3 2014 Kingston Division Champions!

Year 7
A Boys Basketball who play on Wednesday 22 October at Dandenong Sports Stadium 

A Girls Basketball who play on Wednesday 22 October at Dandenong Sports Stadium 

Boys Table Tennis who play on Friday 31 October at Dandenong Oasis Table Tennis Centre 

Girls Table Tennis who play on Friday 31 October at Dandenong Oasis Table Tennis Centre 

A Boys Futsal
B Girls Basketball
Girls & Boys Squash
B Girls Table Tennis
B Boys Table Tennis
A Boys Touch Rugby
A Girls Touch Rugby

Unfortunately there is no School Sport Victoria pathway for B Table Tennis, B Basketball, Squash, Touch Rugby or Futsal.

Year 8 
A Boys Basketball who play on Wednesday 22 October at Dandenong Sports Stadium 

A Girls Basketball who play on Wednesday 22 October at Dandenong Sports Stadium 

A Boys Hockey who play on Wednesday 5 November at Hawthorn Hockey Centre 

A Girls Hockey who play on Thursday 6 November at Hawthorn Hockey Centre 

A Girls Table Tennis who play on Friday 31 October at Dandenong Oasis Table Tennis Centre 

A Boys Table Tennis who play on Friday 31 October at Dandenong Oasis Table Tennis Centre 

B Girls Table Tennis
B Boys Table Tennis
A Boys Squash 
A Girls Squash
A Boys Futsal 
A Boys Touch Rugby
A Girls Touch Rugby
B Girls Basketball

Unfortunately there is no School Sport Victoria pathway for B Table Tennis, Basketball, Squash, Touch Rugby or Futsal. 

To celebrate Asia Week, Year 8 sport will enjoy a clinic with All Stars Self Defence this Friday.
All Year 7 & 8 students have been allocated their Term 4 sport.  Term 4 sport will begin in Week 1 Term 4: 

Year 7:  Tuesday 7 October 
Year 8:  Friday 10 October  

Good Luck to all teams in Finals!!!

Go McK!!

Carole Hooper
Head of Junior Sport
Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Soccer Team for making it into the State Finals on Friday 5 September.  They beat Parkdale, Bentleigh, Brighton and Westall to become the Kingston Division Champions.
At the Southern Metropolitan Region Finals they beat Mentone Girls, Dandenong and Mornington to become the Southern Metropolitan Region Champions.  Determination and hard work got the girls into the State Finals.  They found it tough going without a full squad, but in true McKinnon style they gave it their all.  

Thank you to Mrs Hooper and Janette the AFL trainee for their commitment to training and great coaching.

Congratulations again girls for being great ambassadors for McKinnon!
It has again been an exceptionally busy fortnight in the Music Department. 
Munch then Music was held on Monday 8 September.  Congratulations to all the performers Ruby Willis, Morgan Dooley-Axup, Paulina Vayenas, Nicholas Livanos, George Charters, Matthias Lamech, Alexia Samiotis, Hannah Cole and Camille Stone.  Congratulations and thanks to Mr Kurowski for his continuing organisation of this concert series.
Congratulations to George Inglis winning the first Songwriter of the Month for August. 

Morgan Dooley-Axup achieved outstanding success at the Royal South Street Contemporary Vocal competition achieving first place in the following categories: Contemporary RnB/Pop, Contemporary Musical Theatre, Country and VCE Contemporary.  She also achieved a third place for the Disney film and TV category and a Highly Commended for the Jazz/Soul/Swing category.
Congratulations to the Year 12 music students who have continued to inspire us with their developing musical skills.  
The Celebration Concert will be held Thursday 18 September in the Music Auditorium with all students presenting work for their upcoming examinations.  We wish you well in your exams. 
Congratulations also to the students involved in the Senior Concert on Thursday 19 September.  All students in the Orchestra, Symphonic Wind ensemble and the Choir have prepared for a fantastic farewell to the Year 12 music students.  This concert will be held in the School Hall at 7:30pm tonight.
Term 4 begins in an incredibly busy fashion for
the department:
  • Vocal Night  - 7:30pm, Tuesday 14 October
  • “Big Band Bash ‘14” – 7:00pm, Monday 20 October
  • Year 11 Performance Night  - 7:00pm, Thursday 23 October
  • Year 10 Celebratory Concert  - 7:00pm, Thursday 13 November
  • Junior Concert – 7:00pm, Wednesday 3 December
We invite you to come and celebrate with these amazing performers.

AMEB dates have been announced for students learning through the Music Department. 

Students should contact their individual instrumental teacher for further details.

In preparation for these exams, and also the upcoming VCE performance exams, students are reminded to collect their instruments to practice over the holidays.  The music storeroom will be open until 4:00pm on Friday afternoon to aid with the collection.

Keep practising.

Megan Papworth
Music Classroom - Manager
Term four is the busy end of the school year and is a good time for students to make use of the many services the library offers. The large range of resources available includes many alternative text books.  Our e-finders are also very useful for students completing projects.  

The library homepage is always worth looking at as new items are continually being added.  This can be found via the school website or by clicking on the McKinnon library app. Links to on-line databases can also be found there. These links are very useful for students studying at home.  

Senior students looking to reinforce their learning are reminded of the Over-Night loan section.  A comprehensive selection of subject specific books, study aids, etc. and alternate texts will help students maximise their results and revise.
Need a place to study?  Don’t forget we are open from 8:15am to 5:30pm Monday - Thursday.  Many students find the time they spend working in the library after 3:10pm to be a very productive use of time.  
The library has been open for Year 12 students on Sundays over the last few weekends from 10:00am until 1:30pm. The next opening is on Sunday 21 September.   We look forward to seeing you in the library!  

Increasing numbers of our library resources can read or viewed on mobile devices: students and staff can watch an Enhance TV Direct or ClickView video, read a Wheelers or Infobase ebook, or consult a database.
To access these resources “while on the go” students need to download the “Library Link” app for Apple and Android devices, go to setup and enter the URL and their usual school logon credentials.

ASIA WEEK:  15 – 19 SEPTEMBER 2014
To celebrate 'Asia Week' in languages classes, teachers took full advantage of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the room by employing some new language teachers for the week.  In Year 7 and Year 8 classes, students who could speak an Asian language conducted micro lessons of their mother tongue, providing some basic expressions and assisting with pronunciation.

As teachers we enjoyed to watch the linguistic capacity of our language speakers from Asian backgrounds.  However, what truly stood out was the sense of pride that our students took in their respective languages.  The remaining students were undoubtedly aware of that as well and participated with enthusiasm in learning Asian languages.

Joshua Kamener

The dates for selling Second Hand books are as follows:
  • Years 11 & 12:  Thursday 27 November at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 9 & 10:  Thursday 4 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Years 7 & 8:  Tuesday 9 December at 8:00am – 7:00pm
If you have any spare time late November – early December, you may like to consider volunteering.  All volunteers get first pick of text books they need.  We do require volunteers before these days to help with receiving books & setting up.  If you wish to volunteer please contact the General Office on 8520 9000.

Joanne Robinson
On Monday 4 August this year, Project Rocket came to our school to run workshops for our Year 7 students. They explored issues regarding respecting themselves and others.

Project Rocket is an anti bullying and leadership group who empowers young people to stand up and lead change in the school and beyond.  Through their workshops they encourage students to be assertive and not aggressive and to recognize the value of respect.

Through the workshops held on this day many of our students learnt new strategies to deal with bullying and negative behaviours.

The feedback from students indicated that it was a very successful workshop.

Susan Wilken
Health – Learning Area Manager

Office hours are:   8:15am - 4:30pm
Telephone:             8520 9000

Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am.  Please email the Attendance Officer Alison Pollock ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 

A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.  Proformas for absence explanations can be downloaded from our website (
Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151
Tuesdays                              8:15am - 12 noon
Fridays                                 12:30pm - 4:00pm
1st Saturday every month     9:30am - 12 noon

Tuesday 23 September        11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 25 September       11:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 30 September        11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 2 October             11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 4 October                9:30am – 12noon

PLEAS NOTE:  There will be a new price list in Term 4.

Cheques must be payable to Fashion Clubwear.
Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.

USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person.  If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.
Held at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October, 2014.  The Cancer Council invites pupils, teachers and parents to participate as part of the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central and Friends team.  The cost is $20.00 per person and all funds go to the Cancer Council and all participants get a polo shirt.  The aim is to raise $10,000 (either by participating or via donation) to support a research project by the Cancer Council.  Refer to the following for more information  The Cancer Council Relay website gives more information on the Relay for Life program and the Murrumbeena event.  
Dyslexia, dyscalculia and LD Parent Support Network is running a session on ‘Assistive Technology:  Choosing Technologies to Support Reading and Writing’ at 7:00pm on Wednesday 8 October at 21 Bay Road, Sandringham.  Refer to the attached flyer for more information.

A series of fun and educational workshops for
10-16 year olds during the 2014 September/October school holidays.  All workshops are $15 and must be booked prior to the day.  School’s Out link:

School's Out workshops online booking link:

Not suitable for children aged under 10. Programs for younger children, visit:
Is held on Friday nights for students aged 5-15 years.  Please refer to the attached flyer for more information.