Move online

Bring your traditional school newsletter into the digital age. Now you can easily publish visually engaging content featuring high resolution photos, video and attachments to better connect with the school community. You create newsletters online using any PC or Mac running the free Google Chrome web browser.

Save time

Creating newsletters is simple and fast. There’s no complicated software to learn. And unlike some desktop publishing software, the knowledge base doesn’t have to stay with only one or two people. Just copy and paste text, drop in photos and embed video. It’s also easy to clone content, rearrange pages and insert attachments.

Save Time

One click publishing

Forget about emailing hundreds, or even thousands, of PDF or Word attachments. Once a new issue is published, your readers are sent an email alert with a link to the latest content. Push alerts to social media and your website is always linked to the latest published issue.

 One Click Publishing

Photos tell the story

Produce visually rich newsletters using beautiful photos to better engage with your readers. Cover your school events with immersive high resolution backgrounds and full screen photo galleries.

Photo Tell the Story

Easy editing

All your content is automatically adjusted based on word length and number of photos. Once you’ve logged into your account, iNewsletter guides you through each step. And if you make a mistake, simply edit and republish to apply your changes instantly.

Easy Editing

Reach more parents

iNewsletter is available on any web connected device. This gives you the best chance of reaching as many readers as possible. Parents can choose to read newsletters whenever and wherever they like - on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet device.

Reach More Parents

Designed for smartphone technology

We’ve designed iNewsletter with smartphones in mind. Each issue you publish automatically reformats for mobile devices. Currently 30% of our newsletters are viewed on smartphones.

Smart Technology

Email summary

Once published, each newsletter will automatically summarise and email a digest to your subscribers. This lets readers jump directly to the stories that interest them.

Email summary

Always available

Paper or email newsletters can be lost or forgotten. iNewsletter publishes and stores each school newsletter online and readers can access previous issues via your online library. Parents can also subscribe themselves at any time and it’s quick and easy to import and export subscriber lists.

Always Available

What our users are saying

VIEW SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Ringwood Secondary College
Principal: Michael Phillips

“It has been a great success! Not only is the preparation and formatting of the newsletter easier and a significant time saver but we can showcase student achievements, events and important activities in a variety of ways … and visually the newsletter is highly appealing.”

VIEW SCHOOL NEWSLETTER McKinnon Secondary College
Principal: Pitsa Binnion

“The ease of use is great. Before iNewsletter, producing a high quality publication for the school would require specialist knowledge and be quite time consuming. The photo galleries we create also really resonate with the school community, which means more people are reading the newsletter than ever before.”

Principal: Glenn Butler

“When Ormond Primary School introduced iNewsletter, the positive response from the parent community was immediate! Parents loved the look and the ability to read it on their computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s been a great means for the school to further develop its communications strategy.”

School pricing plans

  • $55/mo

  • (AUD) excluding GST
  • Up to:

  • 250

  • Students

  • $84/mo

  • (AUD) excluding GST
  • For:

  • 250-1000

  • Students

  • $135/mo

  • (AUD) excluding GST
  • For:

  • 1000-2500

  • Students


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  • Web Traffic
  • Storage
  • Email Sends
  • Tech Support
  • Version Upgrades

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About us

iNewsletter was founded by Blake Seufert and Michael Bates. As IT professionals working in the education sector, they saw a need to help schools come up with a better way to create and distribute the traditional school newsletter. Today iNewsletter remains passionate about transforming schools and education through the use of technology.

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