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23 June 2017
Issue Nine
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Performing Arts Update
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From the Leadership Team

Farewell to Semester One

In the blink of an eye Semester One 2017 has drawn to a close. 


From my point of view, it has been an outstanding semester of teaching, learning and caring.  Much has been achieved. 


I congratulate one and all for their hard work and contributions over this time. For those taking some leave over the holiday break, I wish you a time of refreshment and safe travels.

Board Retreat

On the first June weekend, the Kilvington Board held its annual Board Retreat. The occasion provided the opportunity for Board members to hear from some students and staff. 


On the Friday night we heard from the four Student Leaders who impressively articulated what they value about Kilvington, and the areas they would like to see improved. 


On the Saturday, a number of Kilvington staff presented: Deputy Principal, Davina McClure, spoke about her vision for the Kilvington Learning Culture, the Academic Dean of Performing Arts, Nicole Bull, presented her philosophy and next steps for the Performing Arts program, Academic Dean of Science, Alice James, talked about the very exciting progress of Kilvington’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) program, and the Director of Marketing and Development, Camilla Fiorini, presented on the Kilvington Marketing and Development Strategy going forward.  Each presentation inspired, and was delivered with much thought and passion. 


The Board also heard a presentation from the School’s architect, Clarke Hopkins Clarke, and made some exciting decisions about the next phase in the Kilvington building program.


I thank the Executive, the staff and the students for their attendance over the weekend, and the Board for their ongoing dedication and commitment to the School. 


To continue to grow and develop Kilvingon into a School of Excellence, we depend on all stakeholders playing their role for the team, and if the quality of the presentations on the weekend is anything to go by, we are in very good hands indeed.  

Deakin University Collaboration

As a result of our evolving work on character development, Kilvington has been approached by the Deakin Centre of Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) to work in collaboration with Geelong Grammar and the University in the research they are undertaking. 


The research is exploring the hypothesis that wellbeing may be more a result of moral or caring actions than the pursuit of success and achievement. These moral character actions are thought to lead to character development, and in turn, emotional wellbeing. 


Students in Years 8 and 10 will be asked to complete a Eudaimonic Wellbeing Scale questionnaire as a control measure for the SEED research.  


We welcome back VCE Coordinator and teacher, Ms Karen Bryce, next term from long service leave, and thank Mrs Jacqui Goldenberg, Ms Kristen Newton and Ms Jennie Car for their wonderful replacement contributions while Karen was away. 


Jacqui will continue in her teaching role and Kristen will remain on staff as a part-time history teacher for the remainder of the year.


Jon Charlton - Principal

Thoughts from the ELC 

Is Play Learning? Really?

Early childhood educators may tell families that they use a ‘play-based’ curriculum for their child’s learning and development, but what does this mean?

Learning through play is considered by early childhood experts as one of the most important ways that young children learn and develop. Play is also recognised as a right for children in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), confirming how important play is for children’s wellbeing and learning.

So what is play?


Play is an activity where children demonstrate their ability for exploration, imagination and decision making.  While play is often described as ‘child’s work’, it is extremely enjoyable and rewarding.


The type of play that a child may engage in and its purpose may change as they develop. Play is unique in the sense that each child has a natural urge to play, which brings pleasure and interest allowing it to be maintained without external rewards. 


How does play support a child’s learning and development?

Research suggests that play can support learning across all areas of a child’s development; physical, social, emotional and intellectual, as well as curriculum areas such as numeracy and literacy.


What does a play-based approach to learning look like?

  • There are informal, respectful interactions between early childhood educators and children.
  • Educators use a wide range of play-based experiences for teaching children across different content areas. This is combined with more structured teaching, referred to as ‘intentional teaching.'
  • Indoor and outdoor environments are arranged to encourage different types of play which are safe, challenging, and engaging for all the children.
  • Resources that reflect a child’s age, interests and backgrounds (e.g. gender, culture) are provided to stimulate and support play. Resources which allow open ended learning foster creativity and the ability to develop concepts, e.g. turning a box into a car.
  • Early childhood educators plan experiences based on assessment of children’s individual differences such as developmental levels and interests.
  • Early childhood educators carefully observe children’s play in order to understand each child’s needs and skills.
  • Early childhood educators make intentional decisions to join a child’s play to extend learning or provide guidance if the play is not inclusive or productive.
  • There are large blocks of unhurried and uninterrupted time allowed for young children’s play rather than time slots. Research suggests that it takes time for children to become fully engaged in play experiences (e.g. Hirsh-Pasek et al, 2009).

Children’s success as learners of the future depend on strong foundations developed at an early age. Play-based learning has the potential to foster critical prerequisites and dispositions which are essential for children’s formal academic achievement as well as for their wellbeing.

Lyn Pewtress - ELC Coordinator





The Latest at Junior School 

Kilvington Reads Wraps Up for 2017

May was a wonderful month for reading and literature at Kilvington, with students, staff and parents taking part in the Kilvington Reads festival.


Students from Prep – Year 10 enjoyed visits from authors and illustrators as well as story time with Senior Leaders.


They participated in a daily quotes competition, dressed up for Junior School book parade and entered the bookmark design competition with artistic endeavour.


Our bookmark design competition brought out everyone’s creative skills, and our English Leaders, Sophia Zikic and Aidan McShane, were really tested in having to choose an ultimate winner!


Our award winners and honourable mentions were presented with certificates at Assembly, and the winners also received a book voucher from our local supplier.


Congratulations to all our competition participants, and a special congratulations to Sarah Yeo from Year 7, the overall winner of our bookmark design competition.


The winning bookmarks are being printed and will be available in Term 3 to the School community.


Looking ahead, Book Week 2017 will be low key, but a number of activities are being planned. We have purchased the CBCA Early Childhood Picture Book of the Year award nominees for the Library collection, and a small competition for Junior classes and Tutor Groups is planned for August. This selection of shortlisted titles will be available for classes to read and share.


A display to inspire conversation and discussion will appear next term in the McKie Library.


The Kilvington Reads festival is now a part of Kilvington culture and bookends Terms 2 and 3, with the upcoming Kilvington Writer’s Festival (hosted by the English Faculty) forming the other bookend of literature, writing and reading in Term 3.


Thank you to the library team - Mr Jordan Adams, Mrs Vanessa Grosso and all teachers, students and parents for your enthusiasm.


Jane Viner - Head of Library Resource Services

Come Along to our Production of Jungle Book!

We would like to invite all parents and students to attend the Junior School production of The Jungle Book, based on the much loved classic by Rudyard Kipling. 


Congratulations to Ava Takle in Year 3 who won The Jungle Book drawing competition. Her artwork is the ‘face’ of our Prep to Year 4 Production. Well done Ava!


All students in Prep to Year 4 will be involved in the show which will be held on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July at 7.00pm in Dalton Hall.


To book, go to from Monday 3 July and click on The Jungle Book in the News and Events section on the Home Page. 


We look forward to seeing you there!

Senior School Highlights

Robotics and Engineering Elective Reflection

In semester one, a group of Year 9 students participated in the Robotics and Engineering Elective.


In this class we attempted to build a self-planting, vegetable growing FarmBot. This involved assembling a gantry that hangs over a planter bow, with a programmed arm that plants seeds, waters vegetables, destroys weeds and measures the condition of the soil.


The main challenges we faced were the construction of the wooden planter box frame, and using the somewhat complicated 3-D printing system.


Since the parts for the FarmBot were expensive, we decided to challenge ourselves and 3-D print some pieces out of plastic. This meant we had to design each piece using specialised software and transfer the measurements onto the UP Printing Program. From there we could print almost anything we needed for the robot.


Although we didn’t get the robot complete in the time frame we were allocated, what was built was definitely an achievement for all of us. The hard work and patience each team member showed was above expectation.


I believe everyone’s efforts deserves to be commended, as the results reflect our hard work and team spirit. Facing several challenges along the way, each of us discovered and improved our problem solving skills, and most importantly, developed an open minded approach to trying out new activities and to working in teams. 


Thank you to Mr Alexander for his enthusiastic and encouraging approach to this challenge, and also for introducing my team mates and I to new and exciting life experiences and concepts.


I would definitely recommend the elective to anyone interested. I have grown in my abilities and knowledge, and most importantly, made some strong friendships along the way.


Annika Challice - Year 9

A Cross-Curricular Masterclass!


On the 16th of June, we were given the wonderful opportunity to attend an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria by one of the most renowned artists of the 19th Century – Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition showcased some of Van Gogh’s artwork that revolved predominantly around the seasons and how they changed.


I was inspired by the numerous art pieces that depicted how the change in seasons affected ‘commoners’ such as  the farmers and coal miners of the 19th Century, and how it mimics the cycle of life.


I hope to craft a written response in the form of poem or a letter from Van Gogh’s perspective that does his artwork justice.


Leanne Chua - Year 10 



It was really interesting to learn about Vincent Van Gogh’s life and the different places he was in, both physically and mentally, when he created his paintings.


The exhibition clearly displayed Van Gogh’s seasons and what they represented.


Not only did we get to see many of his finest works, we also saw a collection of pen and ink drawings and Japanese prints that he had collected as inspiration.  I found it interesting to discover the source of some of his ideas and how these later developed into his own work.


We were also able to see the transition between some of his old works, which were quite dull in colour, to his more recent works which were vibrant and colourful. 


Amy Pontifex - Year 10 



For the Van Gogh exhibition, we attended a presentation completely in French. 


I personally found this extremely interesting and valuable. Not only were we able to have practice discussions about what we were seeing, but we also learnt new vocabulary which expands our ability to eloquently express ourselves in French. 


I believe that it's important to be able to have conversations about art, music, politics and culture. However, while I understand French quite well, I still have difficulties in wholly expressing myself so having such opportunities to practise is invaluable for my future.


What I learnt in this workshop will certainly be useful to me when travelling or going on exchange, where I can discuss art in a technical and sophisticated way.


Imogen Thomas - Year 10 


Following on from this excursion, these students will meet in Term 3 to develop written pieces and artwork which will then be displayed at the Kilvington Art Show later in the year.


It was a fantastic opportunity for the three Faculties to work together, and to share our unique skills to create something amazing!


Rosie Busuttil  - Academic Dean of Visual Arts

Lucie Dickens - Academic Dean of LOTE

Marian Le Bas - Academic Dean of English

Our Journey to Japan 

Excitement coursed through our veins as we stepped off the plane into Fukuoka Airport, eyes wide with wonder.

We felt both excited and nervous as we boarded the 'shinkansen' (train), on our way to meet our first set of host families in Hiroshima.


Murmurs of 'I wonder what my host family will be like?' and 'how am I going to survive with my limited Japanese?!' filled the carriage as it ricocheted towards Hiroshima.



However, this unease dissipated instantly upon meeting our new families, who were wonderfully warm and welcoming.  


Arriving at our new homes, our experiences over the next few days differed greatly. Some of us had the opportunity to view grand structures, such as Hiroshima Castle or Kintaikyo Bridge, whilst others took the chance to explore the expanse of the bustling city. Despite the variance in activity, we all came away with wonderful stories to tell! 


Before we knew it, our time in Hiroshima came to an end. With much reluctance, we departed for Kyoto; shedding tears, exchanging hugs and promising to 'kesshite wasuremasen' - never forget.



After checking into the ‘ryokan’ (traditional Japanese inn), we visited an abundance of  beautiful temples and museums.  However, the surprising highlight of Kyoto turned out to be karaoke!


We had many fun moments here, from Mr de Winter performing a heart wrenching rendition of Mariah Carey’s 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' to Alejandro’s unintended lesson on how to properly pronounce the Spanish lyrics in the 'Macarena'. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed this experience!



The next few days of the trip were spent in the countryside of Ogaki, so vastly different to the bustling streets of Hiroshima and Kyoto. 


Here we had the privilege of wearing the culturally significant and representative attire of kimono. We visited the picturesque Ogaki Castle, and were also fortunate enough to meet the mayor of Ogaki, from whom we learned more about the city.


However, as quickly as we came, our time for departure arrived. Leaving with fervent promises to keep in touch with our new friends and family, we boarded the train bound for Tokyo. 



Overarching skyscrapers and neon lights punctuated the lively streets of Tokyo. Here we  visited a myriad of famous sights, including the heights of the towering Tokyo Skytree and the crowded Shibuya crossing. Along with our host siblings, we also had the privilege of going to Tokyo Disney Sea, a longtime dream for many of us!


It was with a heavy heart that we finally left for the airport to return to Australia, the image of our host families waving goodbye still imprinted in our hearts and minds.


We feel exceptionally lucky to have met and stayed with such warm, kind and accommodating people, people from whom we learnt much.


We still desperately miss Japan, and no doubt will remember this experience for a long time to come.


Gabby Lim - Year 10

Performing Arts Update

Soiree for Years 3-4 and Years 5-6

On Wednesday 14 June, Kilvington held two Junior School Soirees. These concerts were designed specially to showcase the talents of our Years 3-6 performers at the School.


Performances included speech and drama, voice, piano, trumpet, guitar, cello, violin, flute and drum kit. It was wonderful to see so many students involved in the program in solo, duet and group settings!


Thank you to all music and drama staff who prepared their students for the performances.

Preparations for The Jungle Book Production

Years Prep to 4 have been working very hard on their production of The Jungle Book.


It is great to see so many students on stage together enthusiastically singing, dancing and acting. With only three weeks left of rehearsals, the excitement is really beginning to build!!


Students are reminded that the first day back of Term 3 is photo day, so please come prepared to School on Tuesday 18 July.

Years 5-6 Production of Seussical Jnr​

Auditions have been held over the last two weeks for the Years 5 - 6 production of Seussical Jnr.


The talent displayed during these auditions was amazing, and demonstrated how much effort the students had gone to in rehearsing their scripts and learning lines and lyrics.


It will certainly be a difficult choice to choose the leads as all auditionees performed so admirably!

Lunchtime Concert Series Starting from Next Term

Next term we will begin our lunchtime concert series. Anyone is welcome to perform. This will be a relaxed and informal opportunity for all students to play to an audience.


Concerts will be Wednesday lunchtimes in PVC7. Sign- up sheets for each lunchtime will be on the notice board in the Music School. There will be a 'Battle of the Bands' component to the concert series as well as solos for any instrument and duets/small groups.

2017 House Arts Festival

The whole school has been buzzing with enthusiasm in preparation for the 2017 House Arts Festival over the last two weeks. All students have contributed a great deal of effort and energy into their House performances.


Our adjudicator for the day will be Miss Kellie Ryan, Director of Music from Lauriston Girls’ School. 

Year 7 Band Concert

This semester, all Year 7 students have been learning an instrument as part of the Year 7 Band Program. Each week the students spend time with their instrumental tutors as well as time together as a band.


On Thursday 22 June, all students in Year 7 will perform to parents at a short concert. The concert will feature small ensemble performances as well as the massed Year 7 band.

Sounds of Glen Eira Competition

Glen Eira City Council Youth Services will be hosting their annual Sounds of Glen Eira Competition in August. This competition  is open to young people aged 10-25 who have a connection to the City of Glen Eira (work, live, study, socialise).


Those who want to enter need to submit a demo along with contact information and a brief band/performer biography.  Six performers will be selected to compete in the event.


First place prize is a two day recording session in the Youth Services music recording studio with a professional sound engineer to record mix and master tracks. Runner-up and People’s Choice will receive a $200 gift voucher per act.


The closing date for submissions is 4.00pm Friday 21 July. The competition will be held on Friday 11 August 2017 at the Bentleigh McKinnon Youth Centre – 5 Higgins Road, Bentleigh.


If you have any questions, please contact Tanya at Youth Services on 9524 3676 or [email protected].

Student Achievements

Well done to all of the students who have completed AMEB examinations this term. Everyone has worked diligently to achieve excellent results.

Star of the Week

Our 'Star of the Week' this week is awarded to Year 7 student, David Overton, Year 8 students, Charlotte Glassel and Matt O’Leary, and Year 10 student, Sarah de Vos, for singing solos with the Contemporary Choir at the Foundation Day Services.

Diary Dates

22 June - Year 7 Band Concert, 2.30 - 3.00pm
23 June - House Performing Arts Festival
25 July – Prep - Year 4 Production
27 July – Prep - Year 4 Production
18 August – Annual Music Concert


Nicole Bull - Academic Dean of Performing Arts



Sport Highlights

 Victoria Cross-Country  Championships

The day of the event was beautiful and sunny day - perfect for a run and for spectators too! 


Amongst a total of around 200 other runners, Kilvington students, Jasper Pickering placed top 20 in the Unders 18s and Finn Pickering came 80th in the Under 16s - not a bad effort given he’s only 13!


Well done boys!

Balaclava Winter Round Robin

Well done to all Years 5 and 6 students who competed in the Balaclava Winter Round Robin.


Students  worked hard all term in practice rounds and weekly trainings. All this hard work paid off, with some excellent results in the finals. 


Girls Netball were runners-up after convincingly winning every game leading up to the grand final.


Girls Soccer were also runners-up, and Mixed Teeball came 5th. 


Boys Soccer came third in their pool, then won the final/consolation game against the other third team!


The Mixed Netball team came fourth in their group - their best wins for the whole term!


A great effort by all students!


Ben Bishop - Head of Sport







Stories from Extend After School Care

Our Recap

Although we are now in winter, the sun has still been shining, allowing us to get outside and play some fun games!


A game that the kids have initiated almost every afternoon is a combination of dodgeball and poison ball. The kids have also played every kind of chase/tag that you could imagine, with versions I have never heard of…'shake, shake boom’ for one!


The autonomy that the kids have developed since the start of the year in creating their own structured games, not to mention their sense of inclusivity, has been fantastic to watch!


When it got a bit chilly outside, we turned to making some great artwork. Children continued to learn about the various ways and things one can use to paint, including glue! Some true masterpieces were on show!


The kids continued to understand and put in practice recycling habits. No more is it ‘can I have a clean piece of paper?’, but ‘where are the scrap pieces?’. The highlight came from children who made scuba helmets from all recyclable materials! Very impressive indeed!


In the kitchen, the kids continued to show their interest in healthy snacks and meals. The favourite  this time were delightful apple donuts and tacos. As always, they were gone in a heartbeat!


The curious nature of the children has seen them exploring the floating capabilities of fruit - why they do or do not. We were very curious as to why



a whole orange would float with its peel on, but when we took it off, it sank!


The students also attempted to save an egg from going SPLAT on the ground. They tried to figure out a way to safely transport it from atop the playground to the ground. The kids put into practice a lot of the things they have learnt this year to achieve their goal.


It’s hard to believe that it is the end of Term 2 already! It sure has flown by!


We at Extend wish everyone a happy and safe winter's beak and look forward to hearing about all the awesome adventures everyone had upon their return to School!

Our Extend Superstars of the Week

Lucas Dyer for his great application of sustainable practices, using only recyclable materials to make his amazing scuba helmet.


Sophie Zajda for displaying great compassion to a child whom she did not know, in helping them look for something important that they had lost!

Forthcoming Activities

Monday 17 July

School Holidays

Tuesday 18 July

Four Corners

Wednesday 19 July

Cooking: Banana Biscuits

Thursday 20 July

Recycling: Cardboard Robots

Friday 21 July

 Minute to Win it

Winter Holiday Program Bookings Are Open!

Participate in our winter-themed activities, including science experiments to learn about animals with blubber, recreating a winter snowstorm in a jar, and participating in a snowman slam!


To check out the daily schedule, visit our website at and book via the Parent Portal. Book 14 days in advance to receive the lowest rate. 
















Community News

Hosting Students from our Sister School

In August this year, Kilvington will have the privilege of hosting ten students from our sister school in Shanghai - the West Yan’an Middle School.


We are seeking expressions of interest from five Kilvington families who would be willing to host a pair of students who arrive on Sunday 6 August and depart Monday 14 August (the students are boys and girls in Years 6, 7 and 8). We are also seeking a family that speaks Mandarin Chinese who would be willing to host two staff members.


This is a unique opportunity to form closer bonds with families from Shanghai, one of the world’s most populous cities and a major centre of trade and culture in the Asia-Pacific region. A reciprocal exchange tour of Kilvington students to West Yan’an Middle School will take place in September this year, and again in 2019, in order to strengthen further the bond between our schools.


Host families will receive a tax-free payment of $40 per night (a total of $320 for the 8 nights) and are required to have Working With Children Checks for all members of their house who are over 18.


Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more about this unique opportunity.


Alan Clarke - International Student Coordinator 

Free Seminar for Parents-
Teens, Parties and Alcohol: A Practical Guide to Keeping them Safe 

Paul Dillon, one of Australia’s leading experts on drug education, will present a free seminar for parents on Teens, Parties and Alcohol: A Practical Guide to Keeping them Safe.


Hosted by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), the seminar for Independent school parents will be held on Wednesday 26 July 2017, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.


As Mr Dillon notes, teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. But as they get older, alcohol is likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong.


Using the latest research, this presentation will examine what we know about school-based young people and alcohol use and its use at parties. It will also provide some practical strategies and simple tips for parents considering allowing their teen to attend such an event to help ensure they are as safe as possible.


If you would like more information on this topic, please find the original article here -

















From the Parents' and Friends' Association

Hospitality Service - Junior School Production of Jungle Book

All parents are welcome to join us in the Staff Lounge from 6.00pm on 25 and 27 July prior to the start of the Jungle Book. 


Please follow the link to help with the beverage and snack service -

Judy Allen Award – Nominations Open

Each year, a member of the School community is presented with the prestigious Judy Allen Award. It is awarded to members of the community who have made an outstanding contribution to the School.


This special Award has been named in honour of Judy Allen, an active member of the Kilvington community whose passion and enthusiasm for the School has been reflected in her involvement in a wide range of roles, including student, parent, staff member and Board member, just to name a few.


The Award recipient receives a framed certificate, and his or her name is included on the Honour Board in Dalton Hall.


The criteria for the Judy Allen Award can be viewed here. To download the Judy Allen Award nomination form, please click here.


Please consider nominating a person within our community who you feel is a worthy recipient!

Celebrating Dads

We look forward to hosting Father's Day Breakfast on Friday 1 September in Dalton Hall. We are changing the format this year. 


If you would like to join us to help organise the event, please email [email protected]


The sign up rosters for both the Breakfast and the Gift Stall will be available in early August.  The Trybooking link to attend the morning with your student/s will open in August.

K24 Challenge

Save the date and join the Parent Team for the K24 Challenge. Stationary bike riding starts at 9.00 am on 25  August and finishes at 9.00am on 26 August. Shifts will be 20 minutes each.


Our Parent Team will be pitted against the accumulated kilometres of the Staff Team and each of the House Teams.


 Go Parents!

Secondhand Uniform Shop 

Thank you to our team of volunteers who run this service for our families.


Our Secondhand Uniform Shop (SHUS) is rather low on stock, so gather up any uniform items (in good condition) and bring them to the next SHUS opening on 5 August from 10.00am – 12.00pm in Dalton Hall.


Click here to download the contract of sale form. More information can be found here. You might be able to pick up some replacement pieces at the same time!

Upcoming Opportunities

Junior School Production Hospitality Service – 25 and 27 July, 6.15pm, Staff Lounge

SHUS – 5 August, 10.00am-12.00pm, Dalton Hall 

PFA General Meeting – 8 August, 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Staff Lounge

K24 Challenge – 25- 26 August, Dalton Hall

Father's Day Gift Stall – 30 August, Morning

Father's Day Breakfast – 1 September, Dalton Hall

Happy Holidays! 

Happy term break holidays to all!


We look forward to seeing you back for Term 3 and hope you will have the opportunity to join in some of the events being offered next term.


Kirsten Brooks - PFA President 

Dates to Remember 



Junior School House Swimming Carnival 

Swim Right, Tulip Street, Sandringham 

10.40am - 3.25pm 


House Arts

Dalton Hall

1.00pm - 3.00pm


Term 2 Concludes


Tuesday 18 - Term 3 Commences 



Junior School Bastille Day


Legacy Junior Public Speaking

MSC 3/4

9.00am - 3.00pm



Y11 and Y12 Formal

The International, Brighton

7.00pm - 11.00pm



French United Nations Model Excursion (Selected Students)

Treasury Theatre CBD

8.00am - 4.00pm


Prep - Y4 Production - The Jungle Book

Dalton Hall

7.00pm (Refreshments in Staff Lounge from 6.00pm)



Legacy Junior Public Speaking


9.00am - 2.55pm



Y12 Biology GTAC SAC Excursion

GTAC Parkville

8.25am - 3.25pm


Y3 - Y6 Australian Maths Competition


Hartung Lecture - Chemistry Excursion

Melbourne Convention Centre

9.30am - 1.30pm


Prep - Y4 Production - The Jungle Book

Dalton Hall

7.00pm (Refreshments in Staff Lounge from 6.00pm)



Maths Olympiad - Maths Games

Yrs 3 - 6

8.40am - 9.40am


Y8 Cultural Day

Kilvington Grammar

11.05am - 3.35pm


Y9 French Trivia Night

Fintona Girls School

5.00pm - 9.15pm


30 Year Reunion

Staff Lounge

6.00pm - 8.00pm